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June 12, 2012


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We sure appreciate your efforts on the sound, Mr. John.

I think today will be exciting with all the confidence we see in their flying. I would not be surprised to learn that today is the day for fledging..if they haven't done so already. So nice to see all 3 of them together again! Will sure miss them..that a given!!

Thank you, Alcoa and Mr. John for all you have given us..a REALLY BIG DEAL!!

Lucille B

Mavis, Again I need to echo your comments. I posted some thoughts about all three on the nest as one of the last postings from yesterday. I guess we will have to be patient about the lack of sound. At least "Our Juvies" are giving us quite a show this morning! Have a great day! I'm off to take care of my "family" and then to the doctor. Will be happy to catch up later.
Alcoa & Mr. John, many thanks again and again!

Lucille B

Mavis, before closing out I just read your description of what was happening in the nest. It sounded like I was right for a change. I must be getting better with identifications because my description of the scene matched yours. I feel so good about that. Also see that you received the card. Thanks for sharing. I was going to wait for my husband to help me get it on this site, but thanks to you, I don't have to. Have a blessed day!


What a nice treat to see them all together in the nest! :) Love these kids----will be proud to see them take to the skies, wings outstretched, soaring proudly. Thank you, Alcoa, for maintaining this terrific site!

G Nash

Are they still branching or has someone taken the "big leap"? There are 2 in the nest @11am. Has someone brought them breakfast/lunch?

This has also been an education on the area of the Mississippi up there. Before I found out where Alcoa really was, I was imagining it out in a vast uninhabited area. Boy, was I wrong. I thought eagles only nested in the mountains. Wrong again. So I asked once before & didn't look for the answer, but, is it dangerous to humans to be around 5 eagles? I once helped care for a red-wing hawk and it decided to walk on my back one day, not fun, because it 'liked' me. He coulda done real damage if he hadn't. Does it make staff there nervous being around them? Thanks again.

Ev Reker

Sound would be nice but the camera is worth a thousand words. Thank you for making it available.
What I would like to know is when fish or food is brought in and not shared, how long can the eaglet go without nourishment as they are so active.
Probably a dumb question???????Ev R


I haven't seen the parents in a couple of weeks and even though I check in several time a day, I have not seen anyone eating. Are they eating out?


Thanks so much for the update. I have learned so much about eagles from this website. It would be wonderful to have the sound back, but I'm enjoying your posts and photos to supplement the webcam.


Ev - as eaglets grow they don't need to eat every day, just like adult eagles. They probably don't go more than a day though because they also get their fluids from the meat they eat. No such thing as a dumb question!

Mark - the parents are in and out every day. Usually making food drops, but sometimes just stop by with grass or with nothing. They don't hang out in the nest long, but will often feed Spirit if food is brought in and shared.

 Beth in AZ

Mr John, no sound is just fine, pictures say a thousand words. Thank You, Alcoa for all your efforts to keep up informed.
God Bless our little family.


Mark..both parents are seen on the nest daily. Both were on nest yesterday and Justice was seen feeding two of the eaglets twice yesterday. Food is usually drop and go and doesn't last long. I think 2 or 3 fish were brought in yesterday. There are some days that food seems light but they are getting fed. I wonder how much is eaten off nest but don't know.


ooh-nooo! I can't wait another week for sound! I miss it so much.

G Nash

Empty nest sydrome! Nobody's home.


Thanks Cheryl.



Thanks Mavis,


Pearl Nelson

My parakeet asks that the sound stay broken. Actually he just said "Buddy" (his name and the only word he knows), but I'm pretty sure of his preference re the sound.


Buddy's Mom

G Nash

and they're back. another windy day.


Hello everyone, gone 4 days and still get to see 2 of the eaglets - YEA! While it would be nice to have the sound back, like at least a couple people said, a picture is worth a thousand words. Just so happy we got to see all 3 eaglets come this far and looking so good. THANKS ALCOA!

cindy bastion

Sounds is nice but its the picture that's so important to us. Thank you sooooo much for this feed. Has been responsible for great conversations with grandchildren and a new-found awareness of the world that we never get to see. Thanks to Alcoa for this and you for all your dedication.

