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January 23, 2012


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1/23/2012 1034am one eagle is back ane is eating a looks like a rabbit

Carol C

WOOO What a windy day one in the nest 2:20 I was down by the river & saw a juvie flying around. I dont see how they can fly in this wind!! I'm looking forward to a great season too. Thanks Alcoa.



Carolyne NJ

GM Nest looks great. I have not seen the adults in a few days. Has anyone else seen them. Thank you Alcoa for all you have given us

John Riches

I did see both of them in the nest for a while late yesterday afternoon. It was starting to get pretty dark by the time Justice finally flew off.

carolyne NJ

good evening all. I was lucky enough to catch an adult w/fish tonight 6:45 pm EST Unfortunately, I still cannot tell the adults apart. Not a video but love the pic Thanks to Alcoa for all you do.



Why is there a spotlight shining up from underneath the nest at night?

John Riches

The light below is a security light on the building below the nest, not a spotlight.

Carol C

John or anyone which one is the female Liberty or Justice?? I've never known. Thanks

Linda Nevins

I think I had Liberty in mind for the female and Justice for the male.

John Riches

I would agree with Linda. I think we have referred to Liberty (Lady Liberty) as the female and Justice as the male.

Carol C

Thank you guys. Not that I can tell them apart most the time. lol

Carolyne NJ

Wonderful I saw Both in nest @ approx 6:30 Esgles were Beak bumping. They are absolutely gorgeous. I stayed til one left @ 6:40 Fantastic

Kathryn Mellecker

Liberty brought in a large carp, she ate it then called and left. Right away Justice came in looked all around for the fish, couldn't find any and he left too.


Another juvie visit this morning:


Carolyne NJ

Naughty Juvie. You made a nasty mess of Liberty & Justice's home. It was entertaining though. lol



Leann Bill

I am a new cam watcher this year. Is there a way to tell the female from the male?


1/31/11 8:05 am on eagle is eating a fish in the nest seams to be enjoying it


the large one left and the smaler on is eating rest of the fish. 8:20 am

Kathryn Mellecker

It was the female that left with the left over fish. The male stayed and made a very nice bowl in the nest. Are eggs on the way?

Don Wadleigh

I understand that a Juv visiting the next and mom and dad not chasing it off is VERY UNUSUAL. especially one that looks like it is nearing maturity. This was a 3 yr old I believe.

The larger of the two is the female. Sharing food is a sign of courtship. Normally does not happen, each does it's own hunting and eating.

Jon Platt

boy it sure looks like she is ready to lay, the way she is working on her nest

Rhonda Cady

They need to shrink their alcoa banner so you can see more of the nest.

Carol C

Tuesday 5:45 one in the nest digging the bowl. She's getting ready. Wonder if they mated yet?


I have looked at the nest at nighttime and the glare from the pavement or lights that appear to be in the background make it impossible to see inside the nest, which appears almost black on the camera. Is this something that will be adjusted?


Work being done on the nest this morning. This has got to be one of the best visual/clear cams! Thank you, Alcoa!

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