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February 13, 2012


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last year they laid 3eggs all hatched but one eaglet died!!!!

John Riches

Actually this nest had two eggs last year. Both hatched, but only one eaglet survived and fledged.

Sandi M

I have been watching since just before daybreak and have yet to see Justice bringing some well-needed food to Liberty. Her squawking is pitiful & I can't figure out why he hasn't answered her. I'm still learning about Eagles and their habits, so I don't know if this is "normal". Wish I had a little helicopter so I could drop her a fish!


Justice returned @2pm and gave Liberty a stick !! No food. :-(


1:00 Nest time Justice comes in w/stick butt NO FOOD!
LadyLiberty takes off... and Justice takes over warming the precious egg.


Liberty didn't waste any time, after Liberty gave her the stick, she left him to do the nest sitting and off she went.


Sorry I should have typed "Justice" gave her the stick.


Funny... Justice "cried out" a few times shortly after being left to tend to the nest/egg. ;-) Butt he does keep busy working the nest.
Liberty well deserved her time out... and hopefully finds herself some fish. Maybe another egg in the works??? She'll need her strength.

Carol C

If you live in quad cities or close & want to see a lot of eagles like 100 go to Sunset Marina in Rock Island OMG!! I couldn't believe how many there are!! :) Drive around to the other side where the boats r.

David Hilton

Love the new camrea with sound, it'll be great watching the hacth & the little ones grow


i gess i dont know what i was watching but i saw three eggs hatch but onl two fledge

Sandi M

Arlie: maybe you are thinking of the Dubuque family. Last year, both of the eggs hatched but the smaller one didn't make it. and what the heck, anyone? whoever is in the nest (I believe it is Liberty but I'm not sure) has a few feathers sticking out off her right wing!!!


sheesh it just seems like this little egg is doomed...no one on the nest.

Jim Groves

There's a second egg!!! She just laid it about 15 minutes ago.....

Jim Groves

There's a second egg. She just laid it 15 minutes ago......


The second egg has appeared!


Liberty laid her second egg at 2:14pm Central time!

Mary ann Dean

Valentine egg for Liberty and Justice!

Patricia Haines

This is a great addition/alternative to the Decorah nest site and others. Look how many folks have suddenly become advocates for wildlife. I hope this will include a raised awareness of how lead ammo in the environment poses a deadly threat to these hatchlings and their parents. Please learn more about lead poisoning of eagles and other raptors. Google has lots of info for starters. Google: lead poisoning in eagles to get you started. We want these nests to be healthy and the eaglets to grow to adulthood and beyond. Get the Lead Out in 2012!


As everyone, I am fascinated with this pair.
I'm not familiar with Eagles & their eggs, will they eventually kick the 3rd egg out of the nest if it doesn'r hatch today?
We had chickens & unhatched eggs were not uncommon--but that was chickens.
I love this feed. Thank you ever so much ALCOA!

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