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June 01, 2012


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OMGosh... Great Pics, thank you for sharing with us.

Kari Taylor

Beautiful photos!


Thanks so much for the photos of the nest from the ground, awesome! It's nice to have some context beyond the camera view we get from the nest. Pretty soon these babies will be all over the place! Big thanks to Alcoa & all the employees who work to share this with us. I've been capturing a few screen shots, hope it's OK that I'm posting them on a flickr.com page linked below, if not let me know. THANKS AGAIN TO ALCOA!

Elizabeth Rieder

Thank you Mr John for the pictures. That nest is big now.Wonder how much it weights?
Amazing how they just keep putting more on top of the old nest.


WOW! Great pictures - thanks!

Thanks for the link to the Osprey too. They are so cute at this stage.


Awesome pix-thanks so much Mr. John-have a great weekend all!

Sue from Indiana

Thanks Mr. John! It is so fun to see the size of that nest! and the surrounding branches are interesting to see. Of course, the babies and M/D are beautiful. Thanks, once again, Alcoa for doing this! Thanks for the osprey link too - they were hunkered down in the nest earlier today.

Jill Anne Sparapany

Very cool photos! Thank you - we've seen the inside of their home, now the outside too. Lots of good distance branches available for branching exercises!

Winger-cize! Brancher-cize! Then Fledge!

Montie Acuff

Thank you so much for the "extra" pictures. It really puts everything in perspective.

Cindy P.

Beautiful photos. Thanks!!


Thanks for the great pictures!!!

Debbie Smalley

Thank you for the wonderful pictures, and for the opportunity to watch these magnificent creatures. I do not usually comment, but my daughter and I have been watching the eagles daily. I can't believe how "grown up" the babies are. We have been smitten with eagles since we saw a pair at the lake we vacationed at last summer. Now we have one who is frequenting the woods and river by our house and have seen it a few times. I must say though, how wonderful it is to witness Liberty, Justice and the three eaglets up close and personal. Thank you again, Alcoa!!


Wonderful!!! Thanks, now we can get an idea of the size etc.

Greta in Kansas

Oh, Mr. John, you are THE BEST!!

I know, he's REALLY just trying to keep us old ladies from launching a maritime attack on the nest site! (just kidding!)


Thank you SO much for the pictures John, and all of the folks @ Alcoa! Well, been busy today, apparently one flew the "coop" when I wasn't looking!!
OT: @ Jill, I re-read my bear post, I see how you thought they put the bear in a "permanent" sleep! LOL...just tranquilized it. @beamg, Tornado watches 3 counties to our east, we just had a wicked line come through, but that strengthening I saw on the radar, apparently is going east of me, and that's OK!! But, all that being said, I have a son in D.C., and allot of friends in the "Watched" and "Warned" areas. So, all of my eagle friends, Jill, Judith and everyone else...stay safe!

Jack Chao

Thx! Mr. John. The pics really help us to know as the tweenlets doing their braching where they at. Thanks for giving us some peace of mind (you know how some of the ladies here are, they get over excited easily). Also from the picture, we could actually see how much room they have to move from branch to branch. Thank you once again.


JUst got back from the osprey site and while checking the posts here see the new thread with the beautiful pictures. Thanks so much John and Alco. This has been a wonderful experience.
See the eaglets got some food and evidently one is trying out one of those brances since I left.
Think I saw a PS on the osprey site.

Jack Chao

This is non eagle cam related question. Who is providing the information on the other bird cam?


What a glorious sight. Sitting high up on that nest edge. One up on it and you can see the top of the other two's heads. Mr. John, thank you so much. You have no idea how much it means to us. Have a wonderful, hopefully quiet weekend. From all your admirers....

Judith Hart

Thanks Mr. John, for the great pictures, almost looks like Faith on the nest edge.

Yes Greta, as soon as he saw that post he tore out the door with binoculars, searching the waters of the Mississippi for a rowboat, sitting very low in the water....someone else can finish that one.

Jack Chao

Now I need to ask our district to get me a at least 32 inch monitor so I could have 4 open windows.

Greta in Kansas

LOL, Judith!


LOL Jack Chao. That is good. They DO need to spend money on the right things huh?


I'm just chuckling over the pics! Thank you Mr. John for sharing! I have the biggest grin right now and know I'll have to look at them over and over. THANK YOU ALCOA!

