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June 27, 2012


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Elizabeth Rieder

Now you have done it Mr John. You are going to have a dozen eagleholics applying for a job in security. That is a neat surprise, thank the luck security guy for us. That river view is great too, I would sit on the deck and watch the river if I was an eaglets juvie too. What a life,skyline view from the bed room,mom and dad delivering fish daily and a cool deck for a change.LOL

Leanne McBride

Love seeing the pictures of the eaglets on their adventures!


2:40 P.M. cst

Looks like the eaglet is waiting for one of its siblings to join him/her to enjoy the view!

Carol C

What a great surprise!! How awsome for everybody that works there!!

Greta in Kansas

Once again, thanks, Mr. John, for taking the time to post this for us!! And thanks to Mr. Matt for snapping the picture!


It is amazing how you (or I)feel like these babies are part of my family. I check several times each day in hopes of learning where they are and how they are doing. Thank you for keeping us up on any information regarding their lives.

Cindy M

Thanks for the great pictures. They are growing by leaps and bounds.


Love love love these pictures!! Keep them coming, I look forward to seeing these as opposed to watching an empty nest now lol.

Lucille B

Mr. John, Many thanks for the incrdedible photos & report you posted this afternoon and a special thank you to Mr. Matt(as someone called the photographer) for taking the time to photograph "Our Juvie" on the deck! How nice it is to see another one of the spots they go to when not in the nest!
You Alcoa people are really special and fortunate to be a part of this extraordinary experience too. Also want to thank the techs who are responsible for the sound again. As you must know we certainly are enjoying its return! What can we look forward to in the days ahead? T-shirts and more photos of the eaglets in different places, maybe? Hope so!


Thank You. She/he looks right at home on the deck. Makes you see how BIG they have gotten, I also check in a few times a day. I just love our babies.

Sue Bowman

Thanks for the pictures! Beautiful!


So our "eaglecam blog guy" is John? Well John, please give our thanks to Matt for thinking to snap a great photo. Eagles partying on the deck! Totally cool! I'm with you, no more "eaglet" - they are young eagles now and getting huge!! Oh and it IS great to have the sound back. I had no clue how much racket we were missing when we just had the empty nest to look at - and right when they were fledging! Love hearing them around the nest even when we can't see them. What a delight to be able to see them grow. Thanks again to you & Alcoa for sharing this with us! FYI I am collecting some screen caps from the live feed here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kathycha/sets/72157629819177004/

Judith Hart

How do you like that, Faith sunning herself on the deck. Beautiful view also!
Thanks Mr. John and Matt..

Tracy Vigus

I'm with Janine and all the others here... Love love love the pics and the stories behind them. This is a great shot for sure. Matt should take a pitcher of Lemonade the next security check! lol


Wow and wow again! THANKS TO MR. JOHN for posting the pix of the juvie "lounging" on the deck rail. So could this deck become the newest hangout for our 3 young eagles? Sort of a juvie summer day camp experience?

Absolutely love it! And for those of you in the area with night-time photo capabilities—please share where the “kids” go “clubbing” at night after L & J THINK they are all tucked in on the branch/nest!! mom of 4 here-been there, done that, now lol!!

And kudos to Mr. Matt, the security person who took these awesome pix, and, through the window, no less! You are to be commended sir! And all of us so appreciate YOU taking the time to take pix and then making sure they got to Mr. John so we all could enjoy.

And last, but in NO way, least, my most sincere THANKS to Alcoa. I will speak now just for myself, although these sentiments may be felt by others.

Alcoa, you CHOSE to make this experience available to millions around the world. Thank you for this cam, and the dedicated hours of personnel you allowed to be given it. It was not something you HAD to do, but your environmental conscience led you to do it. Because of that, you have brought nature and its wild creatures into the awareness of millions who might have otherwise have never thought about the awesome task of survival for all living things-be they feathered, furred, finned, or just us ol’ 2-footed folks.


This experience over the last few months has been awesome, and soul-satisfying. YOU are to be commended.

And to all you great Alcoa eagleholics out there: THANK YOU!!

I so have enjoyed these last few months. While I didn’t post that often, please know, you all were an important part of every single day as I checked in to see what the feathered “kids” were up to. And then was privileged to learn about your days as well. And, because life happens, was hopefully sending along unspoken, positive vibes as needed.

