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June 07, 2012


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Robin P

Awsome pictures,


Great Pictures!!!!!!

John Kinsey

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Thank you....I am getting so sad...I have bonded to those babies!


Fantastic pictures, Mr. John! One of the kids is getting pretty brave, venturing that far in the tree. It won't be long. Thanks again so much.


Great new pictures. Thanks a lot. At my last look the nest was empty. One could be in lower nest below the Alco branch as it was this morning

Judith Hart

John, You put the NEW THREAD on the wrong page!!!

John Kinsey

Thanks MR.JOHN for the photos and update.
The bottom center pic shows where they go from the left side of the nest and the other two pics show they are getting higher and higher when they go off from the right side of the nest.


Thank you so much! I watch this at work....eh em all day long! I am addicted, thank you from Rochester, NY


Thank you Alcoa for today's photos. I'm glad the parents are on the job and checking you out :) I must say that is one gorgeous cottonwood. You know we are spoiled with the attention you give us. The other sites don't take good care of us eagle fans by keeping us up-to-date on the "nest" news like you do.

John Kinsey

Sorry bout that but this page is a new thread,isn't it ? Just got so excited to see the new pics that I forgot to go back - but if you read "New Thread" you must be on the right page.


yes, awesome pictures!! Thank you!


Thank You, Thank you, Thank you. I was worried. All three seemed to be gone :(


Lookit how far away that brave one is!

Elizabeth Rieder

Thanks Mr John for the great pictures. I know you must have many other things to do beside getting pics for this bunch,but that is real nice of you. We sometimes forget that you job is not just the eagles and riding herd on this bunch of yahoos.LOL


@ John and everyone at Alcoa, hard to put into words, but thank you for this awesome experience and the new pictures. It takes my breath away looking at this eagle family and how regal they are. Our "babies" certainly aren't "babies" anymore.I have learned SO much about eagles, and birds in general, something I will carry in my heart forever. I pray they will all live to be old, strong eagles...they have had a great
beginning.I've said it before, but hearing about tragedy on other nests, only shows me that the gold standard in eagle parenting is set by Liberty and Justice.


Thank you for the pictures, my goodness Mom/Dad look so regal and fierce. They know their teenagers are getting a bit rowdy, but they're still Mom and Dad's babies! :D

John Kinsey


Elizabeth - - Just for truthfully calling us a bunch of "yahoos" , you get to ride in the front seat with me in the buggy during our cross country excursion to see the Alcoa Eagle Family from the Captain's Table.

By the way Mr.John - You also are invited to an all expense paid dinner at the Captains Table as soon as Catherine produces the green stuff(and I don't mean Stamps).

Carol C

Awsome pictures!! They r getting braver!! My friend helped rescue a juvie-looks the same age as these- in Port Byron Memoriazl Day. And it had fallen out of the nest & was stuck on a branch. She said it's name was Spirit too. I don't know how they named it. I'll have to ask more questions.

Raptures are Awesome

Didn't realize they were venturing so far from the nest! Fantastic photos Mr. John. Thank you!

Raptures are Awesome

Think that's our lil Spirit on the Alcoa Branch from the looks of his nice compact sleek head...(IMO)

Oma Kyle

Thank you Mr. John....


Thank you so much for your continued dedication John! This has been an experience I will never forget.


Fantastic Mr. John. We so appreciate your giving us these photos.


I agree with you Raptures that it is most likely Spirit on the Alcoa branch.


@7:42, Spirit is on the branch looking around as if to say..."where did ya all go"? Bittersweet,more bitter tonight....:(


Who would like to bet me that it was Hope up on the tallest branch? If I win, John has promised us a limo for our cross-country trip. I'll pay for lunch.

Jill Anne Sparapany

Thank you for these pics today! From previous pics, I knew there were alot of branches for the kid's eagle antics. But these pics really show how far they're getting away from the nest. They are really developing great skills and confidence.
Nice to see Liberty and Justice are always the watchful, protective parents.