Robert Nacy

Thanks for the pics. It really gives and idea how big the nest really is.


OT: (I think)

@Jack....I'm sorry, but I have tried to stay out of this whole mess. But, your "OT" question brought me to tears laughing!! You know, here's how I see it, (as if anyone cares anyway), but this/these sites aren't like sites that have "expert moderators", and truth be told, I have learned allot from all of you. But, I am able to research my own information. If all of us are able to post here, I'm sure we can all go to the sites of our choice to get info. Because of what I do for a living, I am able to work from home, (copius amts. of typing), "our" eagles, and everyone's posts keep me amused during the day. You know, did I read each and every post?, no. But, I soon realized that because of this "unmoderated" format, allot of people have found companionship. For some of us that have hectic lives away from this site, really? Is anything posted that offensive?, or does it really take that long to hit next when you see a poster for instance that you may not be interested in? There are days I can't read all the posts..but, I get a good flavor of what has taken place. I don't know, in my opinion, in the scheme of life, is all this really necessary? As far as fact, or opinion, buy a book, or go to "expert sites", that's where you'll get the correct info. Heck, I still can't tell the difference between L/J!! LOL But, I sure love this family....

Helen J

Wow, thanks for the pictures! It's great seeing more of the eaglets/eagle's world! The babies have a good selection of branches to choose from for flying practice. Thanks for the cam and the osprey cam also, they are beautiful too.


Well said ColleenM


Fantastic photos!!! Thank you for taking the time to do this.


Alcoa: Thank you so much for those wonderful pictures today. You really got some awesome shots of the birds!!!!


Thank you. Thank you so much for sharing. They are so beautiful.


Jack and Colleen, I had the same laughing experience! Some things just hit the funny bone. Thanks. I love this site and for so much more than this adorable family!

WT....weather talk
To all who have bad weather either there or coming, please stay safe today.

Now, where did that 3rd one get to? Did anybody see?


And the 3rd one is back!

Laura Tafelsky

Thanks so much for the pictures from the ground. It give us a perspective of how the nest sits in the tree. The tree isn't as big as it looks from the closeup. The nest is huge.


What is he eating?


@beamg, I've been looking!! It probably got fed up with us and said, "I'm outta here"!!!! LOL I keep looking at that bottom left, but haven't seen a thing yet...won't it be odd when we look in and see nothing?...:(


Collen, yes it will be odd. Will always be hoping one just pops back in as a surprise one day.

AWWWWWE Look at him on that branch! What a beauty!

John Kinsey

Thanks Alcoa and especially Mr.John for taking the time and making the extra effort to take and then post the pictures.They are great .

Having been in the aviation profession for more than twenty five years,I have to choose the photo titled "parent landing" as my favorite.Once you click on the picture and get the pop out,you can zoom in,keep the eagle centered until you see nothing but the eagle with a blue sky background.Then you can really see the outstretched wings with tips curved downward,landing gear coming down but talons still retracted for better aerodynamic effect. The concentration of the "pilot" surveying the landing site to determine the best touchdown point and avoid causing harm to those babies in the nest is obvious(to me) in the parent's face.
These are just a few of the many things that Faith,Hope and Spirit will be learning in the next few weeks.What an exciting time for them,their parents and us as we watch their skyward journey continue to unfold.

Thank you again Mr. John and Alcoa for the opportunity to observe and recall some memories.


Thanks for the pictures Mr. John, they are awesome!!! Many thanks to you and to Alcoa for this wonderful site and for allowing us to be part of this special family's life.


Awesome pics! Just wanted to point out that PeeWee has finally made it to the higher branch. What a guy :)

D. Kozura

Love the pictures! thanks


Great pictures John R. and hello to all the new posters! Welocme!



Mr. John, you have always gone that extra step to do nice things for us! You knew we would love those pictures so you go them. THANK YOU!!

Like Tammy said, you have a lot of admirers on here..and for good reason!

Now Jack Chao! Can I meet you on the north limb for a word with you about over excited ladies on this site?!! Seems like I remember early on, when one of them did a face down food coma dive that it was JimBob or somebody that yelled on the blog that one was dead!! Talk about women...meet me on the limb, Jack!

