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April 11, 2012


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Alcoa, I just love the picture of Liberty and Justice on the nest for the Eagle Cam! What a great couple.

Jim Blemaster

I think the eaglets should be named after the N.A.S.A space programs, since the eagles will be soaring over the earth. How about Mercury, Gemini and Apollo.

Judith Hart

Looks like Justice just brought someones spring bulbs into the nest.

Mindy Gibson Frey

Dos looks like its trying to help Mom with the housekeeping duties! Typical middle child! lol soooo cute!




#3 is getting some one on one feeding while #3 plays with a twig and #2 looks around. I saw Justice and Liberty bring in a couple of large sticks this morning to build up the wall. The babies weathered the night without a problem and all seems right in their world.

It is getting hard to tell #1 and #2 apart at times. Never thought I would say that as the difference in size was always so marked before. #3 is really coming into her own.

Nice family, Alcoa...will always appreciate you sharing them with us.


10:08 am EDT...Liberty is feeding all 3 some fish. I can hear Justice call out in the background and Liberty answered. Often when I hear this, the other parent flies in and the nest once again holds the whole family.

I love the way the eaglets have been eating in an orderly fashion without pecking fights. When they are lined up like they are now..#1 stands out as the oldest. It is only when you cannot fully see #1 and #2 that it is sometimes difficult to tell which is which. #3 is holding her own with the feeding!


I noticed that all the babies seem happy about the wind dying down. They spent the last 2 days hunkered down. This morning #3 has opened her wings several times and #2 and #1 are curious about the new sticks and twigs added to the nest. All have been well fed but instead of face diving into a nap, they are enjoying this peaceful morning. I am too!!

Cheryl M

My name choices for our precious little eaglets are: Peace, Honor and Glory


Justice flew in with a stick and placed it on the wall. Liberty flew off and Justice is now feeding #3 and #1. #2 had to give it up and is napping.

Feeding is over..#2 woke up and wondered over to the wall and was looking through the cracks and is again asleep with his head on the sticks. #1 is going down now and #3 face dived where she was...next to Dad and the food pile. Cute!!

Mindy Gibson Frey

OMG! I just saw Trey's feet for the first time in a while! ROFL..... him gots big boy feets now! And Uno and Dos seem to be going through that awkward stage... could it be eaglet puberty? One of them just looked directly in the camera... not as cute as they were a week ago... but I still love them. Awwww... I shouldnt talk ugly about those sweeties huh? :)

lyle bressler

we have come up with three names spirit,star,brave, welove watching this family

Judi Kidd

Three is up and walking around. Justice has left the nest. They arer showing their personalities more each day. Not only are they growing physically but mentally as well. They are now playing with the straw and twigs. Three just laid down between One and Two who are napping. They like to lay their heads on the sticks. Three is up again. Little guy just does not want to nap.


10:59 EDT...fresh fish just hit the nest! Justice flew off. The 3 are napping and Liberty is looking around as though she sees something. Have been with the family so long that I think we are even beginning to tell 'expressions'!! Liberty looks curious as what she sees but does not seem threatened.


It is fun reading all the comments and name suggestions on Facebook. I don't do Facebook, but I set up a private one for things like our birdies. Nice that the fam have a pleasant day - the herons have SNOW. Thank you again Alcoa. I look forward to seeing the names selected for voting. What a great response.

Elizabeth Rieder

Wonder how much those two older eaglets weigh now. They are getting that eagle face and cute little beaks. Last night must have been cold because when I saw them early this morning,they were mashed into a pile with E3 in the middle. One advantage with being the baby,you get the warmest spot. E3 and E2 were first fed this morning too,before E1 woke. I guess there are some perks with being small.Hang in there little guy.

Kathy V

These eagles and eaglets continue to amaze me. I find it hard going an hour or so without checking on them to make sure they are all OK. It will be devastating when they leave the nest the first time. I guess that won't be too long now, the way they are growing!
Kathy - Montreal, QC


Hi all...I was still posting on yesterday's post!! LOL I did see some pecking @ 11:00. I think it was #1 pecking on the baby. But, the baby was under mom, than #1 went to the side and passed out! Looks calm now, 11:25.


