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June 20, 2012


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Carol C

AWSOME PICTURES FOR BALD EAGLE DAY!! YEA!! I was there this afternoon 3:30 but I didn't see them Darn. But I went to Big Island & saw dad flying for hours & churping at the same time. Those babies r still in the nest.

John Kinsey

Thanks for the updates and new pics.

Good to see them all airborne !!!


Thanks for the great pictures of them celebrating the 1st day of summer as well as all you have done for us all season.

Elizabeth Rieder

Great pictures of the three and now we can study the feather markings of the group and argue about which is which. HA HA I downloaded them to my eagle file and can pull up side by side of the pic.
Thanks a million Mr John. you are the best.

Sandy S- Arizona

Thank you Alcoa for the amazing pictures you continue to post for everyone. It is sad to see an empty nest, so the pictures make my day brighter. Thank You again for your camera and notes every day. They are magnificent birds. Look forward to next "eaglet" season.

Oma Kyle

Thank you Mr. John for the great pixs of our soaring eagles. Having tried to capture birds in flight at various times, I continue to be amazed at your success in photographing 'our' eagles not to mention the three peligans in flight formation today! I bow to your photography skills...

Susan L. Weimer

So fun to see them soar. This last number of months have been the best experience! Thank you so much

LaDean Spring

Thanks for the pics. It's great to see the babies in flight. Makes the circle complete for me now.

Thomas Mak

Maybe the new eaglets/eagles are Freedom and its offspring? Do you ever see Freedom since last year?

Barbara in CA.

Thanks for the new photos and comments. It is terrific that they accept having you there as an observer. Nice photos.

LaDean Spring

Freedom would not be old enough to have offspring yet. Not until they mature which is 4-5 years old.

Carol C

Thomas there r other juvies around but we'll never know if it's Freedom. Like La Dean said Freedom won't have babies til 4 or 5 years old.


Thanks for those beautiful photos of the kids flying...it's making me cry. What a joyful sight!!

Scheryl Grant

Thanks for awesome pics!
The young are so big while soaring!


Such success! What a joyful thing to look at those pictures. Thanks so much for all you've done, Alcoa, to make this available to us.


I can't thank you enough for these glorious pictures of the Alcoa eagles! It brings tears to my eyes to think all three of them have apparently made it to flying. Just wonderful to see these shots of them living their eagle lives! wow.


Happy Bald Eagle Day everyone! Thank you Mr. John for the pics. I am so happy to see them and know they are doing well. Sad to see an empty nest but wonderful to know they made it.

Judith Hart

Thank You Mr. John, for your fantastic photographic skills at capturing our National Emblem, The Bald Eagle, and their majestic beauty in flight.


Just want to reiterate all that has been said before me...thank you for everything you have done. Marvelous experience from a marvelous company.


Thank you Mr. John for the great photos of the trio. Interesting that other eaglets have taken up with our trio. So good to see them soaring against the sky.Thanks to you and Alcoa for the updates. Please continue the good work. I look forward to the next generation.

Lucille B

Mr. John, What a great way to celebrate American Eagle Day, You are the Best!!! We Eagleholics love you & Alcoa for this absolutely wonderful experience. Among your many other talents, you sure are a great photographer! Right now while we are all suffering from "empty nest syndrome" you knew exactly what would make us feel better. A glimpse at "Our Babies" all grown up and soaring above the trees! May they all continue to prosper and be safe as their world expands! You and Liberty & Justice must be so proud! Thank you so very much for the awsome photos!!!!

Lucille B

have any of you Eagleholics been able to view the John Denver Video :On the Wings of An Eagle" on youtube? I posted the website earlier today and Carol was able to actually post the video on our Nesters Nest FB page. If you haven't, you should; it goes so nicely with the awesome photos Mr. John provided for us today --- American Eagle Day!


Mr. John - Absolutely amazing pictures of our eaglets. It may be a little sad to tune into an empty nest, but seeing them in flight, becoming such majestic birds is such a joy. I so appreciate the wonderful parents that Liberty and Justice are and what a caring company Alcoa is. Thank you so much.


