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March 21, 2012


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Marty Summers

Is there any way to view the feed from earlier this morning when the hatching was taking place? I looked around to try and find it, (archives, etc.) but was unable to find a way to see earlier video feed. Please let me know. Thank you.

Laurel Shepard

Can't wait to see the new bobblehead..so cute


I've been watching for 30min and believe I saw the egg crack and a baby trying to emerge. Then the eagle feed and sat back down. Amazing!

Sharon McNally

Been watching closely..I am just awed. this is so beautiful. Thanks for doing this. Second one coming along....


saw a crack very early AZ time, the next feeding saw wings pushing through, the last feeding about a half an hour ago the new baby appeared to be out, dark and wet.. should be fluffy by next feeding

Judy Dollenmayer

Totally thrilling! Saw the dad come home briefly, now the 2nd egg hatching. But she's keeping her back to us & blocking the cam...
Thank you, Alcoa! JD in Poughkeepsie NY


What a blessing to watch the little one fed about 9 a.m. EDT...how it has grown in just 24 hours...and the other egg cracked in half as that one struggles to enter the world...hard not to spend the whole day watching ...I too say,"Thanks, Alcoa!! " I keep spreading the site to others so they can get in on this too!!


new baby has hatched, lifted its head a couple of times, difficult with big brother stepping on you

Bettendorf Native

This is awesome to watch, a 3rd Grade class in Clearwater, FL is watching this as they have in the past.

Di Gee

Loved watching Egg 2 hatch. :) I have names picked out for two of them.
#1 Honor
#2 Glory
#3 ? still thinking. :)


I think mom is thinking "goose dinner".


This is a great tool for Science classes to use. Our school has several classes watching now.Thank you for giving us this oppertunity to see nature in the wild!!

Crystal Tubbs

Reality TV at it's Best!! Really Amazing

russ stevens

parent just yanked eggshell ff baby

Elaine Richard

I live in IN now and was sent this site by my niece......I am so excited to watch! Makes my day seem so much brighter. Thanks so much!...emr


This is fantastic. There is no entertainment as watching in awe at God's creation.

Crystal Tubbs

We have paid adoption fees on an injured female eagle for the past 15 years at our local zoo. They have a pair and she has laid eggs the last few years but never hatched. This is a great treat, Thanks for
allowing us to view this miracle.


ameila and charles good name for the two little flyers just hatched


Where is Daddy.. I haven't seen him all morning?

E Zimmermann

Happy Birthday!

Kyle Cox

Just had a wonderful view if the second baby. Beautiful, just beautiful.


This is the most amazing thing I have ever watched! I seen the babies eat! I emailed family the link to watch! I live in Pennsylvania and recently discovered we have a Eagle nest in the area! SO COOL! Thanks! Alcoa!!!!


I would love to see both feeds from both eggs hatching. Will that be posted anywhere? I have three little girls who are so sad they have missed them!

Mavis Griffin

I love this! Got up during the night to check on the hatching. The 3rd egg looks like it may be cracked as well. I alerted several local primary school teachers so they can let their classes watch. Wish it would be possible to watch their first flight later on.

THANK YOU ALCOA!! The eagle cam is a wonderful gift.

anna Maxwell

Is the hatchling still viable difficult to tell???

Jeanne O'Rourke

How do you tell which is the male and female?


We are rooting for Eagle family all the way from Tuscaloosa, Alabama at the University of Alabama. Office is pulling for third egg. Watched #2 working hard this morning to get out of the shell. The turtle breakfast was interesting as well. Loving it!

Kris (Markham) Russell

Has anyone seen the Dad show up this morning with food? Liberty stood up a couple minutes ago & eaglets seemed to want to eat but no fish in the nest. So she is anxiously looking around.


Female is the larger bird...males are smaller Enjoy!!

Carol C

It's another HOT HUMID day! I saw dad there early at 7 am. Tomorrow is going to be cooler thank goodness. It's amazing how nature works. Thank God for these beautiful Birds!!And thank you Alcoa!!


Thank You Alcoa for making this miracle viewing possible. The site has spread like wildfire in our school. The students are thrilled to be watching it. Only God in His glory could create such a beautiful family such as this.


Is there only one hatchling eating? I pray that something didn't happen to one of them!


I agree Beverly - it looked like only the one eaglet eating, then she tucked the one baby and one egg back under her. Where did second eaglet go? :-(

Kris (Markham) Russell

This is nature over which we have no control. I think I know what happened but I'll let someone else divulge. I saw her pecking @ something in the nest then when I came back she was feeding the eaglet. I didn't see the smaller eaglet either. I am concerned Dad may be injured as he usually makes frequent appearances & most often with fish.


I,too am worried. Isn't amazing how quickly we get attached to living things? I fear that eaglet #2 did not make it. I pray Dad is ok so that he can contiune to take care of Mom and any surviving eaglets.

Carol C

I'm getting worried too sa dad as always been there a lot & it's so hot I would think it would be too hot under mom.:( We had 2 babies in the Fulton nest fall out of the nest in the last 3 days. Awful. All we can do is watch & pray.

Tina Gillispie Clawson

Is the 2nd baby dead?

Susie DeGeneres

I think the second eaglet is fine. I just saw both of them moving under mom.

Kris (Markham) Russell

Just saw Liberty stand up & 2nd eaglet is visible & some movement. Third egg looked cracked down the center. Situation without Justice may become dire if there is nothing to feed the lil ones.