11:21 EDT..Liberty flew off the nest at 11:16 and has not returned yet. The babes are alone and sleeping except for #1 who is sitting and trying to peck at a fish. He is now standing up and looking around for Mom or Dad. It's like, "hey, you guys, come one back and feed me!"

Judi Kidd

Watching One pecking at food that is in front of it. It ate a couple of pieces and is up and moving over to Two and Three. Looking around and lifting its wings. Three and Two are now awake. The nest was left unattended and Justice just flew in with a nice fish. Three is in line for food and is ready when dad hands it a piece of fresh fish. Two moved over and is looking for food. One is up and watching for now.

Tina Sanders

The students at Hueytown Elementary in Alabama love the eagle cam. We check on the family everyday.

barbara schuster

Alcoa has so generously installed a camera for all of us to watch these beautiful creatures and their 'babies'.
Why not say 'thanks, Alcoa', and name the smallest 'little Al', one Coa and the third Harmony.... our world needs lots of that!!!!


Barbara, good names. I'm with you, I think Alcoa deserves some name recognition for all the joy they have spread to so many thru this cam.


Now we newbies to the 'cam begin to see the need for the size of the nest! Kids grow up so quickly, don't they? ;)

Judi Kidd

Two is still chowing down. One and Three are napping.


Now I have a question if any of you know...I see a small turtle by #3. I think it is a fresh turtle but no matter..the question: Do you know if the turtles are dead when they are brought in or are they placed on their backs so they will die? I noticed that all the turtles brought in are placed on their backs. I just wondered when I saw #1 laying beside the turtle and I thought if that turtle sticks a head out and bites #1, he might jump up and flee the nest!! Or at least, stop sleeping on the food pile!

Judi Kidd

The babies are doing tag team feeding. Two is napping and Three is eating again. So cute to watch. One is napping and lifting its head once and a while.

Thank you Alcoa for this wonderful experience.


Too sweet @ 12:00, little #3 had enough feeding! Mama turned around with a nice piece of food, but 3 was heading back to the center of the nest! Mama looked like, "ok, no takers"?


Been busy the last few days and haven't really checked in on them. WOW they have grown.

Judi Kidd

12:07 and Justice returned with another fresh fish. Liberty is crying out. One is awake and Liberty is feeding it fresh fish. He ate a few pieces himself. Liberty and Justice are looking around. Justi picked something out of the middle of the nest and flew off. Three is sleeping with its head on a fish.

Judith Hart

Kris and Colleenm,
Last night you both saw that white head bobbing around below the upper right of the nest. I was going to tell you it was a ghost or eagle spirit. Today if you go to wide screen, you'll see a white head (light) to the right of a tree trunk. To the left of the trunk you can see 2 brackets connecting to what I think is a pole.

Mindy Gibson Frey

Everybody zonked out! Trey is sleeping with his head on a fish! MINE! ALL MINE! he seems to be saying. About time you fight for yourself little bit!

Judi Kidd

Three just lift up its head, looked at mom and laid back down. So cute. Three is claiming the fish he is sleeping on.

Judith Hart

The turtles are probably on their backs so they can get to the insides easier.They can't reach it from the top of the shell.

Judi Kidd

Liberty is looking at the nest and the babies as they sleep. Some time to herself until the next feeding.


12:24 EDT...there is a lot of shadow in the nest this morning. Liberty is casting a long shadow to the right of her body as if were 10 am. It seems the view to the nest is "deeper" now, like we are looking more straight down. I guess this is all my imagination. Either way, it is great...it's just that 'something' seems different. Anyone else notice this? I wonder if Alcoa adjusted the view a bit when the did the camera maintenance.

Judi Kidd

I believe the turtle in the middle of the nes still alive. I have seen it move and Libety is focusing on it. She has pecked at it a couple of times. Three is awake and in front of mom.

