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March 29, 2012


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How exciting to see all 3 babies eating --9 am pdt-- and it seemed like mom/dad was soooo making sure little trey got some goodies, to the extent of re-offering if the morsel was too big at first and s/he dropped it. and is it just my view-or is uno developing feathers?? uno, you go girl/guy! better think about getting to work now so can keep cable on and keep following this amazing family! best to all you other "extended family" out there


I was getting worried about the little one yesterday he got almost nothing :( Here are my choices for names Constitution Republic & America does anyone like these names,, hope they all get food equally...

Eli Ridenour

I've been looking on other Eagle Nests, and this family is the only one with a whole pantry of food! Nice to see that! Eli, Lincoln, NE


12:20 pm That is the biggest fish I have seen so far...Good catch!

Kathryn Mellecker

I think it is a sturgeon, so the little ones can have their first taste of caviar, lol. These eagles know how to eat!

Peggy Paulick

Thank you for the posting that all 3 are getting fed - I was beginning to worry.

Mavis Griffin

Marilynn, I like the patriotic names but I have to admit..the one who came up with Al (for Alcoa), Dave (for Davenport), and Lulu (for aluminum) gets my vote because I think Alcoa and their associates are VERY PATRIOTIC for giving us this gift of the eagle cam.


why is the picture so jerky or it seems to skip.


Good eye Katheryn. Definatly a little Sturgeon, but much bigger and he couldn't have carried it.


I missed the hatching! Any place i can see it?

Josie Rocek

Why not name them after real American Hero's? That is one large fish. Thank you Alcoa for sharing this with all of us.

Mrs. Potts' Fourth Grade Class

Our Fourth Grade classroom in Phoenix, Arizona enjoy watching the nest each day in class. We keep the site open on our big screen so that we dont miss a thing. Thanks for keeping us informed :)

Josie Rocek

Debbi check Alcoa Facebook page its there.


I guess I will stop worrying about that littlest eaglet not getting enough to eat. praying that all 3 survive :)

john h

this looks like a sturgeon in the nest

david kruppa

Is there any way you could tell us whats in the nest for food. Like what kind of fish, what kind of rodent etc...


David in the past week I have seen Black Squirrel, a mink, two different types of birds, two different variaties of turtles, carp (most of the fish ) and today a sturgeon. Quite a variety.


I researched what that long fish might be and I came up with Pallid Sturgeon...


Very possibly a lake sturgeon too, but the bony plates along the lateral line, and the back of the fish definatly point to sturgeon of some kind. Thanks Katie, I'm not familier with pallid sturgeon so I will check that out too. Good eye.


Thank you for this, it is incredible! I am wondering what it is that is in the far side of the nest. Can't tell if it is wood or remains of an animal.

A Facebook User

Nice sturgeon! Wish I'd have caught them bringing it in. I love their pantry :)


a short lake sturgeon video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WRmwOvbrlSA


Thank you Mavis for liking my nicknames!
This is just such a pleasure to watch!

Bart Durbin

This has got to be the most interesting and inspirational thing that I have seen in quite a while. thanks

Jill Anne Sparapany

What did Justice bring for lunch? Is that a small sturgeon? He sure is a great provider. Both Mom and Dad make sure all the babies get food. If the youngest gets a piece too big, they break it down and feed him/her the smaller pieces. What a great family...this is what an American family should be!

Rob Bob

What is in the nest? Is that a perch or a severed snake?


Many questions can be answered by looking at earlier posts, or by doing a google search.

Judi Kidd

They have a feast in the nest. I can't tell if it is mom or dad but the tail of the sturgeon is hitting the babies in the nest. It is feeding time and one and two are getting most of the food. Three was pinned down by the tail of the fish and just got turned around and is now getting a little food. Three is so cute lifting up it's wings. He got knocked over by one's wing and is back up demanding food. It is all about survival. The feather's on one's back are getting dark.

