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January 17, 2012


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Linda Nevins

I must say that I am disappointed that we are no longer able to catch a quick look into the EagleCam during the daylight hours now. Unfortunately logging on from home will not accomplish the same results as it is dark by 5:00 pm each night. Thanks for the experience up until now.

c.r. johnson

suggestions? output a single stream to UStream, relieves pressure on your network. only 1 pipe upstream. you could also do away with the 15 minute time out, those of us who document nests would really appreciate that. anyway, decorah did that last year and had over 250K viewers online at one time. just a thought

John Riches

Thanks for the thought, but we already do output a single stream to the company we use to stream the video. The issue inside Alcoa is the number of people inside the network accessing the stream from a work computer.


its 11:10 l or j is in arange stickes in the nest.

Kathy Cyr

I have tried several times to access this site at home . . . can you post very easy how to instructions please.

beverly tarr

if you just go in and look at nest and not get into chat might make a difference in slowing down network.

c.r. johnson

good to hear you output a single pipe for outside viewers, which could number 100's at any given time. given you do so why the 15 minute time out? it's their bandwidth used? just wondering...i like to document egg laying, hatching etc...and with a time out in the middle of really neat stuff...it is a pain LOL ,,but it is your employee's cam i suppose and you all can do what you wish with it. thanks for letting us observe


Kathy Cyr, I had a similar problem and my son told me to change my browzer only once in a while do I have trouble now when i do I close the nest and try again then it is fine
Hope this might help for you


How about opening the webcam during the employees luch hour by time zone. For example, East Coast, Central,
Mountain and West Coast. Just a suggestion.

S. J. Garnet

I have to say as someone outside the company, I'm disappointed to read that employees won't have the chance to check in on the eagles going forward. It really impressed me that the company was forward-thinking enough to provide its employees a little "nature break" at work.


Do the eagles visit the nest during the night as well? Or is it generally just during the day? Thanks!

carolyne NJ

GM Loads of snow. Nest still looks great. Here is an adult on nest this AM.


Great picture Carolyne... And there is one of the eagles at the nest now/4:02 CST/nest time.
Have we been able to see any differences to note if IT is Liberty or Justice on the nest?

Enjoy your evening... and Thank You, Alcoa...


Suggestion: Perhaps you could put the live feed up on a moniter in employees break room or even in a work room...can't see tpp many people staring at the screen very long unless something really exciting was happening.

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