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February 13, 2012


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valerie G

I'm so glad you got the new camera, makes viewing sooo much better. I enjoy watching the beautiful birds. Thanks so much for enabling us to watch and keeping us posted with your comments!!


6:20 a.m. nest time. Justice came to nest to give Lady Liberty a time out. She stretched and flew.
He was calling out to her several times before coming in... nice to see he's watching over her.

Carol C

So nice to see Justice helping. I was worried at first.

sandi m

You are right...the Eagles DO know best how to care for Eggbert or Eggbertha. We are just priveledged to be able to watch and learn by watching and seeing things through elfruler's videos. Thanks for all time put into this so we can take part.

Ginny Herman

2-14-2012 8:15 AM Looking at lone egg this morning. Hope that is just dirt on egg and not a crack. It is too soon. Can hardly wait for another egg and then eaglets. Thanks for allowing us to view this live.


gess i was wrong, it was the decorah eagles. but i did have the correct state


Mom just laid her second egg.


1:34 I believe I just seen 2 eggs. She just layed it.

Kathryn Mellecker

Yes, I saw just a glipse of the 2nd egg.


2nd egg laid at 1:34 CST. youtube video is at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wQ4oCJq1FZw


We now have 2 eggs Tues Feb 14


Congrats on Egg #2 @ !:34 CST Feb 14, 2012

Judith Hart

Another egg spotted at 2:57

angie nelson

Is there a way to tell the difference between mom and dad?

My 4 year old has had a great time watching the eagles. We saw the egg for the first time today and we cannot wait to watch it hatch, thank you for posting this!

Donna Lee

she just laid another egg!!! I saw her do it!!!


Liberty just laid her second egg (about 2 minutes ago)!

Gloria Kruse

I'm in Texas and watch the Eagles every day. It is so fascinating. Thank you for giving me this piece of home.

harold boyd

she has her second egg, i am whisky i am watching her alot and i just saw the second egg yeah

Corina G

I noticed a second egg a bit ago :) this is so exciting to watch, they are such beautiful creatures. I'm new to this, who is who? lol


Here is the second egg-laying. Mom was peacefully incubating egg #1 then raised herself up to a squat and began pushing. After the egg dropped she did a face plant and took a loooonnnngggg nap, lol! Then Dad came to check and she showed him, but not us! Then he left and she nestled in:



The best way I have of telling the two apart is to look at the superorbital ridge above the eye. On Liberty (female) it is prominent and deep with a little "hump" just above her eye as if she were arching an eyebrow. It makes her eye look dark. On Justice (male) the ridge is straight and not so deep, his eye is not so dark looking. It's tricky in lower light conditions. Of course, Liberty is larger than Justice. Now in the bowl, he sinks right in while she straddles it a bit more.

Mary ann Dean

There are two eggs in the nest. Saw them some time after 2:30 pm on Valentines Day!


First good look at the 2 eggs:



Two Eggs! Noticed around 3:30!

Oma Kyle

The retired 'teacher' part of me wants to make a group list of things we've learned by watching the EagleCam these past few weeks....so I thought I'd start things off and see if anyone else would like to join me:
1. Eagle eggs resemble chicken eggs, although it's hard to judge the size.
2. The eagles often trade places in the nest just before sunset and again just after daybreak.
3. The eagle sitting on the nest becomes antsy when it feels that it's mate should be coming soon to replace it and sometimes calls to it.

Okay fellow bird watchers out there, do any of you want to help me add items to my list?

Sue A.

This totally awesome, and I'm loving it. Is there a way to tell which parent is present, or is it always the female? Do they share sitting with babies?

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