Yes, there has been some sad news at a couple of other eagle nests this year. And yes, it speaks loudly about the great parenting skills of Liberty and Justice. Faith, Hope and Spirit will be great eagles and should do their parents proud. (No comments, pls, I know I'm putting human sensitivities on the eagles.)
They do show alot of affection for each other and L/J have proven how committed they are at protecting the eaglets.

Nancy Morin

Fantastic pictures!...we continue to watch these beautiful eagles thanks to Alcoa cam....they are amazing birds..hooked on eagles in Maine :)

John Kinsey


Catherine - That's a no-brainer bet cause I ain't got no brains but I do agree with you.
You get to ride in the very back seat in the buggy where all the dust is !

diann williams

As always your still pictures are beautiful. The pictures of the adult needs to be in a frame!


Thank you for all this great information and the neat pictures you provide us with!

Jill Anne Sparapany

Sad news. About 10 mins ago, the MN loon egg was broken open on one end. It looks like an unsuccessful (fertilized) egg - just egg goo and yellow yolk. No baby loon chick.
Apparently, the parents knew it was not a viable egg when they stopped roosting couple days ago after the one loon chick hatched. Did get to see the loon chick climbing all over parent, under wings and parent trying to scoop chick under wing at 'bedtime'. They are going to have their wings full as this little chick is very active!


Mr. John, so the eaglets are going WAY beyond the nest. That is totally too cool. Thank you so much for those shots. What will we do until L and J have more babies. I surely will miss you and everyone else here. tears forming :(


janine, i was watching from work all the time til they figured it out. Now I can't and miss so much


ColeenM, amen sister. Beautifully said. Still tearing up.

Denise Cass

thanks for keeping us posted - it is a joy to watch the eagles


can you imagine what is going through their little bird brains (pardon the pun). They are thinking, "just how far can I go today. i am afraid to go that far, how will I ever make it down there and back. where are mom and dad and where is supper? I don't want my brother/sister up here, I want my space,, he/she really gets on my last nerve, what is that blue space below, is that where mom and dad go to get food".....i could go on and on but I know I am rambling.

Raptures are Awesome

If anyone is interested, I ran across a website that discusses the differences between eagle and osprey talons and how they grasp fish differently at http://www.learner.org/jnorth/tm/eagle/Talons.html.

According to the website article, they each have three front toes and one back toe. But unlike an eagle, one of the osprey's front toes can rotate backward which helps it hold onto fish better particularly when the fish is thrashing. When an eagle grasps a fish, it uses the front toes from both feet on one side of the fish (6 toes) and just the back toes (2) on the other side of the fish. Ospreys use two toes from both feet on each side of the fish which is more balanced.


7:57 P.M. cst
Such majestic birds! No wonder the founding fathers made the eagle our national symbol. Brings goose bumps just seeing the photos of them in flight.

John Kinsey


Spirit just jumped down off Alcoa branch into nest with Faith then back up then back down then back up. SHOWOFF!!

John Kinsey

OSPREY TALK+++++++++++++++++++=

Raptures - thanks for the link and info.Interesting re the difference in raptors' methods.


Beautiful! Looking forward to all three taking wing, in a bittersweet sort of way.


Thank you so much Alcoa for the pleasure of watching these magnificent birds grow...keep up the good work and thanks again from Fredericton, N.B Canada

John Kinsey


Spirit still perched on Alcoa branch preening.
Faith down in nest resting in a reclined position.



@ Jill, I agree with you, we try not to "humanize" these eagles, but easier said than done isn't it? Watching their little heads pop out of those eggs, and seeing them take their first breath, and all of the other growing antics, makes it difficult, at least for me, to not put feelings into this. Just like our domestic pets have distinct personalities, I saw that in "our" eagle family.....even if it was my imagination...I saw it....:)I may not have been the best at identifying them correctly, but in "my journal", I knew who they were and are to me. Night All...


Thanks so much for posting the pictures. You are doing a great job keeping us informed about the progress of the eagles. I was so glad with the photo you had showing all 3 of them. Thanks again!

