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March 31, 2012


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Still watching from FL until we head back home to where the nest is...love the comments and how the world is watching and amazed by it all; however, is there anyway to read comments from last to first ...especially when they are 100+ and I have to scroll thru them all to see the latest???? Have learned a lot from them too :) Thanks again Alcoa!!

Carol C

Go to comment feed &it takes u to the las t one.

Mookie TN

Thank you Alcoa, my day isn't complete until I check on the eagles several times per day. I've learned quite a bit from this site. I know some birds bred twice per year, do eagles as well ?

Mavis Griffin

Dianne..see the line just above the comment you are reading? It says, "You can follow this conversation by subscribing to the comment feed for this post." If you click on the underlined "comment feed", it will take you to the last post and you can work your way backwards to read the most recent comments. This works for me. And welcome to FLORIDA!!


Thanks so much from Dallas, TX. My son goes to Liberty Elementary. They've distributed this link to all the teachers!! What fun!!

Was that a bird they were eating this morning?

Mavis Griffin

Oh..forgot to mention about the comment feed..when you click on "comment feed", it will take you to the first sentence of the last comment...CLICK ON THE BLUE WORDED NAME of the last person to post to get to the last comment. Sorry I forgot to mention that last step.


On Thursday I noticed many carcasses, maybe 8 or more and then on Friday all were gone and 2 new ones showed up. Did they really eat that much in one day?

Katie from Ladd IL

This cam is amazing! It's my new addiction..from the time I wake up to when I go to bed, I have to check on this awesome eagle family. I was worried about the youngest one, but they parents are taking good care to make sure it gets fed too, and I even saw Justice step in when the oldest was trying to smother it! I really hope all three make it. Thanks to the people at Alcoa for this great opportunity.

Mindy Frey

Oh my goodness. We are so facinated with this family. When my husband gets home at night,he asks... how are the kiddos? And he isnt talking about our children but the eaglets! lol Thanks Alcoa.. this really is amazing!

W. F. Bloom

Alcoa; Thank you for doing this!

Elizabeth Rieder

Who ever that is on the nest flew away for a very short time and came back and landed on the limb with his /her back to the camera and watched around the area for a few minutes. Don't know what the deal was, but got to see the feather and head up close and personal. Then the eagle got back on the nest. I just noticed that there is a layer of fine white down under those big black feather. The eaglets were sleeping in a huddle during this. They are getting those gray pin feather,I guess they are called now and growing very fast. From being away 48 hours, I see a real difference.seems They all are doing ok for now. Nest looks like they have eaten or carried away a large amount of the catch. The parents seem to find a good number of food sources. Good old Miss. River, the heart land of America, She
takes and give.


So happy to see the little one eat like a little pigger today. Praying all three thrive and survive.


I know i woke up at 6:15 to see the eagles we watch them at school and its amazing we thought that that black thing on the side was a crow they ate some of that this morning and they just hatched monday but the have already ate like five whole fish anyway i like your posting

Judith Hart

What just happened, did something attack the nest. I missed it at about 10:25 am


Just saw mama get off the nest, fly around and seems distressed about something! She keeps calling out...interesting.

Judith Hart

All I caught were wings flapping, a different bird sound, then mom crawling up the side of the nest. Very disturbed!


I know Judith...I at least have never heard her cry out for such a long period. All of the babies are there, so that's a good thing! Maybe she wants more food! :)

Jen Mackinnon- Amherst NH

This is so amazing to watch! To watch the wing span of these Eagles when they take off is incredible! and how the mother and father call to each other and BOTH take responsibility for the little ones, oh how humans should take a lesson from nature!!

sandy mason

is mom the darker one? thanks it's great!

Kathryn Pulsife

I want to thank the person who keeps us updated on what is going on. I love watching but I am so happy that someone tells us what the weather is like and how they are doing. I miss some of it because if you do anything at all you will miss something that is going on. I would have loved to see them bring the food to the nest but always seem to be watching at the wrong time. Thanks again to the person who keeps us informed.

Lisa Soule

SANDY M- mom is the larger one


Thank you so, so very much Alcoa for doing this. I haven't gotten much work done this week but boy, what a fabulous experience to be able to watch this in real time. Thank you.


My 4th grade students and I in Missouri LOVE watching the EagleCam! We're addicted! I've even got my husband watching at home with me! Thanks so much for providing this amazing resource!

so c.u.t.e

I think the mom is much more responsible for the eaglets or maybe thats the dad? Well anyway the one parent that keeps flying off is a bad parent because it's never their but anyway i think the eaglets are so c.u.t.e cute.


