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June 26, 2012


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Mr. John thank you for the updates and the pictures. I check many times through out the day and never see them; I miss seeing them. It is good to know that they are doing well and to be able to see how beautiful they are. Faith, Hope and Spirit will always have a special place in my heart. Thanks again Alcoa and to you, Mr. John, for all you have done during this wonderful nesting season.


Thank you for the update. I so wish we could know what happens to them. Find out who were boys and who were girls! And if they ever become wonderful parents to new eaglets...


Thank you for the update. Now that they have fledged, I do miss them whe nI don't see them on the camera.

Elaine Holland

Thank you for the pictures they sure have grown. Thank you for the updates and knowing that we all still have a connection to the 'babies' and probably always will.

Judith Hart

That looks like it could be Spirit on that branch, from the photo's Mr. John posted. I think I see a little angel wing, and the beak doesn't go back very far.
Thank You Mr. John for the sound and pictures.


I see that the one on the dead branch has a fish he's taking back to the nest! Wonderful!!

Judith Hart

Thanks Nancy, I missed the fish.

Mary Darlene Horner

Thanks for the sound~
We cannot see them but we hear them.


Thanks for the new pics. Appreciate the updates. I had the opportunity to see two of the eaglets fly into the nest the other evening.Very impressive.The one was calling to the other,then suddenly both were in the nest. Sometimes you can hear them but not see them. Thanks again Alcoa for sharing.Thank you John for the time you take to get the great shots.


7:33 EDT..

Been a hairy day with all the rain. My county is really in a flood state and depressing to see how many families are affected by this...THEN...I finally check on the babes for the first time today, and I read what Mr. John had to say. WHAT AN UPLIFT TO THE SPIRIT!! Thank you, Mr. John!!
I can only imagine how it felt for Mom or Dad and daughter or son to fly together!! And for you to SEE it...it must have felt great for you too!! I like the pictures, but I love the mental one you painted much better! We all are sure going to miss them..but it is these special moments before goodbyes are made that make the memories so wonderful and meaningful. Like someone earlier said..we have come full circle now..and it has been a diamond studded circle!! You deserve so much of the credit, Mr. John..you and all the Alcoa Davenport family..so take your bow..we are applauding you!!

Charles Kinsey

Nancy - __VERY astute observation. Do you need an extra job as a photo analyst ?
Your observation means that the juvie has or is learning to fish on his own - or if the fish was caught by parent and then claimed by juvie - then he is learning the skills necessary to survive.

For those who missed it - including me- the photo in question is the first one - top left of eagle in flight. Zoom in (control+) to about 300-400% and you will see the fish in left talon.
Again - good job Nancy and thanks for pointing that out. That's very meaningful info for us to know.


Thanks for the pictures and the sound. Did catch one of the adults on the nest today...looked lonely.

The ospreys have fledged but they are still coming back to the nest for the evening meal, and a couple this afternoon for a snack.

Both sets of parents are GOOD ones.


I had missed the fish in the foot when I looked at the pictures, too. Thank you Nancy!


Nancy...you are GOOD!! I went back to look and in plain sight...it was missed! Thanks for pointing that out. I think even Mr. John may have missed it or he would have commented. If you look at the shot on the limb..you can make out the fish there as well.

I have not seen the babies today but I hear them now. Sounds so good...


Tammy, I caught up with the posts and read the good news!! Yeah..you won't set the metal detector off now! Glad you had a good visit with your doctors.

Donna Harwood

Did you notice in picture 4 that eaglet had a fish in its talons?

Oma Kyle

But the best pix of the eagle with fish is photo #4 when it is in flight...and I just saw it when I went back to check;thanks Nancy!

L. Miller

I just checked in and one of the babes is resting in the nest!!!!!
I am so glad to have seen that. The babe practically fills the nest. So adorable. It's 5:36 PM, west coast time.


That looks like Spirit in the nest but can't be sure. There is not room for another sleep mate because the sticks take up so much room. He sure is a mighty fine looking eaglet!

I ran across this on youtube and thought some of my friends my age might enjoy this..the good ole days..not eagle related:


Going to relax a bit with my pups..hope everyone has a good evening.

John Kinsey

RE: post # 16

Donna H. - Thanks for another good observation. The fish is easier to see than in pic #1. I will post it on the NN site - courtesy of Alcoa and the now world-famous MR. JOHN.

Elizabeth Rieder

Nancy you are really sharp. Those two pictures show the fish,looks like a whole one. Don't know if he caught it or what, but that is great to know they are finally getting the idea. That means they will be headed out on their own soon. Well everyone get out the Kleenex, that day is almost here.