Annette Kryske

June 7 6:35 PDT. Thanks Alcoa for the wonderful pics. 2
Annette Kryske little ones in the nest right now. Love watching them dance around with their wings wide opened. Like Ballerinas dancing to Swan Lake.
Annette Kryske

Carol Issem

thank you so much for the pics - love seeing what we miss with the camera.

Sally of Michigan

It is soooo thrilling to look at the latest picture! Thanks. I'm already lonesome for Our Alcoa eaglets just thinking of them growing up.

Cindy Munger

Much much more bitter than sweet knowing that soon the nest will be empty. I watch the herons, owls, eagles etc.....But this "experience" certainly will last a long time, and I look forward to another nest and another...


Tammy-- thank you so much for "rambling" today!! as a mom of 4, i could so see the eaglet discussion! and yes, yes, know they are not little humans, but you had a fun way to phrase it today. thanks much


10:27 EDT

Just got in and got things settled. Been trying to catch up on the posts but I give up. Just too tired.

I am thrilled at the pictures!! Now we can have peace of mind about the destination of the one that flies off the west wall. It will not be long now. If I can't leave the computer for a few hours without wanting to get back to see what is going on...what am I going to do when they leave for good? This has been such a rewarding and totally unexpected experience that I will never forget.

I've been to the osprey site several times and read their blogs. It is a nice site, and the Alcoa people over there are doing a wonderful job. But..it is not the same..no way. Hands down..this is the best!! It is the best because through our experience here..we formed friendships. We are people from all walks of life, circumstances, problems, beliefs, needs, and whatever..but we came together as ONE..with ONE interest..and a bond formed. This is the best!! This experience is really one for the Bucket List that few will achieve unless they were here and joined in with us.

Mr. John..you are always there, listening, caring, and doing what you can to bring a ray of sunshine into our lives..and you do it quite well!! You KNEW how bad we wanted to see pictures like the ones you posted today..and you got them for us. We all know you prefer to be the silent one..but you are the most important member of our eagle family...and you often speak the loudest by your silence. I personally thank you.

Alcoa has opened a new awareness in us about nature. I treasure that. I won't be going to other sites and get involved like I did here. I don't know what happened here..but it was magical.

So...Tammy..I don't know why you will miss us..we aren't going anywhere. And I'm sure we will be marking our calendars for next year. In the meantime..I still say that was Spirit that flew off to the right this morning!!

Good night, everyone!

G Nash

Thanks & good shooting, Mr. John. Nearly there. I wonder how long the eaglets stick around when they can catch their own food.

Jack Chao

There are not enough thank yous for us to express the work that ALCOA has done and Mr. John. Mr. John, you have done a fantastic job keeping us updated and answer our concerns. Now the question would be, is it the same eaglet that goes way up there on that tree? Also many thanks to all of you who had put in effort and time posting links, providing information(eagle or non-eagle related), my life had been enriched and will continue to be enriched by all of you. It shows by the number of posting on this site compare to the other ALCOA site. I am still not all caught up with the posting and that is OK.

Ms. Elizabeth, don't be to wild for your handlers!

Elizabeth Rieder

Another exciting day to a close for the eaglets. I noticed each had his preferred place to spend the night now.Limb or nest,it is funny how they get that feel for the independence that they have at this point. They were so close when they were born,now each is getting ready for that journey they must make alone.
We can remember those days of three little fuzzy head trying to grab a bite of that fish as L/J so gentle care for and fed them. The food coma that was so funny,the nights of the three lining up like hot dogs with Spirit in the middle for warmth. Liberty protecting them from the storm while they try to peek out from under her tail feather. Trying to feed each other, arranging the sticks just so,big yellow feet with black nails, Justice feeding his special third child,because Liberty was busy with the other two. Liberty finally looking at the three and realizing that that one is not as big as the others and decides to feed him until he matched the other two. We all have our special moments and that can not be removed from our hearts.
A slow goodbye not all at once,just step back and smile and remember,you were there.