Justice just flew in with another fish. Liberty and Justice are looking around as if something is nearby that should not be. He just flew off leaving the fish near the middle of the nest. Two is now awake and lookingg around. It must be warm in the nest. Two is panting. Three fell asleep in front of mom.

The turtle still alive on the right side of the nest under Two.


Judith...good thinking about the turtle.


I thought that turtle was ALIVE!! That's why I asked earlier about the reason the turtles are on their back! #1 was covering the turtle earlier while sleeping and I kept thinking that the turtle was going to stick his head out and bite at any minute!! Wow...the drama never stops! Good call, Judi!


Amazing how much smaller the youngest is compared to the other two.


Over time, it would be a lot easier to track these eagles by assigning them a # instead of giving them a name. Impersonal, yes, but they're not people.


#1 was checking out the turtle and finally placed it right side up and walked away. Now it that turtle starts to move...watch out! Can't get over how much shadow is in the nest today. Looks like a beautiful day and the wind is just right to keep the flies out! Love it.

Mindy Gibson Frey

1:01pm..Oh my! #1 just muscled #2 out of the way and basically sat on its lap! 2 is looking around like "what the heck?" Pretty funny... well to me anyway. #2 probably doesnt think so!

Judi Kidd

The babies are trying to get under mom's shadow and out of the sun.

Judi Kidd

So far today they have three fish and a turtle. Justice will probably bring more food this afternoon.

Sorry for the the earlier typing errors. I have a remote keyboard and sometimes when I type it does not catch the letters.

Kris (Markham) Russell

At 12:19 CST little one is still trying to get attention and rolled over either by itself or #1 may have shoved with it's wing. Either way it rolled onto it's back with it's little legs up in the air! Too funny! Rolled back upright & looked around like "what happened"?

Elizabeth Rieder

I think it is Liberty on the nest,12:49pm EST. she is sitting on the edge and one step back and she will be air born.I saw E1 stand up and is almost as tall as mom now. There seem to be plenty of food,so everyone is bored and napping. There is growth in all three, but E1 is to be a force of nature. There is no stopping her. For the ones who decide the names that should be one of the factors in the name. E1 will be one commanding eagle real soon. I know it will be five years before E1 finds a mate and builds a nest. There is a long road ahead and I will never know,but I like to dream about E1 and E2 and even E3 if the care they have had is any indication of their future. Alcoa giving us this peek at a wild bird family is great.So many people coming together for this common interest is a great lesson for our young. Keep it up Alcoa.

mark walker

Looks like a good fishing day. Every time I glance back, there's another fish.

Judi Kidd

2:44 PM and the kids are in line to eat. Three is getting fed and One is next to him getting food too. Two is still napping in the shade of mom. They have grown since this morning. Three is really eating a lot today. They need to tidy up the nest and move the fish to the food pile.


Well said Elizabeth, touched me. I chose VALOR as a name for #1. For "boldness and strength" I see #1 as a brave strong creature.And you're right, the day they leave, we may never know, or never see them again, but we know that Liberty and Justice were great parents. For #2, I chose GLORY, just for representing the sheer beauty and awe of these creatures. And, for little #3, I chose HOPE, representing confidence to trust new adventures. This experience has been a gift!

Judi Kidd

Two is now awake and is nearly as big as One. Love when they lift their wings up. One is sitting on its bottom, then stands up and lifts it wings and has done this a couple of times. They will all start doing this more and more.

Liberty is moving some of the food around. Just put a chunk of something in the food pile. She is feeding Two now and herself. One and Three are getting more food. One reaches in front of Three to snatch food out mom's mouth. Three uses its little wings to keep One and Two at a distance.

One and Two are now eating a fish or more a day each. Once they are at eight weeks they will be as big as mom and dad.

p hawkins

2:55 eastern time: 3 distinct eaglets standing side by side being fed by Liberty and Justice - Big Red, Whitey and Baby Blue!

Judi Kidd

Here is a repost on eaglet growth for those who are new to the site.

Eaglet Growth - The young birds grow rapidly, they add one pound to their body weight every four or five days. At about two weeks, it is possible for them to hold their head up for feeding.