I think it's great that so many teachers are using this as a learning tool..what a pleasure to watch and learn! I missed all day yesterday, so thanks to all who provide updates and info!

Jim Moore

They are doing great!

I suggest the names Honor Allegiance & Valor


Mom is the larger eagle. She has gray smudges around her eyes, and has large brow ridges.

Annette Kryske

March 31 10:30 PDT All the little ones are resting in their nest,while Liberty or Justice sits on the side. All tummies are full.A good sign. Still cool & windy.

Judi Kidd

One was just showing his wings off. They have grown so much over the last week. Even three has grown. One is in front of mom/dad while the others are sleeping.

So beautiful to watch.

Judi Kidd

Yesterday Liberty flew off the nest and I could hear crows really close. She exhibited the same type of body language and vocalization.

For Mark: They have covered up many of the bish and a couple of birds. The babies will eat these when they are older and getting ready to fledge.

Joan van Velsor

Have these eaglets been named yet? I would propose "Abolition", "Suffrage", and "Immigration" to honor important aspects of Liberty and Justice.

Judi Kidd

The feeding started before 2PM and is still going. Everyone is getting food. Three is pretty vocal and wants more. They are so beautiful to watch.

They have grown so much since last Saturday. Three was just out of the shell.

Barbara Fallat

Just amazing to watch!

Katie from Ladd IL

To "so c.u.t.e": Both eagle parents are responsible for their young. Each one takes turns watching them whilst the other one hunts for food. Not bad parenting, my dear! Most humans could take notes from the animal kingdom when it comes to caring for their young. I'd also like to join everyone in thanking the person responsible for posting the updates...THANK YOU again! :)


Clown feet are starting to show on the eaglets. Too funny!!

Bob Peters

Check out this link. It is on the Outdoor Channel website and is a nest in Shepherdstown, WV near Harpers Ferry so there are many fish laden rivers nearby...


Susi Meier

Are they not feeding the little one? It looks like they are just feeding two of them! :o(

Sandy Spracale

Does anyone else feel the smallest eaglet seldom gets a bite of food during feedings? I watch often and the larger two seem to get all the food. Watching from Tempe, Az.

Judith Hart

Looks like #3's head is bleeding on the right side.


You're right Judith, #3 took a good "pecking", poor baby.....It still has allot of fight in it though. Despite the injury, it's still trying......:)

Judith Hart

I hope the blood is from what she is feeding them, otherwise you know what they'll continue doing.


I think Three is a male. Just by the way Justice seems to make sure the lil one gets a fair share.


That may be Judith....They are all so tired now, can't even keep their little heads up! So cute! They all ate really well. That little one sure is a pistol! LOL!! :)


Thanks Judi! Good to know. I can see them now, covered with grass. They sure have a full pantry!

Connie  FL

To me, Justice has always seem to make sure all the chicks are fed when I've seen Liberty only feed the older two and leave out the little one when it was obviously wanting to eat.

How big they have all gotten within a week.

Judi Kidd

Connie, your observation of Justice is what I have observed as well. He has been more fair in his feedings of the babies in terms of distribution.

Just checked in this evening and can see little heads underneath the parent. They are so cute.

Annette Kryske

March 31 3:30 PDT, 2:30 all three little guys had plenty to eat. They all seemed happy. Hope it stays that way.Was looking at Decorah Eagle Cam for a while, & there is never any food around for them to feed. Nest must be in the city, as you can hear people talking. Liberty &Justice are lucky to live where they are.Thanks Alcoa


How do the chicks get water

Judi Kidd

Three got fed a lot of fish around 2 PM. Keep in mind it is still only a week old. If you read through some of the previous posts for today you would know that three has been fed. Yesterday they all three got fed. There are times when one may get more, three may get more and two may get more. One and Two are older and can eat more at this time. As three gets bigger he will be eating more. Yesterday at one point only three was getting fed since one and two were asleep. Another time yesterday only two and three got fed when one was asleep. There was one time where one got fed since it was awake and the others were napping.

Justice and Liberty know what they are doing. There is plenty of food and as long as there is plenty of food the babies will all get fed.

Bob, thanks for the link to Eagle Cam outdoors.

Mary Atkinson

Thanks so much Alcoa, What an education everyone could get just by checking in on our Beautiful Eagle. A must for me through out the day. Watching the quick growth is so interesting. You are doing a wonderful thing here.

Judi Kidd

The babies get enough water through the food they eat.