JC I want to drive,I can do buggy driving, I even remember hand signals.
S&H stamps**I was the S&H queen when I first married. My mother in law gave me a pile of filled books and I went to the S&H store in DOver,NJ and boy did I have a ball. I got a toaster,electric fry pan,set of pots,and a kitchen step stool. I furnished my kitchen and bathroom with those thing.
Between those and Tupperware parties I was fix for the latest items of the last 50's.They were green like money.LOL I even wore an apron and heels when I cooked just like the TV ads.LOL
***Mavis, are you here, did not see a post lately.Hope you are ok and did not swallow one of those pills by mistake,yourself.LOL

I get a Nurse once a month to check if I am still alive and helper/handler twice a week for three hours a day to help with the cleaning,washing and help with bath safety. I am not to go near the tub without some one here.Guess they don't want to scrape my fat Bottom out of the tub when I fall.LOL Good thing I know how to give a bed bath in a gallon of water standing up at the sink.
That Captains Table should cash in on this Eagle thing with Viewings,list of sightings,maybe some pictures of eagles and all that stuff. Eagles helping the economy.
I know I am rambling on here, sorry my bad,but I need to say hi and go back to bedie bye (hum,new word I think) Think I will have two chocolate chip/pecan cookies and a cup of milk for my night snack,I am tired of all this protein,whole grain and green food for a change.

John Kinsey

ET==================BED CHECK===========

Looks like Spirit(I'm Guessing) is still up on the Alcoa limb preening and stretching.He's practicing being a growed up big Eagle what knows how to sleep standing up while perched on a limb in the dark.Unless I missed a position change earlier,he's been up there most of the afternoon and evening.I don't remember one sleeping up there all night.
The other eaglet is standing guard at the 12 oclock position looking outside the nest
And the third eaglet is perched high in a tree somewhere out of camera range.Maybe she's sleeping where she was when Mr. John took her picture - at least that's what I imagine.

Davn. temp = 67 degrees - humidity @ 57% - winds SSW at 3 mph.No rain on radar in Iowa.

One eaglet flying high(even if in same tree) and two more to soon follow.



Dear Alcoa, Mr. John, camera operators and all the other eagle enthusiasts that check in every day:

I greatly appreciate your willingness to install a camera, keep the thing going, let us hear the sounds, make comments and learn from each other.
I teach biology at a junior college here in CA and I showed my students the eagle web site every day. School has been out for about a couple of weeks and I still get emails from my students making comments about the eagles.
While class was in session we even had various conversations about aluminum, recycling, and other topics related to your company that had nothing to do with eagles. So your web site touched us in more ways that one. AND that may be the best part - the conversations that were started in the class room all because somebody cared to put up a camera and let the eagle images out into the world.
I am so happy to see the three eaglets grow and fly. I hope that 'somehow' our communal well wishes will keep them alive for a long time. I've learned a lot from this web site and thank all of you - thank you to the community, Alcoa and especially a big thank you to the eagles. Thank you!

Jack Chao

"fly like an eagle..." that is all I could think of from the song. One is sleeping on the branch. Another is awake in the nest doing some preening. The 3rd, not a clue.

Dear Ms. Elizabeth, sure hope you enjoy them cookies and milk.

Hope everyone have a good night rest. We got graduation on Friday, prob won't have whole lot of time checking on the tweenlets. Keep me posted.


One (Spirit?) still sleeping on Alcoa branch and one in nest on right side. To dark to tell who is who.


Branch sitter just woke up and is stretching. Nest sleeper also awake and stretching. Still to dard to attempt an I.D.


Branch sitter back in nest for now.

Raptures are Awesome

Just checking in before heading off to work and find libby has just given me my first smile of the day with the image of:

"...the nights of the three lining up like hot dogs with Spirit in the middle for warmth..."


"We all have our special moments and that can not be removed from our hearts.
A slow goodbye not all at once,just step back and smile and remember,you were there."

