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February 07, 2012


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Carolyne NJ

Thanks to elfnruler Always keeps us informed Eggsciting news!!

sandi m

we are all going to be aunties and uncles soon! Thank you so much elfnruler got all you have done, do and will do! :-)

sandi m

so excited i wrote got instead of for.


Thank you, Elf. Your vids are always so much apprecitated. :-)

Carol C

I want to say thank u to Elf also. I miss them a lot & it's great to have the videos. Can't wait for the babiis!!


Eagle is sleeping, has head tucked under wing.


And now there is another juvie in the nest, this one older than the other(s) that visited earlier. It has some developing white plumage in head and tail and its beak and feet are showing some yellow. I'm guessing 2-3 years. An adult cackled briefly when it landed but so far no chasing.

sandi m

11 a,: the juvie is back wrecking the nest again! i am really worried about the new egg(s) that will be in the nest. that juvie may do damage and smash the egg(s)!!!

sandi m

at 11:10 the juvie left. its colors have changed and was tweeting what sounded like the same ones before Liberty & Justice mated. Two questions pop into my thoughts...is this juvie old enough to mate and want the nest for its growing family OR are Eagles vendictive because this one pulled out quite a few limbs and branches as well as buried the area where Liberty had worked on yesterday for herself and her egg(s)? And where were Liberty & Justice while all these shenanigans were going on? I thought they would be within earshot and watch the nest more carefully. Can anyone explain this little beast with a penchant for destroying a nest like this?


This could not have been the same juvie as a couple of weeks ago, it is at least a year older, the plumage and beak color indicate later development. The adults were nearby watching, they called several times while it was in the nest. I was surprised they did not chase it away. But once they have eggs in the nest at least one of them will be there constantly and they will never let a juvie or any other threat get close.

sand im

Whew! Thanks so much elfruler. i thought they would protect it. i thought it was older, too, but wasn't sure since eaglets and juvies change so quickly! now that you explained it in more detail, it makes sense and i figure the folks will take care of anything who tries to invade.

Carolyne NJ

Thanks to Elfnruler Keeps us all up-to-date with the nest. I will say the older Juvie was gorgeous. I heard the Owners of the nest calling out and Juvie did respond. No worries though. Once eggs are there, Nothing will get in. Great parents. So eggscited to see eggs and the babies. Have a great day all Thanks Alcoa.


How can I get a larger picture on my pc? I"ve tried everything & still have the small one.Heeelllp!

sandi m

Maggie: on the right bottom corner of the eagle screen, there are a few buttons that give you the volume control and by clicking on the button next to the volume control you will enlarge the eagle screen to fill your computer screen. you can exit by clicking the "escape" button on your keyboard. hope that helps!


OR... you can just go to your view on top bar... and zoom in (as many times as you like). :-)

Caarolyne NJ

Hi Maggie, Just go to the pic and you will see a box where you can enlarge the view. If you don't see it I can try and help you again


There's an egg! At bout 2:30pm today Liberty left the nest after fussing around a bit. She was back by 2:45 and at around 3:00pm she stood up and we saw an egg!

Linda Bolton

she just layed an egg 2:56 saturday 2-11-2012

Darlene wisdom

Is that an egg I see?


I just seen the first egg!!


She laid one egg about 3:00 Northwest Indiana time!`


Here is the entire egg-laying sequence:


youdon'tneed toknow

This is so cool!

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