Well . . . somebody enjoyed that fish today. (And is it just me or is it awfully sad/creepy to see an intact fish head attached to nothing but a spine? Rather drives home the point that these gorgeous birds are efficient predators, and their prey are eaten alive. I especially hate seeing those vacant turtle shells. Nature is indeed cruel as well as beautiful!)

Montie Acuff

I have thoroughly enjoyed watching these eaglets grow and mature. I will miss them a lot. Look forward to next year. Thank you so much Alcoa for making this phenomenal experience available to everyone.

Deb II

Thank you so much for this wonderful experience! Looking at those pictures and actually seeing them in flight gave me goose bumps!



Julie Chormann

Thank you for posting the amazing pics. They are so majestic - it almost brought tears to my eyes. I can't believe they were little grey fuzzballs a few months ago and now they are proud, soaring eagles! I'm so happy they beat the odds and that all 3 are out flying. Liberty and Justice are great parents and I thank God for watching over them. Thank you Alcoa for all you do for these eagles and the environment.


I agree Oma. Catching a good shot of a moving airborn target is very hard to do...Do you give lessons John. I've been trying to get good osprey shots for a while now, but nothing worth posting. It is hard enough just getting them in the viewfinder...focus is another thing entirely. Your pics are great!

Thanks for the invite to the nesters nest site on FB. I will post a link to my slide show there, and also when I finish tabulating food deliveries...(by next June) I will post the results there too.

Margaret M. Callahan

OMG They are beautiful!
It's too hard to view an empty nest - but your updates and photos help! Thank you.

John Kinsey


Just tuned back in a few minutes past 9 EDT - Liberty arrived with a fish - Juvie came in right behind her and claimed and mantled it and began eating - Liberty departed after she told her child "good job of mantling" !

John Kinsey


Juvie just departed nest - fish made a good meal.


One of the earlier posts I made on the Alcoa blog was to Mavis regarding a small mammal that was brought to the nest back in March.

The following video was made to share with most of you who will never see this little animal because of their cunning nature, quick movement, excellent sense of smell, and unbelievable camouflage.

I apologize for the quality of the video clips as all of this was caught on a day without a tripod, but I hope the content makes up for it.

The relevant points I want to make are on the 40s throughout the vid.

1) At 40 seconds you can see why this animal was at first confused with a squirrel. A few Black squirrels had been brought to the nest previously, but the identifiers can be seen here. The Black squirrel has a bushy tail, the Mink not so much, the minks head is very streamlined almost bullet shaped similar to its cousins the Otter (larger), and the Weasel (smaller) also the minks fur looks and feels very soft almost downy, and has a rich sheen. If you only have a quick view of a speedy animal, the streamlined shape coupled with the hunched back tell you that it is probably one of those three animals. Fisher also have a similar body shape and the hunched back however their heads are not as pointed as their water habitat relatives.

2) At 1:40 you will see the mink in the process of dragging a Sea Lamprey to its den, and in the following moments (focus on the middle upper screen) witness the struggle to get this squirmy thing into food storage. During this time of year, or any time that food sources are plentiful you will often see mink storing away food in hiding spots for later use when food supplies may be low…any similarity with our Eagle family?

3) At 2:40 and the following seconds, you will see the hole in the rocks and the mink peeking out from its den.

4) Mink are known as bloodthirsty killers and will attack prey much larger than them. Although today was a fishing day, at 3:40 the Heron was wise to fly away. If much more time had passed, I would not have been surprised to see the Mink become aggressive to take the food away…The competition for survival reminds me of our eagle family too.

5) The only thing special at 5:40 is to show how quick their movements are, and how hard they often are to see.

6) At 6:40 till the end...One of the things that Mavis had commented about was that she was surprised she hadn’t seen them on her property…after the speed seen at 5:40 and how good their camouflage is at 6:40 I’m sure you can understand why you haven’t seen them Mavis…Also Mink are often more likely to be active at night.


Darlene Nichols

Great pictures......thank you for them and your commentary............thank you to ALCOA for making it possible for us to share the eagles and ospreys journey.....and thank you to all who added their comments...........its been fun and informative to read them all


i cannot tell you how greatful my husband and I are to share this adventure with you. Thank you Alcoa for your gift to all of us. It is amazing how 3 little chicks have united the world but thousands of humans cannot manage that. thanks again Alcoa.

