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February 24, 2012


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Mike Beard

It looks like the adult eagle has just re-positioned her eggs again. Relly neat how she does it each time. She like rotates them.

Tracie Steiner

That darn wind! Brrrrr, poor girl!

Jane Dahlstrom

I've been watching on & off all day; and I've only seen 1 eagle. I hope the other one comes back.

Jane Dahlstrom

Just saw the other one. . . .cool!

Carolyne NJ

I watched the exchange about 1 1/2 hours ago. All is well. Eagles prefer colder weather. Doesn't bother them like it does us humans. Love this family M/D & eggs Thank you Alcoa


That is what you call "egg-roll".

Oma Kyle

I used to hatch chick eggs with my first graders years ago by using an incubator and we needed to turn them at least two or three times a day.

Rebecca Hearne

Saw one of the eagles in flight yesterday. Parked across the river in Moline and watched as it flew through the wind. Other birds struggled against the wind, but not the eagle. It flew from one side of the river to the other, up over the bluffs. Was a magnificent sight to see.

Oma Kyle

Just saw L & J trade switch....wonder who's on night watch this evening?

Carol C

What aa beautiful for mom & dad & eggs today. 56 degrees. Put the pic on full screen and WOW What a difference it makes. Awesome.. thanks Alccoa.


i see dechora and alcoa eagles both have three eggs

Kathryn Mellecker

Although Alcoa and Decorah each have 3 eggs, Liberty and Justice are at least 4 days ahead of Decorah, even as much as a week when hatching time comes. Alcoa will hatch first (my prediction) but, watching all those babies in the two nests will be a joy!

Roberta Shadensack

How does the nesting eagle get food?


This is totally AWESOME!! Thanks Alcoa for bringing it into our living rooms --- my daughter teaches kindergarten and she is going to let the whole class watch in KY.

Carol C

Roberta, they take turns laying on the eggs. or sometimes one will bring up a fish. Yes we are going to very busy watching all these babys grow up! WOW!! Wish I had more time to watch. It'll be FUN!! Especially for the kids.

cheryl kleinsmith

Can't seem to connect to Eagle cam--keeps saying stream not found. Please help.

Carolyne NJ

Whoa, Someting has mom really upset. She has been squawking for the past hour. Wonder if it is the Juvie that is around. Both adults were there for awhile and both were on high alert.

Carolyne NJ

Wow Poor Mom Still upset. Now has her wings out linke she is in protective mode. Where is Dad?? Feel bad for her. She is protecting he eggs. Thanks Alcoa

Carol H

One very upset eagle at 4:43 p.m. cst!

Carol C

O my @ 4:45 Tuesday there was an intruder Liberty spread her wings to cover the whole nest & eeked for 15 min. Before she calmed down. I heard an eagle & heard other eagles will kill. WOW!! Glad it left.

Kris (Markham) Russell

Earlier this evening saw eagle leave the nest & eggs were exposed! Haven't seen that before but before I knew it M/D? was back & getting settled in again. Guess relief didn't show up when she wanted him to!

Carol Holbrook

I think she just broke an egg when there was a disturbance that caused her to jump up.

Lois Menard

How can you tell the difference between the male and the female? Is there and subtle difference in markings?

Tillie Newhart

How can you tell which eagle is Liberty and which one is Justice?


ALL 3 eggs in view... and looking fine.

Carol C

Lois, the female Liberty is bigger than the male Justice. But it is really hard to tell. I'm glad the eggs r all fine.


Wondering??? Will the new construction/expansion at Alcoa plant be done anywhere around the nest? Hate to bother them now that there are eggs. ???

Tillie Newhart

How can you tell which eagle is Justice and which one is Liberty?

Kris (Markham) Russell

Please read prior comments.


This pair... both have such brilliant white head feathers IT is hard to see differences in them. When both are on nest, the female is the larger of the two.


do you know what direction the nest faces.when the wind blowes from the west it us coming from the east from my view

Pat Hunnicutt Ft Worth, TX

How do I tell the difference between Liberty and Justice?

Sherry Phelps

Boy are we enjoying watching Liberty and Justice setting on there eggs and waiting for them to hatch. See you had another heavy snow last night Keep safe from the bad tornadoes back there. Bob and Sherry Phelps, Mesa, AZ.

Carol C

5:35 Sat. I'd say dad left & mom Liberty came in. I love the way she waddles to sit on the eggs. Lol. :-)

Carolyne NJ

Aww, I am so tired of seeing these poor guys in heavy winds, snow, rain and adverse conditions. I know that it doesn't bother them, but, come on now. We need a beautiful day in the sun. Babies are due soon. Thanks you Alcoa


Arlie, if you look in early morning as sunrise (and I've seen the nest for real)the sun is coming up from about the lower left/word Alcoa... best I can say.
Remember the Nest is on the Mississippi River where IT runs East to West.


Go to the web site Sportsman Paradise Online.com for a video on how to identify eagles.


there is a video on the difference between male and female at www.ustreamdecoraheaglecam.com then click www.sportsmanparadiceonline.com under eagles video. about 20 min. video


The best way that I can tell L & J apart is their beaks. Liberty has some deep grooves between her nostrils. After watching Justice land a few times in the nest and bonking poor Liberty on her beak, I can understand why the grooves are more pronounced! Go to the video of them mating. Justice's beak doesn't have as much wear and tear and it is a good close up of him. Just a thought to help those who have asked!

John Riches

Cheryl, If you are trying to access it from inside the Alcoa network, you will not be able to get to it. You will have to access it from home or from your video enabled smartphone.

John Riches

The construction work is not near the nest. Actually, most of the construction is inside existing buildings.

John Riches

The camera is facing mostly west and a little to the south.


Google. The differences between male and female eagles.

Mary Warrenfeltz

This is the best... I can not wait to see egg three hatch.

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