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February 14, 2012


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Carol C



Videos on my Youtube channel:


Janet Cole

Love watching and pray both eggs make it:)

Carol H.

Awww - how sweet - a Valentine egg!!


It's only fair, he brings HER a bouquet of sticks and she gives HIM an egg!


Also love watching the cam everyday. Liberty sure looks exhausted. Hope Justice helps her more. Thank you so much for this opportunity to watch.

Richard Niles

The female eagle doesn't seem to be moving, is this a still shot?


Richard, she had a very busy day. She laid her second egg today and that must have made her very sleepy as she has been sleeping for most of the night. She has been up a few times to move her eggs around and to change direction and she quickly went back to sleep.


yesss thank you


8:03 am CST - just saw Mom standing on edge of the nest for a few minutes, then she settled back down on the 2 eggs


I wish there was something by the nest to give us an idea as to how big it really is. I think for some reason it's bigger than it looks.

Mary ann Dean

Egg number three ha arrived. So exciting! Friday Feb 17

Baron Ray R. Huntington

Alcoa, Thanks so very much for installing the camera and allowing all of us, most importantly the children, the opportunity to view the Eagles.

Baron Ray R. Huntington

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