By three weeks they are 1 foot high and their feet and beaks are very nearly adult size.

Between four and five weeks, the birds are able to stand, at which time they can began tearing up their own food. At six weeks, the eaglets are very nearly as large as their parents.

At eight weeks, the appetites of the young birds are at their greatest. While parents hunt almost continuous to feed them, back at the nest the eaglets are beginning to stretch their wings in response to gusts of wind and may even be lifted off their feet for short periods.

At three or four weeks, this eaglet is covered in its secondary coat of gray down. In another two weeks or so, black juvenile feathers will begin to grow in. While downy feathers are excellent insulators, they are useless as air foils, and must be replaced with juvenile feathers before an eaglet can take its first flight, some 10 to 13 weeks after hatching.

First Flights
Down is gradually replaced by feathers, while the eaglets grow still stronger. Finally, an important moment arrives.


Joan Fitzpatrick

I think the babies should be named Chickasaw, Cherokee and Woodstock. They are very musical little birds with their cheeps and peeps, and these are classical, bluegrass and rock music festivals. Also, the Cherokee blue grass festival is in Iowa--they deserve some credit too.


Thanks Judi! Nice to see this again without going back into the archives. Exciting weeks ahead!!

Carol C

Thanks Judi that was very interesting to read about there growth. How Fast they grow is amazing. I like Honor Faith & Hoipe. Carol


Name suggestions for the 3 eaglets:


Mindy Gibson Frey

I keep going to the Alcoa Facebook page... reading all the name suggestions and find myself liking VICTORY---short for Victorious for Treybaby. I have been pretty much stuck on STAR for that little one, but now I am undecided. Guess we have to wait to see what the final choices are. I can tell you I am not crazy about the Moe, Larry, Curly, Winkin, Blinkin, Nod mindset though. Those kinds of names just dont seem to do these creatures justice. But thats what's great about this country. Freedom of thought and speech! Rock on my little fuzzy friends... I have stuff to do.

Judi Kidd

Three is up and just went to the bathroom and now sitting in mom's shadow ready for some food. One and Two stirred but are not up yet. Mom seems to be ignoring Three and its requests for food. Will Liberty breakdown and give in to Three's pleas for food? It has it little head near a fish. If only..........

sandi moore

I picked Victory for #3 cuz he DID reign victorious over his nest mates. i dont even remember what i chose for the other 2. i guess it is becuz i am a runt myself and always stand up for the puny. he's not puny anymore. It's beautiful here today, temp is around 54 abundant sunshine and just a soft breeze. gonna get chilly again tonite, so i hope they are getting a good feeding at dinner to warm them thru the nite. and aw...poor little turtle. u think it would have been safe with his armor on! :-) but he gave for his country or a little part of it!

Judi Kidd

Three gave up and went to sleep below the fish. It's a good spot for the next feeding. One and Two keep lifting their heads and going back to sleep. They like resting their heads on the sticks. Three woke up and is moving towards One and Two and plops in the middle of the nest nest to the turtle. Liberty is watching and has decident to do some nest cleaning. She's picking up small stuff in her beak.


I don't know the gender of the eaglets but I like the name(s) Betsy (after Betsy Ross), Teddy or Roosevelt, and for pee wee how about Winston or Churchill? Some good names for our American Bald eagles please. IF there were 4 they could have the names of the presidents on Mt. Rushmore...maybe the next group. :)


At 4:20, 1 & 2 are napping. Little #3 waddles over to mom. Falls over, gets upe, falls over gets up......about 4 times. Too cute!


Fish delivery!!

Judi Kidd

4:23 PM and Justice just delivered his fourth fish of the day. It looks like it is a little fat and could be a female ready to lay eggs. Liberty took off. The babies are still napping. Justice is looking around and Three just woke up and walked up and sat down by dad. Daddy's favorite baby. He moved a fish from the edge of the nest to the pile. He just touched Three's head with his beak. A gentle move. He is now feeding Three. One and Two are up and moved to get food. Dad is in for a workout. Two placed its head on t the two fish behind Justice. One and Three are getting fed now.