What is interesting is that they are eating the freshest kill.

Judi Kidd

With the number of fish, birds, turtles, and animals they must have 30 to 40 pounds of food in the nest. The little ones will not be going hungry.


Thanks so much to the person who put this website on this comment page. I can now tell the difference between Liberty and Justice.
So helpful.
Thanks, also, to Alcoa for this amazing eaglecam. I've been enjoying it for months but especially now that there are babies!


well, judi, with all that meat pantry weighing down the nest, it would have to be pretty strong winds to make it rock like it did last week! I haven't gotten a good look at the three stooges today yet as I just caught them being covered by their parent to take their afternoon siesta!


I love the Alcoa Davenport Eagles!!! Sweet Amazing Majestic Family...but I'm upset with the sites set up! Bothered with the fact that the Stream Pauses in the middle of Watching! Don't understand why it would be Set up to Pause after a current time point...which makes the Cam not that Great,it's not right it should be set to keep Streaming!!! Need some Input on this Cam Streaming Pausing issue!!

p hawkins

Given that Liberty and Justice are the mom and dad, my vote for eaglet names is: Red, White and Blue. They'll always be bound as siblings together!


Considering what we didn't have a few years ago, we are just extremely overjoyed that Alcoa has invited us to view this wonderful piece of nature. We are thankful for all we have received. What they are giving is free of charge so we complain a little about a logo but we have never complained to make it more costly to Alcoa, so THANK YOU ALCOA for ALL you have done for the views of this CAM!!it works great!!

Judi Kidd

Alcoa has done a great job of bringing the Eagles to our home,office and schools around the world. It is free, they did not have to provide this service and I am grateful to have the pleasure of watching. I have no problem of hitting the reset button.

I do recommend that they use all the videos and create a documentary. It could win an award for best nature film.


I really enjoy this site and hopefully all the babies will grow and prosper. The youngest is spunky.

Judi Kidd

It is 3:23 PM and feeding time again. I swear that one has grown in the last two hours. They are all getting some at this time and everyone seems to be well behaved. So far no wing pushing or pecking. One just left the nest since it was beieng ignored. I bet one thinks if it moves closer to the parent it will get more. Two and three are getting more this feeding. They are all beautiful and it is so wonderful just to watch and notice the changes from morning to afternoon.

I believe it is Justice on the nest and he has moved the sturgeon away from the nest. You can see one and two sticking out. Looks like nap time after the big meal.

Thank you Alcoa for making this possible.


I think the babies should be names Stars, And, Stripes...????

Jill Anne Sparapany

Thank you, ALCOA, for this great up-close view of the beautiful Bald Eagle family! I agree with a previous post...to make a TV documentary about the eagles, including the Quad-City Mississippi River area, how the eagles care for and teach the babies to hunt and fish before they leave 'home'.

On Internet Explorer,I found the eaglecam streaming was almost constantly buffering and I needed to hit play b/c it was on pause frequently . When I switched to Google Chrome, the buffering problem was solved.


You have to remember Alcoa is doing this privately... and IT takes tons of band width. Many people bring up the site and let IT run all day whether watching IT or not. So the time outs just help run smoother for all. Picture has been a bit choppier than usual butt that is all the wind.
Thank you ALcoa... IT's a great picture this year.


OhMyGosh... Eaglet One will always be Zeus to me. :)
Coming out of his shell in a thunder & lightning storm!!!

Judi Kidd

One should be called Independence. It has been that way since hatching. Stars and Stripes for one and two. Honor and Patriot could also be names.


How about Majestic, Regal, and Fred (just kidding...couldn't think of a 3rd name).

Judi Kidd

Changing of the guard. I think it was Liberty who brought back the stick. Justice placed it into the left side of the nest. It is great to see the babies sleeping. One and two had been active but now asleep. No one is in a hurry for food. Justice is not eating either.