Judith Hart

Hope did a few VTOL'S, hovered over Spirit for awhile, then flew away. Spirit in the nest picking on a fish head.


@beamg, Welcome back! Hope you had a great visit.@ 3:45 I see one of the eaglets home alone. Yes, it does look windy, but sunny and cooler I think.

Carol C

2 in the nest one with fish & when it went over by the other eglet it moved. That seemed kind of strage. Yes it is pretty windy again & cool. I'm sure they r loving it!! I'm heading over there soon. I hope to see them or mom & dad. THANKS AGAIN ALCOA!!

Wimberly Crichton

has one of the eaglets left the nest permanently? I've only seen 2 pop in for the past few days.


Ya'll remember we talked about corn on the cob? You gotta see this!


Pretty neat! Just for you, Greta!!


G. Nash..I don't like the empty nest syndrome. I miss the babies. They were so cute every step of the way. Now..they are simply gorgeous!!


beamg!!! How was the visit with your mom? I bet you both loved it. Moms will always be moms and they love their babies (you)!!

Glad you are back! We got to see all 3 babies in the nest at one time this morning. It was like they were getting together and playing with each other for old times sakes. I think they all know their lives are about to change..so sweet and sad (for me). This experience...and meeting all you guys..well, it has been an absolute treasure I'll always remember.

Judith Hart

Mavis, I guess the nuked worms stay inside the husk with the silk‽


Wimberly, I don't know if any of them have actually fledged yet but it is unusual to see all 3 in the nest at one time. BUT...today...all 3 have been in the nest at one time. They played and air hopped and flew..they seemed to have a great time together. That is Spirit on the Alcoa branch right now. I'm not sure where the other two are.

Carol C

Mavis what a cool way to make corn. wow no mess!!

Carol C

The other juvie is in the lower left side of the nest. Can see it's tail evey once in awhile.


How sweet, only one in the nest now, I'm going with Spirit, looking down at the fish as if to say..."hey, is this all for me"? Every now and then, she looks around to see if anyone is watching her lunch!! I will sure miss these babies!! I know, we all call them babies, and they will always be that in my heart....(sighing)...;)


Common Spirit...take a bite!


I do hope the sound gets fixed before they go away for good. This morning, one of them was on the branch screaming about something..would have been fun to hear. Not complaining Alcoa, not one bit!!! LOL I don't know if I have said Thank You lately, but, Thank You...something I will never forget. Even looking forward to next year, and the knowledge I will have will make that experience all the better!


Judith..You and I think alike. When I sent it to my neice..I told her I would peel back the top and make sure it was worm free! You could peel it back..cut the top out (just the cob part..not the silks) then microwave it!!

First time I've seen that trick! Love it.

Judith Hart

The Loon is sitting in the nest with the baby.


Deb II

Judith, I think that is just a video you are seeing on the loon site. Their cam has been down since yesterday. Larry's blog talks about it.

Judith Hart

It must have restarted, I'm going to the live cam not the video tab on the right.

It is on and off.

kathryn Magendie

Well, sound or no sound, this has been an awesomely wonderful experience. Thank y'all, all.


6:00 EDT

Spirit and Faith on the nest and two fish as well. Spirit on the limb and Faith is working on one of the fish. Where is Hope? Figured she would show up for the fish.


Wow..that baby Loon has really grown and cute as a button! thanks Judith and Deb II


One on the branch in the wind when I tuned in. It was interesting seeing the wind blow up the feathers and show all the white underneath. Then it started looking up and around and after a buffering time there were 2 down in the nest.


