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June 01, 2012


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Carol C

Thanks John


Thanks for the heads up Judith.

Mr. John, we know you always do your best to get us back to normal here. THANKS!

Carol, hope you have a good day at work but don't work too hard. Also hope we see some great action today in the nest. They look lazy this morning, don't they? Must have done some exercising while the cam was frozen.

Ok, I'm going outside in the sun with my coffee! Back in a bit.

Sally of Michigan

Thanks John for getting the cam streaming again! All's well with our three eaglets in the nest this morning. And, we look forward to it being a beautiful day.

Lucille B

Thank you, Mr. John, for getting our live feed back. Hope it's an exciting day!

Mark Walker

I've got June 5 in the fledging pool. Even that might be early. We'll see.


Mark..you have a better chance than me..my date was May 29th...missed by a long shot!


Mavis and Mark, I picked June 14, Flag Day. That's starting to feel like it will be too late! Gosh, who knows what these guys will do and when! I just know a lot of cheers will go up when it happens and some tears may even fall. It'll be mixed emotions for sure. Just saw some wing action but they seem content to stay put for now.


I appreciate so much the efforts to bring these
eaglets to us via camera. I wouldn't have missed these visions for the world. Thanks!

Gus Gocella

Just checking in today and found earlier about the camera problem. Seems almost corrected now..a little fuzzy as it was previously when it rained. Went into the Osprey site and they are all waiting for breakfast as are the eaglets. Thanks John for what you do for us. Do I see a building on the right hand corner of the screen picture..sometimes it appears clear and other times it is covered with the leaves. It is just above the old turtle shell. Just thought I'd ask. Have a good day in Iowa..raining in TN. Gus Gocella

Sally of Michigan

It's raining in mid-Michigan. But, I'm not complaining. Guess we need the rain. Glad the sun is shining on the nest! I didn't see them get breakfast yet.

Peggy Wilson

Thank you John.. I see our three are doing great . Taking in the bright sunshine with a little R & R this morning.
Sad news to report. The Delta site, we lost GW sometime this morning..He was doing soo good the last couple of days. Eating, wingersizing, . But his illness evidently surcomed to him. Mom came in for a feeding this morning, feeding Linux and then went to GW and turned him over. Has beens standing vigil for the last two hours by him. Tell me they dont feel pain. Im sure she knew something was wrong with her little one. Noticed that he was not breathing around 7:00 am our time when I went to nest. Observer said at around 4:30 he noticed and then monitered the rest of the earlymorning hours no movemement. A sad rainy day at the Delta nest. This is nature and when we are able to see it up close it does tug at the heart of all of us. Now we must root for Linux to carry on and become a beautiful bountiful eagle he was born to be.

Greta in Kansas


Thought this would interest some of you -- a red-tailed hawk is nesting behind a billboard here in Wichita:


Lucille B

Peggy, Just had a moment to check in and read your posting about the Delta Eagles. I just switched to that live feed and see GW turned over and the other eaglet eating something. It isn't the head of GW is it? Sure hope not. It was so sad to see GW turned over and gone. Sure glad F/H/S have survived this long and hope they continue to do so for many years to come. Too bad we won't know their destination or ultimate fate. They have become like children to so many of us that we would love to know what eventually becomes of them! Lt's just HOPE for the best for each one of them! God speed Little/Big Eaglets! Thanks for the info Peggy.


Oh Peggy, that is so sad. I do believe that animals have emotions and feelings. I truly do.


Thanks for sharing Peggy. So sad!

Greta, thanks for sharing, too. I wouldn't get close either with any kind of hawk nesting there.

Has anyone of ours left sight today? I haven't seen that but I've been in and out. I just so glad they all look healthy!


