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March 25, 2012


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Barbara Fallat

God's creation at it's finest!

Betty H

I see three. How exciting. Sure hope they all make it. And a beautiful day it is. 80 feet in the hair seems like a long way to fall. Enjoy

Di Luvs-Es

Beautiful. Honor, Glory and Star. :) that's my names for them anyway. lol. What a great site. Three new Eagles join our world. :) Can't wait for Decorah three to join soon.

Elizabeth Rieder

just saw papa back at the nest for a short while, a flock of duck flew over and they were both looking up at them. It was like he was asking her" dear about a nice duck for dinner today" with three new mouths to feed now , food is a major thing. It is a beautiful spring day and lots of wild life and fish will be around.
I notice that when there is the sound of a hawk that they become sort of in protective stance.
Sort of like not my babies you don't.Did not see the morning feeding , but it seems all is well at the Alco Eagles household.

Debbie Ferry

is it unusual for them to have three babies

Paula C.

Can someone who is in charge of your website please move your logo away from the corner of the nest so we can see more? It is covering up chicks etc. some of the time.

Judith Hart

Someone is out of the nest bowl again, under the "L" of the eagle logo. Could it be #1 again.


Great job w/ the cam, but you put the logo *right* on top of one of the chicks...


So beautiful. The names of the three eaglets should be Faith, Hope & Love.

Thanks so much for enabling the world to watch such an amazing display of nature.


Justice dropped off another turtle at 9:40 am and Liberty made sure # 1 got to eat. # 2 and #3 got a little to eat.

Terri Mallette

I have been watching them now for the last 2 days..I have only seen the father twice...How often does he show up ??

Jeff Miller

Who gets to name the babies

Leslie Bloom

how do you get pictures of the eggs hatching?? Exciting?

Elizabeth Rieder

9:50am March25 just saw mom feeding the eaglets and you can tell the order they were hatched by the amount of food the mom gives them. # 1 got some real hefty chunks, #2 got a few smaller chunks and #3 got a couple small ones and one big. Liberty would hold the food to the mouth and if they did not grab or hold the mouth open she would give it to one of the others. No time wasted,if they showed an interest they got food,if not she went to the next one. she is having a hard time keeping them in that hole she made in the nest.They keep popping up and laying just under her wing , getting some fresh air and dozing off. Guess it is getting close and warm down there under her.


Love it! Hopefully this live cam will inspire others to protect our precious depleting Florida wildlife. <3 my parents are lucky enough to hv an eagle family nesting on their lakefront property

Judi Kidd

Dad has spent most of the time on the nest. Liberty just flew off and dad moved onto the nest. Yesterday he spent a lot of time there as well. Justice tends to give more food equally to the first two eaglets. When he fed them yesterday he gave two almost as much as one.

Thank you Alcoa for making this wonderful experience possible.

Annette Kryske

March 25 8:15 PDT. What a sight for me to wake up & see the 3 little ones just being fed by Liberty & Justice. That has made my day!!


When will they get named? I would like to suggest; Red, White & Blue or United, States & American.


Are those a couple turtle shells in the nest?


My husband thinks they should be named Independence,America & Patriot.I say Red, White & Blue or United, States & America!!!!


this is amazing i never thought i would see a eaglet hatch it was cool

Juanita Zeinstra

Isn't one of the chicks underneath the log? Not under it's mother


It's not just one by the edge of the nest...it's two! the one is under the L and the other is under the C. Oh boy. If people love suspense, this is the place to be.


How can one tell which is Liberty and which is Justice?


WHEW! Like a train wreck...don't want to watch but can't look away! those little tykes got back up to the nesting area when Parent got up and was fixing to feed the youngest. Son of gun, they can move fast when the dinner bell is ringing. And for Sam...the female is larger than the male.

tom Thomas

Hi Alcoa. Love watching your eagle cam. I was wondering if you have considered moving your cam label wording to a corner or upper corner because the view of the nest under it is obstructed a bit? Watching a chick under the big limb but can't see it very well.
Again, thanks for bringing us this view of our magnificent american symbol!


Can't help but laugh after yesterday when Justice was staring straight at the webcam and today, he moved himself around so he can keep an eye on us all again!

Diane W

My husband says the eaglets should be named Red, White & Blue...


I love this site, but now the Alcoa Eagle Nest Words are totally in the way of the whole nest. Is there any possible way to change the Banner Please. I think many would love to be able to see the whole nest. Thank you Alcoa. I have been watching for 2 years. Love it here But PLEASE move the banner

David L. Riggall

Outstanding, ALCOA, what a great eductional tool for a 71 year old ,former Burlingtonian, living in Chandler, AZ, and our grandchildren in St.Louis ...... you deserve an Oscar !
David "Whitey" Riggall

Judi Kidd

The feeding lasted around ten minutes this time with everyone getting food. The oldest got the most. It is great seeing all three eaglets doing well.

I am thankful that Alcoa has made this available to the public. Love it from Boston.