Hi-just an update on the loon cam--at about 6:15 cdt

from the social stream "11 minutes ago • BroadbandCorp. Thank you all for being so patient"

they are still working on it-and as DebII said-they are replaying a video as the live stream so we all can enjoy some more time with the little one. check out the timer in the upper left corner to give you an idea. you can check progress through their loon chat and BB is posting quite often on their loon social stream and working hard to get it back.

so chat and stream are working-from reading some posts, the cam equipment must have taken a hit-and posters are saying have yet to hear from larry today-tues afternoon--he posted yesterday while out of town-so could be a storm thing hit in his area.

anyway, the loon chat and the social stream are 2 good sources of info if anyone is interested and hopefully larry will be back up and running soon.

and since i type so slow--perhaps it's happened in the last 10 minutes!

have a good evening all!

Lynn Smith

Is there a way that you can aim the camera toward the branches? Would love to see them as they are bouncing from limb to limb. Thank you for this cam and a wonderful season.


where IS everybody?

Judith Hart

Everybody's "GONE FISHIN"

Sally of Michigan

Who is it in the nest now all alone?


Gosh Judith..I went to the last post to read the posts backwards in my catch up and I read:

"Everybody's "GONE FISHIN"....my mouth just dropped to a "say what?"

Still laughing!

Charlie..they have been on/off the nest all day. Playing a lot..resting..air hops..branching...they had a good day. Sometimes the nest is empty. I see one is back on the nest now.

Elizabeth Rieder

IF you just have to have a bird in the nest dose try the Osprey nest. They are doing their usual activity. Mom even took a PS off the nest, that should make you feel at home.
Every body seem busy preening and just being Osprey babies.
The Eaglets are trying to hone their skills and flying to other places is one of them. It would not surprise me to see that nest empty at night some time soon. As much as we love these guy,we know that these next3-4years are filled with danger that they will face and hopefully survive.
I was look at the surface of that nest and with three babies and 2 parents,it sure takes a beating. Liberty and Justice have a real job ahead of them.I hope they find just the right sticks and piles of sweet hay to line it with for those three eggs(hopefully) in the early spring.

Judith Hart

Mavis....Are you aware that 1 silk on corn goes to 1 kernel, so all the silks on corn are attached to each kernel.
Just read that!


hi all-just saw blog posting at 6:30 pm cdt from larry re: loon chick. apparently the loon cam got fried in sunday's storm as well as his phone and internet. he goes into much greater detail, but the good news is after some concern, he finally saw the chick this pm and it seems to be doing well. for any of you who have taken a fancy to this little cutie, get all the many details at his loon blog which he can now post to after emergency internet visit.

have a good evening!

Cindy Munger

I don't care what they say, these birds have individual personalities. The one that just did a fly-by.....Did a dance, put the right talons in, put the right talons out, put the right talons in and then lets shake them all about......They are funny birds ...

Greta in Kansas

One in the nest practicing grabbing a big stick AND flying at the same time -- must be a difficult coordination feat to master -- he's trying so hard!


Mavis, that corn trick is great! I'll have to show it to my husband! And the guy demonstrating it is a hoot!

Greta in Kansas

GNash -- Good question earlier today about whether it's dangerous to be around 5 eagles! I do know the nest is in a rather secluded area of the Alcoa property, but people are around mowing & such from time to time. My guess is that the eagles, like most wildlife, prefer to avoid people.

Greta in Kansas

@ Pearl -- You literally made me laugh out loud with your comment about your parakeet preferring the site without sound! Too funny!

@Lynn Smith -- it's my understanding the eagle cam is a fixed camera, so it can't be aimed or zoomed or anything. That would be pretty cool, but thank goodness we've got a camera at all, right? Thanks again, Alcoa!

Judith Hart

Greta, Didn't you give us the video on the cooler corn? Can't wait to try that.

Greta in Kansas


Yes, I found the cooler corn "recipe." Now I just need to invite a crowd over, and then try the no-silk trick with it! ;-)



No, I didn't know that! What a fascinating fact to tuck away! I do know that silk on sweet corn is EASY to remove...make you cuss removing it from field corn! We learned a neat trick..when we shuck field corn to cream..we use the air compressor and air hose at 20 to 40 lbs (I think) and it blows every bit of the silk away in seconds.