Have a great Friday everyone.


5:42 Am EDT

Good morning, Catherine..I've been up for a while reading and looking at the pictures again that Mr. John took I see two sleeping in the nest. I assume the one missing is on the faraway limb.

I can "feel" that something big with the babies will start happening any time now. It is amazing how well all three get along.

As far as who is in the nest..who knows. I feel comfortable with it being Spirit and Faith as that is our usual combination. The eaglet (the one I thought was Spirit) that flew to the right yesterday morning didn't stay away long before returning to the nest.

Mr. John's picture of the faraway limb shows a lot of limbs in that part of the tree for several eaglets to branch. I also noticed how "thick" it is in there so our eaglet had to maneuver to get there.

Today is waiting for us all..lets see what will happen!


5:52 EDT

The sleeping babies heard something as both lifted their heads at the same time and looked in unison above the east wall. They are both still lying there listening and looking.


Raptures...that was a beautiful "good morning" note. Hope your day at work clips by fast and you will be back soon.


5:58 EDT

The third eaglet just returned to nest from the left. All three in the nest now. All are awake and looking around.

Well, that didn't last long. The new arrival just left again off the east wall.

6:01..Faith just followed H? off the nest. That leaves S? alone in the nest and he is scavenging for food off the nest floor.


Good morning Mavis - I too think it is Spirit and Faith that were in the nest earlier. Now, I think it is Spirit laying down in the center of the nest. I guess he needs to rest after clinging to the Alcoa branch all night.

This has been such an extraudinary experience - watching the eaglets develop from eggs to the strong, hardy juves that they are now. Did I just make up a new word, juves? With such good and caring parenting, I am confident that they will all complete a sucessful fledge soon. The bond that has developed between all eaglewatchers has been remarkable and to be cherished forever.


I am going to the National Zoo today with some friends. Will see if I can use the knowledge I've gained from this wonderful site to identify their adult eagles. They do have bald eagles at the National Zoo, don't they? - after all it is our National Bird. Also hope to see the four lion cubs born last year and of course, the pandas.

LaDean Spring

Just wanted to say thanks for the great pictures. It was great to see how high up they are heading now in the tree.


This is so fabulous. Been watching since the three hatched. Remembering back to Mom ignoring the little one, and all of our collective fears for his/her survival. Thanks for the pics...so exciting to see where they are now!!

Kathy R.

Thank you again for your efforts to bring us more information on this lovely family of eagles. You are appreciated.


Good morning Mavis, hope your day at work yesterday wasn't too bad for you. Hello all my friends out there in Alcoa eagle cam land. I sense a bit of bittersweetness (is that a word?) in a lot of the posts lately, heaven knows that I feel it. Sort of like seeing your child graduate from high school knowing that the whole world is out there waiting for him/her to get going with life.

Lucille B

What a beautiful sight when opening up my screen to see such awesome photos!!! Thank you Alcoa and especially, Mr. John! I only wish you can get some photos of F/H/S in flight before they leave us permanently!Before catching up on yesterday's events & postings I decided to check out The Loon Site. Oh, how sad! The egg was gone so I tuned in to Larry's Blog to see what happened. He reported that he removed the egg and found it to be unfertilized. As he said, as sad as that was it was better than finding that there was a dead chick inside. M/D loons apparently realized that something was wrong when they stopped their constant sitting on it and concentrated on the surviving chick. How fortunate "Our Three Eaglets" have survived and are growing to become Majestic Birds like Liberty & Justice. Back to catch up on "Our Babies/Juvies" and postings. Let's all rejoice and be happy to be able to enjoy F/H/S while we can! Have a beautiful & blessed day, all you Eagle Watchers!


just got out of hospital gess i missed out on everthing


Judith...are you up?

Judith Hart

Mavis...Yep, I'm up....15 dogs? Am I up?

Arlie...We missed your posts...Hope you are okay.


