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February 11, 2012


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She just turned and I saw the first glimpse of the egg. Yeah!


I was surprised when she got up and there was a egg.


I'm so excited! I logged in to the cam and Liberty was there in the nest acting strangely. I thought something was up and, sure enough, when she got up at 3:10 pm, I saw the first egg! Congratulations Liberty and Justice! Here is a link to the pictures I caught. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.293802354017238.71528.100001624281119&type=1

Judy Larson

Congratulations to Liberty and Justice and to Alcoa. Hope your new season is a wonderful one!!! Egg-citing!!!


Ewatchergirl, what must I do so I can view the link you posted? I am new to this. Thanks.


Dan ~ you should be able to just click on the link and it should go right to the pictures. I tested it myself. Let me know if you have any trouble with that.

Carolyne NJ

Oh Thanks so much Elfnruler I missed it. Wonderful Eggxcited


Dan ~ I am not very good at the tech stuff myself. It seems that since I posted these pictures to Facebook that you have to be logged in to Facebook to be able to see them. I don't know how to post them here. I would bet someone else has pictures or a video that will be posted here if you are not on Facebook.


In case you missed it in the previous thread, here is video of the egg-laying:



When I click on the link I get the following:

This content is currently unavailable.

The page you requested cannot be displayed right now. It may be temporarily unavailable, the link you clicked on may have expired, or you may not have permission to view this page.

Return home

Since it is a "Facebook" link, do I need to have permission to that link? Maybe be a friend to where it is being posted?


I am on Facebook and that is where the link takes me to and since I sign on here via Facebook I am on both at the same time.

Thank for posting and I am sure others will be posting pictures and videos, I will keep checking. :-) Thanks again.


Thank you Elfruler for the video. I tried to post some pics but realized afterward that they were from my FB page, and I guess people cannot see them unless they are my friend on FB. In my excitement, I didn't stop to think of that. So, I'll try not to post again. Your videos are much better anyway. I understand L&J had one baby last year. Are there any guesses as to how many they might have this year?


She laid two last year &one died early on. The should be at least one more.or two. Have to wait and see.


Thank you Elfruler. Have enjoyed all of your videos.


I'm surprised she laid hers before the Decorah eagle. I'm Happy!!! :))


Your welcome to everyone who has liked my videos! I am enjoying watching this nest. Davenport is about 100 miles south (and a little east) of Decorah, so it's to be expected that they would lay a little earlier. Last year was 6 days before Decorah.


Yeah....Egg #1 :) Wish you had a night vision camera.


"We" do have IR view at nite. Thank you, Elf. Thank you! & Thank you, once again to Alcoa for letting us peak in on the nest.


has anyone seen the male sence she layed her ege???


Yes, Arlie. I'm thinking Dad Justice was not far away. He visited her in the nest within an hour of the egg appearing. He brought in a large stick and stayed for about 5-10 min. and then left again.

Kathryn Mellecker

Glad to hear that Justice is near by. I have not seen him, either and was getting concerned.


Dad came in this morning and took over while Lady Liberty went out. He's very good with the rolling of the egg/sitting.

Carol H.

Hmmmm - not a good sign here. Tuned in around 1:15 p.m. to see an egg in the nest but no Liberty or Justice brooding!! It's now 1:28 p.m. and still no parents around. I have a feeling that this egg is no longer viable.

elfenruler - thank-you sooo much for the video of the egg being laid!! Sure do appreciate it!!!


ben watching for over 10 min. no ma pop didnt think they leave the nest that long?


1:30 and the egg is alone nobody there. :((

Kathryn Mellecker

I have seen information that says the incubation development can be slowed by the parents not sitting on the egg. The outside temperature is much higher, perhaps we are seeing something the eagles do to have all aggs hatch closer together. Perhaps!

Carol H.

Well we have an eagle back at the nest (sorry, I'm not able to tell them apart yet) at 1:33 p.m. and now settled in on the egg.

Can an egg left unattended for at least 15 minutes in a deep nest bowl in 20 something degree weather with the sun shining on it still make it?

Kathryn Mellecker

I have heard the egg can go around 20 minutes and not be harmed, it does slow down the development of the embryo, and again perhaps this is deliberate.


I saw Liberty devour a whole fish yesterday morning before she laid the egg. But she has been calling out to Justice for food since I came on at 10 AM. Twice today she left for many minutes, I assume to get food. Why isn't Justice more attentive? Is he around?


I've been watching most of the morning... I think the egg is ok. That bowl is deep.
As I recall... this pair left the nest "unattended" much more than the Decorah pair does, last year. IT would "unnerve" me at times! Butt all was good.
I am sure they are within distance to watch over their nest/egg/eaglets.


does any one have the e-mail address for the decorah eagles cant find it


Ustream decorah eagle cam. I'm worried about them not being on the egg too. Hope all goes well. They were gone again for awhile at 5 pm.

Carol H.

Just curious - is there a way to get to the END of the comments other than having to go thru ALL the ones before the last one? I've looked fairly carefully, but really don't see anything that appears to be like what I'm looking for.

It's not too bad when you have only 10 or 12 to go thru, but once we're up in the 20's and 30's it's a little tedious to make one’s way thru all of them just to see what the most recent comments happen to be.

Carolyne NJ

From what I have been told, If female is going to lay nore than one egg, She will not start the incubation until the other egg is laid. I have personally seen it before. I feel there are no worries My opinion But it happens with Hummers So I chose not to worry Eagles know what they are doing Not us Not being a know it all Just saying Thanks Alcoa


Hi Carol... I would like to see a different layout for the posting comments myself. I think scrolling thru is a bit of a hassle. (hinting to Alcoa... ;-)

What I do... is go to the first comment, then go up to the http url and edit by inserting the number where I last remember reading. I hope that helps some.

Good to see the eagles nesting at nite.


Sorry Carol... you need to go to the 2nd post to see the page number to insert a new/jump to number.

The eagle is there keeping the egg nice and warm. Snow is predicted for today. We'll see how well they keep IT covered.
The birds know what they need to do... nature has IT's way.

Carolyne NJ

Here is a link to help understand Egg Production & incubation From the University of Kentucky. Hope this helps. Have a good day Thank you Alcoa



Watching closely for egg number 2 today.

Sandi M

I have been watching on & off for Justice to bring Liberty some food. She has been very verbal, shrill high notes and now she is being snowed upon. I know, I shouldn't worry, but now by watching it everyday, it's like feeling protective over the egg AND the one stuck in the nest waiting to be relieved. I'd be hungry by now, too.

Carolyne NJ

http://www.ustream.tv/decoraheagles For Decorah


1:00 Nest time Justice comes in butt w/NO Fish... they play with sticks...
Lady Liberty takes off.
Justice does some house work for getting "home" late. :-)
& takes over warming the precious egg.

Ginny Herman

2-13-12 6:00 Pm. Just saw change of parents. the one on nest now has feather sticking up on the right side. Has the eagle been in a scuffle?

Sheila Milton

Is there a way to place the photos of the Eaglets flying on this page because I never go on Twitter or other sites?
Sheila Milton

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