Joyce Richardson

To all those who have posted and kept me up to date here in California. I was sad to see the empty nest, but I will be forever grateful for this wonderful experience. And thanks to Mr. John for giving us those pics. I will look forward to next season and hope our Country can be as glorius as our three magnificent Eagles. God Bless America. Joyce in Pinecrest, California

Verlyn Hanson

Thank YOU for these gorgeous pictures of the baby eagles flying, never seen anything like it before, THANK YOU!


Wow! Awesome photos!


Thank you Mr. John. I can only repeat what others have said. It's been amazing to get to watch these eagles hatch and grow and fledge and the way their parents nurtured them and taught them. Wonderful! I will never forget how worried I was the Spirit wasn't going to make it. That he would not make it to fledge because of sibling rivalry or neglectful parents. Alcoa and your efforts have educated me daily. Thank you!

Judith Hart

Jim, Enjoyed the video of the mink....I never realized what busy bees they are and fast.


Beautiful & Amazing Pictures..

Seems like only yesterday they were 3 little "fuzzballs" in the nest..with some of us worrying if they were getting fed enough, etc..

Now they are "soaring the skies"...looking all "grown up"...

What an AWESOME EXPERIENCE it has been & still is...

THX again to all involved...

Cindy Munger

Just look at how beautiful these juvies are. They are drop-dead gorgeous. Spirit in the middle picture, girls on each side of him. We have been so fortunate to have witnessed this family develop and go on to leave the nest to start a new life on their own. Alcoa, Mister J, Thank you. Can't wait to see what you come up with to commemorate this "litter" I would LOVE one of those beautiful pictures on a t-shirt, or a mug........

John Kinsey

=================BED CHECK====+++++++++++++++

I see that the bed is still there but I don't see anyone in it. It appeared to be empty at dark.

Our proud and fully fledged eaglets are all perched on limbs somewhere nearby, acting like the big Eagles they are - awaiting another day of adventure in their young lives.

THANK YOU again Mr. John for the photos and update today. They just verify what we had envisioned in our mind's eye.


G Nash

Wow, I still wonder if you don't feel a bit nervous walking around while 5-7 eagles are soaring overhead? The eaglets must be so proud of themselves - they look proud - to finally show their parents what they can do. And what the **** are pelicans doing up there?? The north has changed. Great shots! Thanks.

G Nash

To be with them, soaring
Air in their ears roaring
Smoothly, strongly, flying
At last.

Jack Chao

Mr. John, those are amazing pics! Could I pleas be your intern for the next season?


Thanks Judith. I had told Mavis many weeks ago that I would put together some clips I had collected of the Mink for her to see..At least two mink were brought to the nest over the weeks, so their life and habits are very much a part of the Eagles life.


Rjim..I just watched your mike video. I was really impressed at the speed those little critters move. At one point in the video it LOOKED like the mink put the fish BACK into the water. One more thing I noticed; their fur did not seem as long as I expected it to look. For a while, up in the rocks, it looked like a snake they were working on but guess it was that big fish.

That was an enjoyable watch. Thank you. You put a lot of time into making that, I could tell.


Rjim...geeze...I MEANT your MINK video...NOT your Mike video...its 4:51 AM..guess I need to wake up!


Mr John, I saw your pictures when I got home for work last night. I was so awfully tired but when I saw the pictures, I just sat and stared and smiled for the longest time. I don't know the words to describe the uplifting feelings that rushed through me as I enlarged each picture over and over. I am a grown woman who has been through a lot in this lifetime. I seldom cry anymore..but I sure felt like it last night. For once, I was speechless and could not find the right words to post that would describe the gratitude I felt, for all you have done to make this awesome experience all that it has turned out to be. I still don't have those words. I was tired, but, Mr. John, I felt GOOD when I went to bed last night and gave my puppies an extra hug.

I think, as we get older, and become more aware of our mortality..we want to appreciate all that we can before we leave. We want to understand more than we do. This experience meant different things to different people..but for me..it wasn't just about the eagles..it was how precious life is for ALL of God's creatures. How delicate the balance is and how we are all just trying to survive or "make it". And..those who can survive without damaging the environment of others..well..they walk the best walk of all.