You folks have become a super and supportive community. Kudos to all!! I will think about you all and wish you the best.

See you next year, back at the nest!


What an elegant sight ! They have grown so fast into such beautiful creatures. And smart ! I would be hanging out on that back deck too.

LaDean Spring

I showed these pictures to a couple people at work who would come look at them when there were smaller and still in the nest and they were like...that's not the same bird is it? Yes!...No way! They were shocked at how big they have become. It was nice to share with them.

Judith Hart

H or S just landed in the nest, then took off.....still nearby.

Carol C

I posted a pic of a juvie wingersizing in the nest on Nesters Nest. It's on Big Island near Rock Island,ILL. Got a good picture of it lifting up off the nest!! Check it out. Carol


Judith, I was waiting for you! I thought for sure that was Faith on the deck, but I knew you would know.

Alcoa guys, thank you so much for the opportunity to see into our kids adventures.

Carol C

Vroom Grrl- WOW that was an awsome slide show. Everyone should check it out.

Greta in Kansas

Fanchon, have you joined the "Nester's Nest" and "Other Talk" groups on FB? 'Cause if not, you should! ;-)


7:12 EDT

Wow..what a great shot of Faith on the rail!! She looks fabulous!!

Mr. John..do you know how guilty I have felt trying to chide you into picnicing under the eagle tree? Well..NO MORE!! What a beautiful place to sit and just look out...to let everything go and just 'blend in'.

Tell Matt that he 'done good'!! That is a great shot and I love it! Thank you.

Lucille B

Those screen caps are wonderful! Thank you for sharing them with all of us! What an awesome way to capture this entire adventure! I'm sure all who view them will be amazed. You did a super fine job!

Lucille B

Couldn't leave the computer without checking in on the nest and the photos that Vroomgrrl posted. If you haven't seen them, you absolutely must! They are awesome. A real trip down Alcoa Eagle Memory Lane! You have to go back to postings from around 6:00pm today. There is a link that you can click on to see the caps!

Jack Chao

I think it was a good thing that Mr. Matt took the picture from inside the building. Do you all see the mean look on that eaglet? Or a look that says, meal time if you dare to come out.

Susan Dew

Thank you Mr John (I hope that is correct) for all your updates and photos. It has been such a treat to watch the eagles from Australia. They have been my No.1 bird for decades so these past months have been very special for me. Thank you to the Security man for taking this photo as it is a bit sad not to see the eaglets while they are away from the nest. thank you all.

Judith Hart

Jack, that was a double dare stare!

Judith Hart

Well how do you like that, I zoomed in on the pictures Matt took and what do I see....Faith did a PS right on the Alcoa railing and deck....of all things!


Leave it to Faith to find the deck with a view! Matt, thanks for thinking of all of us and getting such great pics for us. What a treat to be so up close to Faith!

VroomGrrl, fantastic slide show! So glad you shared. I smiled through the whole show and will watch many times, I'm sure. Thanks!

I'm beat. Night all. SED


Great shot of the juvie eagle. Thanks Matt!

Greta in Kansas

Hello, Susan in Australia! My husband and I visited Oz in 2000. Because we're always interested in the birds and wildlife wherever we go, we ended up buying an Australian bird guide book, because, of course, the birds there are entirely different! Well, not ENTIRELY different, I guess -- I still remember the huge, very old osprey nest at Rottnest Island off Perth. And now we can look right into an osprey nest, thanks to Alcoa!


I'm gonna title this story,
"We Don't Need No Stinkin" Nest No More."
By Faith, Hope, and Spirit

We twigged.
We branched.
We fly. We soar. We learn to hunt.
We say goodbye because soon we'll be gone.
The End.


Mr. Riches, I must ask: What camera do you shoot with? Your photos are fabulous! And like everyone else who visits this site on a too-many-times-a-day basis, I can't thank you enough for your dedication and caring. You rock, dude!

