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January 01, 2012


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Thank you and Happy New Year to you heres hoping for a great year at the nest for L & J


Happy New Year! Liberty and Justice were rockin' and rollin' on a blustery New Year's Day:


I am not getting any sound since yesterday afternoon. Has the microphone gone down?


I don't have sound either, Elf.

John Riches

We had a problem with the computer streaming the video and it has compressed the video a bit and the sound is not coming through. Our engineer who set it up will be back in the office tomorrow (1/3) and hopefully will get everything reset then.

Carol C

Happy new year. I can't wait to come to eagle days. See u then.


Thank you, John, for the explanation. The video is fantastic even without sound. We'll be patient! :D

Judy Shannon

I'm excited about following the eagles and have shared this sight with the teachers in my Department of Defense School in Sicily.


Thank you for the updates. And of course enjoying the cam just the same.


It's great to have sound back, thanks! Here is Justice (I think) nestorizing this morning:


Carol C

Wed. the 4 th 4:15 one was just in the nest. Great to have the sound again. Thanks for everything u do!!

Carolyne NJ

Happy New Year everyone. I have not been here in a bit but thanks to all for the videos and pics. Anticipating the new season for L & J. Their nest looks wonderful Thank you Alcoa for the priviledge of being able to watch.

Carol C

Had a great time at Bald Eagle Days Saturday!They seem so different in person than on camera!! Loved It!!

Carolyne NJ

I am amazed on how beautifully this nest has been constructed, L & J have done a fantastic job. Nnow just to see them LOL

Carol C

7 am Tuesday morning she's in the nest digging deeper & deeper. Getting ready!! I wish there was a way to post this to facebook & what happened to fb on the top to like?

Carol C

Now I see the fb on top sorry I;ve liked it before so maybe thats why it doesn't come up, but it would still be nice to be able to post it to fb when they r in the nest.

Carolyne NJ

Awesome, See M/D on nest at 5:12 PM. They are so beautiful What a treat

joanna reynolds

thanks for having the web cam this is the first ive seen it. it's really awesome you can do this

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