I never dreamed when I glanced at the Alcoa Eagle Cam for the first time that it would grab me with such a powerful hold. Apparently it grabbed millions of people..and you sure made the experience..as awesome as it was..even nicer. So...like all the others who cannot find better words..THANK YOU to you and all the Davenport Alcoa family.


Thanks for the mink video Rjim. afew weeks ago, my husbsnd was fishing in the pond behind our house. Around noon or so, maybe a little later and a mama mink and 4 babies crossed right in front of him. one of the babies actually stopped right in front of him and practically took a walk break right on his foot. Then our labrador spotted them......all were fine but not without a little scuffle. We have had to rid beavers and otter from the pond numerous times. they are very good at destroying a levee!


Well said Mavis. Dang it, got a tear duct cleanse this morning. Aren't they just gorgeous? And to Mr. John and Alcoa, we cannot thank you enough. There are no words I could say that haven't already been said. So from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU. Looking forward to seeing the t-shirts.


Good morning, Tammy. I read where your pain is much better now. So glad...just don't push yourself yet..that will come soon enough. Just sit back a relax watching the empty nest!! If you get bored..just turn on FOX News..the events of the past day or two will pump the blood!

What are those small birds with the large white stripe on their wings that just entered the nest? Their heads almost looked like woodpeckers..but I don't recognize the coloring. Pretty birds.


Trust me Mavis, I am enjoying the doting. My dogs are so happy there is someone home during the days. so glad that they lay on top of me if i rest on the couch so rest is only beneficial on the bed. they cant jump that high :)


Very well said Mavis. For the casual onlooker who just visited a short time, I'm sure they can't understand the deapth of the experience, but your words summed it up quite well.

"I think, as we get older, and become more aware of our mortality..we want to appreciate all that we can before we leave. We want to understand more than we do. This experience meant different things to different people..but for me..it wasn't just about the eagles..it was how precious life is for ALL of God's creatures. How delicate the balance is and how we are all just trying to survive or "make it". And..those who can survive without damaging the environment of others..well..they walk the best walk of all." I agree 100%

As far as the video, that snake like creature was a Sea Lamprey, and yes after all the struggles trying to get it into the den, it did escape. From all the fishing I have observed by many different creatures on the river, the sea Lamprey probably is the most disgusting tasting..I often see animals and birds give up on them, and if you listen closely I have even heard some animals say "yuck" once they get a taste.

I wasn't watching the vid when the recent skeleton showed up in the nest, but my first thought was a Lamprey...Some people said they had seen a mammal delivered to the nest, and if so I was thinking that a weasel would be one of the few slender creatures that it might have been. The other thing that the mink was trying to get into the den was a River Herring, and it succeded in getting that through the opening in the rocks after taking a couple bites.

I thought the coolest footage was when the Mink was contemplating attacking that Heron for the fish. The Heron was many times the size of the Mink.

Tammy my first Mink sighting was climbing mount Chocorua in NH when I was about 12. I was going up a steep section so my mind was on the climb, but I heard a ruccus coming through the woods getting closer. As I took a big step a lightning fast mink ran through my open leggs in hot pursuit of a red squirrel. His mind was definatly on the chase as much as mine was on the climb.


Tammy, I bet those dogs were worried when you were gone most of last week. I know they were super excited when you returned home. They are good at sensing things so I bet they are careful around your arm. It is good to be loved. Take care of you and am happy when you post.

Am off to town. Will catch up when I get back!


Tammy I had missed the postings last week. I hope you recover quickly. With the companionship of pets the recovery always seems a little easier. The best to you.

Peggy Wilson

THANK YOU JOHN, AMAZING PICTURES OF OUR KIDS IN FLIGHT. It is soo amzining to see them in flight now. Cannot thank you enough Alcoa for this amazing journey you have shared with me..Hope the Tshirt is still in the works. I keep watching site for updates so dont forget to post when tshirt is availble. Great idea!! TY ALL SOO MUCH.

Rhonda Clement

What awesome pictures of the three eaglets. I have managed to identify all of them. It's exciting to see them spread their wings for newer horizons! Thank you Alcoa!!

Judith Hart

Hope or Spirit in the nest calling to someone.


Your pictures are incredible!!! Thank you for this experience!!!

Judith Hart

Spirit just flew into the nest joining Hope.