Hi Tammy! Hope your day goes good. It is hard to see just one on the nest knowing next week they may ALL be out of sight. I miss the sound, don't you? Make your day a good one, girl!


Arlie..sorry you were in the hospital but glad you are back with us! Nope..you haven't missed out on everything as I think the fun is just beginning!! They are more active in branching..and we worry about them when they are out of sight..but they are doing some exciting things now with their interactions and air-hopping. Aren't they awesome?!

Hope you are mending and feeling much better. Sorry you were sick.

Judith Hart

Mavis, Hope you had a nice flight yesterday.


Lordy..didn't expect to be laughing out loud this early in the morning. Guess you are up with 15 dogs. Its rough when they want to go out and it is storming!! With 15 of them dancing around..that be anxiety time for me!! That is how it was this morning but I only have 5 insiders..and thankfully the rain stopped long enough for them to find relief!! I was happy too!!

Just wanted your opinion as too who was on the Alcoa limb. I see now, as I type that Faith joined the whoever this is also on the limb. I know who I think it is..but wanted your opinion. Doesn't seem important now with your 15 needed attention first!!


Post 79 was full of typos and should have been @ Judith. This is the best I can do in the mornings..sorry.


@ Judith..I only "flew" to work and back..about 10 miles up the road. The 'flight' was ok!!

Lucille B

Elizabeth, Just read your beautiful words from your 12:01 posting. They brought tears to my eyes! But yes, we all will "Remember the way we/they were" and we all will be grateful for this wonderful site and awesome opportunity to watch the great parenting skills of Liberty & Justice , the development of F/H/S from egg hatching to their nest cuddling, antics, branching and soon to be fledging! And of course, we all will be appreciative of the knowledge we have gained about Mother Nature and very grateful for the wonderful feeling of Family we have established thanks to Mr. John & Alcoa. Stay safe, no falls in the bathtub! We Eagle Watchers wouldn't want anything to happen to you! You are a dear! Have a beautiful & blessed day and most of all enjoy "Our Babies/Juvies" while we still can.

Judith Hart

Mavis...I don't think you read all the posts while you were at work!

I saw Spirit do a flutter at 12:00 then fly to the branch, I THINK it's him. Poor guy all alone.

I hope they are working on the sound...how will we hear them say goodbye.


Good Glorious Friday Morning to ALL!!! Welcome back Arlie. As long as they haven't left yet, you still have allot to see.;) All the beautiful posts are so heartwarming! Isn't it nice to know that each of us sitting in our own "space", all around the world have been drawn together to watch this "little eagle family in Iowa"?
Looking in on the nest this morning, I see 2 "babies" roaming around. Looks to be another beautiful weather day. When I saw the empty nest briefly yesterday, and John's picture's, it snapped me to reality that soon, that empty nest will be more and more the view we see. It's bee a pleasure experiencing this with all of you...Happy Friday!

Judith Hart

All three are back in the nest. Waiting for a food drop?


Thank you soooo much for the photos and keeping us updated. I am sure alot of us are starting to wonder where they are or if they have left.


What magnificent predators!!! Thanks for the pictures...

Kathryn Mellecker

GM all, Beautiful June day here in Iowa. "For what is so rare as a day in June, then, if ever, come perfect days"

The eaglets continue to grow and get ready for the rest of their lives. The pictures show they are venturing further and further from the nest. Still in the same tree, soon to be other trees, and then on to the big old world. I wonder if they will make a Huck Finn journey following the Mississippi?

Thanks Alcoa, this site is great.

Judith Hart

Spirit is on the Alcoa branch just to the right of camera. Faith in the nest.

Oma Kyle

Well, it's Friday and the weekend's comin'... could be the last one for all of us eagle watchers to enjoy our chatty visits while gathering' round the nest. Whenever we all find ourselves 'fledging' back to our individual lives, let me just say that this has been a wonderful experience and I will miss you all until we return next February with the anticipation of another hatch. Thank you Alcoa for providing this learning and bonding experience for us!

