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June 16, 2012


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Denise Cass

Wonderful, such a pleasure to watch -Thank you!


How exciting! Thanks always sharing!


Wow! So exciting! Can't thank you enough for all the updates and pictures.


Well I have thoroughly enjoyed watching your beautiful eagles everynight here in Australia, keeping me up til all hours of the early morning also, I have loved every minute of it. Thankyou Alcoa and everyone involved will be back next season. Now you all need to watch our gorgeous White Bellied Sea Eagles in our Sydney nest which is being built by our two Eagles right now.. Thankyou all..

Judith Hart

Thank You Mr. John for the new pictures. It must be Faith (sprinkles) that is the elusive one.
That area seems to be teeming with wildlife, no wonder the eagles have built there.


Mr. John...OMG! So much excitement in one post!! Feel almost like Christmas Eve! The anticipation is exciting!

I loved the pictures...and all the different birds flying overhead! Perfect place for a picnic indeed! I am really surprised you could peel yourself away from all that! Liberty or Justice doing their flybys might have been motivation enough. You might as well pack your lunch Monday so you can camp out there for a few hours to get pictures of our babies flying around. Maybe you could even put in for high-risk pay to justify the fun!! Sure appreciate all that you do for us!

Tee shirts?!! Whoa!! Whatever the cost..it won't be enough for what you have given us!! What a neat idea..so excited. You see...didn't I just say in a couple of posts back that YOU are just the BEST?!! Thank you!

Possible new camera options with maybe a second camera for branching/fledging? WOW!! The gifts just keep coming. Ya'll sit down and hold on..Santa just arrived in June!! Merry Christmas to us ALL!!!

Mindy Gibson Frey

Awwww,..... babies all grown up now. Is it just me or does the picture this morning of our fledgie look like Spirit/Trey? Just something about that face... he always did have a sweeter face than his siblings. I still feel the older 2 were girls... and him a, well, him! Thank you so much Mr. John for the update and pictures. Alcoa is #1 in my book, and I am definitely in for the t-shirt! I think that would be a great way to remember these kiddos! I guess they will be around some for a few weeks but more often we are gonna find an empty nest. So let me say again.. Alcoa, many, many thanks! Fellow eagleholics.. it's been great fun, great to have met so many nice people, and I am sure I will see some of you around on the www! For sure, I will see you back here sometime around next years hatching.. Love ya!

Oma Kyle

Thank you Mr. John and Alcoa for taking us on a journey that we will never forget...


Just happened to look in at the right times last night and saw a parent and an eaglet with a fish and then a turtle. Most of the time the nest is empty. Thank you Alcoa and Mr. John. You have done so much for the environment just by letting us all learn about these magnificent birds. Looking forward to the next season.


Dianne, what is the link to your sea eagles? I would love to see them.


Look at the Alcoa limb..to the right of the "T" you can see where Faith spent hours and hours claiming that branch. See where the bark is missing and the area is lighter? That is where she stood..often on one leg (left leg), and gazed out at what would soon be hers to claim. Now she is on her next step to claiming it and I just want her back!! THERE SHE IS!! THERE IS FAITH...JUDITH..YOU WATCHING!!


9:03...FAITH IS BACK!!

Can't believe it!! Judith..you were right..that was Hope alone in the nest this morning after Spirit left.


Deb II

Dianne, I would love to see the sea eagles, too!
Thank you, Alcoa, for such an enlightening and wonderful adventure! I have learned so much! Also, thanks to everyone here! I have learned so much from your blogs, as well!


I backed up the video and got a great shot just as Faith landed in the nest!! I am so happy about that picture! Faith looked around for something to eat..gave up the lost cause and left.

SHE IS BACK AGAIN!! Trying to find a morsel in that turtle shell. Maybe L/J will stop in with a food drop. That would be just wonderful! 9:10 EDT..Faith is back!


Thanks for the visual adventure. I have thoroughly loved following the eagles/eaglets these past few months and am glad that all 3 of them made it!


9:13..Faith is working on that turtle shell..she stops, looks up, then tries the turtle again..looks up again. Wonder what she hears or sees. Well..she is gone again off the east side.

