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April 09, 2012


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Susan Burnop

Thanks for the notice about the eagle cam being down. I appreciate your support of this effort. It is wonderful to see this nest. Your corporate support is appreciated. I have been sharing this site with my music classes. They are enjoying it too.

Mary Ann Ryan Keller

I want to submit the names Huey, Dewey and Louie for the Eaglets

Dee Collins

This opportunity has been so much appreciated. It's refreshing to see America's corporations appreciating Nature at her best. Thanks again.


Alcoa good luck with your 1/4ly report....I was researching my Alcoa investment when I came across the EagleCam in the first place a little over 3 weeks ago.... and have been enjoying daily ever since.


Alcoa, thanks again for giving us this experience! It will be interesting to see how much the eaglets grow while the camera is down. I just love this family and am looking forward to the naming.


Peace, Harmony & Love

Laura Coggeshall

I am one of the multitude who so appreciate this site! I am a true bird lover, most especially raptors, and to see this is just so unique and special. I've shared the site with many people, including my 6 year old nephew who was fascinated by the eaglets. I hope that they all continue to grow and thrive and become beautiful adults; and I agree, they should be called Peace, Harmony and Love for all that they have done to the watching public!

Debbie Ferry

Earlier you talked about an young eagle coming back to check out the nest. Which eagle decides who gets to use the nest, since they come back each year.


Facebook page!!! Music to my ears Alcoa!! Although we will miss our family for a bit, we appreciate all you do. So, we all have to get our name suggestions ready! Thank You


I think now, I will buy some Alcoa stock!!! :) Anything to keep this camera up and working for hopefully years to come. :0)

Lorna wolf

How about Faith, Hope & Charity?

Danny McLeod

Just an early entry to names for the babies if you will accept an early entry.


Patricia Morgan

This site is absolutely awesome. We have enjoyed watching the eagle family and have passed on the site to many friends.


Rock-a-bye eagles in the tree top. Windy today! Stay safe little ones.

Judi Kidd

6:24 and Justice returned with a big fish. Liberty is crying. The wind is so loud. When she got up she had been covering Three who is still small enough to cover. Seems they are discussing the wind? The babies are asleep. Liberty just left and Two and Three are waking. Feeding has started.

Judi Kidd

Some other names are: Honor, Valor, Independence, America, Patriot, and Victory.

Judi Kidd

Three is up and getting fish along with Two. One is still looking into the wind.


At 6:35, It looks like #1 has had its fill, great to see #2 & #3 eating well!! hoping the wind dies down a bit after sunset...happy to hear that Alcoa is going to set up a FB!! I think I have found a few of you on there. :) (Not you rjim)!! LOL

Cynthia Furr

How is the little one doing today? Has he been fed? I see the older ones have a full crop of food. Cindy Mon 4/9/12 6.50 PM.


Danny--Mom is already named Liberty and Dad is named Justice.

Barb M.

I can't get over how big the babies have gotten!! WOW! I had no idea they grew that fast! Again, and I can't say this enough, THANK YOU for letting us in on this eagle family's life. I love it!

Leaping Bunny

I still kinda like Red, White, and Blue.
Or bobble-head for #3
He's so darned cute!

Sandy Spracale

The wind is so bad today, it almost makes me dizzy to watch.I hope it calms down soon. I watch them everyday and marvel at their growth.

Judi Kidd

Two and Three are getting some protection from Justice. One is facing into the wind and hasn't move except a wing for the last hour.


For those of us not on FB - will there be a way to vote? Or suggest?

Carol C

Debbie Liberty & Justice use the same nest every year. The juvies might come around but that,s all. Once they fledge they r on there own. Can,t wait for the naming!! There baby last year we named Freedom.

Carolyn Morgan

I have loved watching all of this during the past month. The first time I say #1 eaglet I named them Faith, Hope and Courage.

Please consider these names.

Thanks for the opportunity to be a part of this.

Carolyn Morgan
Columbus, Ohio


Hi Carolyn from northern Ohio here! I like the names!

Carol C

I know Alcoa has a Facebook page but is there a different one for the eagles?

Carol C

There r a lot of good ideas for names, it will be hard to choose. Carol C.