I really didn't know that about corn. Makes sense because we always say when the corn silking..it is making corn.

I see Faith on the Alcoa branch. Can't tell if anyone else is in the nest as she is blocking the view. Faith is going to miss that limb!

Oma Kyle

Judith, having work for a hybrid seed corn company for 3 summers, I could tell you lots about corn. But the information about 1 kernel per thread of corn silk is factual....Actually each individual piece of silk is a hollow tube (like a soda straw) that allows pollen grains to fertilize each kernel within the husk so that it will grow. On occasion you may strip back an ear and discover a few small, undeveloped buds which indicates that those kernels were not fertilized for some reason.

Ok class, that ends our discussion for this evening. Tomorrow's topic, 'The role of detasseling in the production of hybrid sweet corn'. Stay tuned...


Cindy..they do have personalities. Spirit is still meek when around his sisters and feeding time. Spirit is fast to learn and the first to branch to the Alcoa limb. And..he is the most loving. Faith is loving, proud and loves his home. Faith is also timid about trying new things and was the last to branch. Hope...I haven't figured her out yet. She is smart and independent..and she cares about Spirit and Faith. She is a homemaker.

And they all are so loveable!!


Greta..I've got to get some mittens like his! I always grab a paper towel to hold on the the corn and usually get burnt! I love a man who can and will cook.


No..No..NO! Oma..finish it..this is really fascinating! I know corn silk is tough. As many fields of corn we planted..the ears I shucked..and creamed...I did NOT know that! Tell us more

Faith is alone in the nest..just saw one fly-by. Wonder how many will sleep in the nest tonight.


There's Spirit...there WAS Spirit..she just came in at 10 o'clock and took off at 8 o'clock. She is so ready for her next adventure! Faith is just soaking it all in.

Greta in Kansas



Judith, Mavis, Oma -- fascinating stuff about how corn grows. I do think I'd learned that about corn silk, but it was out there with all the other things I've forgotten over the years!

Now, as for detasseling, Oma, is that something I need to worry about with the four rows of corn I planted this year? (And what on earth is it?)

Greta in Kansas


Oh, yes, Mavis, I DO love a man who cooks! I am sooo lucky to be married to a man who likes to cook, and has made me dinner for the past 30+ years! Every time he does something that annoys me, I remind myself that he cooks dinner every night -- wow, that's worth a lot!


Greta..I know you didn't just ask that? The tassel? Is that something else you forgot?!! Whoa...this is getting deep and serious!! Holding my sides laughing..(with you, Sweetie..not at you).

Greta in Kansas

Faith is preening H/S!! She ran her beak along the edge of the other one's wing, kind of "chewing" at it, and then did the same to her tail feathers!
Now she's kind of biting at her head feathers -- the second one seems to like it. How interesting!


Greta...what is the name of that TV series where they swap husbands or wives...no..don't go there..legit..anyway..my hubby won't even fix his own coffee. I keep reminding myself that he just don't know how!! But he can ride a motorcycle! Wanta swap?

Greta in Kansas


Oh, Mavis, I know what the tassel is -- I just don't know what DE-tasseling means, and why you'd want to do it. (OK, keep laughing....)

Greta in Kansas


LOL, Mavis -- well, my husband's a good cook and good with computers and history and literature, but he's completely at a loss when it comes to any kind of home repairs -- so *I* have taken on that role!


Spirit is on the limb now and Faith is doing some scratching in the nest. Now she is laying down. Remember how Faith used to sleep on the food pile or with her leg and claw around a fish?


It has been fun...and it has been a good day. Goodnight everyone.

Wonder where Charles is? And if Carol had any luck seeing the eagles? Anyway..I'm beat. GN

Oma Kyle

Mavis, I think that we'd better plan on team teaching tomorrow's lesson. I'll handle the removing the tassel, hence detasseling part of the lecture and with your advanced medical knowledge, you can explain the fertilization aspects...okay?