Elsie Curtis

I know it has to b but i will miss these little girls I will b watching for next year And I would be proud and honored to own a Tshirt of these beautiful girlsThanks for a job well done

Sue Pagels

So fun to watch them from little tiny fuzzballs to the beautiful eaglets they have become. Although it is sad to see the nest empty so much, it's wonderful we had the opportunity to watch this amazing journey! Thanks, Alcoa!!

Elaine Holland

This has been quite an adventure, thank you John and Alcoa you have been so good to share with all of us. T-shirts, additional cameras, oh my goodness the gifts keep coming don't they, Thank you Alcoa. I can hardly wait until next year to see a new batch raised by Liberty and Justice, they have been such good parents.
I agree the 2 older ones are girls and our little Spirit has to be a little boy.
See you all next year and on FB.


If you are going to get a second camera, how about one that pans and zooms. Take a look at http://www.decoraheaglecamalerts.com/ie.htm, which is the IA Decorah eagle cam.

Helen J

It's a little sad, but also a joyful time, to see the nest empty so often now ... our babies doing what they should do, flying and starting to learn to hunt. Thank you Alcoa, Mr. John, and beautiful Iowa for all of this experience! Thanks to Liberty and Justice for nurturing their 3 hungry young'uns and letting us watch. I'm in for a tee shirt, great idea!!

Ev Reker

Thank you, it is joyful, they all made it.
Thank you for all your input and letting us watch such a fantastic ride. Ev R

Cindy M.

Thanks so much for taking us on this journey. I can't wait until next year. Also, the tee shirt is a great idea.


Good morning everyone! I'm late getting here again today. My computer crashed last night and it was so late I had to leave it for this morning. And what a sight...just in time to see one of our favorite eaglets on the nest playing with the turtle shell. Has anyone out there claimed this shell?

Mr. John and Alcoa thanks for the pics and the confirmed fledging!!!!!!!!! And we have gotten some badly needed rain, too. Does it get any better? AWESOME PICS!

Greta, one of those pics sure looks to me like a BG Heron. Could that be possible? I didn't know we had those in Iowa but have just checked my bird book and indeed they could be breeding here in the summer. Does anyone out there also think it's a GB Heron? So glad you can check in from NYC! Have a great time with your daughter and tell her "Hi" from all the Alcoa Eagleholics!

Happy 12 weeks birthday to Spirit, our little darling we all worried about so much! Mavis, I think you mentioned Faith but I really think it's Spirit's day today.

Libby, did you get some good rain last night? Hope your storms weren't too bad.

Dianne, I would love to see your eagles, too. Do you have a link for us?

Need more coffee. BBL


I forgot, I would LOVE a tee shirt to remember our Alcoa family! I'll be watching for that.


Thank you for keeping us posted. I was wishing that there was a way to know how they were progressing. This is welcome news. Thanks so much!

Lucille B

Wow!!! Mr. John! Thank you so very much for the awesome pictures and the very important update. As you must know, we all were so concerned about "Our Juvies" and we wondered if they actually had fledged or were still just branching. How appropriate for them to have fledged this week with Flag Day on the 14th! Maybe that was their first fledging!
Also, great news about the second camera and the T-shirts! I'm sure we all will want to purchase one! Thanks to you & the rest of the staff at Alcoa responsible for this great site and the well-being of "Our Eagle Family" you have helped create a wonderful family of Eagle Watchers!
It was wonderful to open my screen this morning to see what you have posted for us!
Now to get to see "Our Juvies" return to the nest for an occasional visit & feeding would be super. Can you help us with that??? :) Of course, you know I'm kidding!

We will just have to be content with the knowledge that they have begun to fledge and are on their way to explore the wide world around them! We have been so fortunate to see them get to this stage in their lives!
May God & Mother Nature protect them & keep them safe from harm!
Fly, Eaglets, Fly!



Mindy Gibson Frey

Oh Goodness! I was just watching the Decorah eagles, and saw 2 of the 3 fledglings come in for a landing! I cant remember who it is who loves the weee weeee sound the babies made, but these 2 still make that noise! They dont sound like big eagles yet! LOL With the camera there, I could see them flying in the foreground before they came in for landing, clumsy landing but landing no less! Wish we could see our babies flying.... how cool would that be!

Oma Kyle

I thought that I was picking up SOUND, but thought that it was from the Decorah site. Yes!

