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January 13, 2012


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Here is video of that visit:


From the mottling and color of beak (no yellow), it is clearly a younger juvie, but I'm guessing about a year and a half so maybe not Freedom. But who could be sure?

Carol C

WOW!! Does this happen very often? Guess hes practicing for the future. lol Where is L & J at? Think they would chase him her off. Visitor Center on the Arsenal is doing eagle watches the next few weekends. U go up the clock tower & they give u binoculars to see eagles on lock & dam 15. 794-5338

Carol C

If she had an antenna on her back we would know who it was!!


Thank YOU! Elf... that is just too KEWL!
So unexpected!


I thought that myself, Carol!


Great video Elf!!! Thanks so much. Bet Mom & Dad weren't expecting that either. Sure was a beautiful juvie.

Kathy Morris

i am new to this nest thanks it is wonderful...

Carol C

If u live in the area & want to see a lot of eagles go to South Concorsd St. past Credit Island, I seen 12 today Sat, the 14 th. No offence to Liberty & Justice. I'm posting them on eagleholics.

Raptures are Awesome

Elfruler - thanks for posting the videos on You Tube! Lately when I get a chance to check in on the live video, the nest is empty. It's great to be able to see what I've missed - like the young eagle visit.


Both on the nest tonite/5:22 p.m. nest time. Good to see them do the beak touches. :-)

Carolyne NJ

Thank you elf. It was fantastic to see them. Sure did miss L & J for the past 2 days They are so beautiful. Loved them calling out.


5:15pm on Sunday 2 Eagles in the nest


Has Alcoa considered broadcasting the cam through Ustream? They have more than enough bandwidth, and they also have a chat function that would make it much easier for all the fans of these eagles to share our comments.


9 a.m. nest time... fish breakfast at the nest.

John Riches

We chose not to use UStream because of the requirement to run commercials. I have asked our technical folks to see if we have any other way to allow more of a real-time chat.


Thanks, John. I sure understand that! Viewers hate the ads on Ustream. They do have ad-free broadcasting options, but perhaps the cost is prohibitive:



One of my coworkers just happened to be watching the nest this morning and 7-8 deer could be seen below the tree passing through. Not only a Eagle Cam but a Deer Cam.


That is so kewl, to have seen the deer.
The chat/posting and only being able to read one at a time thru IT is kinda slow. Butt no complaints on the camera. One of the best for clarity! Thank you.


Don't you just love little suprises? I know I do...What a treat to see a young juvie out & about. I pray a long & healthy life for this little guy/gal. Thank you for posting the video.

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