Judi Kidd

Eaglet one keeps venturing out to the edge of the nest. It is so cute.


I vote for naming the Eaglets Red, White, and Blue as someone else suggested!


Addicted to watching this patriotic family!! What a wonderful treat! I think Honor, Glory, and Independance for their names.

Judi Kidd

They are feasting on turtles today. Two in the nest.


Love watching them at sunrise for the first-light feeding!! Watching in FL on vacation but from the nest area...like "red, white, and blue" but also..."glory, honor, and valor" for names. #1 is the adventourous one so far exploring the nest...agree about moving logo to upper r corner...not much there anyway...saw the nest site made Weather.com today...that ought to up the hit count!!

Judi Kidd

I like Honor, Glory and Independence. Great names and it follows in tradition with Liberty, Justice and Freedom from last year.

Penny McCrea

Alcoa, Love this webcam but please move your logo to the top of the screen for better viewing. Thanks.

Judi Kidd

I love that you can hear other birds in the background. There is a Red Winged Black bird that has been very vocal all day. I could also hear a Mockingbird and Gold Finches besides the crows, ducks and geese.

Judi Kidd

It is 3:30 EST and Justice just returned with a squirrel or something that is black and furry and is stripping off fur. Libery just moved off the nest and took off leaving Justice to feed the babies.

Laurie Clark

Thank you so much for allowing the world to watch these beautiful Eagles..I am part of Eagle Nation!! Hope yo are ready f or us!!

Elizabeth Rieder

Gee these guy are active today and really keep mom and dad on the alert. Just think, they have at least 6-7 more weeks to ride herd on these little critter and keep them from falling out of that nest. Think about that when you are moaning about the kids. Try doing that on a pile of sticks 80 feet in the air. See my point? so be quiet and watch the pros at work.
It is a sight to behold;>

Judi Kidd

It is 4:15 PM EST and Justice is feeding the babies. Eaglet one is twice the size of two and one. One just crawled out of the nest to where dad is tearing into the squirrel. They are beautiful to watch.

Judi Kidd

Liberty is feeding at 4:50 and eaglet one crawled out of the nest to be in the front. Eaglet two is trying to crawl out and is doing the same thing. The third eaglet is in the nest where it has been pushed down. Poor thing.


First Liberty, and then Justice. Twice in the past hour, #1 has just about run over to watch the parent tearing at the squirell. This is GREAT.

Judi Kidd

Eaglet two is getting all the food this time. The third eaglet is not making any noise and is at the bottom of the nest. It is barely moving.

Judi Kidd

Libety moved the squirrel and knocked the first eagle over. She is now feeding the third and second eaglets. The first eaglet is out of the nest, barely moving and is not getting fed now.


I think the name independence is very fitting for chick#1.

p hawkins

it looks like all 3 are eating up a storm this afternoon. it appears black squirrel burgers are on the menu for lunch.

Carrie Leffel

I know someone mentioned how hard it would be to name 2 Eaglets much less 3. Here is my $.02 worth....In order of birth, "Honor", "Glory" & "Valor" cause the littlest is hanging on Valiantly!

Carol C

Checked in right when mom was feeding them squirrel. All 3 got to eat thank goodness 2 & 3 got some!! Now #1 is passed out on the sticks. lol Don't go any go farther!!

Marcia Plocharsky

At approx. 4 pm CST, thought they mom was feeding then a kitten dad had brought in earlier--uhhh--#1 ate some, 2, very little, and 3 nothing. Am getting really worried about little 3. No real effort by M&D to reach over to him. Realize survival of the fittest, but.....

Judi Kidd

Liberty fed all three eaglets. One did not get as much by climbing out of the nest to be closer to mom. One is still out of the nesting area in front of Liberty. I hope it goes back to underneath mom for safty. It keeps moving to the far edge of the nest and could tumble out. Mom is out of the nest and appears concertned that it is not trying to come back to the nest.

Judi Kidd

Liberty is looking at eaglet one. She is clearly concerned about it and is not sitting on the others. One is clearly very independent.

Judi Kidd

Liberty went back on the nest at 5:25 PM EST and eaglet one is behind her. Her tail is covering part of it. It just yawned and laid its' head bck down. Liberty keeps looking around at it.


oh, she is watching number 1 carefully..


I truly believe that eaglet 1 heard everyone cheering him to rest and get back up. now it is being fed to get stronger!yay.

Judi Kidd

One is now up and moving. Liberty is concerned and just got up from the nest and is going to fed it. It did not get as much food at the last feeding. Hopefully when done it will return to the nest with the others.

Judi Kidd

Liberty looks confused. One is not making any movement towards the nest and Libery looks at the nest and then one. It is fun to watch. Liberty is going back to the nest to do some housekeeping before setting down. She is keeping an eye on one who is moving around again.