Mavis you little bugger, we were worried sick about you, I had visions of you on a roof top flowing some where in the Gulf with your babies with their little water wing on. And you using an old dead dryed gato to row back to land. LOL Glad you are safe. Isn't Nancy something else spotting that fish? That is just something super.
A real gold star moment.

John Kinsey

Juvie just came into nest bringing a small stick - left it in nest and departed.


Thanks Alcoa, and especially you Mr. John!

Tracy Vigus

Thank you Mr John and Alcoa! There was a lot of action in the nest today... well..more than in the past few days. I have seen family there and the sound is really wonderful! I check frequently because this is where my heart is, but the Osprey nest had lots of activity today too. Enjoyed that. And just for the fun of it all... I do think little Spirit is a male and I can tell him apart from the others based on his head / neck and size. He is a sweety. Faith and Hope are a bit more 'complicated' to figure out... as is always the case with us females! lol



Hi Libby, did not mean to worry you. My son drove me to town today..it is 7 miles away and it took us over an hour to get there. We back tracked so much due to flooded roads, wash outs, bridges out..it was totally shocking. I remember the real bad floods of '64, '94' and '98...but this one is the worse ever. Over 20 inches in 24 hrs...too much for the town to handle. We managed fine here on the farm. I haven't checked the lake yet but I've a feeling it has grown to cover a 100 acres or more. I have seen it do that several times but the home area is fine. Ron took a semi van over to a home in Lake City to help someone save their belongings from flooding. That was nice of him.
The Suwannee River is a major concern right now as it is predicted to pass historic flood records by this Saturday. This was kind of a two edged sword..we needed the rain so bad as we were in a severe drought...but the amount of rain over so short a period of time hurt a lot of people and businesses. Nothing is ever easy is it?

I was so happy to read Mr. John's report when I got home. The thought of Mom or Dad flying with one of their babies was such a thrill to hear about.

Hope you find drought relief soon, Libby. Someone else mentioned being in a drought, too..I hope they find relief too.


11:50 EDT

Just doing a final bed check and as usual, the nest is empty...or too dark to tell otherwise.

Tracy, just for the record, many of us think of the eaglets just as you do. Judith kind of laid it out one day and we just fell in line with her as we were pretty much feeling the same way...Spirit we think of as the male with Faith and Hope being females. I know I always said if they are sweet and cute..they are females..and Spirit is certainly that but now HE is a handsome sweetheart. Faith (the one time bully) is so pretty with all her sprinkles and a real 'mother hen' to the other two. Hope is the biggest of the three and independent. She always looked after Spirit and has a tender heart. Now we ALL KNOW that the sex cannot be determined this way...but we are with you in the way many of us think of them. Oh..you are right about Spirit being the smallest and the more 'groomed' of the three.

I just heard the midnight choo choo...good night everyone!

Judith Hart

M?D is in the nest plucking either something furry or feathered.


7:05 EDT

Judith, what is that short, fat, round thing in the nest? Looks like a small but fat piece of wood. I see a few grey feathers in the nest but that is all..no food..no eaglets! Don't even hear much right now except the wind.

Good morning to you!


Thanks So much for everything, we get so attached to them, and its great to see the whole process!!

Peggy Wilson

Thankyou John for the great pics of our beautiful trio. Are there any updates to the tshirts in the works ? Been watching the site daily and havient seen anything yet.


Thank you for the update as I still do check the nest and miss seeing them daily!


Mavis, i may set off the metal detectors! this thing they put in my arm weighs 2-3 lbs and is metal. thing is, every morning i go to work, i do have to go through a metal detector. I also mentioned that we are in extreme drought. Starting tomorrow, we also have 5 days of 100+ temps with no rain in sight.

I noticed the fish in the talon of one of our babies. So proud of them and how they are learning survival skillsfrom their wonderful parents.

Mr. John, would it be to personal if I ask you what kind of camera you have? The photo quality is stunning. I know I will never be the photographer that you are but I can practice with all the spare time I have now. Please, pretty please....

Judith Hart

Good morning Mavis,
Looks like a sawed off piece of wood, good for the fireplace. M or D plucked something earlier but I never got to see it.
Are you still having rain? Great morning in the mountains 55 degrees here.

Judith Hart

Why is it so quiet, where are all the squeakers?