Judi Kidd

7:30 PM looks like another fresh fish in the nest. Looks like three fish in the est. The babies are now bunched together in the lower part of the nest.

Sue Pagels

Thank you for the heads up. We all so appreciate seeing the eagles and eaglets! Alot of people can't wait for the name contest!

Dianne Heimendinger

Not on FB either, so hope there is a way to vote for others too not on FB...continues to be VERY windy here..does make watching like being on ship blown about at sea!!! Just saw more fish being added to the kitchen supply!! Never a dull moment in the nest...Neat to see that the parents never doze off during the day...always on the alert!!

Judi Kidd

Liberty and Justice have been at the nest together for over 24 minutes. Looks like Liberty is getting a little food. Babies are still snuggled together for now.

Mindy Gibson Frey

Wow... what a windy day. I didnt think I was going to get to watch "my" babies much today, but alas... I have gotten a couple of the docs at work interested in the site too, so several people pull the site up and minimize it so they can check in regularly! So even if I wasnt at my station, someone else had it on their monitor! This has truly been an amazing experience, and I am already looking forward to eaglets next March! Feeling like I might have a little empty "nest" syndrome when these babies take off. :( As I have said on several occassions, I like Honor, Hope and Star but I also saw the suggestions Valor and Victory which are great too! Little bit will always be Star to me... because he/she is one of the reasons alot of people tune in. We always want the underdog to prevail! Great site, great folks on here to share our feelings and opinions with... its an honor to be a part of all this. Ok, getting mushy.. time to go... check you all later!

Margaret Briesch

Suggestions for names: Hope, Faith & Peace

We love watching the eaglets every day. Thank you for this great, fun activity.

Ed and Margaret

Judi Kidd

Liberty has been feeding One and Two. Three was between them and is now getting food. Little guy was patient and now will food without the competition.

jean coleman

We think there names should be the first three presidents, Georeg, John and Thomas...how do you tell if they are girls? If so they should be the wives names.
Thanks for this great sight, we watch more then TV and love it.
My grandson is only 4 and is awestruck!


what sex are the eaglets? easier to name that way. Pee wee has a fighting spirit, go pee wee! I like the names Red (oldest) White (middle) Blue for pee wee. I think one should be Teddy or Roosevelt


I am so appreciative of the eagle cam site that you so generously offer to viewers. Your communication is great and letting us know that there needs to be some work done that will prevent us from viewing for awhile is much appreciated.


Star for #3 and Al for Alcoa. I also like Lulu for aluminum. You deserve some recognition for all you have done for us. I think you are among America's finest!

Judi Kidd

Looks like Liberty is getting read to settle in for a while. One is in front trying to snuggle up with her. She is trying to cover them. She is pulling materials out like she is making it deeper. Looks like Three is to her left near the front. leaning on some nesting materials. Two may be under her, can not really tell. Hope Three gets under mom later when the temperature drops.


I hate to be a party pooper, but on the other hand, this video is a reminder that we are still dealing with mother nature. I hope any children who have been involved with the site, have had the "bad side" presented to them also. After naming them, we become even more attached I think.

This is from the cornell site this morning.


sandi moore

Hi Judi! yes, i seen she was doing that. are these our little babies from just a few days ago? o my goodness! i came in just in time to see whoever it was- 1 - 2 - or - 3 had the beak into the fish. Mama & Papa are proud parents! yes, chilly tonight here, the weather in this part of the states is so finicky! but neither parent will let their babies freeze so, it will probably be a 5 eagle nite (as opposed to 3 dog night). good nite all, pleasant dreams!

Judi Kidd

It was Two that was off to the front of mom. One and Two are now bunched together in front of Liberty. Three must be tucked under since it is small enough. Liberty has pulled material up to help block the wind against them. She has her head tucked in now. Going to be a long night for the eagle family but they will do fine.


Rijm, I can't teach 7 and 8 year olds about animals without having THEM introduce the topic of predators! It's the boys' favorite part of studying nature! There is always sadness, of course - I show my classes March of the Penguins every year, too - nothing worse than the frozen egg shots. But I think they get it. It's hard out there. So many of my students have hard lives. It helps them make a connection in a real, natural, and sometimes sad way....Then they get a hug from me and it's all better! ;)

Tracy Vigus

The amount of food / fish on this nest tinight is just amazing! But they are getting so huge. May need a midnight snack?
So wonderful.