Elizabeth Rieder

8:50am CDT what a surprise Mr John and well received. My heart felt THANKS too. For someone who can't get out to see them in flight often this is beyond words. Now we have the excitement of all those things coming next year.
This adventure of watching a nest of eagles up close and personal has educated school children and adults alike to the wonders of nature that are all around us. It has made over stressed and over worked people stop and learn what is important,family.
Those kids that go home and ask the parents to go online to see the eagles are being introduced to unique environment of sharing and learning about nature. Maybe encouraging the desire to learn more about other thing beside WWII and video games.
The great part about it,if you can get on the internet,it is free to all.
These three eaglets are going about their lives with no interference from man,that is the way it should be. Thanks again and look forward to that T-shirt thing and possible camera improvements.


And here I thought that not having kids would preclude empty-nest syndrome. Instead I took it literally and am sad about an actual empty nest!

Thanks, John, for the update and for your work throughout.


10:12 EDT

You know everyone, Ev Reker made me realize what is now obvious but I had forgotten: They ALL survived their fledge! One fact and answer sheet I read said 40% do not survive their fledging. That figure sounds a bit unreal..but..the number has to be high. ALL THREE of these babies SURVIVED..!! M/D made sure they were happy in the nest until THEY felt it right to leave. It has to be a combination of instinct, need (hunger), and parenting. M/D are sure good parents..they kept them fed, they did not have to fight each other for food, and were content to stay until THEY felt like leaving. In the meantime..they were also well protected. All that wildlife around there..and even the hail..they stayed protected. Liberty and Justice DID what we are still striving to do!! If we will just take the time to know nature..there is so much to learn. Humanize THEM? Heck no..they need to eagleize us!! Just IMIO!!

Sue Bowman

Thanks so much for the pics. I have truly enjoyed watching the eagles!


beamg!! I NEVER get it right!! You are so correct! Today is Spirit's birthday..I think 13 weeks instead of 12..but you are so right about whose birthday it is...and I KNOW Saturdays belong to Spirit..Mondays belong to Faith and Wednesdays to HOPE. Just noticed that Hope..the middle baby claims Wednesdays..the middle of the week! I bet Mr. John and the Alcoa gang figured that out from the very start when they assigned the names!! They are so smart..and all these weeks later, I'm just catching on!! Wow..kinda makes me feel BAD for ME!! Think I'll go pout for awhile.


Mr. John..you be sure and jack the price of the T-shirts up real high! We need to have a fish fund for all the fish you had to throw out during the lean fishing days in the beginning!

JUST JOKING..everyone calm down. We all know Rodj lost a finger delivering the fish..not Mr. John. Besides..Jill posted that article on the protected wildlife thing that said it was a Federal Crime to feed them..so Rodj is still in hiding...and Jack just sold his pony!

Elizabeth Rieder

9:30am CDT --
Other talk----
Beamg--yes --we got some real rain,hail and wind,no tornado tho.There were hook all over the radar screen but nothing big came our way here in Lubbock. Thank you Lord we dodged the bullet this time.
Mavis--That is an idea "eagleize us"
"Morning shugah"You're on a roll.LOL


Oh Mavis, please don't pout! Hasn't this just been the best 3 months ever? Can't believe the amount of time I've spent glued to this family but it kept me from paying too much attention to the news, which we all know most of the time is a bunch of stuff that makes us cringe, or at least it does me. Yuck, news! This has been much more rewarding! So, are you going after that turtle shell or does it belong to John/Charles? Can't believe there hasn't been a bidding war yet! This might be the last shell of the year.

I agree with all who have pointed out that Liberty and Justice have a lot of renovating to do before next year's family comes along. Has anyone seen any of those little intruders cleaning the nest today? I haven't so maybe they realized the juvies are still in the area making surprise visits and it's just not worth the risk today.

Oh boy, the sun is coming out and with the rain we got last night I'm sure the humidity is going to sky rocket today. Just might have to turn on the AC. I HATE doing that 'cause I love the outdoor sounds.

Gotta go for now. BBL

Lucille B

Mavis, Love the term "Eagleize" You are so right! Too many parents today need to learn better parenting skills. They sure could learn a lot from Liberty & Justice! What a super fine job they did! So happy to have some postings of yours to read today! I have said it before and I'll say it again: You certainly entertain us with your humor and educate us with your knowledge & human interest stories! Missed your posts from yesterday. Later I'll have to catch up!


beamg..I "hear" it!! Woooo! Wooo! It is just passing by the Alcoa nest! Wooo! Wooo!

