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February 15, 2012


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Kathryn Mellecker

This is a great site, thank you, to Alcoa. As one who is greatly addicted to watching eagle cameras, I really like the new camera here. Thanks again!


It is a great camera, just wish it could move around. :-) Thank you Alcoa.


Thanks Alcoa for the Eagle Cam! And I agree with the previous poster, it is quite addictive watching it! Also the audio of the wind blowing and the train whistle is wonderful to hear.

Janet Cole

I thank you for letting us share this great experience,I also watch the Decorah cam,it has a chat to go with the watching,is there a chance we can also get the chat?Thanks again:)


Where is Justice???? There are crows flying around and making noise. Mom keeps looking up at them with a worried look.

Go away crows!!!!


Thank you so much for allowing us to watch these magnificent creatures!


WOW The live feed didn't pause after 15 minutes. Yeah!!! Love It!

Doug Ferns

As an employee at Alcoa I am very impressed and in awe while watching this. I have seen the nest near Kelly cottage and will keep watching. Thanks

Steve Gabbert

Thanks Alcoa, "you're da' bomb"...did I just say that? Anyway, I sure don't see dad there very much, ok, at all the last view days. I haven't come here until recently so I'm really curious about this.


Dianne Heimendinger

Great webcam to keep up all day...love the sounds too...woodpecker now and then, train sounds, other birds, etc...today the rain drops!!! Thank you Alcoa!! Passing along this webcam site to many around the country and getting good feedback!! :)

Carol C

Looks like we have a lot of new viewers. That's awesome. Welcome & enjoy.

Judy Shannon

My students here in Sigonella, Sicily are enjoying watching the eagles. We have to wait until the end of the school day to see much because we are 7 hours ahead of the Quad Cities. We did get to see the mom get up and see the 2 eggs yesterday. Thanks so much for putting this on a webcam.

Sharolyn Clark

Around 6:35 a.m. Thursday morning. She moved from her nest, to reveal 2 eggs. She returned back onto her nest, carefully in a few minutes. She arranged the nesting material so gently! Love it!


Just logged in to this site last night. Where does the illumination come from? Looks like a spotlight shining up on the nest.


The camera has IR (InfraRed)... birds do not see the light.

There is a light down on the buildings below that rings the nest. Must not bother the birds...


OMGosh what a beautiful thing!


were is the dad or the mom

Dana Beachler

Alcoa should get their live cam listed on this web page...there are others listed on it..

Robert Hanson

this is a great site I am in Wenatchee, WA. for some reason I can not get it on the computer at work. great!!

Carol C

Dana, thanks for the site it is very informational. I love to learn about eagles. I live here &we have a lot on the Mississippi. Counted 150 Monday in one area. Awsome!!

Steve Gabbert

I have never seen the male. Is he still around?

eagle nut

I wish there was something either in the nest or next to it so we could get an idea of how big it really is. Right now I don't think it looks that big but I'm sure it's huge.


This is the male currently on the nest (at 10:57 CST). The eagles have made a couple of switches today. Here is one at sunrise:

As for size, these eagles are about 3 feet long from beak to tail. Picture a yardstick in the nest. I figure the nest is about 5-6 feet in diameter, but since we can't see the full nest in the cam view it's hard to be sure. I think the "bowl" that the eggs are in could be a foot and a half in depth.

Sheldon Langer

I just Saw 2 Eggs there

Judith Hart

Egg number 3 just arrived 5:40 PM est

T & L

3 Eggs




T & L

At approximately 4:40 today (2/17/12), we witnesses mama eagle crouched over the first 2 eggs and laboring. We watched closely . . . . and sure enough, now there are 3 EGGS!!!


There are 3 eggs now!


Third egg!!!!!

David Hemberger

Fantastic camera this year. And, wow! The third egg arrived today - triplets!

Jo Ann Painter

I believe I may have seen 3 eggs in the nest.

Lori Houghton

Wow, 3rd egg


Three eggs in the nest now!


A third egg! I'm so excited! Your camera is perfect this year. It's nice to see the family up close.


Good view of three eggs:


Craig Lindle

3 eggs, just saw mom and dad, thanks Alcoa

Lori Houghton

Looks like the third egg is here on Friday, the 17th afternoon.

Patty Gibson

I saw the third egg clutched at about 4:45 pm February 17th!!

Sandy Wallace

Thanks to Alcoa! I spotted for the Audubon close to 40 years ago in New Hampshire. There were no eagles in NH only the hope we were wrong. To not only know they have come back to the numbers they have across this country, but to actually have the technology to see what was not even available back then. All the people that are helping to provide this wonderful experience, I thank you!

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