J. Saenger

Thank you taking those latest pictures and sharing them with us. It is good to know what the nest looks like from the ground and to see the other branches the eaglets are going to.

edwina warren

Very nice!
My 2nd grade students and I have viewed the eaglets for a couple weeks now on our smartboard. I shared the site with fellow teachers and our school has been watching since last week. I keep the site up on my computer at home all the time.
I hope I am watching when they fly, but it will be bitter sweet, eh?

Judith Hart

Frozen picture....saw the question mark pop up.


Mr. John, fantastic pictures. Thank you!

John/Charles - how do you zoom in? I clicked on them and got the pop-out, but I see no way to zoom.

edwina warren

Very nice!
My 2nd graders and I have been watching all day.
I keep the eaglets up at home all the time and hope to be watching when they fly but it will be kind of be bitter sweet, eh?

Judith Hart

M/D made a fish delivery.

Greta in Kansas

Did that fish just now arrive? 5:02 pm CDT, M/D is on the nest. Light breeze and sunny. They don't seem to be pouncing on it. Not in the mood for sushi this afternoon? ;-)

Greta in Kansas

Cheryl -- Control+ zoomed them for me. (Or Control scroll wheelie)

Greta in Kansas

Hi, Edwina! This is one of the things I love about this site -- it appeals to ALL ages!

Greta in Kansas

Now M/D has something stuck on his/her beak (naris?). Keeps trying to shake it off.

Greta in Kansas

I think it's mom (Liberty). Can't tell is it's a feather or a bit of fish.

Greta in Kansas

Hunh! They're just ignoring that fish. You'd think they'd be ravenous. Mom's still sitting there -- maybe they're waiting for her to feed them? Or waiting for her to leave?

Judith Hart

M/D was digging a hole in the nest trying to pull something out.

Annette Caban

I was wrong;I thought that one of the eaglets fledged but I guess that he was just jumping from branch to branch. It still was exciting to me! Thank you for all of the beautiful pictures! I saw the osbrey babies and they are beautiful but my heart belongs to the eaglets.

Greta in Kansas

Now Mom's moving around some skeletal-looking piece of something. Don't know what kind of bone(s) that would be. Looks like a miniature shark's mouth to me -- yeah, I'm sure that's what it is.... ;-)

Carol C

Thanks John Awsome pictures. I have a question? I was wondering if there would be a way u could give us people that live close a tour over there? Just an idea I had. Carol Cather Van Hulle on fb

Greta in Kansas

OK, one of the kids has now dragged that fish slightly to one side and is trying to get into it. Maybe Hope? She looks bigger than the other two, but I never can be sure.

Greta in Kansas

Mom left and the same one is still trying to eat that fish. Meanwhile, one of the three is now hanging out in the lower left corner.


Thanks so much for the ground based pictures. They sure help with perspective. If only we had a wide angle or something to show the fledges. Know that's asking a lot, but if only. Thanks Alcoa for this journey. It has meant so much for so many.


Annette, I'm with you! I just peaked in on the ospreys and they are cute but I couldn't wait to get back to these babies! Just can't help myself!

Carol C

I went to the river today & I couldn't see very good, too many leaves in the way. But I noticed they didn't leave the nest much. I think I seen L or J fly from the tree tho. I will keep trying but can't beat Johns photos!! Awsome!!

Judith Hart

I saw that Faith was in the hideaway position today and it does look like Hope with the fish, Spirit sitting waiting his turn.

Judith Hart

Mom dug that hole with her beak, then another small hole near the fish, threw some dirt on the fish then left. Is she trying to teach them how to bury it? Now the fish is partially in that hole.


Carol, thanks for making the trip and the update. Was it chilly? John did a great job on the pics, didn't he! I keep going back to look at them.

Wow, that one back into the next at bottom left, across the nest to the fish, up onto the y branch and back to the south tip of the nest! What a sight!


I'm really noticing the yellowing of their beaks now! I've been taking tons of pictures while we have them all together.


And off he goes again at bottom left! Gettin pretty fancy with the moves.


Colleen, you're going to have a great keepsake! Did you just see the beaking with the 2 in the nest, who ever they are? And now it's nap time again.


I did see the beaking beamg....sweet.



Don't know if enyone has watched the live Loon cam from the Minnesota Bound site. It's setting is getting prettier. There's now a yellow iris blooming. Here's the link:

One of the 2 on the nest was just wingercizing, other wise pretty quiet here. WOW that was a nice lift-off across the nest! This might be the one with sprinkles.

