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February 01, 2012


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Barb Robisonn

Feb. 2 I saw Liberty at 5:15 last night on the limb above the nest, also. I was wondering how do you tell the difference between Liberty and Justice? Would you say something about that in your next post. Liberty was so captivating to watch, cleaning her feathers, and just looking around. I took her picture several times from the web cam.

John Riches

Barb, We just decided that Liberty is the female. As for telling them apart, generally speaking the female is the larger of the pair. They were both in the nest together a while yesterday before she hopped up on the branch by the camera. If only one of them is around it is harder to tell.

Carol C

Barb the females feathers by her eyes are darker & go back farther than the males but it still is hard to tell.If your on facebook go to eagleholics & lots of times they talk about it there.

Sandi Moore

The female has a lower voice, The width from the top of the beak to the eagle's chin is the depth of the beak. Females generally have deeper beaks than male eagles and the back talon is longer on the female than the male and the body length on a female is usually 3-4 inches longer than a male. Hope this helps everyone! :-)

Carolyne NJ

Hello all, Just viewed both in the nest. Such a beautiful site. Is it me or am I beginning to see some brooding patch on the female?? Could have been the cam view. Thanks Alcoa Oh, Is there a view from the ground of the nest? If not, do you think it possible to get one. Thank you again

Carolyne NJ

I have just observed that dad's tail is quite scissor like. The dark feathers at end of tail crossed

Michael Krauss

pulled up the camera at 2:20PM today and saw both eagles in the nest working on it. After a bit one jumped up to the branch near the camera and stared into the camera as if to say "What are you looking at". Then it did some preening of the feathers and then the one in the nest looked up as if to say "get down here and help" and it did. After about another 5 minutes they both flew off. Thanks Alcoa for providing this insight into our national bird.


6 a.m. at the nest this morning and one of the eagles is there. Even thou IT is dark out... you can see the eagle pretty darn well.
Thank you Alcoa... & will be interesting to see what this different winter weather might do to their mating season???

Kathryn Mellecker

This is the first time I have seen this male placing a corn husk in the nest. The Decorah male always artfully places corn husks.

Sandi Moore

I seen them also. I bet that is going to insulate the nest even moreso. i seen Justice bring in a big branch earlier and bonked Liberty right on the head. She gave him room and got up on the branch in front of the cam so he could weave the branch into the nest.


This is the first year I'll be watching this nest. Could someone please describe what's around the nest? Are we seeing the ground and what is around the tree? And does the cam have the ability to be panned at all? Thank you. I've just seen Liberty and Justice for the first time a few weeks ago. They are beautiful birds. Can't wait to see their babies. ♥

Carolyne NJ

ROFLOL--I am watching one of the adults playing with a corn husk. (Femald) This is quite comical. Both there now.

Carolyne NJ


Picture of adults with corn husk. It was such a comical treat to watch female playing with it. She had her legs stretched out behind her.

Sandi Moore

excellent still shot Carolyne...i thought they were tearing the husks off to insulate the nest more this winter. she was also burrowing down where all the straw is. should be fun to see that egg for the first time! i missed the hatching...hope to see it this year!


ewatchergirl... WelCome in joining us watch one of the best cams. Alcoa has this set in a tree on their property along the Mississippi River, Iowa plant. The cam does not move. There is audio. There is Infer/Red nite view. Directly below the nest are roofs of a couple of Alcoa buildings. IF you select the wide screen option in lower corner, the brackets resize, and you can see in the upper left corner a bit of the Mississippi River.
I hope that helps you some.


Mating today in the nest. Video:



The male is smaller.
I seen them mating a little after 1 on 2/6 2012.


Thank you CaJ in describing what's around the nest. I thought that was water in the upper left but wasn't sure. And, thank you Elf Ruler for posting the mating video. That was cool beyond words!


I am obsessed with Liberty & Justice with their dedication to "their coming brood". I just saw the 2nd egg hatching (3-21) @ 9 A. how exciting--

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