Carol C

I just realized how many times a day they get fed. I've counted about 7 or 8 today. Got to have it on at work today. Yeah!! All passed out now. :-) Carol

Judi Kidd

One has been pecking on three today. In the last few minutes it has happened a couple of times. Feeding time for them again. You could see one go to the bathroom. Three just moved nad one was pecking it again. Now one is pecking on two and clearly wants all the food this time. Three is up again and behind one who is using a wing block. Three is a true figher.

Judi Kidd

Feeding isa little difficult with the long sring of fish t was being fed. I think it was Justice who returned with another fish. I believe it is Liberty that just flew up onto the limb in front of the web cam and took off.

Does anyone know why the eagles eat the heads of the fish first?

Annette Kryske

March 29 2:50 PDT. Have been watching Liberty struggling with a long hunk of fish, & finally started feeding the little one. #1 & #2 had plenty, but the little guy isn't getting that much, but he is trying. Quite windy. Parents are trying to add twigs to the nest.

Carole Smith

Thanks for moving the "Eagle Cam" logo to the lower right-hand corner. It makes viewing so much better.

Jack Chao

What kind of fish with narrow long tail?


Parents seem to be building up the edges of the nest. I'm wondering if this is the eagle equivalent of a baby gate? Eaglet #1 got pretty close to the edge yesterday... So fun to watch and wonder...


to the person doing all the complaining. This is great and if you do not like iot don't watch. for most of us this a once in a life time event. I live about three miles from the nest and Alcoa is a great community partner and leader. Thanks Aloca for all you do for us to view this family.


That is a sturgeon, a very prehistoric fish and almost never caught on rod and reel


Great stuff. I don't think the little one has a chance. As soon as the siblings get big enough to move in, shove out and hog the food I think it will spell the demise of the little guy. Sad for us to watch but a reality.


I think Honor, Valor, and Unity would be good names. My second grade students love checking in on the eaglets throughout the day. It's a good science and civics lesson rolled into one.

Elizabeth Rieder

You got that right Tom. You have to wonder about people like that,they think they are in a movie house that they paid big bucks for.
This is a free webcam and Alcoa while they have branded it, it is a major undertaking to carry that kind of web and blog and uses big amounts of band widths. One thing though it make a great ad for them. Hats off to the company and the employees that made this possible. I still want to send a hug to the brave person who climbed that 80 foot tree and installed the camera. Or do I say crazy? I would not want to tangle with a mating pair of eagles.I loved it when Justice,must have hear some noise from the camera and got on that limb and peered straight into the lens.Wow ,nothing like staring down a eagle and he does not blink. Now that is reality TV of the highest form and you can never buy that thrill for any price.


THey are getting fed again ! so emotional! :)

Kris (Markham) Russell

I was wondering what kind of fish it was so thanks Tom! Didn't get to see it before it was "deconstructed" so wondered if it was a gar but thanks again.

Carol C

Mom does look a little stressed. Like she is mantling over her chicks.

Connie  FL

This has been said by many people, but I just want to add my Thanks as well for this webcam. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching the eagle family everyday.

My suggested names are: Star, Spangle and Banner


I was out most of the day, and couldn't wait to get home and look in on the nest. So grateful for everyone's updates! I have a question, is anyone following the Decorah nest as well? It appears that she may have lost one of her babies there. Also, is there a Facebook page for the Alcoa Eagles? I know Alcoa has a page, but I was wondering if there is one specifically for the eagles. It is amazing to observe the changes that occur in hours! Mama looks a bit weary today...thanks to all


I saw too young ones and an unhatched egg at Decorha. but the unhatched one should be due to pop real soon.

N. Webb

My second grade class has really loved watching the eggs hatch into eaglets. Our town had a tornado earlier this month and the students want to know what the eagles would do during a tornado.


This ones for you Judi.because you were wondering why they eat the heads first.

Judi Kidd

Rjim, Thanks for the info. Now I know. That link is a great resource of info for all of us.