I bet you are an awesome teacher Tammi.

I too have had a blast here over the past three wks, I have learned tons, and have gained an affection for these guys. I just thought that with everyone naming them and feeling almost as though they are "our" pets, I thought that video did the job I intended.

Judi Kidd

It is 9:14 PM and Three is resting its body against Two in the front of mom. One is to the right of mom.

sandi moore

Rjim- it was a good choice. i've been an adult longer than i was a child and i still get all cry-babish when i witness such attacks. i know it is survival of the fittest, but it is tough to watch at those times. unfortunately, we don't know when they are coming. usually it scares the weebies out of me! but thanks for posting it. i realize my heart DOES still beat! ;-)

Elizabeth Rieder

check back in to see if the wind let up some. could see E1 trying to crawl under Liberty and he is too big. Poor thing, guess the wind is getting to them. It seem to have decrease a little bit. guess they are all very tired from all that blowing. Take care all , mostly our three little eaglets.

Carol W

The wind is finally starting to lie down. Tomorrow is also going to be cold and as windy here in the Q.C. Thank You, Alcoa!! My pick for names are the same I,ve liked since #3 hatched. HONOR---GLORY---and VALOR!! EAGLETS ROCK!!!


Been out most of the evening. Briefly read a few posts, but could someone just let me know quickly if all eaglets are ok...that wind unnerved me today...Thanks great babysitters.:)


ColleenM...just read your post. Hard to see them but so far all are fine. #1 wants under Mom but only his head fits. They think #3 in under Mom and #2 in front. It is going to be a rough night. The other night Liberty dug a big hole in the center for them to nest under her but tonight, they are going to have to brave some of the weather. Will be checking first thing in the morning..like you usually do. Good night...thanks for what you did today.

Sally Glowicki

At 11:00 pm, the eagles are all snuggled up in their nest. The wind is blowing and the nest is rocking, but the babies are under or laying very close to mom. We will be checking at daylight and bet they will be up and looking for something to eat. Mom & Dad are good parents! THANKS ALCOA FOR LETTING US BE A PART OF THIS EVENT.


Thanks Mavis,,,I hope you knew , you're a smart person ;)Good night to you, as well as our little family....keep growing little one. :)

Penelope Phillips

Thank you so much for this site. I am so intrigued by this that I have to see it several times a day. "llitle bit" seems to be getting a little more food even though he - she- is the youngest. Interesting to see them in the early evening when they are eating--and goodness all the different fish and etc. they are getting for the eaglets. Hope the work on the camera will make it clearer for all of us.


I want to thank you for the wonderful experience of watching Liberty, Justice and their family. This is the highlight of my day. It is refreshing to see a company do something good as you have. I won't suggest any names as I know that you will pick the right ones. Thanks again.


Is the littlest chick thriving? He looks so pitiful next to the others.


Favorite name suggestions: Patriot, Honor, Glory and Valor - they all stay with the dignified America theme of the parents' and older sibling's names. I am another viewer who is not on FB, and hope there will be a voting link on the website like last year, when Freedom won. Lots of locals I know don't do FB, and we actually live near the birds and hope our voices will count. Thanks Alcoa!

Elizabeth Rieder

Tuesday 12:18 am Everybody is hunkered down in the nest and the wind has stopped blowing so hard. I had to get online for something else before bed and so what else, I check in with the eaglets of course. It is still and quiet and nobody is moving around. guess they are all tired for facing into the wind all day.


6:16 am EDT...All are sleeping on the nest and the wind seems calm. #1 and #2 are sleeping facing Liberty and #3 is probably partially under Mom. You can see the nice big fish in the background that awaits their breakfast. I check in several times and Mom is getting some much need rest at the left edge of the nest.

Good morning everyone!


I have enjoyed watching these cute babes. Don't know what I will do when they fly away.
I have shared this site with many and we all love it in Maine!


6:38 EDT...Liberty is awake and roused #1 and #2. 1 and 2 yawned (spread their wings), pottied, and repositioned to go back to sleep.
You can see the leaves blowing in the wind but no rocking of the nest and no howling noise of the wind.