Judi Kidd

The size of the pieces of fish are big compared to past feedings especially for One. Two is up but I think it missed the feeding. All three are on the left edge of the nest. One is looking down over the edge and so is Two. Three is sleeping on the fish now.

Judi Kidd

Two is moving towards Justice looking for food. Three is moving to the center of the nest and then back to the left side next to One. That area looks to be the lowest in terms of stick build-up.

Annette Kryske

Apr.11 1:30PM PDT
Another wonderful day for all 3 little ones. Many fish & turtle meat . Little one, is still pretty small but is growing & eating plenty.

Judi Kidd

Liberty is back. One and Two are next to her napping. She is picking at the nest again. Three is on the left side of the nest on top of the two fish.

Elizabeth Rieder

E3 is at the 10 o'clock position alone sleeping on a fish with his head on the sticks and he is dreaming of being a big eagle, I bet. He has one foot stuck out and is wiggling his toes like he is grabbing something!
One of these day I will swoop down and grab that fish for myself.


Ummmm....not to fond of Winston or Churchill since he was British not American. I think we should stick with an American theme.

Tracy Vigus

I think #3 should be named Mighty Abe. He is a mighty fellow that came from vulnerable beginnings.

Diane Belcher

Eaglet Names....from the lyrics of "The Star Spangled Banner," Jose ("O say, can you see?"), Dawn, and Twilight.

Fred Boberg

Just to tie them together my vote the names of the eaglets is AND, FOR, ALL. Just a thought.

Laura Lawrence

Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria hope they are girls LOL


Post #70 is great. Thanks for that Elizabeth.

I saw mention of a fish earlier thats head looked like an alligator. I wasn't watching at the time, but based on recent history, that fish was most likely a lake sturgeon. There was a Sturgeon in the nest a couple weeks ago, and someone called it a gar. Sturgeon have a row of what looks like teeth going down the back, and also what appears to be armour plating going down the lateral line. The different types of sturgeon in the Missisipi are difficult to ID without looking at them close up, but all have an almost shovel looking head.


Someone had mentioned that the last Sturgeon was probably a pallid sturgeon, but without the head it was hard to tell, and when justice brought it to the nest it was headless. I think it was a lake sturgeon because pallids are very rare, and the coloration was identical to the vid I posted.

There are a couple species of gar in the iowa parts of the missippi, but they look quite different from a sturgeon


Gene@ Klamath Falls

Watching them on their major diet, I am going to switch to all fish. . . .

Fish Sticks tonight for my kids too it is!



Elizabeth Rieder

Gene better rethink that plan, if you want the kids to wear clothes. If they grown that way, they will be running around all summer in their undershorts. Come to think of it my boys did and called their boxers Swimming shorts. ;o)
I think Liberty and Justice are in an overkill mode with 4 big fish and one half in the nest.
The little ones seem to be sleeping a lot today. Guess that wind plum tuckered them little guy out.


Watching a big feeding @ 7:30, did the little one get anything this time? Been away today. Looks like there will not be a food shortage! Liked the info on the fish rjim!

Judi Kidd

7:20 PM Kids are napping. Liberty was taking her time to get the meat out out of the turtle Another fish was added to the nest since I left viewing at 5PM. Great day of hunting.

Justice is pecking at one of the fish and started cyring out to Liberty who was working on the turtle. She moved over to the fish for a few minutes and then took off.

Jen from NM

Wow, did anyone else just see the one adult feed the other adult? She (or he?) was crying and squawking and the other one started to break into a new fish and she pushed his beak a bit and he took a big chunk of fish and put it into her beak! I've been watching for about ten days now and that's the first I've seen of that behavior. Now the one that was making all the hub-bub flew off. I want to join everyone else in thanking Alcoa for this experience. It's hard to get anything done with the eaglecam going 24/7!

Judi Kidd

Justice is eating the fish. He fed some to Liberty. He has worked hard today. Providing all that food. He ate a good portion of one fish. Babies are still asleep.