Mindy Gibson Frey

Well... I havent checked in all day long, and when I do, what do I see? A gorgeous Faith sitting on the deck sunning herself. Hmmm.. what a diva! Next thing ya know, she will want a lounge chair and a cold beverage. That look on her face is saying "back off buddy, I reserved this spot and I aint about to give it up to no 2 legged creature that doesnt even have wings!" Mr. John, thank you for all your hard work and dedication to keep all of us eagle crazy people satisfied. And Matt! Wow! Something tells me taking eagle pictures isnt under your list of duties in your employee handbook. We so appreciate you doing that. As you probably know, most of us are having eagle withdrawals. Every little "fix" is welcomed! Now I can go to bed and sleep well knowing our babies are doing fun stuffs!


Judith..only you and Mindy would look for the PS shots!! What a hoot!! (ref post # 29)


12:00 MIDNIGHT...the bewitching hour..but I'm too old to care!

The nest is the same as the night before..and the night before..and the night before...empty!! I miss saying goodnight to the babies. I love it when I see them.

Goodnight everyone...

Lucille B

Mavis, I too miss seeing "Our Juvies" at the end of my night! Goodnight! Hope you can sleep well without Artie bothering you. He seems to like keeping me up at all hours!
Maybe we can catch a glimpse of Faith/Hope or Spirit in the AM!


5:41 EDT

Nest still empty...no sounds...wind barely moving the leaves..looks like a view into the future..

We are missing these guys so much that we even have Judith looking for PS in pictures that are posted!

Hark!! I hear a baby calling out in the night!! Scratch the HARK...the calling has stopped. Guess I need a reality check! This empty nest thing is gonna get bad.


Judith Hart

Good Morning!
The little nuthatch is making it's early morning visit to the nest.

Judith Hart

Looks like a Downy Woodpecker just left the nest.


Lucille...you are up awfully late. Sounds like ole Artie is giving you a hard time...sorry about that.

I heard from the babies this morning but still have not seen them. They may have done a fast fly-by and I missed it.


Judith..I find myself getting excited seeing the nuthatch on the nest!! Is this what is called, "moving on"??

Do you feel the anxiety when we notice the sticks have been moved? Do you see 2 strange whitish/green things in the nest at 12 o'clock that could be LEAVES?!! Do you notice the walls of the nest MAY be being rebuilt? I want to hire a P.I. to protect the nest of our babies!! I don't want ANYTHING moved or rearranged on OUR nest.


I'm gonna grab a cup of coffee and watch some news...today is a big day for news...maybe I can get a reality check there. It's going to be a blood pumping day regardless of the side on isle you are on or what channel you watch.

Did you hear that? Sounds like a bird on the camera!!


Previous post should have said:

Regardless of what side of the isle you are ON...geeze...adding another coffee shot to that cup!!

Judith Hart

Mavis, Now we have the "Birdwatchers" UFO Club.
I can't understand my not seeing the fish in the pictures, yet I spot the PS.

Judith Hart

Should be very interesting!


7:34 EDT

If you were blinking 3 minutes ago then you missed it!! H or S landed on the nest and took back off within a couple of seconds!! Guess that may the highlight of the day since they are good with their flying skills now!!


Judith...I missed the fish too! I also missed the PS!! Guess I lead a real dull life. I'm missing sooo much!!

Are you enjoying a cool morning? I love the NC mountain mornings and nights! My mom and dad used to spend their summers in Marion, NC and when I visited them, I remember the mornings and nights to be my favorite times. I guess they still are.

Nancy Morin

Pics of Faith sunning herself on the deck?!....Unbelievable....It's so heart warming to see and they're all doing well. They are the most beautiful eagles we've ever seen, don't you think? :) ....Thank you to all who made and continue to make this experience such a pleasure and wonderful lesson.


I am going to admit my complete ignorance but bald eagles. I have always loved the look of the bald eagle (we all remember the picture of the crying bald eagle after 9/11) but never in my life knew that they looked like giant black birds until they are 4-5 yrs old. They are near the lakes and game reserves area here in Ky but not out in the country where I am so I was never able to see one in the wild, other than zoos and the like. I have learned so much from you all and Alcoa. This 48 yr old brain absorbed so much new information these past few months and gained many new friends. I find myself looking to the sky alot more these days looking for this majestic beauty. Thank you Alcoa and eagle friends!

Judith Hart

Faith in the nest, now on the branch.