Judi Kidd

I just caught the end of the feeding and saw two gettin fed, one was napping and three looked like it could use a few more bites.


Thanks Judi I thought it was one of the better sites I have seen for answering our questions.


This is so cool. Glad I found it, my kids love it too.


This is a good time to see that the big fish is a Sturgeon. You can tell by the toothed looking ridge on the back.

Nancy Morin

Are there threats to the eaglets such as other eagles, or are they relatively safe in the nest from predators? I see how the biggest eaglet can be a bully to the smallest. I hope the smallest catches up soon to the other two.

Judi Kidd

Just saw one pecking at two and three. It has shown more aggression this afternoon.


Nancy, other Eagles are the biggest threat, also crows, and racoons if given the chance could be a problem. Other then that, the biggest danger is we humans. Some Eagles will abandon their nests if humans come too close even after the young hatch although they are less likely to abandon it then. The U.S widlife service recomends staying at least 100 yards from an active nest.

Mavis Griffin

Judi, I think it is because the head is the hardest to pull apart and they use the body to hold on while they eat the head. If they ate the body first, they would have nothing to hold on to to pull the head apart...I THINK!!


Rjim--i almost answered the question about eating the head first but it would not have been as good as yours...i was going to say maybe the Eagles don't want their dinner to stare at them. I felt that way about the first flounder I had ordered. I had to put a napkin over it. :-) I am wondering if Liberty has post-egg depression. There I go again...humanizing an American Bald Eagle!


Good answer sandi. I hate when they serve trout in a restaraunt like that.


Mavis I posted a good link earlier that answered the question about the fish heads, but I think yours is good too. You might search down the link because there is a bunch of good info in it.

Mavis Griffin

Rjim...I WILL! You always have such good info sites that I enjoy. Sorry about the fish head thing...I had not read your post before I replied. I going to search for it now.


How do I go to the very last comment instead of having to go through all of them? I read some from time to time, but when I want to catch up, I don't know how to go ahead of the ones I've already looked at. Suggestions anyone?


How do I get back to watch the nest after I've posted a comment? I've been leaving the site completely and going back in. There has to be an easier way.

Mavis Griffin

Rjim...I read that whole page! Everyone should read it. I learned so much. Thank you! For those of you who have not read Rjim's reference to Judi's question about the fish head..you should go to the link below that I copied from Rjim. It really is informative. Thank you!



Don't be sorry Mavis. I thought it was a great answer, and very logical.


Beverly, I agree that it would be nice to go back to watching the Eagles from the comment thread, maybe at a later time the techies at alcoa will figure a way to do that for us.
For now though. I open two windows, one to watch, and one to comment. If you look at the top of your screen on the far right of the url you will see /79/#comments...You can change the # to take you anywhere you want in the thread...I hope that helps.


Your welcome Mavis, and thank you for the compliment. I love it that there are a few people who realy enrich this conversation. Thank you to all who are involved and want to learn. This is quite an experience for us to witness.


Thanks Rjim! That is very helpful to know. I am very grateful for this site. I started watching it shortly after eaglet #1 hatched. I love it and so do the students in the school where I work. The teachers have been putting it up on their big screen. A great teaching tool!

Thank You Alcoa for doing a wonderful job for us! Nature at it's finest!


I also noticed that #1 was pecking at #3 today. He/she was much more aggressive today. Very hard to watch. Sometimes the feedings are hard to watch, the younger ones not getting their share. These birds are beautiful and I enjoy watching them every day. Thank you Alcoa for all you do for these awesome birds and for allowing us into "their" home!!!


This is the first time I have seen the nesting eagle with its head down to shield itself I suppose from the wind and cold. Hope it is getting some needed rest!

Mavis Griffin

Rjim...we thank you! I learned something from that article that I was really curious about...how the eagles could eat the fish without the fish bones getting stuck in their throats because the fish bones are so small and sharp. I couldn't believe the answer! If anyone else has been wondering..then read the info sheet Rjim referenced. It gives a lot of insight into the eagles.