My heart is heavy, I have been stopping by the Delta2 nest. I didn't think that GW was going to make it. But, I kept reading the posts of the "regular" contributors there, and they thought that poor little eaglet was rallying, I guess not. But, as someone said, nature is nature. And not all things turn out the way we would want. In fact, I thoguht both eaglets were lethargic compared to our three. My heart goes out to the Mama, she seems to be confused as to what to do. I only wish someone could remove that poor little eaglet. I also know that our three still have many obstacles ahead of them.Branching and fledging bring their own set of risks. but, they have had great nurturing in Liberty and Justice. I'm surprised they haven't "blacked out" the Delta camera. I hope that children won't be affected by what is going on....The mama is just standing there with her head hung...very sad. And look at our three, big strong and enjoying the sunshine and the view....joy


Hi Colleen. Are you getting rain today? The Delta2 nest sure gives us a lot to be grateful for with Faith, Hope and Spirit and Liberty and Justice doing everything in their power to help these guys survive. Nature is cruel sometimes and hard to deal with.

No reports of food delivery yet today. I keep seeing that turtle shell on the right side. Is that the one they were "playing" with yesterday? I guess the slimming down part of their developement is what's going on now. We have clouds going over at times and it looks that way on the nest, too. Not much activity so guess it's my lunch time.

Everyone seems so quiet today and it feels kind of eerie. I really miss the sounds and I haven't even heard a train go through Durant that I can report is headed east. BBL


Beamg..you may win the pool. I think June 14 is pretty close to realistic.


@beamg, boy are we getting rain!!! Socked in for most of the day. Fortunately, nothing too severe at this point. There is a band to my west that looks like it could run into some instability and kick up a bit, but don't think anything too bad. Yes, we are SO lucky to have 3 eaglets thrive and grow to this point. I wish they could remove the eaglet, but than again that's not how nature works.....I think you're right bamg, from everything I've read, they need to become stealth for their next journey....bittersweet

Jill Anne Sparapany

Suzanne(et al.) Osprey blog #37 response. XPost to Eaglecam blog.

The regulars, what you call "small group of people (who) have taken control" of the Alcoa Eaglecam, are not a small group. There are 10-20 regular posters and many additional who do not post daily or weekly. We have become friends and friends share. We have been very welcoming to newbies. When the same questions are asked multiple times by newbies, we answer the questions graciously again and again.

Some people feel they can join the blog and impose their own "Rules" of how it should be run. It it not yours/theirs to claim, it belongs to Alcoa who has given it to all of us. It's Alcoa's rules and they have made it available for all of us. Although Alcoa has not listed 'The Rules', I would assume they expect us to be respectful of each other whether we agree or disagree with their opinion, do not post discriminatory or profane entries and do not attempt to "egg on" distention on the blog. (PUN!)
If you want a blog only for eagle/osprey info sharing, you could set up your own blog site with your rules. You could post that blog site for those who do not want to sift through 'non-eagle/bird' stuff to find info.

In RE: Your statement about posting facts 'as if they are experts'. Whenever I have posted accurate and factual information, I have always listed the website for reference. It is not my personal opinion, I have always given facts and been able to back them up. My references have been the US (Federal) Fish and Wildlife Service or the State of NC/MN/IA Fish and Wildlife Services. On the US F&W Service, they also reference another eagle info site and I have used that site as well.
I have not used any other sources and I think everyone would agree these are reputable sources on birds and wildlife.

Other regulars have also used referenced, reputable sources for eagle info.

For the most part, just about everyone can read a blog and determine 99% of the time if it is a factual statement or an opinion.
In fact, to assist in this distinction, we (the regulars) have started to post ET/Eagle Talk or OT/Other Talk so you can skim over the garbage.


Jack, are you watching today? I found this link about a bear in California and thought of you out there. WOW, didn't know there were bears in CA!!!


Gus, The turtle shell is at the 3 o'clock position so I assume that is where you are seeing the white object down below. The security light and out building I believe is at the 2 o'clock position,.

If you will click on April 2012 archives and scroll down, Mr. John posted a good photo of the tree and the out building.


Hi Jill. Glad you're here today. Did you pick a fledge date? Just curious. They all look pretty laid back today. Saving up for evening OR the weekend with off work people watching maybe?

Mavis, it was so hard to pick a date! And I don't really care but sure will be watching and hoping to see the real thing maybe on the Ben B sometime soon since we will only be able to guess what's going on off screen. Of course, Mr. John will keep us updated and for that we can be so thankful.