Rosie Shaw

I just want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH
this has help the Fountain Valley School Distist Bus Driver in California get thur this year with something very special you'll never know.
But we'll be waiting for next year and yes we will be looking for the t-shirts
Rosie the bus driver

Sandy n Stan Baker

We have followed this site and shared with all friends and our great grandchildren as well. It is amazing to watch and we agree another camera would be awesome . Selling t-shirts is awesome if money is toward helping them.
Thanks for putting this info out and we will continue to watch.

Judith Hart

Mavis,.... Are you hysterical or what?
Just got back from the Vet's to pick up Mandy, still not eating, will force feed her over the weekend. She's still acting fine with lots of energy. I can't figure this out, the Vet's can't either.

There she was when I walked in the door, Faith on pause on my computer. I was thinking about her during my drive home, worried that Mr. John didn't see three and that we haven't seen her. I couldn't believe my eyes!!!


Well I guess that's a wrap. I will have to say I now totally understand the term "empty Nest syndrome" Thank you Alcoa for providing us all with an inside glimpse into the marvels of nature. One we could never have seen without your commitment, care, and investment in the camera. I shared this experince with family, friends, and more importantly with middle school kids who need to stop and appreciate all that is around them a little more these days. And see that technology can be used for more than texting and posting pictures of their tongue. Thanks again and I will definately be back in the Spring.


Thank you for everything you did at Alcoa to make this possible! It's been wonderful!

A Facebook User

I would like too see another camera that can zoom in or out. But I'm grateful for this one & have enjoyed this more than I can say. Thank you Alcoa!


John - thank you so much for your pictures and updates. It helps us struggling adopted eagle parents more than you probably know.

Judith - so glad you saw Faith. I have to say, when I hear you say it's Faith, I am sure that it is. (: I've been a little worried that we were only seeing two at a time at most on the nest and John hadn't seen all three the last time he was out either.

Mavis - you make great points. Humans could definitely learn from wildlife how better to raise a child. Especially from Liberty and Justice. I have to admit I have a soft spot for Justice, I love how he has such a heart for Spirit.



Good morning, Libby! I read about your 60mph wind and rain. We just can't get enough rain here. We had two days and not even a puddle in the yard because it soaked up so fast. I'm glad you stayed safe and dodged the tornadoes.

I have learned a lot from watching the eagles..but a lot of it was pointed out to me by people like you! When we say we learn from each other..it is absolutely true! And a lot of the lessons are good ones to learn! Besides, Judith, learned how to shuck and silk the corn in one easy move! She would have burnt fingers by now if it wasn't for one of us throwing that video out there! And I wouldn't know about the female and male parts of the corn..and their functions had it not been for Judith's research and post she made..and Oma's hybrid post. We learn from each other..mainly because we WANT to. We have all become teachers and students on this site. The eagles taught us a lot. I think I have learned the most..I just figured out this morning why #2 was given the name HOPE..she is the middle eaglet, born in the middle of the week, and there is great 'hope' for her. Get it?!! I'm so glad I finally caught on and am up to speed! I just hope I don't run out of gas and slow down!!


The pause in a perfect journey. Great job Liberty and Justice. Godspeed Eagles.

Thanks Alcoa.


Lucille..you were point on with your post about the babies and fledging. It has been a real ride, hasn't it?

I worked yesterday and missed seeing the few times the babies were in the nest. I read the posts, though, and felt like I was there with you all.

Haven't heard much from JC. I bet he in lost in the maze of FB horror! It is so easy to get completely lost there..almost like Twilight Zone. I think we might have to send a search party in for him..will have to be someone who knows what they are doing cuz I don't!!

Do you remember Topper?!! I just loved that show. Jan Sterling..the dog... NO, I am NOT crazy. Rod Sterling (Twilight Zone) made me think of Jan Sterling (Topper). See how I can put things together?



Wow! I haven't been able to check the site as my internet has been down for a month. Today the first thing I did was check out the 'babies'. They're gone! And they're so big! (Thanks for the stills of them in other trees.) It has been such a pleasure to watch them grow. Thank you so much for the opportunity to see one of nature's beautiful wonders.