Kathryn Mellecker

Thanks Mr John and Mr Matt. That was a GREAT description and Very Good picures. Please tell Mr Matt to take a fresh fish with him on his next rounds. I bet the eagles could catch one in the air! LOL Now that would be a picture worth a million words!


8:20 EDT

Faith is on the nest. She loves the Alcoa branch and I love seeing her on it. The camera holds a lot of curiosity for her..she is making weird faces at the camera!


Tammy...WELL SAID!! I think a lot of us knew very little about the bald eagle until now. What a wonderful way to learn!

Katheryn, good idea! Throw some fish around next time you are there, Mr. John and snap the pictures for us. We promise not to breathe a word of you feeding the eagles to the Wildlife Commission!! PROMISE!! And if they ask..just tell them they fell out of your pocket! Tell them you are on a sushi diet!

Katheryn..you are a genius!! Alright, Mr. John..you've got your mission for the day!


Good morning all. Sounds like I missed seeing Faith this morning. Shoot! It's been a couple days since I've seen anyone in the nest so I guess my timing is way off. It's gonna be a hot one here today. We have a heat advisory for temps at or close to 100° with the heat index bringing it close to 110°! My watering is done and I'm staying inside the rest of the day.

Mavis, you're right about today being a big news day. I'll pay attention only because we need to know what's going on and if it gets too bad I swear I'll go outside and cool myself off with the hose! Maybe have a BIG drink, later in the day of course. Ok, that's enough from me before I get kicked off this site.

Time to get some work done. My sister and her husband might be coming from Michigan next week so I start getting ready for that.

Take care all. Praying for safety for everyone in the areas of the wild fires. Sure wish we could send rain that way!


I love this! It's great to see them from a human perspective on the ground. Also, it's great to see the river! I had no idea it was so close to the nest/tree. Thanks for posting all the pics. It's great to see their progress.


OMG!! WOW!! beamg..can I stand under your water hose too?!!

I still have my punch recipe if you want it!

I saw where the fires are near a military school. I wish they could get a lot of rain...so much destruction and displaced lives.

Nest still empty...not much to report.

John Riches

Maisie, I use a Nikon D-80 digital SLR for most of the photos I take.




Tammy emailed this picture to me. I looked it up on the internet..found it and the story behind it. It is a PICTURE...ONE YOU WILL WANT TO SEE and save. If you love these eagles..you will want to see this.


Sue from Indiana

How fun! So nice to see the babies out of the nest!


Tammy and Mavis, thank you for sharing. It's such a moving picture, isn't it?

I haven't seen any of our kids today, I hope they stay in the shade. It's supposed to be 100+ here today with heat advisories. Stay cool everyone!


Tammy and Mavis, what a sight! Thanks for sharing the photo of the eagle on the Fort Snelling gravestone. So touching!

Mavis and anyone else, of course you can stand under my hose with me! I need cooling off right now, believe me. I might need that punch recipe, doubled or tripled!

I bet our juvies are cooling off by the river and putting their feet up on the deck rail. They probably have little umbrella drinks and leis around their necks. What a life! Oh to be so free!

Oma Kyle

Yes Mavis, I would also like your punch recipe and Judith's cookie recipe too...Not much happening in and around the nest lately, so I don't think others on this site will mind.

Mr. John thank you for taking the time to post your camera information. My husband and I also purchased a Nikon, but decided to go with the point & shoot CoolPix 90 rather than an SLR so that we wouldn't have to transport the lenses when we travel. However after viewing your digital pixs on site, I think that we made a poor choice...


beamg and Oma..I just made a pitcher full of punch and would offer you a glass but I chug-a-lugged the whole thing!!! I'm going out to look for that water hose...BBL

Greta in Kansas

I keep missing the little birds in the nest -- thanks to whoever posted a photo showing a crowd of them a few days ago!

@Judith & Mavis -- you crack me up -- PS's, leaves and all.

Darlene Murray

I am wicked jealous. Not of the eaglet but of the security fella.
You have done a great job on this site, thank you for making me and all of my staff appreciate the eagles.

Greta in Kansas

Mavis -- Yes, mum's the word re: Mr. John carrying fish in his pockets! LOL! And many thanks to you and Tammy for the national cemetery photo -- I had not seen it before, and immediately saved it in my eagle album. Just beautiful!

beamg -- We're supposed to get to 106° in Wichita again today -- third day in a row -- and I'm trying to keep 3-week-old sod alive! My water bill's going to give me a heart attack!