@beamg,WE had a baby brown bear here yesterday!! A county over from mine.You may be able to google it, Hubbard, Ohio brown bear! Went through a friends back yard, right nest to a playground!!! But, they got the bear , put it to sleep, and released it somewhere else! We've actually had a couple come through the past couple of years!! Well, off to mee friends for lunch, can't get that delta eaglet out of my mind....:( TTL


Greta. Thanks for the link, it is a good story about the red tail hawk nesting in the billboard. I think that created good PR for the hospital, too. Business is business, but when you set aside business to help mother nature..it is good..and a win/win.

Peggy, I can't go to that site and see that. I'm just not up to it..my heart breaks already by what you described. I did go there the other day when you were having issues about getting a live stream of the video and saw him/her. I hate to hear the sad news. Thank you for sharing that.

Wilma Cole

They appear to be ready to take today to rest after all the wind and rain. They are being very quiet,


Here is a link to a great story in my neck of the woods. This little eaglet fell from the nest and was rescued....s/he is much smaller than our babies though



Colleen...Well, those darned bears show up in the oddest and seemingly wrong places, don't they? Hope you have a good lunch and it helps take your mind off unpleasant things.

Mavis, I sure understand not being able to go there. I'm going to check out the Osprey cam. The first time I saw an osprey and knew it was an osprey was in Florida. They are cool to watch, too!
BBL, too.


Thank you I love watching thme. I don't have sound today at least right now.

Jill Anne Sparapany

beamg. yes, i chose thurs, june 14th. the day i'm flying up to iowa for family anniversary-reunion. hoping they will fly the same day i am!

colleenm. my heart skipped a beat or two when i read they 'put the bear to sleep'...until i read then they relocated the bear. they tranquilized the bear! whew!
i had a nurse friend who did a two-yr contract in anchorage, alaska. she sent me a calendar of moose antics. the july photo had a moose cooling off in a kiddie swim pool. too funny!
who encroaches on who? we're moving into their territory. i'm glad our bald eagles have adapted to suburban living since their wilderness areas are shrinking.

Jill Anne Sparapany

peeked at the delta2 cam. so sad, parent (mom, i think) standing unable to help eaglet.
sibling eaglet was standing there also. mom has flown away, baby eaglet has laid down in nest.

also sad when harmon/minnesota eaglets sibling, kirby, fell from the nest. was so happy harmon was rescued from being stuck in the nest and successfully returned.

these eagle parents give everything they can to raising their young. i hope whenever you see a reputable rescue group for animals, you remember the great work these people and volunteers do for these animals.


Wilma..they sometimes get quite active in the late afternoons. Maybe it is cooler then, I don't know. But stick around..I'm sure there will be some excitement later.

Judith Hart

Gus, How bad is the storm? It's heading for NC, we're under a tornado watch in the NW corner.


Beamg..the osprey cam is nice. No sound yet..but the sounds that come from the dam may not be productive to good sound, like the Dollywood cam. Just don't go to the chat..already fighting over there and talking about us. There is not even enough people blogging over there yet to stir up trouble with! Jill just got a good taste of it so enjoy your visit and hurry back.

Has Faith branched yet? I was gone for a couple of hours and just wondered.

Jill Anne Sparapany

Raleigh: Just had t-storm blow through. It's Q.... now.

But still have alot more to come this afternoon and evening. MidAtlantic is under thunderstorm watches/tornado watches, which I suspect will become warnings later today.
We're supposed to get t-storms and hail in NC. Will be coming in from the western part of NC and will affect the Yadkin Osprey nest.

HAVE YOU GUYS SEEN THE ALCOA OSPREY NEST? OMG, these guys will steal your hearts!
Charles, how many times can we do 'split screens' to watch all the birdcams? LOL


Judith..are you there. If you had to call it RIGHT now 2:41..who is at 10 o'clock..I say Spirit..


Those little osprey are so cute. They are quick to get a bite of food.


OT.....Oh Judith, be careful with the tornado watch today.