9:09 EDT

Two on the nest..Spirit and Hope..nice to see the two of them together.


9:13 EDT..All THREE in the nest!


Spirit is at 12 o'clock and Hope is laying down..Faith just left.

Judith Hart

Faith on a branch below left , about to join Hope and Spirit in the nest. All three now in the nest.

Lucille B

Mavis, Just read your words in your 5:32am posting and I think no one could have said it better! You certainly are one of the Eagle Watchers who have helped to enrich this awesome experience for all of us! Of course, Mr. John and the staff at Alcoa have been ultimately responsible for providing this most worthwhile opportunity for us to witness some of Nature's Best Moments! Again, I say many thanks to all who have made this one exceptional adventure!


Fabulous pictures! I have watched these babies grow and it warmed my heart to see them fly. Truly magnificent birds! Thank you so much for your camera and commentary!

Lucille B

G Nash, Like your verse! A sentiment I believe we all feel!


Judith..how is Mandy? I wondered about her after you had to restart the chemo. Bless her heart..you have both been through it with her illness.

I think all 3 are in the nest waiting for breakfast. I'm sure M/D still have to provide..wish we could watch them trying to catch their own food. Gosh, Mr. John..Jack can work FREE as your intern and camp out at the site. John Charles said he will build an outhouse for him.

Just look at those babies filling up the nest!!

Mr. John, what is the story about the sound? I know you worked on it as we heard the test patterns the other day. Are you holding out any hope? Just asking..NEVER complaining (much).

All 3 standing and looking skyward..wonder if M/D were calling out

Judith Hart

M/D visited the nest for a moment, the kids sent her out for food.


9:27 EDT

Justice made a quick entry onto the nest..looked around and left..did not see food but S/H looks to be eating something.....WAIT! Is that a big fish?

Lucille B

Rjim, Just watched your mink video and thoroughtly enjoyed it and your great commentary! Question: At one point it looked as if the mink was putting one creature back into the stream. Can you tell what was actually happening there?
Thanks so much for the work you put into it and then sharing it with all of us!


9:37..Spirit on the Alcoa limb..her "pattern" shows up good right now..one still on the nest eating. No fighting..they are just waiting their turn. Can see now..Hope is eating..Faith exited LL but is close by

Lucille B

Wow! All three of our eaglets are back in the nest right now! Looks like they are having a late breakfast!


Spirit was inching up on Hope to get a bite..Hope just nipped at Spirit telling her to back off. Faith is standing back but they are impatient for a bite. Love this scene!!

Elizabeth Rieder

8:35 am CDT----
Some one is looking for food. All three are there. Well one on the limb moved and I saw a fish that was claimed by one and now the other two are looking like they will try to grab some too.IT is a wide flat fish with fins.
I noticed the first one in decide to try that bone thing and took one bit and decide to remove the bit from his mouth with a claw, left that darn thing alone. Now that has to be some bad bones if a eagle does not want it.LOL


Good morning, Libby. Looks like one fish will not be enough for this crew. M/D have their work cut out now to keep them fed until they learn to hunt for themselves.

Spirit is tired of waiting and Hope is down to the lower half of the fish now. Spirit is telling her to save some for her..she is trying to grab the tail..Hope is holding firm..this is getting good!


Whoa..is that Faith that got the fish? Yep..it was Faith instead of Spirit. I didn't see Spirit leave. Hope wants to grab it back but Faith is telling the little piggy to back off!


I wonder what it felt like to fly for the first time. Gosh..I can't even imagine the thrill of the first time out..probably a little scary and the thrill..OMG...the thrill of actually doing it!!

Wonder what M/D thought when they watched..probably scared for them and thrilled when they made it..and proud! I can only imagine.

Elizabeth Rieder

G.Nash I like your little poem. Thanks

Judith hope Mandy is doing ok and eating. You take care too.
Rjim enjoyed the mink video and you recall of the mink and squirrel. If you go on my facebook page and down on the time line , look for a story that I shared from some one about the Very crazy squirrel and a guy on a motor bike. It is in fun of course but until you see a squirrel get into a fight , you would never believe those little furry thing can do so much damage. I have the feeling that minks are sort of like our version of the Tasmanian Devil.They will attack anything for a meal.