Greta, I know that it's hard to wait, but in the meantime, please don't go out and remove any of those corn tassels unless your plan is to grow corn shocks for fall decorating rather than sweet corn for the table.... (:

Oma Kyle

Good idea Mavis, I'm going to turn in too and I don't plan on checking back in at least twice before crashing.... ;)
Good nite all!



@ Cindy, I love you perspective about personalities, I've seen it all along, well, in my little world! And where is Charles/John or is Charlie now Charles/John?jeez, I'm so confused! I love all the corn story's! Lot's of things I didn't know, see the wealth of knowledge we are, well you all are! But, I have an awesone and easy corn souffle recipe that I would be glad to share with you, great for picnics. I make it from scratch, you can use creamed can and regular can corn, but from scratch is the best!

ET: @ 10:05 I see one little baby sitting on the branch, and yes, in my world it's little Spirit...Have a good night all.

Greta in Kansas


Oma, since my corn plants are all of 8 inches tall, I don't think I'll be dealing with any tassels any time soon. I shall, however, await my lesson tomorrow from you & Mavis & Judith. I was always a good & well-behaved student -- I will take notes! LOL!

Mindy Gibson Frey

Now you know I love our babies the best, but I have to admit that I do on occassion check out the Decorah, Dollywood and White Rock eaglets. The White Rock babies have had a stuffed animal in the nest since they were little grey fuzzballs. It moves around the nest but it has never been tossed out. I personally think that is just about the cutest thing ever! They have a stuffie to keep them company! I am betting when Mom or Dad swooped down and went in for the kill, they thought they had a live animal! Cute! Cute! Cute!

Greta in Kansas


Colleen -- at the risk of incurring the "no recipes" crowd's wrath, I would love it if you shared your corn souffle recipe -- my husband's gonna have to do SOMETHING will all that corn I'm doubtless going to produce! Ha! Maybe on Facebook? We're friends there, right?

Greta in Kansas

Mindy, I'm going to have to check out the White Rock nest again. I did look in once and see the stuffed animal -- can't believe it's still there!! Cute is right!!

Greta in Kansas

Well, one of our babies is on the Alcoa branch with head tucked in -- when did they learn to do that?

I'm ready to sleep, too. Good night, all!

Raptures are Awesome

Mavis, when I think of Hope the term "couch potato" comes to mind. Seems like I'd always catch sight of her (when she was little) laying down, one with the nest, like a rolly polly, while the others were up and moving around. They seemed much more energetic than she.

Greta, I've been trying to watch to see if they would preen each other but have always been limited in my available viewing time and never really saw it. Thanks for sharing your observation! Couple things about preening that I find interesting and maybe others might: OT: - in parrot world preening can serve several purposes: 1) it's a bonding behavior when a parrot preens another or even its human owner. Mine love me to "scritch" their head feathers and my old Amazon used to try to preen my hair; 2) it helps free new feathers which are covered in a waxy like sheath and 3) I think there might be some oil glands on their body and preening helps distribute small amounts of oil which conditions the existing feathers. My guess is there may be some similarities between parrots and eagles when it comes to preening.

Cindy Munger


I have noticed EXACTLY what you said about their personalities. Faith seems to watch out for Spirit. When he is alone in the nest, it hasn't been too long before she shows up. Today, she was showing off for him and when she left for a bit, he mimicked what she was doing. So funny. I was afraid that I wasnt able to tell them apart, but so far, I feel very confident after a minute or two watching them. I listened and waited until someone said, No thats Faith or whatever and

I sat here thinking, Yeah, what she said... Faith is the one y'all call Sprinkles because of all of the white under feathers showing through correct??
I have been watching since these little guys were eggs, so I'm going to have a severe case of empty nest syndrome. I can even watch when I'm getting ready to go out because I have them on the big wide screen and can see it in my mirror.
Does anyone know what the statistics are concerning longevity after fledging? I would like to think that nowadays they have a better chance of survival than when I was a kid and they were still using DDT. OK enough of my rambling, I'm on Pacific time so I still have the blue heron babies to check in on. Thanks all of you eagle-oholics. Tomorrow same bat time, same eagle station.