OT & ET.....Tammy, thanks for posting the link to a happy ending story! So glad they found that baby and have stepped in to help. Brings back memories of Harmon! Did you say you live in the Paducah area? Land Between the Lakes is beautiful! We stayed in Paducah a few years back when we visited Mediapolis and the Superman museum. We really want to get back there, LBL, someday and spend more time.

ET.....I just can't believe our 3 are all STILL in sight today. Don't know who said it but I agree they must be resting after the rain and cold weather. Evening...I'm sure the action will pick up then. Maybe that's not factual but it does seem to be the usual thing these days.

OT.....Yup, we are moving more and more every day into the animals territory so we need to be mindful of that fact and be on the lookout for them and be careful.

OT.....I checked out the oprey nest. They are pretty cool birds. Don't think I'll be posting there at all. Saw names that might fit there better. Saw familiar names that I love from here, too. Don't get sucked into any bad stuff there, please!


Greta in Kansas

I picked today for first fledging -- c'mon, kids! Actually it looks like Flag Day June 14 is more like it. Can I change my day? ;-)

Hello and welcome to Eileen and Wilma -- these guys are indeed fun to watch. Mr. John said it might take a while for the sound to come back, but I'm sure it will. It DOES seem quiet on the nest today -- a lot of just sitting in the sunshine.

@Judith -- you cracked me up with the boat idea! I can just see a couple of us old ladies trying to row across the Ol' Mississip in a raft -- too funny!

Off to view Tammy's eaglet link and beamg's bear link. Can't bear to look at the Delta site. :-(

Judith Hart

Just took a peek at the Osprey site,ummmm someone said they saw sat. dishes in the background, I thought that nest was built on a dam, it looks like a dam to me in the background.

Jill Anne Sparapany

Mavis, facts will always speak for themselves.
I stand behind my statements for Eaglecam and now, Ospreycam.

Isn't ALCOA a great American company?
We need more companies who can accommodate and encourage the wildlife to raise their families on their sites! Osprey site said the nest is built on the Yadkin River dam site. No sound as I'm sure the waterfall over the dam would block any bird conversation. Also the employees helped to stabilize the platform for the osprey nest!

The pride of the Alcoa employees speaks volumes to their Corporate Culture!
Thank you, Alcoa! Another winning cam with the Osprey! Beautiful birds!


Those osprey babies are adorable. Such beautiful eyes. I read the comments over there, too. Geez. I have to say, the only other cam site I ever got involved with was the barn owls, but people there shared their lives. How can you really not, you spend hours a day with people watching these birds. Their site is set up as more of a chatroom where it is very easy to scroll so it doesn't take as long to go by posts you're not interested in, but that's the only difference. Pet stories are shared all the time, recipes, pictures, etc. These people have regular get togethers and I know of at least one person who has come from England to meet up with some other owl watchers. Real friendships have been formed with a bunch of wonderful people.

My fledge date is June 8th. I picked it way back when everyone else was picking dates. That may be a little early, we'll see.

Have there been any food deliveries today? I'm hoping with the food drops now becoming more normal instead of the feedings that Spirit gets enough food.


Ah, Jill..I stand behind you! You are great with good, factual, and pertinent information.

Judith Hart

Greta, If I were 15 years younger I'd do it on a bet. I've done dumb things like that in the past


OT.....Judith, that nest IS built on a dam. I prefer the scenery at Alcoa! But, I guess birds build where it works best for them so I shouldn't complain about their scenery. All I can say is Location location location! They are cute, though.

ET.....Ok, I haven't left here yet but have to get some cleaning done since my husband said I can't have a housekeeper! I'd have to clean before I could allow a housekeeper in the house anyway! I just keep thinking if I wait just a minute something exciting will happen and I don't want to miss it! Ok, I'm trusting all you faithful posters to keep me informed. You know what we like to read about, hehehe!


I'm behind you, beamg. My babes sure miss out on cuddle time while I'm on this site.


Judith Hart

Mavis, would you say Spirit now at 12:00....missed the other.