Judi Kidd

Jen, They have both showed this behavior of feeding each other. It is common in pairs of eagles.

Jen from NM

Thanks Judi. It's so cool to get to see all these eagle interactions. Today is also the first time I saw them actually eating one of the turtles. Kind of sad-- as much as I love the eagles I love turtles too!

Judith Hart

That's the first time I saw #1 & #2 feeding themselves.

Delores Powell

Looks like they have a fish market going on..Maybe tomorrow they will do some housecleaning!

Melissa Haseley

The eaglets could be called the A Team (for Alcoa). And their individual names could be Apple, Abbott and Apollo. Not knowing the gender at this point makes it difficult to come up with gender neutral names. I definitely like the A Team part and am open to the individual names. Thank you Alcoa for the cam and for being such a good community citizen. I just love watching the eagles and have learned alot.


At. 11:40 pm mom is sleeping but looks like eaglets are on the edge? something is moving far from mom. Hope tomorrow find out they OK

Mindy Gibson Frey

6:47amEST A cute little pile of fuzz....everybody looks to still be asleep. Mom is awake.... Good Morning Eagle Family. Trey... eat, sleep, grow! grow! grow!


7:37 EDT...Beautiful sunrise. Good morning everyone. Liberty just flew in with some fresh straw. Justice is feeding the little ones with #3 and #2 in the front row. Justice always looks out for #3. Liberty left again and the day begins! Wish I could stay with you today but I will be checking in.

Judi Kidd

It is a beautiful morning. Looking forward to some great eagle watching.Liberty and Justice areboth at the nest looking towards the sun. I can see one baby's head..

Don't know the nasty guys who posted but I want to thank Alcoa for the opportunity to watch the eagles every day.


Judi, for the record...if you did not post, my day would not be as bright and joyful. I appreciate you and your tidbits of info. Thank you. This goes for so many of you. Mindy keeps me laughing, ColleenM makes things nice, Rjim is just loveable, Elizabeth is like a momma...Rod, John, Kris, Sandi, everyone, I appreciate you.


The nest seems 'full' these days as the babies grow and take up more space. If you look to the left at 3 o'clock, where the white thing is, you can see the outline of something to the left.

Hubby is on the road and called after he stopped for the night. He was watching the eagles on his laptop...that was all he could talk about. He is a trucker and has seen most of this country...the eagles just about beat anything he has ever seen.

Alcoa..you have allowed the lives of people from all walks to life to be touched and enriched by your gift of the cam.


It's a quiet morning in Iowa today and looks so peaceful in the nest. We are all expecting a warm up but with rain. Thanks again to those who keep us posted with daily nest events. I have a whole list of names people have suggested and most of them are terrific! Again, I say, it will be really hard to make the final picks.
PS....ignore trolls!

Judi Kidd

8:23 AM and all three babies are sound asleep. They have all grown so much since yesterday. I think One is a girl. Beautiful family.


Just took a peak at the babes and I had to laugh! Anyone tuning in for the first time would look and think, "I wonder what the big glob of grey stuff is in the center of the nest!". What a sight!


right on tim

Judi Kidd

8:43 AM and Justice came back with a small black bird. He is plucking off the feathers and tossing them off to the side. Looks like the babies will have bird for breakfast. Two and Three are awake and One is semi-awake. One will wake up once the feeding starts. Two is using its wings and Three is peeking around him to see the action.

Liberty just left. Will be another interesting day.


Just got a good look at #3, Trey's, Star's feet! Wow is all I can say. I'm so encouraged by the growth seen in the past few days. What healthy looking little fuzz balls they are. I can't say it enough - thanks for this opportunity Alcoa, and for taking care of trolls. Keep up the good work! We are tuned in here to share a beautiful event.

Judi Kidd

8:54 AM and the feeding is on. Three is not getting any food since it is blocked. One and Two are in front. Some wing action between the two oldest. Justice just picked up an old carcuss and took off with it. Side-by-side One and Two are close in size. All have been doing a lot of preening. Justice is back. This is the third time that I have seen him or Liberty fly off with a carcuss.

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