Liberty is going back to sleep now..one last bit of rest before her busy day begins.


6:56am EDT..Liberty is awake again and calling out to let Justice know it is time for breakfast.

Ya know, my husband and I have parked the RV on the rim of the Grand Canyon so we could get up and watch the sunrise with a nice hot cup of coffee. We have done that at some pretty neat places but I have NEVER enjoyed a sunrise in Iowa atop an eagle's nest until now. How better can it get?!! I've got you to thank for this, Alcoa!!!


7:05 EDT..Liberty flew off the nest for a minute, has returned and is now serving frozen fish to 3 hungry mouths. Yummy!! #3 and 2 are in front getting the first bites and #1 is standing in back wanting a bite too.

GREAT START to a beautiful morning. Justice just joined the family and is sharing the breakfast duties. Great family!

Carol C

Good Morning to all. Boy they ate really early this morning. All tucked in for a nap now. Off to work today. So being shut down won,t bother me this afternoon but I'll be back later. Keep us posted Mavis!! Carol C


Good morning, Carol! I think today will be our trial run of nest withdrawal! I may even make my bed today during "down" time! LOL

Seriously, I'm going to miss the cam but maybe the comment section will be open so we can 'withdraw' together....AND...the voting will begin! I wonder if one of the names could be "my baby"!


Beautiful morning to all!
For me, one of the biggest "take-aways" from this great experience is that it's not just an isolated event; babies of all kinds are being born and nurtured.(Thanks again Mavis for the hummingbird nest cam and Rjim for your videos!) We rarely if ever get to see anything close to this in the city, so it's so nice to be reminded of how busy Mother Nature is!


I vote to name the eaglets Stars, Stripes and America!

Judi Kidd

8:03 and I see babies underneath the dried grass keeping warm. Mom and dad are doing a great job. Looking forward to a great day of eagle watching.


I love Red, White and Blue for the Eaglet names!


Good Morning! Another windy day here in eastern Ohio. Rushed to my computer to check on our family. Happy to hear they are ok from the harsh winds of yesterday. Sad to know that we will "miss" them a bit today....but it won't be for long! Sounds like they had an early feeding! I too check on the Hummingbird nest, another amazing thing to witness. But these Eagles have my heart!!

Judi Kidd

Justice and Liberty are moving a stick around She is feeding two and Three is napping in ront. Dont's see One. But there is grass and the tree limb blocking the view.


At 8:35, I'm only seeing Mom and Dad, and 2 babies, where is the third? Must be by the logo?

Judi Kidd

It is One and Two eating? Looks like Three might be under the tree limb and One and Two. They have grown so much over night. Mom is moving grass off the food that was used to keeping the babies warm. Justice just returned and is looking at the babies. That stick is in the middle of the nest. One and Two are getting plenty to eat.

By looking at the shadows the river must be on the right of the camera. The shadows show the sun coming from the east.


Had a bit of a panic attack!! Couldn't find all 3!!! I think #3 is under #2???? I hope!!!


At this 7;30 feeding, the lil one is not getting anything; he must be sandwiched between the two. Enjoy checking on the babies several times a day. Thanks again, Alcoa.

Diane Izzo

I would like to thank you for this eagle cam. I look forward to watching them grow each day. Since I work at home this is a wonderful distraction from my work as a transcriptionist every once in a while...keeps me sane from the mundane ramblings I listen to all day. I really do enjoy this cam and will miss these little guys when they fly the nest. Until then...thank you again for the time you put into this eagle cam with the updates as to how they are progressing, etc.

Judi Kidd

Justice brought a bunch of dried grass and a stick in two previous deliveries. Looks like some house keeping is in order.

Three just popped up in the back and is wanting some chow. It lifted its little wings and looking around. So darn cute. It will have to get over One and Two to get some food.


For me,after watching this process, I will never look at aother bird the same. Where I live, there are many types of wildlife. I can wake up and see a deer in my yard. Many Red Tail Hawks,Hummingbirds, and yes, we have had Eagles in our area. I have never seen a nest before, but I will stop and watch the Eagles and Hawks as they fly over and have a newfound awe of what brought them to flight! To me,it is more the just laying eggs and watching them hatch, it is the daily lessons we can learn from the little Eagle family. Survival, resiliency, and patience!! Alcoa, hats off to you again!! And, as I have said before, people from all over the world, from all walks of life, we are all so different, yet so much alike.