Lucille B

As someone once said, "You are a Hoot!"
Yes, I do remember Topper, but didn't remember the dog's name. Shame on me because as you know I am a dog person
(actually a nature person). I also remember "The Twilight Zone." Sure hope JC isn't lost there; it is a scary place.
Seriously hope JC is okay; it's not like him to be so quiet!

And FB is a scary place for me. I never know what to do to get where I want to and very often when I post it gets lost somewhere! If it wasn't for some of my former students I wouldn't even attempt to communicate on FB. If we go to that place to continue to communicate I'm going to need lots & lots of help! Whatever place is chosen I will certainly give it a good honest try because I don't want to lose my place in the great family we have become!



Judith..wasn't that something about FAITH? I was just typing about her when she just POPPED IN!! I was shocked.

Not hysterical..just haven't been to bed yet. Spent the night up with my 12 yr old Boston..my baby. Don't know what happened..she was fine when I came in from work, then she just got sick. Not a clue. I sat up holding her in my lap..her eyes..I thought she was dying. I was so scared. She seems better this morning but I'm still puzzled about what happened.

Sorry Mandy is still not eating. I was hoping she was. Don't know where the energy is coming from either. I know you have tried everything. Boiled chicken and liverwurst is hard for them to turn down. I know you are worried and hope things turn around for her.


Alcoa: Thank for updating us with great photos. Hard to believe the birds have grown so large. Have you been able to spot any fishing or hunting lessons yet?


@Dianne: Do you have a cam link for the Australian eagles?


Thank you, Thank you! I would love to buy a Tshirt if it becomes available.




Congratulations everyone!! We have successful fledging!!! I am so happy for our Eagle family!!! Faith, Hope and Spirit have brought me so much enjoyment and am so proud to say I was a witness to this incredible offering. I am so happy I am crying. Thanks for the updates John and can't wait for the announcement for the T-shirts. Have a wonderful day everyone!!!



NEW FLASH!! I was wrong AGAIN!! I just looked up Topper..it wasn't Jan Sterling..it was Robert Sterling! BBL


Good Morning Everyone-

Mr. John and Alcoa-Mavis was right, YOU ARE THE BEST!!! Thank you for the amazing pictures and for the good feeling we all get for just knowing you are there taking care of our babies every day.It has been amazing to me how you are just always there. I remember when we had a storm there and those terrible sirens went off that scared the heck out of me and you were right there to assure us it was not a tornado.We have all leaned on you. You have been great.

So- I wish you Mr.John a very happy Eagle Fathers Day tomorrow. You deserve it.

Beamg-Hope you get a nice breeze today and can keep your windows open.

Mavis-hope your dog is feeling bettere today. Get some rest. Missed you yesterday.Hope your friend from the hospital is doing well at home today.

Judith-sending love to you and your dog.

J/C-Hope you can find your way back today.

We are off today to pick up our new dog.He is an 8 week old border collie. It will make 3 dogs that we have now. Unless we come home with a 4th one today who tries to hitch a ride:). Never can say no to a dog needing a ride.

Lots of love and miracles to everyone today.

Mark Walker

Ok I'm going with Flag Day as the official fledge day, for such a wonderful group, since it could have been then.
Just a great service by Alcoa, thanks.


IRIS!! It is so exciting getting a new puppy! I knew the time was getting close but didn't know it was today. I would adopt the whole litter if I could. I can't stand to walk away from one..except this LAB!! Another night story for sure!

Border collies are sooo lovable. Today will be such a sweet day to always remember. You never forget the day that you bring a new family member home. And they do, truly, become a family member. Congratulations to you, your husband, and your new 'baby'!


Mr. John - in addition to all of the wonderful things you have done for us (posting photos, keeping us up-to-date and re-assuring us), I think you are also a mind reader. How did you know that I wanted a T-shirt of our eagle family? LOL

Thank you Mr. John and Alcoa for allowing us to share this amazing journey from eggs to fledging. I especially appreciate everything that Alcoa is doing to be a good stewart to the environment. IMHO, if all other corporations did just half of what you do, then I don't think we would have to worry so much about the possibility of "global warming".