Tammy glad you are on the recovery. Remember Rome was not build in a day. We sometimes want everything healed in a minute but the slow steady progress is what will stay with you in the long run.
Just take the time to enjoy the eaglets, your pet and the world,you will not pass this way again.

Nothing like having the whole nest view blocked while some one check the camera,looks around and waits for another food delivery. Can not see anything left from that fish.L/J have to realize that one little fish is not going to make it with this gang.LOL

Carol C

Just checked in when I got to work & WOW all 3 in the nest. WOOHOO!!


Great to see all 3 in the nest this morning. We have to cherish any time we get to see them now.

Please take your political comments to your own group and keep it off Alcoa's website.

Judith Hart

Kate, I didn't see what you're taking about PC ?.....Get up the wrong side of the bed this morn?

Mark Walker

Wow! Great photos. It's great to hear there are a lot of young eagles around. There are some other osprey fledglings at the Alcoa camera site as well. Thank goodness we got rid of DDT when we did. It's taken over 30 years for the populations to come somewhat back. thanks

Lucille B

Judith, Glad to see that someone else didn't know what Kate was talking about. I thought I missed something. Do we have someone else who wants to disrupt the nice communication we have going on here?

Lucille B

By the way Judith, How is Mandy doing? Still eating those great little meals you have been giving her. She is luck to have a "Mom" like you!

Lucille B

Mavis, Thinking about your Macy this morning also. How is she doing?

Judith Hart

Mandy is still eating and ate some dog food last night.....Thanks

Michelle, Colorado  Springs, CO

Beautiful. :)


Have been watching since the eggs hatched, and it has become an obsession. I remember when Liberty would ignore Spirit and we were frightened for him. Then Justice would step in and feed him, and we were relieved. How amazing to see them flying and what beautiful and majestic birds they have become. They beat the odds to have all three fledge!! I think we all had something to do with that...helping them with our support and thoughts and love. Made tears well up in my eyes! It is a great day! Thanks for letting me be a part of this life-changing experience!

Judith Hart

Justice in nest with someting under his talon....I think...shadow.


Can't tell what he's eating. I wonder if the kids are close by.

I'm also curious about the other eaglets John saw. If they are flying in close proximity with ours, I wonder if they will ever visit each other's nests. What do you think?

Laurie Coleman

Wow, thank you for the beautiful pictures. While I've not been a regular commenter, I've been a regular viewer and I've really enjoyed watching the kiddos grow up. I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the view into their world and also your periodic updates.


Just looked in and saw a big brown blob with talons at the bottome of the nest.
Finally a head popped up and it was an adult.
It left about 5 minutes later.


WOW! Tuned in this earlier morning to all 3 eaglets in the nest with a fish - JUST AWESOME! Thanks for the pictures Mr. John! What a thrill to have their flight captured for us so we can see how good they are at flying.

Good morning everyone and what a beautiful start to the day. Just saw the parent leave the nest. Not sure which one it was. What glimpses we get these days are so precious.

Mavis, your words this morning, I think, hit the nail on the head for so many of us! We lost a very dear friend yesterday so your words really touched me. You're so right and I'm sorry I can't remember your exact words except for wanting to know more before we leave. I like to think this friend now has his wings, too!

Political talk? I must have missed something there but apparently the rest of you did, too, so it couldn't have been much.

Thanks again Alcoa for such a rewarding experience where people tuned in to watch what is rarely seen in person and came away with so much more than watching this magnificent couple, Liberty and Justice, raise all 3 eaglets to soar above us in all their glory! True friendships have been made and will be cherished!



Been away for a few days....just to echo what so many others have said, thank you again to John and everyone at Alcoa that has made this experience possible! It is VERY difficult to put into words the emotions I felt looking at our eagles in flight, breathtaking would be one word. I loved the one where you can really see it's eyes, beautiful!. @ beamg, I hurried up and got a screen capture of the three of them this morning too....how exciting that was!

Cindy Munger

Yeah, WHAT MAVIS SAID !!! How did you get in my head and so eloquently put words to the feelings I have about THESE eagles. Thank you Mavis, Oh so much.

Cindy Munger

Alot of pressure on this habitat area with another eating eagle family nearby.


Colleen, I got a screen shot too!!!!! So glad I figured that out before they're gone completely and forever!

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