I harvested the last of my lettuce this morning until fall, when I can re-plant. It's all going to seed. :-( My pepper plants seem to love the heat, but no tomatoes, yet.

The ash-covered foundations of homes in Colorado Springs are just heart-breaking. My sister and family lost everything to fire in the Los Alamos fire in 2000 -- still haunts me.


Greta, I sincerely have been praying for rain for the Colorado and NM fires. The whole state of Florida seemed to be on fire in '94 and I remember how horrifying it was. I can't imagine your sister's nightmare to losing your home and everything in it. So sorry for her loss...and I know she still feels the pain.

Have you priced lettuce in the stores lately? You did good in growing it. Too bad it has a short shelf life...but you can eat up NOW..of course, tomatoes are probably $3/lb and cucumbers are up there too. It cost a lot to eat healthy!! I have a wonderful Blue Cheese dressing recipe if you need one...tastes great on just plain lettuce!!

Stay cool...which may be an impossible order for today!


Greta, I hope you are staying inside today! I know you know how dangerous that heat can be but I just had to mention it. Yes, the pics from Colorado are heart-breaking. Heard reports some of them might be arson but it's too dangerous to investigate. YIKES on the water bill! I would gladly go to Alaska today, or the north pole!

I can't seem to find that punch recipe that was posted weeks ago. Did someone save it? If so, would you share again? I think it came from Judith but not sure. I either need to drink or turn the raido off!



I thought these posts were supposed to be eagle-exclusive. This isn't Facebook.


Eagle-exclusive: THE NEST IS EMPTY

Facebook: You are right...another site...


Glad to see nothing ever changes here.

Greta in Kansas

Juvie on the branch at 2:43 Central Time! YaY!

Greta in Kansas

Add 4 tea bags to 2 Cups boiling water
Disolve 2 Cups sugar into 7 Cups boiling water
beamg, I didn't find a punch recipe, but I did find Oma's slush recipe:

Add 1-12 oz frozen lemonade, 1-12 oz frozen orange juice, and 2 Cups Brandy
Add the tea and pour into freezer containers.
Make 1 day ahead to allow time to freeze.
Add 3 Tablespoons frozen mix in a tall glass, fill 3/4 full with 7-up and stir. Add ice cubes.

Greta in Kansas

Sorry -- I hadn't seen anyone who's objected to non-eagle posts on here in over a week, so I figured they weren't on here any more. Not sure why you would keep reading if you never post about the eagles yourselves.

Greta in Kansas

Ack! I see I can't post correctly, anyway. Recipe post should read:

beamg, I didn't find a punch recipe, but I did find Oma's slush recipe:

Add 4 tea bags to 2 Cups boiling water
Disolve 2 Cups sugar into 7 Cups boiling water
Add 1-12 oz frozen lemonade, 1-12 oz frozen orange juice, and 2 Cups Brandy
Add the tea and pour into freezer containers.
Make 1 day ahead to allow time to freeze.
Add 3 Tablespoons frozen mix in a tall glass, fill 3/4 full with 7-up and stir. Add ice cubes.

Greta in Kansas

Awww... They're still feeding their babies.... M/D just arrived with a fish, followed by a juvie. Well, now M/D seems to have flown off & I can't see the fish. Not sure if M/D took it or if juvie is standing over it.


Justice is on the nest..just flew off and Hope or Spirit is on the nest and calling out. Justice brought a small fish in and it was covered by H or S as soon as he landed. YES!! 3:57 EDT

Greta in Kansas

Ooh1 Juvie stretched a wing, and I got a glimpse of a fish under his/her feet! (No speckles on this juvie, BTW)

Greta in Kansas

You beat me to it, Mavis! Sharp eyes!


I wonder if the calling out is to call the others in so h/s can show off possession of the fish! Glad to see one on the nest again.

Awh...she/he is now eating the fish...


Has anyone heard from Libby today? I miss her posts.

Greta...anyone who reads the posts can see for themselves what is going on in the nest.

