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February 17, 2012


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Carol C

Congrats Liberty& Justice. You'll have your nest full. Wow!!


Waiting for the Decorah Eagle eggs to arrive

found these so i am watching yours.. I am having trouble reading my post it the chat.. so this may not even post..

Carol C

The nest is so big u can see it from across the river in Moline without binoculars.

Carolyne NJ

Wow Congrats to Liberty & Justice. Nest is going to be crowded. We are going to have a wonderful time watching this nest TY Alcoa for all you have give us. What a priviledge




I witnessed the delivery this afternoon and was very happy to see they now have 3 eggs. I love how Liberty and Justice are so cooperative and take turns on the eggs so regularly. They seem like a well-matched pair. Thanks again Alcoa for allowing us to view this nest.

Kathryn Mellecker

Congratulations, Alcoa, Liberty and Justice!

Paula Adamson

Oh my- baby eagles everywhere. I watch this cam and the Decorah and the Fulton cam's. Going to be a busy march!

Janet Cole

Wow..Love Eagles..I watch Alcoa and Decorah's Hard to watch both lol.Congrats to our extended family♥♥


decorah eagles have one egg 9::00am 18 feb


At 9 am Saturday February 18, the Eagles switched out nesting duty. The larger of the two departed and the smaller one rearranged the nest and settled in.

Steve Gabbert

They need a link here to get back to the live feed easier.

Joyce Johnson

The nest is going to be crowded! Thanks, Alcoa, for this great new webcam.

jeff roberts

that is soooooo cool. i love this.


She is such a beauty. Thank you for the eagle cam.

eagle nut

Where is it in Moline you look across and see this nest? (I gotta find my binoculars!)

Carol C

Go to Ben Butterworth Parkway all the way east by the boat ramp. Next to where IH used to be . look straight across & u can see the nest & the white thing is the camera. I love the way she gingerly moves the eggs around!!


At 9:44 am this Sunday morning, Dad? came to take over for Mom?. A few minutes later, he was up OFF the nest screeing to high heaven! He was determined to chase someone off and would have flown out of the nest to do so by the way it looked. He didn't have to and was back on the eggs a few minutes later. I wonder who the attacker was. That was so cool to see how he was protecting their eggs.

Charlie & Sandy

Can u see the nest from the Iowa side if y?ou drive over or is it behind a building


How do you tell Liberty and Justice apart? I watch Alcoa nest and Decorah nest all of the time (most of the time on a split screen)I know the difference in Decorah, but not here.
Thank you

Carol C

It,s hard to tell them apart. The bigger one is mom. Nest u can't see it on the Iowa side go to Ben butterworth parkway by the boat ramp it,s straight across the river.


Mom has an arched eyebrow. The supraorbital ridge over her eyes curves a bit right above her eye, making it look deeper. Now with them both settling into the bowl it is easier to tell them apart. Dad sinks right in, the bowl is deeper and wider than he is! Mom fills it out more.


thanks,I will study them and learn the differences.


I've noticed that Justice's nostrils are a tiny bit larger (darker) and the ridge across his beak form the nostrils is more prominent. But you need to have almost a head-on view to see this.


This is such a learning fun experience

Carolyne  NJ

GM Still prefer it here. I am wondering if the feather will correct itself What a wind storm. Both M/D are great though. Thanks Alcoa


Hey Carol, can you just imagine a dive speed up to 160km/100mph? These creatures sure are wonders. Watching from Australia we have Wedge Tailed Eagles.......also superb. Jason ;-}

Priscilla Harbin

The snow finally hit the nest. Mama and Dad have changed positions already today.

jordan wixom

hey theses eagles are so pretty like my mom.

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