Greta, you can change your day to any day you want! We're pretty open here to that:) NO, don't go to Delta2 today. I'm sorry I did. Not a good image to have. I think that's part of why I just can't leave here today. I need to check on Harmon.

Jill Anne Sparapany

RE: Osprey nest. Yes, it's built on the dam site.

But other nesting sites also put up unused satellite dishes to encourage nesting there, instead of on power poles or sites of commerce.
Stabilized sat.dishes are a great idea...help the birds raising their young in safer sites and re-purposing sat.dishes! Talk about recycling!!

PS Mavis. Not posting anything else on the OC site. Prefer a friendly site and friends!


Jill, AMEN to your post 41! Alocoa and employees make US the winners with what they have given us.

Judith Hart

Jill, I'll let you know how bad it gets, I'm in the second county from the NW corner.
One line is in Winston now heading for you, second line is just coming into the state.


@ beamg, yes, I do live in the Paducah area. Did you visit Metropolis? That is right across the river, "the home of Superman". They even have a Superman festival every year there and have Lois Lane to boot. We are also known as being the Quilt Capital of the World. Every April, our town is flooded with quilters from all over the world. Helps the economy for sure.

Jill Anne Sparapany

Judith. Weather.com has us under a severe t-storm warning til 10pm. The Tor-Con for us is 5, so I'm sure we'll have some tornado warnings today.

Wash DC and Baltimore looks bad right now too!
The t-storms aren't topping at 60,000 but are producing lower level spin.
Everyone stay tuned to your weather updates and stay safe!

Greta in Kansas

Ah, yes, Judith! If I were 15 years younger... I could finish that sentence lots of ways! ;-)

Judith Hart

Didn't know they used sat dishes for nesting sites....Good idea.
Bet you could even float down the Mississippi on one.


I don't see the mom and dad come to the nest any more. How do they get food?

Greta in Kansas

@Jill -- You were very brave to defend us at the osprey site. ;-)

Yes! recycled satellite dishes! Great idea!


Thanks for the pic from the ground...you guys in Davenport are just TOO good!

Elsie Curtis

Beautiful pictures and beautiful birds So blessed to b able to watch this

Greta in Kansas

Carolyn - Mom and Dad don't spend a lot of time in the nest any more, but we've been told they are usually roosting nearby when they aren't hunting. I haven't seen a food delivery today, but I could easily have missed it. We're told the eaglets, after having fattened up while they were growing rapidly, now need to "slim down" so they'll be able to fly well.


OT.....Tammy, yes, I meant Metropolis. Duh, me! Oh, quilts, too? My mom is a quilter and keeps saying I should give it a try. Too detailed for me and it would drive me to drink if the corners didn't all match PERFECTLY! Love quilts, just not interested in making them. Mom made one for me that's just beautiful!

Greta in Kansas

Yes, Joanna, those Alcoa people are great, aren't they?

Hi, Elsie! I agree it's a great blessing to see these birds up close!

Greta in Kansas

Still not much action on the nest today. All three staying in the nest & not much wingercizing that I've seen. I bet it's cold there -- we're pretty cool here in Kansas -- no AC today, 2nd cool day since that storm front moved through here.

Stay safe out east, eagle peeps! I'm sure you know what precautions to take in a tornado warning, but if not, this Kansas girl will be glad to clue you in! Signed, "Dorothy" ;-)


Judith, bet YOU could float down the Mississippi on a sat dish! Hey, you said you would on a bet. Oh, ya, you said if you were 15 years younger. LOL! You really want somebody to get closer to the nest, don't ya?

Oh, there's a parent in and out! 2:47 CDT. Oh oh oh, fish delivery, windy, somewhat sunny.

Cindy P.

NEW THREAD... with pics!!


Welcome Elsie! That's my mom's name, too.

Judith Hart


Catherine in  Alexandria VA

Cheryl, I agree with your post #41 (I think) . It is indeed a great privilege that Alcoa has given us this opportunity to share our love of the eagles and it has been heartwarming to hear stories too. I am still laughing over Mavis nearly jumping out of a moving truck over those rattlesnake rattles.