I see she/he is on the Alcoa branch now. Can't get a good frontal view yet..but it looks like Spirit. I hear one of the others calling back and sounds to be in the distance.

OMG..got a great screen shot of him looking at the camera. They really notice the camera now.


Yep...that is Spirit on the branch. See the white just above the right wing fold and the pattern on the chest?


Greta, you're right, that's the one I was looking for, slush from Oma. Thanks!

3:16 CDT Who is that on the branch? OH SO GOOD TO SEE! AND HEAR! My husband just asked if I could turn down the screaming eagles! NO! It sounds sooooo good to my ears! I missed the food delivery, etc. Didn't see any activity posts from "getreal"
so thanks to those who did post the action! Juvie still on the branch! Can't leave now!


Greta..did you hear the faint call sounding way off?

He sees something..he looks happy, doesn't he?!


Greta and Mavis, thanks for the activity posts! Remember when we worried so about Spirit? And look at him now! So cool and there's the train in the background.


3:27CDT One juvie in the nest and back out while Spirit is still on the branch! Faith must be on the deck rail.

Lucille B

Just tuned in to hear one of "Our Juvies" announcing his/her arrival on the Alcoa Branch! Not sure who it is, but it doesn't look like Faith. I can't see any sprinkles on its back! What a great sight & sound! Whoever it is seems so fascinated by the camera and he/she looks very hot: breathing hard and mouth open!


beamg..good call. That was fun to watch.

Notice...the nest is now empty...no sound around the nest..back to where we were.


Lucille, I wish you could have seen the faces Spirit was making at the camera when he was on the branch! So cute!! He was hungry and followed Justice into the nest. (Justice had a small fish which he left in the nest).

Gotta run. My son just came in with a report of a sink hole near his dad's grave. Hope it is not so.
We already have two sink holes that popped up in town since the rains. BBL


Mavis, I'd really like your Blue Cheese dressing recipe if you'd like to share. (:

Jack Chao

Here are some eagle-exclusive talk. Nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, and more nothing. All I see are some sticks that has been arranged by two Eagles aka Justice and Liberty in a round shape that is about 7 feet in diameter with lots of straws, grass, and what ever other stuff that Justice and Liberty brought in to fill the nest with. If you check the cam just the right time, you might see some other smaller birds in the nest eating some left over jerky. If you are a really lucky person, then you might see the Parents or the Eaglets on the nest or on the Alcoa branch. Is that eagle-exclusive enough?

I seem to remember a saying go, "why change something that is good", or "if the boat floats, don't fix it". Sorry, I was going to let this post be eagle-exclusive, but just can help it! Have a great day!

Greta in Kansas

LOL, Jack!

Mavis, don't you go falling into any sinkholes!!

Jack Chao

@Mavis, Ms. Elizabeth have commented on the other place recently, you know where all the friendly people are. She may be checking out other cams. I now have set my computer tabs on other osprey site that River Jim had posted a while ago.

Judith Hart

The Brandy Slush recipe was Oma's, I tried it, it's great! Sometimes I just scrape some out of the container with a spoon,...put it in a glass and eat it like a slurpy.

The Oatmeal cookie recipe is on the Quaker
Oats old fashioned lid. I cut the butter in half and add olive oil to replace it, (no raisins), I add a few handfuls of dried cranberries and the same amount of chocolate chips, after baking I then freeze them all, they thaw quickly.

Carol C

We have a heat index of 115 today. Holly Cow I feel sorry for them guys out there.


Hey Cheryl..I will post it later if it is ok...gotta get supper going. Blue Cheese dressing coming up..and it is soo good.

Oma Kyle

Greta and beamg, I'm sorry...I could have reposted the Brandy Slush recipe, but I thought that beams wanted the one for Mavis' punch.

Judith, thanks for sharing your cookie recipe!

Elizabeth has posted several times today on the FB OT site...


Jack!! You are a riot!! You gotta give us the brownie recipe!!

Punch: 1 12 oz can frozen PINK lemonade
2 12 oz bottles of beer
6 to 8 oz Vodka

Mix and sip..will keep for a week in frig..don't let it fool you...it is really tasty..good.

Glad to hear Libby is posting on the group page. Thanks, Jack..I was getting concerned.

Now..Sally G...where are you...and IRIS??

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