Oma Kyle

I'm inclined to agree with Connie....Liberty seldom feeds #3, it's almost as if she's given up on it and we're looking at the 'survival of the fittest'. Justice is far more nurturing and the reason I believe that the small eaglet is still alive a week after the hatch. I watched Liberty totally ignore it at the 4PM feeding to the point of even taking a piece of stringy fish flesh, that it had managed to grab, out of its mouth and giving it to #1. Hope that's a piece of fish that we're seeing on the youngest eaglet's head.....if not, I'm afraid that it's quite literally, dead meat!


Dianne: Click on "comment feed" to see latest post.


Posts can be read backwards by clicking on "comment feed" (which takes you to the last post), Then click on the little green arrow next to the poster's name to go to full post. From there, click on "previous" to work back thru postings.


How utterly AWESOME! Thanx Davenport!

Mavis Griffin

The stick has fallen!! Finally..that stick that has irritated Liberty and Justice for so long has finally fallen downward! So glad to see it out of the way. All three look good. Glad I missed the pecking of #3. It is smaller, younger, and therefore weaker...but it is a feisty little thing that has captured all our hearts.

Does anyone know if there are other eagles that live in the area?


do the adult eagles clean the left over
food parts from the nest eventually?

Carol C

Yes there r other eagles here. Not sure how many but I no there r other nests around. Poor#3 is under the other two. Justice brought in a stick he was funny to watch. And he got rid of the one in the way. :-) They don't name babies til they r older. They had a vote last year. Decorah is by a fish hatchery with people around & a farm.

Judi Kidd

It is 7:40 and mom and dad are feeding one and three. Two is asleep and just waking up. One is getting food from Liberty. The babies are all orderly and three keeps chirping for more food.

Judi Kidd

One just pooped on the food and Justice. Little three is stuck under one and two who are pecking at each other. Three got quite a bit of food from Liberty. It looks like Justice is taking over the nest duties.


This is truly the most wonderful live cam you could ever watch.
What a wonder to behold. God is so good at how He creates.
I wonder how one can tell the Mother eagle from the Father
eagle??? It matter not, they are so awesome to watch.
I pray all 3 little ones grow to be as awesome

Kelley Kern

I love this site...I am addicted...I have my grandkids for the weekend(11,7&3)and they want to see whats happening all day in the nest. We check in every few hours. This is a great learning experience for them. I like the name Honor,Hope,and Valor for the babies. Perfect in the order of #1,2 and 3. Im so glad I found this site...thanks Alcoa for giving everyone a chance to glimpse of nature at its finest...Kelley


Joan: if you start at the beginning of this thread and read through it, you will see the question is one of our mosT answered. the mom is larger. dad has a slick kind of feathered head and the mother looks like she needs a feather cut.

tonight was nice. I finally seen what Mom does when the kids get a little rowdy and greedy. she just lowers herself over them. if they try to continue to be mean to our little miracle, she will either give them a short peck or she will wiggle around so the older two have their heads out from under her so our lil bud gets some rest. it was hard to get her any food while I was watching...One had Three in a wing hold and two was grabbing all she could. I still think that lil one is a male and the oldest is a female. Jury is still out on the middle eagle. What does everyone else think?

Mavis Griffin

Thanks for the info, Cherrycarol. I was watching and saw the stick settle downward when Justice stepped on the left wall to begin feeding. You probably heard me cheering!

I hope the other eagles in the area have a nice nest and well stocked so they will leave this one alone. This nest is special...so many of us have adopted it!! We live in a hard world right now and for me, this nest means more to me than it should...like hope for a better future. Watching them survive with such simple honesty is so rewarding. Dang..sounds like I'm preaching...sorry folks!


I'm worried about the littlest guy. Is he being fed? Mommy's not sitting on him.

Judi Kidd

Sandi, I believe one is a female due to her size and not just from being first born.

For D. Three got lots of food in the latest feeding. Keep in mind the little guy can not eat as much as one and two. In the next week it will be consuming more food.

For those just checking in please go back and read the posts to see what has happened throughout the day. If you do it would explain the majority of your questions. To learn more about the eagles and information read the posts for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Lots of information posted on those days. It is very educational. I have been birding since I was four years old and still learning. If you would like to learn more go to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology


They are showing a great video of a nesting Red-tailed hawk life and a Greta blue heron.

Bonnie Ricica

Thanks Alcoa in providing us with a up close view of the Eagles! Love checking in on them 3 times a day to see what is in the nest; regarding food, plus the love the parents give their young! Truly amazing!