Greta, I live in the metro DC area - we don't usually get tornados here. What do you recommend? It isn't raining yet, but I need to go check the weather channel to see if they are sounding any alarms or alerts.


great pictures!!! Hope to see more


Thank you for the wonderful, informative photos! You certainly take loving care of your viewing family and we truly appreciate it.

Jack Chao

Thank you Beamg! Yes, we have lots of bears (black bears)in Cali. Actually have some personal encounters with them when camping.



Did you just see that..the one on the lower left limb just FLEW to the Alcoa branch. Wow!


Jill, I would not go there either. That blog had only 45 total posts when I went there, and it is already unfriendly.


Judith..I am behind and trying to catch up on posts. It is 5:16 EDT..who is on the Alcoa branch?


Judith..about floating down the MS on a sat dish..I would have to be 40 yrs younger for that!! Actually, I would never do it..I am too afraid of moccasins!


I was reading a report about the bald eagles in NJ and ran across this interesting nest note:

"Sea Breeze B- On Friday, May 13, the eagle banding team visited the Sea Breeze B nest located on an island in the salt marsh of Cumberland County to band the two chicks. As the team approached the island they could see that the nest looked somewhat small and it looked like some nesting material had fallen out of the tree. As the team approached the nest tree both adult eagles appeared and were making their alarm calls, which is normal when anyone approaches an active nest. One of the eagle project volunteers made a sad discovery, the remains of a 4-5 week old eagle chick under the tree. Mick Valent began to climb the nest tree and quickly saw the nest had lost its structure. The adults’ defensive behavior indicated that there was still a live chick around, so the team started searching for a grounded chick. As Mick made his way up the tree, he discovered an eaglet clinging to the small nest remains. He lowered the eaglet to the ground where it got a health check and got banded. In the meantime, everyone pitched in to rebuild the nest, using driftwood and sticks raised up to Mick and our second climber, Jeremy Webber. The team built a nice starter nest that allowed the eaglet to successfully fledge about 6 weeks later.

We estimated the nest had fallen 8-14 days prior to our nest visit. The eaglet had done well to hold on in a tough situation."

Human intervention saved another baby eagle!


The photos are awesome. Gives a better perspective of the tree branches around the nest. Still so unreal, did not realize how big an eagle nest really is. Thank you so much for the pics. Hope, Faith, and Spirit will be great eagles soon and out into this world.It has been a privilege to view this site and all the other eagle sites that I have vistited these past few months. We have had triumph, life saving and sadness all in one. But, as we know, it can be a part of nature. and we are so very fornunate to be able to witness this upclose by the generous people that do so. I have learned alot about eagles that I did not know before. And I should have known since this is our National bird. It has been a great learning tool for me and still unanswered questions of why things happen but that is the wild .I truely thankyou Alcoa for this opportunity .


Babes are resting and I only see two. But that's ok. The other is just a hop, skip and jump away. I dread the day that they are out of the nest for hours and days on end. But, what we can know for sure is that L and J are the best parents an eaglet can ask for. I look forward to next May when we can begin this journey with more little ones. But until then, it's bittersweet and joyous at the same time. What great friends I have made here.


AWESOME K2. A great end to what could have been a much worse situation (the loss of 2 babies instead of just 1). That's what this site is about. Good information and good news. Thanks for posting and please come back.


K2, check out this link if you didn't see it in an earlier post. Another good news story about an eaglet.


Mary B. Eddy

The 1st to leave the nest, only 2 there right now, Saturday June 2 8:28 am

Barbara J. Easterly

watched the first one leave. brings tears to my eyes. this has been a cool experience to watch these guys. thanks

Joyce from NH

What happened to the third eaglet? My computer was down for a few days and I have been on for two days now and only see two, did one fledge?

ellyn van dyck

I have been watching the eaglets since their birth...but i haven't been on for a few days...i was wondering did one of the eaglets fly out of the nest..i only noticed 2 of them in their nest...could someone please let me know about this:) thank you...

beats headphones

You know how to balance writing and images/videos. However, I cant get over how little you actually bring to light here. I think that everyones said the same thing that youve said over and over again

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