My husband is a trucker and he calls several times a day to see what the eagles are doing. When he can, he gets online and checks for himself. Life is so full of stress now...how wonderful to be able to forget it all and just watch this awesome work of nature.

Alcoa...IMHO, you are one of America's finest!! You didn't have to spend all the money to do this for us...BUT YOU DID!!

Mavis Griffin

Can't wait until daylight! For an hour now I have been watching a white ball of fluff sitting on top of the food pile. It has not moved and I can't make out what it is. Anxious is not a good way to start my morning! This is my punishment for tuning in during night hours.

Jennifer Welch Turner

I would like to Google Earth this tree to have a better view of the surroundings. Is that the Mississippi River on the left of the nest?


Just wanted to thank everyone who's posted links and shared their knowledge of everything from the eagles to the types of fish! I have learned so much by scrolling thru the thread!
And of course, big thanks to Alcoa!

Patricia Nadeau

I don't think they will name the eaglets, as they will leave the nest. Liberty and Justice are permanent. They did not name last years twins. Thank you Alcoa love to watch. NH


Poor little #3 is trying SO hard to get breakfast......Really trying!!!


the bird in the upper right looks like a crow looking at its legs.

Mavis Griffin

Colleen, I was watching it too! Couldn't believe Justice was trying to feed them that long string of fur! I was beginning to think he was playing with them. I wanted to reach out and feed #3 so bad!

Elizabeth Rieder

3/30/2012 I signed on to view one very,very wet eagle sitting on the nest.With the babies tucked in, he/she look tic off for sure. The parents feather are slick wet. I hope the little ones don't get took much damage from all the rain. Since they are getting more active, this is a rough time for the parent trying to keep them safe. The days of high wind seem to tighten the nest up, I don't think any twigs dropped off,so the only thing I can see is the whole structure sort of pulled into center. I saw one parent with twig,and I guess they are trying to build the sides up again.
Busy,busy family, love to watch the activity ,thank you Alcoa.


OMG! I feel so sorry for the little runt. She or he needs to be fed.

Judi Kidd

It is 8:35 AM and feeding All three are up and ready for food. One is pecking on three again and again. One was picking on two earlier. Two is in a good position to get some much needed food. Three is a little fighter and hits back at one. One is using its size to its advantage. Three is getting food from I believe Liberty. One and two are getting food from Justice. Three is getting lots of food this time compared to the earlier feeding. Justice left and two and three are still wanting food. Three just pecked two and is holding it own ground. One is trying to peck at three but the little guy is in a position that it is not working too well and it fights back for its small size. You can see the diffence is size from yesterday. They have all grown. Watching Lliberty move onto the nest you can see her talons balled up.

There is a fresh turtle in the nest.

This is nature up close. Love what Alcoa has done for us.

Judi Kidd

Three is more of a fighter than two. For its small size it has been holding its own.


Watched dad this am trying to get food from mom to feed to the smallest eaglet...then he took some from a larger one and gave it to the youngest...Adorable.


For those just tuning in it might look as though #3 isn't getting enough food...Please relax folks. Remember that #1 is 11 1/2 days old, and #3 is only six days old. #1 is twice its age, size , and developement. I actually thought that #3 is doing quite well for its age. 8-9 days ago #1 was only being fed every 2-3 hrs, and now it seems hungry most of the time. The same thing with #3. It doesn't need as much food yet, but give it time, it will. The challenge for their survival in the early days is based on how much food is available in the nest. The better the parents are at providing food, the chances go up for the chicks, and the older ones are less apt to kill their siblings. So far I have not seen a single time that there wasn't food in the nest.
They will face other dangers such as cold rains, and falling from the nest, but try not to spend your time worrying. Nature will take its course, and judging by the quality of parenting, it looks to me like these kids have a good chance.

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