Gene@ Klamath Falls, OR

I noticed this morning that mommy some how got that big branch out of the way on our right. It was nagging her to no ends all this week. Did anyone else see how she did it?


That is what I figured. Just by observing and researching and reading the comments, I came to the conclusion of #1. I have never watched a family of Eagles or birds so this is an absolute joy!

Judi Kidd

Sandi, Check out this site at Cornell Lab of Ornithology if you want to watch a live webcam of Red-tailed Hawks and a Great Blue Heron. Amazing to watch.


KS Viewer

What's the bright light shining beneath the nest - is that there every night? I haven't noticed it before. Hope it's nothing sinister...


Many of you can probably tell from my posts that I'm what is refered to as a
"nature freak"...For those who are wondering, that is different than a
"freak of nature", tho I'm told I resemble both.
Anyway, New England is where most of my time has been spent. I thought I would share a couple vids from my stuff. I see Ospreys on a regular basis, and last year there was an Eagle at my spring spot. My summer spot has a pair of Eagles, and a nest, but next year will probably be their first clutch.





when do they usually feed?


You can almost always count on a feeding just after sunrise, and it's my favoite lighting, and time to watch. The last hour of daylight is usually a great one too.

Mavis Griffin

Rjim...RIGHT ON! Early morning feeding with a good cup of coffee is a great way to start the day...quiet, peaceful, and just plain nice.


Especialy when there is no wind noise, the song birds are singing, the geeese are hnking, and the kids are yelling for more. Definatly the prime time.


I love how there is often color in the lighting and it spotlights the nest. The stars of the show.

Mavis Griffin

Rjim, you videos were such a delight! I especially enjoyed the Blue Heron having a super sized meal. My first time seeing this and was amazed how the fish wiggled in the Heron's throat. Would have loved to have been there (in a dry tent with binoculars) watching this! Thank you for sharing.

Mavis Griffin

I like that site, Judi. Thanks! I would love to watch a hummingbird nest! I have always wanted to find a nest and never could. Hummingbirds are my favorite watch. I love to see them at the feeders.


Mavis, I'm glad you enjoyed them. When the nest is quiet, and if there is nothing on TV, click on my name MrRiverjim, and there are another 50 something videos. Most all nature vids. My interest is how the whole web of nature is conected, and when I learn about one animal it leads me to learn about others who are interdependent. For me, it's a never ending journey.

Nancy Morin

soooo beautiful to see mom eagle nuzzle her beak into her feathers and sleep...looks like the eaglets are getting too big to completely cover up

Judi Kidd

Jim, Thanks for sharing.

Valerie Raiche

It is 11:26 p.m. and it sounds and looks like it is storming there at the nest. Mama needs to wake up and cover up her babies.
I am so addicted to watching these amazing birds. Thanks for whomever thought about putting a camera by this nest. But then I have the questions as to how did you do it without disturbing Liberty and Justice?


Your welcome Judi. I thought some of you might be interested because it is a very active ecosystem with that amount of fish...The whole place is a feeding frenzy sometimes, and it is an amazing sight. My lady and I saw thirteen great blues feeding one night in about a hunred foot long stretch of river. That plus two ospreys dive bombing the water...If you haven't seen that happen before it is another amazing thing to watch. Unlike the Eagle, the Osprey hit the water like a ton of bricks.

Judi Kidd

Valerie, Mom/Dad is doing their best at keeping them covered. I can hear the little ones underneath the parent. Looks like lightening around the area. Mom/dad is awake and from what I can see it keeps trying to position over the babies. Just heard some serious thunder. It is raining. Not a good night for any birds that are nesting.

Judi Kidd

Mom/dad has pulled some grass up around the front to help cover the babies. Going to be a tough night but they are going to be fine. These are seasoned parents who know what they are doing. Think positive.

Annette Kryske

March 31 9:25 PDT. Lightning & sounds like rain. Momma is trying to settle down on top of her little ones. Goodnight all!!"
Annette Kryske

Elizabeth Rieder

Just checked in with the eagle cam at Alcoa and it seem to be storming. Mom is all tucked in with the kids and The family is riding out the storm. 11:15pm CST.wish some of that rain could be shipped off to very dry West Texas.Soon the little eaglets will have some feather that will protect them in the rain, until them mom is very careful with covering the little ones

Mavis Griffin

Rjim...I will!! I just love everything that has evolved from the site. Your videos are awesome.

Gotta check on the babes riding out the storm.

Raye-eagle watcher

t2o take a picture of the eagles -use the big screen and use your camera no flash and get up close -snap- There GREAT

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