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February 21, 2012


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Carol C

I love the new blog. I'll have to sign up for twitter now.


How do you tell which one is which? Looks like mom just came back with more bedding but not sure.

Dianne Heimendinger

Doing some food prep in the kitchen this afternon, so I set up my small travel computer on the counter to keep an eye on the nest (more fun than watching tv!!);
at 1:45 pm the male came, joined the female for a whole 12 (!) minutes, side by side; she then moved the eggs around...he flew off...didn't change places, just visiting I guess!!! Glad soo many are enjoying this site too!!

carol english

I was up early this morning and watched the sun hit the nest it was so beautiful to see. Also heard a train go bye the eagle called to it lol I sure love watching them


I want to know why the eagles continually rotate their positions on the nest. Is it for even heating of the eggs? Everytime I check up on them, they seem to be rotated in position.


how long will it take usaully for the eggs to hatch,

John Riches

They don't just rotate their position, they roll the eggs around. I do believe it is for the proper development of the eaglets.

John Riches

The normal incubation period is about 35 days. In this case the first egg was laid on February 11th and the last one on the 17th. We would expect the hatching to begin sometime after the 17th or 18th of March.

Oma Kyle

No snow yet...I wish Liberty & Justice the best during the coming storm.


Awesome creatures........I wish I could fly like them sometimes.

Mark Harmon

there is usually one sitting on the eggs. Where is the other all that time?


In telling the eagles apart, check out their beaks. Liberty has a deeper indent close to the nostrils, while Justice has the markings but not as deep.


around 2 am i cked on the nest sitter. stood up a few times to shake off the snow. now, here at 6:23, she is moving pretty slow. what amazing birds these nesting eagles are..so dedicated!

Dianne Heimendinger

What a glorious winter wonderland we have this morning!!! And Momma, a bit soggy, but snuggled in...I learned when we lived on the river and had eagles roosting in the next door tree, that the males are smaller than the females...that helps me know who's who.

Fritz Thavenet



my first view of the nest with 1 of the eagles sitting so still and quiet. it must be pretty windy up there, especially the last 2 days. i have never watched a bird sleep before, he (or she) seems to doze a bit and then look around now and then. goodnight my friends. i am glad i will be in my nice warm bed.


Can anyone comment on the event about two days ago when the one eagle apparently called out for help when another arrived at its nest? Liberty or Justice, whichever, cried for help (my perception) for about twently minutes then s/he gave up and the cried died down to a whimper of seeming helplessness.

Cindy Warden

Love these Eagles

Cindy Warden

Good day in the nest.

Tony T

I saw them switch at 9:36 Sunday morning. Still waiting for the first to hatch.

Laurel Shepard

New to this site. Ahh #2 almost ready to enter this world!


Saw Justice feeding her two babies. The bigger one is getting fed more, so worried about the status of the other eaglet. I hope they both make it this year ...

Brian Mais



Where is the egg?


I am so fascinated with the eagles and babies. thanks Alcoa...

Bobbie Lacoy

Which one is the mom, and which the dad? I don't know how to tell the difference.

olive gardner

this is awsome I show everybody mand talk to people about it. I love watching nature




Since learning of this site, my work has fallen SERIOUSLY behind! Absolutely fascinating and wonderful to get to watch this glorious avian family up close and personal. Thank you for letting us all share in this event. (And who knew that both male and female eagles are such incredibly involved--dare I say "evolved"?-- parents!)

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