Raptures, my birds love for me to preen their head feathers, too. My conure loves to arrange my hair for me. You're right, they have oil glands at the base of their tails, on top. Kinda like where their bodies end and tail feathers start. If you watch them preen themselves they will rub their beaks back and forth there to get oil to spread on their feathers.

Ladies, I know quite a bit about growing corn since I grew up on a farm(mostly dairy and vegetables), but I sure never knew that there was a silk for each kernel of corn. So interesting! I'm anxiously waiting for Greta's lesson tomorrow.

Hope I get to spend more time tomorrow watching our beauties. Today was a busy day.

Nite everyone!

Cindy Munger

I'm lucky if I don't boil the pan dry when boiling water, but do love growing things, so I am looking forward to tomorrows lesson.

Lucille B

Finally got a chance to check in on "our Eaglets." Even though the nest is pretty dark I can see one of our Juvies on the Alcoa branch. If I had to guess I would say that it is Faith because he/she seems to love that branch and seems to like preening in front of the camera. I'm probably wrong, but it's fun to think it's Faith preening! Just caught up with the posts from today. All of you Eagle Watchers seem to have a great time on & off topic. Sorry i missed out on the corn! I did get to see the video and like most of you I learned something new! That's one of the greatest things about this site: we get to learn many different things every day(on/off Eagle topics). Thanks again for sharing your knowledge & reports on today's activities!
Well, goodnite now and as the saying goes, sleep tight! Don't let bad dreams or Arthur-itis disturb your rest!


I cannot believe our babies will be gone soon. My heart will have an empty place. Liberty and Justice have shown remarkable care, love and skill. I hope they return and we can visit with them and each other next spring!

OT.......After you cook the corn in the microwave for four minutes per ear is it ready to eat after you take it out of the peelings, or do you cook it in water for a longer time?

John Kinsey


=========BED CHECK===============

One eaglet - either F/H/S- sitting on Alcoa branch preening and looking around and trying to get an occasional nap.Must be quite a transition from sleeping curled up/stretched out in the nest - then going to learning how to sleep while standing on a limb without falling off. I can't see into nest but do see a wing tip coming into view from the bottom left corner of nest as someone - either F/H/S - is stretching or preening.

Davn. temp is 56 degrees - humidity @ 67% - winds easterly at 5mph. Nest is still and tree leaves not blowing.Some light/moderate rain on radar in NW Iowa and moving to the east.


I've been away most of day and still haven't caught up on past few days posts yet.I didn't see that anyone has started a format for us to continue our posts during the off season,so as mentioned earlier,I thought I would give it a try,at least to get started so we can keep in touch.I have opened a new fb account with an alternate email address for me to connect.I have run into a couple of glitches during the process and will continue to try and work things out so we will still be able to communicate as securely as possible. Just wanted to let you know that I'm working on it and should have more time in the next few days to continue.Will let you know as things develop. In the meantime we can continue to enjoy our eagles and communicate on this site ultil they leave the nest for good - hopefully not for a while yet but they are gradually weaning us.

Cindy - re: your post #83 - I used to have that problem of boiling the pot dry to get hot water. I have found that the best way to prevent that from happening is to put the pot of water on the stove and forget to turn it on. Works every time.


John Kinsey


Cherie - re: your corn cooking question - I can't really speak with any certainty but after 4 minutes of microwave cooking, I am ready to eat whether the corn is ready or not - I figure that by then, any crawlies are done and unrecognizable - just look like kernels of corn !

John Kinsey


Happy Birthday Miss Tammy - hope your day is a special one !


the corn should be cooked for 8 min.two ears at a time, husks and all.will be redy to eat.