Lucille B

Judith, have you tried a scrambled egg in with Mandy's food? When all else failed with one of my Dobies who wasn't eating because one of my females was in heat, I hand fed him some scrambled egg and then put it in with his food. It took some patience, but it worked. I also found liverwurst to work, but I read that you weren't successful with that. I also give salmon to my Dobies. We do it for their coat and they just love it. I heat it in my toaster oven for 15-20 min. so it's not raw, but not too cooked so it becomes dry. I don't know if you've ever given your dogs salmon, but if your vet thinks it's okay, you might give it a try! Hope she gets back to eating soon!

Mavis, sorry to read that your twelve year old wasn't well last night. Do you think she got into something she wasn't supposed to? Is she still doing better? Sure hope so!
Isn't it just awful when one of "Our Babies" isn't well and they can't tell us what hurts, what they may have done that they weren't supposed to that may be causing their problem or what they are feeling?
So often I wish my Dobies could speak and tell me what's wrong! I guess all you dog/cat parents are like me, we always know when "Our Babies" are just not right and we worry until we can find out what is wrong and can make them feel better!

Corky Bregant

Love getting the pictures---thanks! All this is so exciting & sad at the same time---think I have the empty nest syndrome :-)

Elizabeth Rieder


Iris, that is so wonderful, a new puppy, Border Collie are the best. They are so funny, if you have cats,other dogs,chickens,ducks,children at play or anything that is a group,those dog will herd them by instinct.
They are strong willed and stubborn at times but make a wonderful family member. Be sure to check for distemper, I lost a real beautiful little princess to that and it was horrible.
I am a large dog person,border collies,collies,German Sherpards are more my speed. I like little dog but I can relate better to the larger breeds.
That is why I enjoy visits from "Buttercup" my son yellow lab, she is a old pussycat and a good visitor. She is one of those forever puppy dogs I am afraid,but slowly being trained. And she has not eaten my granddaughters midget gerbil "Chicken Nugget"--yet.LOL
Best of luck with your new puppy.

Lucille B

Iris, let me add my well wishes for you and your new puppy! Congrats to you & your family! Enjoy every moment with the pup! Don't let housetraining frustrate you and keep in mind that it is a temporary situation! "It will be over before you know it!"

Judith Hart

Tried the scrambled egg, with without bacon, canned salmon, fresh salmon, lamb, raw beef, bratwurst, cat food, chicken. I did just get 1 can of A/D down her with the syringe, I added honey to it. She just drank some water also on her own.

We're starting to think the chemo drug did something to her taste and smell just like with people. I just called an animal communicator, I've used her before, phone appointment Monday at 10:00.


Lucille..you haven't met our new Lab..it will NOT be over before I know it...I can promise you that..not with this little chewing terror! But you are right..Iris will have that baby trained in no time. Collies are smart. Our new Lab is too..she knows how to out-maneuver me every time! No..I'm not dumb..the Lab is just smarter!

Judith Hart

I have a tri-colored border Collie, his name is Charlie, he's about 10 years old now. Charlie is the sneakiest of all my dogs. He's also a heel nipper. When my Husband would walk across the floor barefoot he'd nip his heels, it turned into a game for the two of them. They also like to herd children.
Have fun, they're very smart dogs.

Sandra Robinson

Thank you John and Alcoa. Has sure been fun and educational.


Mr. John and Alcoa, I just wanted to say you have brought us such an incredible adventure!!! It was absolutely wonderful, and your site so enriched my life and many others as well. Thank you for doing this for Faith Hope and Spirit, Liberty and Justice. I will continue to check on our nest in the hopes of catching a glimpse of our wonderful family. I am so thrilled to hear about t-shirts!!! Awesome!!
My heart felt thanks to you and all who have contributed to this incredible site.

Donna Harwood

Thanks so much for the wonderful experience. Please post more pictures when you can, so we can continue to watch them grow and soar!
I am an eagleholic!
It will be interesting to watch mom and dad rebuild the nest for next year.

Sally of Michigan

Mr. John:
THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT YOU HAVE DODNE FOR US...IT HAS BEEN GREAT! Please reserve a T-shirt for me...Ladies Large!

Sally of Michigan

Thank you Mr. John for all you have done fur us...it has been great! Please reserve a T-shirt for me. Ladies Size Large.