Carol C

Thank You Mr. John for the pictures. I know that dead tree they sit in. I can see it well from Moline. And I do see them flying north, I wish they would fly south over the river to Moline. Darn!! Maybe they will sometime whrn I'm there. Thanks for everything & the sound is great to have back. Carol

Judith Hart

Looking at the pictures...It must be pretty tricky landing on one "clown feet" while holding a fish in the other....what balance.


Judith, i have sound on my end


Tammy..I forgot about metal INSIDE!! Well, work is one thing, but the TSA will be a different ball game!

100° (remember Alt248 is the °sign)..amazing what we have learned on this site! Anyway..100° + is pretty darn hot. It is amazing how one part of the country can be flooded and another part, just several hundred miles away can be in severe drought. I remember a lot of TX being flooded not too long ago. Feast or famine is the right term you used. I think Maine, Oregon, and Washington probably have the best watered, and the best summer temps of all our states. They enjoy cool summers and enjoy plenty of rain. IRIS!! How big is your home? We all may head your way..to look for eagles, of course!! Just looking for a cool place to camp out! IRIS!! Where are you?


Judith..55° sounds so good! Air conditioner going 24/7 here. You live close to the Blue Ridge which is home to such awesome beauty. I drove the whole Blue Ridge from Asheville to the end, Shenandoah, VA, I think it was. Anyway, part of the drive was like a country road with the most beautiful scenery. I remember rounding one curve and an old country store stood in the middle of the curve.. it was so quaint and like, out of a picture. Some sights are so gratifying that you just never forget them. All the NC part of the Blue Ridge is breathtaking. I bet you love where you live, Judith.


8:55 EDT

It is awfully quiet around the nest. I bet they are all out trying to find breakfast! You would think the other feathered intruders would be about while the eagles are out! I don't even hear them chirping. Wonder why?

Carol C

Weather here in thre QC. Today 95 to 100 with heat index & 105 tomorrow!! UGG!! I hate this stuff but it's better than floods. I feel for everyone in Florida going thru that.


Carol..with all this water on the ground and the heat today..it will be hard to breathe with the humidity index! Especially loads of fun in the country where the rattlers, moccasins, and gators are displaced and mad!

Oma Kyle

Carol, while I know that you'd like to see the eaglets fly south and hang out along BB Parkway, I believe that L&J have told the kids, "Don't fly across the river yet....you're not strong enough!" Hope they listen to the 'old folks' for at least a little while longer...

Oma Kyle

Mavis, good to know that you're okay; keep a watch out for displaced wildlife if you're out and about....but hey you already know that, don't you. Those snakes and gators lie in wait for the tourist types, like me! :)


9:49 EDT

Just walked in and see Justice and Faith on the nest. Justice gone now and Faith is eating something. Did not even have a glance at what it could be.


Well.. I thought I saw sprinkles..hence I thought it was/is Faith. Looking at her now, I'm not sure if I saw sprinkles or the white beneath ruffled feathers. Guess we will see when we can get a better view of her.


That was Faith, but she did not get the fish that J brought in. H/S was there first and when Faith came in, H/S left with the fish.


9:55 EDT

The cam is giving me some weird shots. One second Justice was there then he just disappeared..didn't fly away..just disappeared from the screen. Now Faith (?) did the same. She was crouched down eating something then..blink..she was gone! Didn't fly away..just gone! No sign of any leftover food.

Going to check the river banks along the county. Now that can affect all of us in the county. BBL

Judith Hart

Mavis, Did you ever see an alligator gallop?
I was playing golf in miami....one slithered out of the lake...then galloped across the fairway in front of me, and headed into the woods.


Catherine..thanks for the info. I had walked in on the tail end of it. I thought that was Faith but began to have doubts when she was bent over and it was hard to see the sprinkles. Good to know that Spirit and Hope were there too! Today is Hope's birthday..I bet she was claiming the fish as rightfully hers!! Good to hear she and Spirit were together. I hate Hope is a loner so much of the time.


Sorry for my confusing post Mavis. It wasn't both H and S on the nest before F. It was one of them and I couldn't tell which one.

Please be careful going to look at the river. New reports are saying that 80% of Live Oak is under water and U.S. 10 is shut down.




Got to see a baby and momma this morning!!!

Lucille B

Just tuned in and to my surprise some more photos of "Our Juvies." Again they are awesome! Thank you Mr. John. You certainly know how to keep us happy and how to help with our Empty Nest Sydrome! And of course, your reports help with the weaning process we must now go through. You are our eyes & ears out there in Alcoa Eagleland! I can't say it enough --- You simply are the BEST!!!