Elizabeth Rieder

I have never seen such s hungrey little bird. number 1 out and trying to figure how to get that turtle shell in his mouth. He puts his beak on it and tries to figure how to swallow it the parent is pulling apart some other kill and trying to feed him. The other two are asleep. That little guy is a eating machine and I guess the other two have just not caught up with him.Give them a few more days and they will be the same. #1 is growing real fast too.

Bridget Quinn

Thank you so much Alcoa in Davenport for this wonderful camera set up! I am so enjoying this Eagle family's progress! I also, love that I can see it at night as well! great job!! Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!

Judi Kidd

It is 6:18 PM EST and all I am seeing is an empty nest. What happened?


Why am I looking at an empty nest?

Ultra Mega Chicken

Looks like somebody scooped them all away :(

Judi Kidd

It is back to normal. Is there a glitch in the system?

Elizabeth Rieder

Guess some one is adjusting the lens, there is a empty nest right now. Old photo??


Just tuned in again , where are they ?


this has to be an old picture there is no sound!


Thank you Alcoa for removing the "bug" and now we can see the whole screen...


Thank you for taking the logo down!!! makes us love you more!!! :) Hope all the eaglets are ok. Saw one at 2:00 position in the nest about an hour ago, now I've lost track....are all 3 accounted for?? I pulled this site up for my aging in-laws, they LOVE it!!!


Not sure what happened a few moments ago to my screen. I have a full nest and loving watching God's Creations


I am concerned about the larger chick alone on the side of the nest, and not being fed. Is there a problem?

Judi Kidd

Alcoa did a great job of removing their symbol from below the tree branch. Better viewing.

Thank you Alcoa.

Judi Kidd

Number one ate earlier and then never went back to the nest. Liberty has been keeping an eye on it.

Megan Arlitz

I am also concerned about the eaglet as well. He moved. It's like he knows he may not survive hence him moving towards where some of the trash is. I am not saying that he or she is going to. But you gotta be optimistic. It's a sad thing.. I just hope he gets better I hope he's not sick.

Judi Kidd

Eaglet one is fine. He is twice the size of the others and able to move about which is normal. Mom has been watching him.


Wonderful experence to watch Can any one tell me how to identfy the male egale

Ultra Mega Chicken

Where is this at?? I would like to offer my cat for them to eat

Judi Kidd

The male (Justice) is smaller than the female (Liberty).

Megan Arlitz

I see that.. Wow. Who ever said Eaglet one should be named Independence should get some credit..He does seem Independent.. :D

Ultra Mega Chicken

dats my fav!!!


Nice job on the camera Alcoa and Thanks for moving the logo.

Judi Kidd

Two will be out of the nest tomorrow or the next day. Three is not getting any food this feeding. He is under two. This is beautiful to watch. Nature at its' finest.

Judi Kidd

Looks like a nice tasty fish was just delivered. They tore into it and feeding two and three.

sher van

Watching the 5:45 pm feeding, The bigges got a lot of food, the 2nd go a little, the smallest got none

Judi Kidd

One is asleep again. Three wants some fish.

G Nash

Thanks so much for this. Been watching on & off all day - worried for the 1st hatchling - enjoying the shared babysitting duties of the parents - wonderful. Wondering if they know the camera (and us) are watching.

Judi Kidd

Eaglets two and three are getting some fish after dad/mom ate. One got more squirrel and is fast asleep again. I have noticed the feedings are more frequent. I also noticed two using its' wing to keep three down just like one did to it.


What is the big animal at the back of the nest! Isn't it really early for a little one to venture out of the nest?

Diane W


Judi Kidd

Looks like dad is trying to get one into the nest. He got closer to it. It is amazing how gentle they are with the babies.

Carol C

It's a squirrel. I don't remember babies venturing out so early either. But it is warm up there. Thanks for taking off the logo. I like it maybe put on the top right small letters. We vote on names when they r bigger. Lots of good ones to choose from.

G Nash

So the 1st is a daddy's boy - perked right up for him and came back to the nest after being on the fringe all afternoon. Yay, Daddy!

Lynne Suggs

It looks like the 3 are healthy, but was concerned when one got away from the bowl. Is this okay?




breathing a sigh of relief...when One was on the edge. i was a little worried. now, feeling good. yep...daddy's little girl.


Thanks for taking down the Alcoa logo. Much clearer view of the nest.

Judi Kidd

Justice appears to have a more nurturing nature than Liberty. They are both doing a great job. I am glad that one is tucked in where he is warm. Jusitce is sitting funny with his right wing out at the 1 o'clock angle.

Judi Kidd

It is nice to see all three back in the safety and security of the nest. Looks like they are settling in for the night.

This is so facinating to watch it makes it hard to get any work done.

Thanks Alcoa. You have done a tremendous job.

Judi Kidd

They are eating again. It looks like two and three are getting fed again. One is in the back and just lifted up its head and moved up to get more food. Looks like three got pushed back. Mom and dad are going to be busy from now on. It is all about feeding the babies and house keeping.

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