Judith Hart

L or J in the nest with a fish, now H or S.

Judith Hart


Hope and Spirit in the nest eating the fish.

Doug H

After reading Diane's post (from Australia) I did a web search and found the site she might be referring to:
The same video is on another site as well, but it's a few minutes "delayed":


Sooooo exciting to see 2 of the eaglets eating fish this afternoon! When the 2nd one flew in I almost cried. "Our" little fluffballs, so grown up, and living their eagle lives!

Judith Hart

They are both looking up, Faith must be on her way.

Cindy Munger

This may sound 'silly" but here is a "Cindy" story for you....I was out watering my flowers, and have one of those, oh two foot wand things for watering...I was thinking about the empty nest, and to myself I started singing "~~~ I want to fly like an eagle, to the sea~~~~ and one of the baby finches for a bird house that my granddaughter hung up landed on the wand. Then another baby startled me by landing on my hand. I guess they don't know to be afraid of people at that early point, and I finished up with " ~~~Let Spirit carry me~~~ and I just had to come in and check "the nest" despite my love of being outside.
Oh yes Mr. John I'm in for a t-shirt, just post the cost etc and I'm sure that many of us will have our check books out waving it in front of you to have something to commemorate this season.
Mavis, you too are funny. No doubt I will continue to see your posts at least from time to time as Liberty and Justice get ready for a new brood next year.

~~~I want to fly like an eagle, to the sea, fly like an eagle let the Spirit carry me~~~

Nuff said......



Charles Kinsey


All 3 Babies in nest now

Cindy Munger

Iris...Im a Border Collie Mom and have had them for years....They are wonderful dogs....Well more than a dog I'd say. It just me and my boy Cinch now. How exciting ....A Border Collie puppy... Congratulations

John Kinsey


Faith on branch using her spot to clean beak - can't see behind her to viea nest - just saw all 3 still in nest

Judith Hart

All three kids in the nest!

John Kinsey

May not be Faith on branch - but two are there now

Cindy Munger

Two in the nest !!!!!!!

John Kinsey

I'm guessing H/S on branch now - just waiting for Faith to join them

Leaping Bunny

Thank you so much for doing such a good job keeping us updated on the babies!
*I want a t shirt too!


Boy oh boy, did I tune in at just the right time! Can't believe we've been lucky enough to see that today. One is gone again but what a treat to see all 3 however briefly. Do they look like they've been rained on? Maybe they came back looking for that umbrella we all talked about way way back.

Judith Hart

Mom or Dad coming....Weeeee Weeeee

John Kinsey


Faith must be flying around the nest showing off - Spirit ?(on our left) just tracked something flying by

Carol C

I just got bacxk from THE RIVER & saw one of them flying. Over the trees there. 2 sitting in the tree. It's raining now so That's why they r by the nest I bet!! WOOPPII!! Who ever was flying did a good job. Thanks John t-shirts r a good idea!!

Judith Hart

Spirit in the nest Hope on the branch, I think Faith flew off with the fish.


Judith, I heard that parent! Wouldn't it be the icing on the cake if both L and J also showed up and 3 three juvies came in to say "Happy Father's Day" to daddy? Hey, we can hope!

John Kinsey


One on branch -one was in nest and dparted


Thanks for the updates and the lovely photos, Mr. Kinsey. And as I type this, two of the young'uns are sitting on the Alcoa branch. The wind is ruffling their feathers so one can see the adult white feathers just underneath the dark juvenile plumage, getting ready to emerge. So exciting to see how much they've grown! I happen to walk my dog around an island state park near my upstate NY home, and the island is also home to an eagle family. Two juveniles flew right over my head earlier today, their VERY impressive wingspans momentarily blocking out the sun! (And, a bit off topic. speaking of dogs: All of you who are considering adding a new canine member to your family, PLEASE consider a rescue. If you're determined to find a particular breed, there are so many breed-specific rescue groups with so many wonderful dogs in need of good homes. I found my beloved girl on Petfinder. Take a look! You won't regret it!!)

John Kinsey


Judith - can you ID whose on nest now?

Judith Hart

Carol, I see the rain drops falling on them now. Faith's back, she swiped the fish and returned for more. M/D should make a delivery....dinner time.

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