Judith Hart

Looks like everyones up and out early this morning.


Corn is a monoecious plant, which produces both male and female flowers on the same plant.Both flowers are initially bisexual (or "perfect"), but during the course of development the female components (gynoecia) of the male flowers and the male components (stamens) of the female flowers abort. The corn silk growing out of the ear is the female part of a corn plant, and the tassel growing out the top of the corn stalk is the male part.

The corn silk is the stigma and style of the female part of the corn. The stigma is the sticky end of the silk where pollen attaches. The style is the tube from the stigma to the ovary, where the embryo (kernel) forms on the fruitcase (cob). Every ovary (a potential kernel) has its own strand of corn silk.

Pollen forms in the anther on the corn tassel. As the pollen matures, it is released and carried by the wind to the female stigma of nearby corn plants. The pollen then travels down the style and fertilizes the ovary, which develops into a kernel of corn at the other end of that strand of corn silk.

If all ovaries have been fertilized, the ear of corn (/pages/14154/corn-ear-development) is completely filled out with kernels. If there are a few kernels missing or they are poorly formed, those ovaries were not fertilized or were aborted during development.

For more information on this and other topics related to corn production, contact your state extension corn specialist or your local extension educator/agent.

Following is the link to the corn extension specialists: state extension corn specialist (http://www.agry.purdue.edu/ext/corn/experts/CornSpec.html) .


Well, here it is literally: the empty-nest syndrome.

Lucille B

Goodmorning all: Yes, Maisie, I guess we are definitely experiencing empty nest syndrome. But isn't it great that we have other things to post about when "Our Juvies" are not here entertaining us. Just loved all the "corn talk."
Thank you Judy for the knowledge & link about corn!
Happy Birthday , Tammy!
And Mavis, Thank you for welcoming me into the beginners club! I have been trying to post on FB and my post keeps on disappearing. I need HELP!
Thank you John, for accepting me as a friend!
Have a great day everyone!

Lucille B

What do you think? Are they branching or possibly fledging? Disappointing to not see any of them in the nest this morning. As someone said yesterday, "Maybe they've gone fishing!" :)

Janice Reichert

This morning when I checked in on the little ones like I do every morning all I saw was an empty nest. It's the first time I've seen that. Wonder if they are trying their wings or just sitting on branches out of camera view. These past few months have been quite a learning experience from watching the eggs until now. Thank you Alcoa.



I microwave my corn 3 minutes on one side and turn it and zap it again for 2 minutes on the OTHER side...I do that for 1 ear of corn. For 2 ears..4 minutes on 1 side and 4 minutes on the other should work. When you go to peel back the husks..steam rises and it can burn you. I am anxious to try the video method. I would peel back gently the top 1 inch of the corn before I microwave to be sure no worm is in the corn. Be careful not to disturb the silk more that you have to.

Cherie..microwave corn actually tastes so much better than boiled shucked corn. Once you try it..you will know what I mean. Just be sure you microwave with the shucks on. Personally, I remove the outer-most shucks and leave the inner shucks before I microwave. ENJOY!!

Oma Kyle

Parent in the nest (Justice?) but no kids in sight...

Oma Kyle

Justice just left...


7:46 EDT

I think that is Liberty on the nest and is scratching around for food. The babies are no where for US to see. I think she is trying to show them where to look for food when they are hungry.

Just before Liberty flew in..a little brown bird hopped onto the nest from the lower right. She/he walked around scratching for a moment..saw Liberty's shadow and GOT OUT OF THERE!! Funny. Liberty won't let anything on her nest that doesn't belong. I was worried the little think would end of as a morsel but it escaped!!

It is 7:51 EDT! YOU SNOOZE...YOU LOSE!! Wake up..the fun has started!! Good morning everyone!

Judith Hart

Last post was by JC at 1:54AM spotting someone in the nest or nest area.


Yeah, Tammy...Happy Birthday. I know you have a lot to be thankful for and today will be one birthday you will not soon forget!!


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