Judi Kidd

Three is growing impatient and lifted its little wings again. It has to get around or over One and Two. Just looked at the camera. It is a cutie. One looks like it might be full. Two is still eating. Three is making it known it wants some food and pushed on One who moved out of the bowl of the nest so Three could move up a bit but it is still blocked. It keeps lifting its little wings trying to get moms attention. One just moved back into the bowl of the nest blocking Three again. Three did not get any food this feeding.


Poor little 3. I sure hope it gets some the next feeding Judi! When I first came on, my heart stopped I couldn't even see the little one!!


You are right, Judi..east is in the 9 o'clock position, north is at 12 o'clock. The river is to the east.


You can't help but root for the little guy! He seems to be holding his own; even when sat upon, he somehow breaks free and gets back into the mix!

Judi Kidd

Justice just brought another large stick. This one is fork shaped and to the right. He left it for Liberty to play with and to place. The babies are napping with Three between One and Two.

The little guy will get food at the nest feeding. I see two who fish and parts of a couple more. No shortage of food.


Correction: E is at 9 o'clock, W is at 3 o'clock, N is at 6 o'clock and SOUTH is at 12 o'clock. I am not sure where the river is in relationship to the cam position...you are probably right about that as well.


Well said, Colleen!! Well said!

All 3 are lined up in a row sleeping. Since their coloring is the same now..you can't tell where one begins and the last one ends! Looks like one long row of grey matter...then, #3 (in the middle) lifted his head and the chain was broken! Good to find you, Little Guy!!

Judi Kidd

Liberty is chillin and just sitting watching the babies. She is not even moving the grass or the sticks. One of those days just watching the babies. You have to wonder what she is thinking.

Elizabeth Rieder

Good morning Colleen,Calm down the morning has just begun. Everyone is there,hard to see with the E1 and E2 seeming to double in size overnight.I thought the nest look really small, but I think it is just because those babies are not babies any more. well maybe E3 is. I am thrilled the wind is not almost blowing their feathers off this morning.I guess they will start that standing and testing their wings thing soon. Liberty and Justice will have a lot of training to do soon,beside the feeding.
Get out the smelling salts, because you might need it.:o)


I know Elizabeth...as Mavis says, a "good cardio" this am.!!!! LOL With all of them growing, (even little one) I couldn't see them all at first!! Than, I spotted 3 in the "hole"...I know, we have a long way to go, many hurdles to go!!

Judith Hart

It's great to see #3 taking down some huge chunks of fish this morning.


Liberty is feed them their mid morning snack. They are so full that they don't even get up for the food...they just lay there in a row and Liberty is 'babying' them. The wind has picked up and #1 just stood up and is stretching his wings..#2 is doing the same. #3 is happy to lay there.

A Facebook User

Thanks to all involved with providing this ongoing view of the eagle family.

Judi Kidd

Liberty is eating the fish that was at her feet. She walke over and gave some to Two who stirred. Three is stirring. She is pulling off fish and feeding Three. One is still asleep. Two and Three are getting food. Three jsut dropped a piece on Two that was too big to eat. Mom is making sure Three is getting plenty of food.


So happy to see 3 eating now......:)


Thank you sandi. Some people have been getting pretty attached. I thought an owl attacking a nest might gently shake some back into reality...I was suprised I didn't get yelled at, but I thought I should post that video for the group.

I hoped you liked the vids Sheila, thank you. More stuff to come later.


Thanks to all the "regulars" on this site for keeping me updated on the days happenings.


Good morning rjim. I too watched the video. we all are hoping for the best, but know that the reality of predators still looms over them. We can just hope that our little family escapes such perils! Looks like everything ok for now in Eagle land. thank You!

Elizabeth Rieder

wind is starting to pick up. Notice all three are getting either against or under mom.She was trying to feed them and they were not interested, but when the wind started they all remembered the drill, duck and cover. I know how it is for millions now when we see these guy in flight, we remember the hardships they went through.Now I can understand why the eagle is our national bird. Steadfast and loyal no matter what.

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