Catherine..thanks for the info. I had walked in on the tail end of it. I thought that was Faith but began to have doubts when she was bent over and it was hard to see the sprinkles. Good to know that Spirit and Hope were there too! Today is Hope's birthday..I bet she was claiming the fish as rightfully hers!! Good to hear she and Spirit were together. I hate Hope is a loner so much of the time.


Judith, I have not seen it but they say a gator can run real fast for a short distance. I just hope if I ever see it that I can run faster!!

I just got back from town..we really took a bad hit with the flooding. Have not made it to the rivers yet. I was right about my lake...it now covers about a 100 acres but there are a lot of creeks on the place that go to a sink hole. The sink will take care of the extra water pretty fast. It's the river flooding that CAN back up the sink holes. Everything is connected, isn't it? BBL


Good morning everyone. Happy Birthday Hope! 14 weeks and time is getting short but hopefully we will continue to see the juvies stop in off and on.

Mr. John and Alcoa, thank you so much for the new pics AND THE SOUND! Congrats to the person who got it figured out. You all need a raise! So cool to see one of the eaglets flying and carrying a fish!

I did tune in a couple times yesterday and cheered when I could hear eaglets sounding off even though I couldn't see them. At least we know they are near. Hearing the train again is awesome, too!

Mavis, glad you aren't flooded, at least not yet. My husband and I stayed at the Suwannee Gables Motel and Marina 3 years ago. What an awesome location! Please stay safe while checking those water levels. It sure would be nice if we could even out all this water with parts of the country who need it so badly. My relatives in Michigan haven't gotten rain in a month. And we know Tammy in Kentucky and Libby in Texas can certainly use rain. Please, dear Lord, send rain to those in need.

I have to get some stuff done today. Been so busy and it's mostly due to funerals...3 of them this month. Now it's catch up time again. Take care everyone and happy listening!!!!

Greta in Kansas


So, a full week later of catching up on everything else, I'm back to Alcoa! Don't think I'm going to be able to read through all the posts I missed. :-(

Been thinking especially of Mavis, with all the news about flooding in FL -- are you still afloat, girl?!

Greta in Kansas


OK, I compromised and read all of the posts on this thread, at least! ;-)

Glad to see Mavis is alive and kicking -- hope you won't be needing your swim fins! And you know -- you don't need to outrun that gator, just the other people you're with! LOL!

We're another hot, dry area -- my poor new sod, under 100° sun! I dread seeing my water bill this month! Feast or famine is right!

Greta in Kansas

Oh, and I saw Mr. John's post about possible T-shirts!!?!! Put me down for one, for sure!


Catherine..just got back from looking at Suwannee River from the White Springs bridge. The river was a trickle there last week..now it is way over the banks and flooding about a mile before you get to the bridge. Unbelievable. Am heading to the Suwannee Springs bridge now. The Suwannee River surrounds my county on 3 sides and the Santa Fe River on one side. ALl are at or above flood stage now and the worse is coming. I'll be fine as I am high and dry on the farm. The town is sure suffering. Thank you so much for your concerns.


Greta, so good to see you're back and hope the wedding dress altering was a success! Is the corn ok? Getting hotter here, too. We have a heat advisory starting tomorrow AM with 100°+ predicted.

Stay cool everyone. I haven't had one glimpse of any of the family today. Haven't heard them either. BBL

Evelyn and Joe Reker

That is so fantastic that they are doing so well. What a neat adventure, thank everyone who made this possible. It is so enjoyable, learned a lot from this experience.
Our daughter Debbie Tolentino has ddfarm Sanctuary and Rescue in Columbia, Mo. She works with USDA as well as many good organizations.
Thank you Ev R

Charles Kinsey

Ev R - Please thank your daughter Debbie for the service she provides in her rescue efforts - and a THANKS to all others who are involved in rescue work .




GRETA!! You are back!! Thought about you in NY with your daughter many times. Hope you both enjoyed each other so much. We missed you.

beamg, I agree with you about so many people needing water. Colorado and NM could use a tropical storm right now like the one we had. Those fires have been going on for weeks. I hate all the destruction, and displacement of people and wildlife. Droughts can be so destructive and expensive for people to endure.

I hear one or more eaglets near by. The sound is wonderful in letting us know they are not far away. I will miss their calls when they leave us.

Valerie Wentzel

Mr John and the Alcoa Community,
Thanks so much for loving this family
as much as we do !! I must check in countless times each day sometimes I catch one of them in the nest and looks like mom is still making sure they eat well, heard the Trains and just cant get over the beauty of your area no wonder they have made it their home. thank you again


I am guessing that he is about 36 inches from head to tail. Any idea how long he is?

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