Oma Kyle

Mr. John...your photos give us so much more perspective and understanding of "our eaglet's" nest environment. Great photographer with a good camera & lens. Thank you!

Lucille B

Just returned to the computer. Love the new pictures. Like others have said, they certainly give us a better perspective of the site and size of the tree and the nest. Wow! What beautiful photos --- clear, crisp and so in focus! As much as I love the ones of the nest, I think Liberty or Justice in flight is just awesome! Thank you Alcoa and Mr.John, you really are doing a great job keeping us up to date with the daily postings and all the great photos! We, Eagle Watchers, are very appreciative of all that you are doing! Haven't had a chance to visit the Osprey site yet, but I am so looking forward to becoming addicted to that as well. Now back to the screen to watch "Our Eaghlets" in motion!

John W Williams

How can I view and save the pictures you post?
I tried to save but they come up as ".png" files not "jpg."
And the larger ones don't show the full frame and can't scroll.

Carol C

beamg It was very windy & chilly down there. I wanted to walkbut too cold for me. Yes John's pic r Great!!

P. Trantolo

awesome photos. I am sorry to see it almost coming to and end. I loved the developing process. It seemed like all of a sudden they got big. Beautiful. Thanks for caring.


@ John W Willimas: Mr. Williams, I do a "alt", and "PrntScrn". After that, I save it.Than I can adjust the size.I think mine saved as a jpeg. I'm not that savvy, but hope that helps you a bit.

Judith Hart

Bea, Thanks for the Loon site.


@ 8:16 M/D on the nest. I didn't see what food was brought. One of the eaglets is looking at us eye to eye....I see at least one other one, don't know if all are there?


Colleen, 7:23 CDT I see all three. One way bottom leftt and other behind one on branch. Aren't they just beautiful? Oh, sure now they moved!

Carol C

perfect picture there!!


Got it Carol!! Beautiful...@beamg, as soon as I posted that....I see all 3. Sunset should be gorgeous!

Judith Hart

It looks like the kids are having fun tonight.


I was thinking the same thing just now about the sunset. Hoping for another golden glow!

Here we go...flapping and hopping! Is that Spirit laying down?


Those wing spans are amazing!


I just realized the fish that was there earlier is gone. How did I miss that? Guess I was having dinner myself.

Well, hello there eaglet!


Judith, I have stayed away from the name guessing...but, soon they will be gone. You always seem to get it right. I am guessing this on personality ONLY because we may not see them together for much longer. Here it goes, Hope, laying down, Spirit, bottom left and Faith on the branch. Just thought I'd make one last guess...;(


I hold my breath everytime they flap their wings.


henrie, you and a whole lot of other people! I saw this one teeter earlier and it made me gasp.

Judith Hart

Colleen, My guess is S-branch....F-corner....can't see in the nest


Sunset at 8:32 CDT


Thanks beamg about the sunset time. I know, it is nerve wracking to see them "teeter". They have to be cautious, I've done too much reading about mishaps, don't want anything to happen to these sweeties.I have a busy weekend ahead, and every night, I feel a bit sad knowing that any day now.....


Really like the New Pics. Keep them coming.


Judith, I agree about Spirit on the branch. Once they grew I mostly can't tell Faith and Hope apart, except maybe side by side.


Eaglet! Down in front!

becky sandner

Will be sad when they are gone.
Why arent posts from twitter getting on?

Judith Hart

For the last week the hardest are Spirit and Hope. But now I think Hope is starting to get more white than Spirit.

Charles Kinsey

---------------OT - computer______________

John W. - post #75 - If you are familiar with the snipping tool,once you click on the pic and get pop-out pic,you can "activate" the snipping tool which will give the entire window a translucent appearance.Use the cursor and left click on one corner of pic you want to save-hold click,drag to opposite corner then release.Momentarily,a new window will appear givig you the option to save in different formats and assign a title.
Snipping tool can be accessed in start/menu program under accessories if you're not familiar- along with the paint feature which gives you another way to save pic to your pictures library folder.
You can zoom in/out with the ctrl +/- keys prior to snipping.I can scroll my pop out pic with my laptop touchpad but not all have this feature.The arrow keys do not work for me on the pop out.Confusing but hope this helps some - ask if more questions. ( info pertains to Windows 7 )


WOW those are awsome pictures. Thank you so much.

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