You can still see the 2nd chick moving in the nest, the little guy is just still recovering from being born....hopefully dad will bring home something other than a stick :)

Annette Kryske

Mar. 21 12:30 PM I am afraid that Papa isn't coming back with food for the family (2 eaglets & Mama) There seem to be a little anxiety on her part. (as well as mine)I haven't seen him since last night/ Please check it out!!!
Annette Kryske


Has anyone seen the 2nd parent eagle today, March 21, 2012. There is no food in the nest and even the parent guarding the nest seems worring. I heard there was an article in the paper yesterday and that is worrying me if something now has happended to the missing bird.

Judi Kidd

Dad was there around 9 AM EST and brougth a small turtle. He has not been back since.

Judi Kidd

Liberty is showing concern. Justice provided three fish yesterday. She was feeding the first one from the remains of it around 2 PM. Justice also brought dried grass for the nest. Last night they were cleaning the nest. Liberty has been eating bugs that have been crawling and flying around as well.


How do you tell the parents apart? They both look the same to me.

Judi Kidd

Females are bigger than the males.

Judi Kidd

Justice has been gone for 7 hours now.


Justice was there a few hours ago, but I am starting to worry. Baby 1 Bell (after Liberty) and baby 2 Majestic...


It has been Justice (male) on the nest for quite some time. Liberty (female) just returned with fish. Both hatchlings are doing well. A newly hatched eaglet does not need to eat solid food for 24 hours or more.

Judi Kidd

She is not feeding the second baby.

Judi Kidd

Is this a delayed feed. I have been watching all day and have not seen the two together since 9 this morning.


Just saw the two babies; one is being fed by dad who just brought home dinner...the newborn doesn't appear to be moving--hope it's okay. the 1st baby is moving & eating...and i think ? i see the 3rd egg with a crack!

Judi Kidd

Around 2 PM the second baby was pushed aside when it put its head up for food. Someone else said the mom brought fish. The third egg is craked.


I feel so much better now knowing that Liberty is back on the nest and both birds have been seen and there is some food in the nest. Fishing my not have been so good today, as the lunch looks smaller than what we have seen in the last couple of days.


Both mom and dad were at the nest just recently and 1st born was feeding the 2nd is moving but not eating which is normal for first 24 hours tomorrow should alot different

Marcelo Cyrino

I'm following in Brazil! Very cool!

Annette Kryske

March 21 1:45 PM PDT. Papa came back, though I didn't see any food, but they must have stashed some away. & he was feeding Storm. I don't know how the 2 eaglet is yet. Not too much action on its part.
Annettee Kryske

Carol C

Thanks elf &Karrie. As soon as I leave something happens. I feel better now. :-)

Sharon Allison Dillon

She looks like a proud momma!

Judi Kidd

It must be a delayed feed from the camera. It is 4:45 PM EST and I just saw one of the eagles fly in with a fish. This is the first time I have seen both since 9AM.


Looks like all is good! Dad came and I think mom flew off for a little stretch.


this is awesome.. they're feeding the babies fish.. so cool


Oh Happy Day! I am so relieved that the babies seem to be fine and there is food in the nest! Prayers answered!

Carol C

Fish finally @3:55 Yea!! Both babies look fine. :-)



Dale Sparks

Thanks Alcoa, for the live feed. Just saw Dad return with a fish, both eaglets looked fine, but the second one was not as active. Maybe better tomorrow.

Olivia Callahan

Oh my gosh I can't wait to see the third eagle hatch I am psyched about it! Liberty and Justice make a great pair. I watched Justice bring in the fish yesterday. You know, I am only twelve and I love to watch the eagles!


They. are. doing. just. fine. :)

No worries... no prayers needed.. these beautiful creatures resonate with God in such a higher way than any of us humans ever will.

I have seen them bring in new grass to cover some of their food stash. So there may be more food in that nest than what we can see.

Mary McD

Everything looks good. Both parents were there, plenty of food now, and both babies with their heads up. :-)

Sally Thompson


Loads of fish and two heads up! They're both doing great.

Annette Kryske

March 21 2:50 PDT Mama just flew away. Both Parents looking at each other & Mama snapped at Papa, maybe for being away so long. He bought in about 4 fish. Mama flew away, &Papa was feeding the 2 little guys. I think there is a crack in the 3rd egg. So happy!!
Annette Kryske.

Judy Dollenmayer

Thank you again, Alcoa! This is wonderful. I've been comparing this eagle mother to one on another site, the NF&Wildlife Service nest in Shepherdtown, WVA, active since 2006. She's a less nervous, more experienced mother and it is FASCINATING to watch their different behaviors, learning to give smaller pieces of fish to the babies,e tc.
Thanks again, this is so great.

roberta holliday

this the most wonderful thing I think I;ve ever seen it is so sweet how mommie is caring for her chicks great video thank you roberta holliday

Reita Prewit

I was sent this site last evening and had the opportunity to keep it running all school day today on my big screen for all ten classes during second grade computer lab. Such excitement for me and all the children to witness these events!!! These children will benefit from this possibly more than anything I have offered them this school year. Praises for this opportunity is sent your way. Thank you so much.
Reita Prewit Pecos, Texas


the babby schicks are so cute


i mean the babby chicks are so cute i know wath won is justice and liberty

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