Greta, as I'm apparently unable to make contact with you via FB ( Yes,I know that you gave me your e-address on this site, but I failed to write it down) I have one more recommendation for when you & your hubby come down in August. I just learned that there is now a hotel accommodation on Arsenal Island...Holiday Inn Rock Island. It's a bit pricey when compared to the accommodations out by the airport, but talk about location, location... It's near the Confederate Cemetery and would give you easy access to Lock & Dam #15, the Arsenal museum, and the Colonel Davenport House. While on the island you should also drive by the Commandant's House, second largest government owned private residence in the US...with the White House being the first. Although its location will likely not be marked on your map, it's located right next to the Arsenal Island Golf Club.

For those of you that may believe that you've logged unto the Fodor's website in error, I'm through now....but other visitors coming to see the eagles might also benefit as this facility also puts you very close to the marina where you can view the Alcoa tree from the Captain's Table or BB Parkway across the river. If coming via interstate, exit I 74 onto River Drive in Moline on the Illinois side of the river.... eagles to the right and Arsenal Island to the left. Also, as not to confuse yourself, remember that the Mississippi runs east/west thru the Quad Cities (got it, John Charles). BTW, I used to do lots of travel posts on Fodor's and old habits die hard, LOL!


Those are awesome pictures!!! Is there a way to zoom OUT on the camera a little so we can kind of see more of where these birds are? Maybe it wouldn't matter since they're exploring further away from the nest. Just thought I'd ask. Thanks for the pictures!

Lucille B

Jill, Just read your post from 7:47 last night. I have to comment even though you said no comment, please. I don't care what others think -- expert or not ---- I, like you, put human sensitivities to Mother Natures Creatures so very often, especially those that show such dedication to each other & their young. Some human parents can learn alot from Liberty & Justice and some of our eagle followers! Yes, I don't like the fact that some of Nature's creatures are predators like our eagles, but it is for their own survival, not sport or fun, that they prey upon other species. As my husband always reminds me Mother Nature provides a balance to the life cycle She has established and I must take the bad events along with the good. And experiencing this wonderful good event shows us Mother Nature and Human Nature at their best! Love reading your posts!


@ Jenny, the Alcoa camera does not have the ability to zoom out. John @ Alcoa does a great job going to the site to get us more up close and personal pictures....I agree though, it would be nice to see where they are!One of our regular posters, Oma, went to the nest site and posted a link from across the Mississippi to see the surrounding area. She posted them on Shutterfly, under Alcoa Eagle Fans...(I think)I think if you go to Weds. post maybe, you will see the link she provided!!Gave me a better perspective of the lay of the land...enjoy!!

Lucille B

Oh yes,diann, Mr. John's stills are absolutely beautiful and they should be framed! The ones of L/J in flight are breathtaking! Thanks so much Mr. John for providing us with these wonderful photos!
They make me want to get out to see them up close & personal, but that can't happen. Would love to join Our Eagle-Watching Family at The Captains Table to see F/H/S when they begin to fledge!

Mark Walker

Just magnificent birds. Thanks so much for posting new photos. It is exciting anticipating when they will take off for themselves.


thanks for the pictures! it's so great. thank you!

Lucille B

Mavis, Just got to read your Good night posting from 10:57. Your thoughts & words were so very special. I'm sure they touched everyone's hearts! You are a blessing to this site and all the eagle watchers' lives you have touched with your caring messages, great detailed observations, tech instructions, and certainly, your great sense of humor!! Glad we can still communicate via email! I wouldn't want to lose contact with you.


I just saw a live little turtle crawl out of the nest! One of the eaglets was curiously following it, and then looked so confused when it disappeared out of the nest :D awesome.

Oma Kyle

Jenny, I posted the pixs that I took last weekend on the following link: http://alcoaeaglewatchers.shutterfly.com/33 Unfortunately the photos of the eagles themselves are not good due to the distance involved as I was shooting almost a mile across the river, but as ColleenM said, it will give you an idea of the lay of the land and a look at the Alcoa tree...

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