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February 20, 2012


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With binoculars saw the top of a parent's head in the nest. Also saw the other parent circle down to the nest. They were together in the nest for maybe 15 seconds before one of them flew off heading south.


Just beatiful!! We go to Grafton and see a few eagles,but nothing like this. We just found out about this. Thank you Alcoa!1!

Carol C

Wow Sherry, I've tryed to see them in the nest & no luck. Showed some people where the nest was yesterday.


How do you know which one is Liberty and which one is Justice? Do they have some type of markings?

valerie G

With the wind tonight it looks like mama is going to have a long rough sleepless night ahead of her. Wishing for some rest for her. :)


Hello, I was just wondering why the night vision was put behind the nest? It makes it very hard to see in the nest. Thank you.

John Riches

The light behind the nest has nothing to do with the camera. It is from security light on the building below the tree.


feb. 21 8:00 am decorha eagles have second egg.


Looks very uncomfortable but also very dedicated to the task @ hand !!


it looks cold to me


i think its might be hungry since its always in the nest -phedra

AZ Sherry

Thank you Alcoa for sharing this experience with everyone. I've been glued to your site since the first hatch. Mother nature is truly impressive.


It is not mother nature it is Jesus who made these birds and is taking care of them.

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