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December 15, 2011


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Carol C

Merry Christmas to you too & everyone I see on here.


Alcoa, thanks for the holiday greetings, but truly the best gift you have given all of us is this wonderful cam! May everyone at Alcoa have a blessed and peaceful season.



To Alcoa... and all who visit here.
Tis the season to be Jolly!
Enjoy the holidays... and thank you for sharing this site with us.
Merry Christmas!


GoodMorning... I looked in on the nest this morning (7:20 a.m. nest time) and one of the pair was there working... other came in with a stick. They worked and give a few "eagle kisses" to each other. Leaving nest about 7:30. (I thought I was recording... butt must have double click/cancelled IT out. :( )
They are getting their nest ready...
Happy Holidays/Christmas to ALL! and to ALL a GoodDay!


I just happened to catch this morning's action:


Also have a short visit on Wednesday:



There is now a thread dedicated to this nest and cam on the Raptor Resource Project forum:



And here is a thread on another forum:



Thank you, Elf...
This nest is getting a lot of attention... :-)


Late afternoon nestorizing, really fun to watch:


Carol C

I'm so Happy to see Liberty & Justice get recognized by Raptor Resourse. Thanks elf for your videos I love them. And I want to say Merry Christmas to Liberty & Justice too!!

Carolyne NJ

Love these 2. I personally think there are enough crib rails. Loved the video of approx. 15 min. trying to place that huge branch. Too funny. Very Happy Holidays to all you great Eagle (Raptor) lovers. Thanks Alcoa for sharing this priviledge with us. Blessed Holiday season for all of you. God be with you.


Even better than having a thread on the RRP forum (started by interested forum members, not by RRP itself) is having a thread on the amazing Hancock Wildlife Foundation Forum:


Nest watchers there journal as many events on a given nest as possible. It will be the most thorough documentation of the Davenport nest that could be found anywhere.


No sign of the eagles yet today, but here are a few short visits from yesterday morning:



Thank you for the links, Elf... and new videos.
Wishing everyone a wonderful week preparing for the holidays.


Brief visit this morning, I think this is Liberty:


I also caught a later visit, am editing.

Carol C

Wednesday 4:30 pm One in the nest with a squirrel for dinner the other one was hovering around.and eekking!!


Liberty brought in the squirrel, but Justice ate it behind her back! LOL


Carol C

Christmas day & one is in the nest. 9:20. It;s really windy today. Merry Christmas Liberty & Justice. Elf lol just like a women.lol


Liberty & Justice have been in/out of the nest often making a soft nest bed and rails. Fun to see them getting the "house" in order.


I've been away from the computer for a few days, but I caught a couple of brief visits late yesterday afternoon:




The cam feed is not connecting for me right now -- was fine earlier this morning. I wonder if anyone else is having the same problem.


Yes Elf, I'm having trouble connecting to cam also. Hope it will be fixed for the long weekend. I check it everyday sometimes more than once. Happy New Year!


It's back now! Yay!

Carol C

I just checked in too & camera is on. Happy New Year to everybody!!


Did the cam get knocked askew a bit? Seems to be leaning to the right.


New Year's Eve:


Maybe the mic is on the blink? Later clip has no sound.


Great vid, Elf... Thank you, once again.
Happy New Year to ALL!

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