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June 04, 2012


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Thanks so much! It's wonderful to be able to see where they are curently. I know it's silly to worry about them, but I, for one, have become attached. Alcoa's webcams have provided a lot of enjoyment and education. Thanks again!

Judith Hart

Thanks Mr. John.....Great pictures!!

John Kinsey

Thanks Mr. John - that makes it easy to understand when we lose sight of one and then it comes hopping/flying back into nest.


Great picture Mr. John. I didn't realize that our wanderer was so far away from the nest.

Felica Griswold

Thanks for getting the pictures. Gives such a good perspective of how big they are and where they are hanging out. I appreciate your efforts.

Judith Hart

Mavis, I rush over to the loon cam....no bird, just like 3 hrs. ago...just a football sitting in a hole.



Wow..the one on the branch is really HIGHER than the nest. We always thought she was lower than the nest. This is so cool. Thanks Mr. John. Really appreciate this!


OMG!!! I had no idea that one of the eaglets had "branched" out that far. Wow! Thank you so much for the awesome pictures. It's so great to see them from that perspective. Now, if you could tell us which one was Faith, Hope and Spirit, that would be even more awesome. I lost track of them when the camera went down for several days during one of their growth spurts :)


3:53 EDT

Judith..she is back on the nest now (Loon) but I don't see the baby. I think the baby pretty much swims all day.

John Kinsey

Sherri - I bet Mr. John isn't touching that request re: ID with a ten foot pole.
He's much too smart for that !

Judith Hart

They're still in the same position as when he took the picture.

John Kinsey


Ater zooming in on Mr John's last pic my Guess is that Hope is outside of nest on branch -Spirit in nest on left side and Faith just jumped down from Alcoa branch and is in right side of nest.IMIO


Thank you for the branching photos and to see where they are when not preening in front of camera....I have learned so much about this eagle family....Looking at eagles will never be the same again.
Thanks again.

Lucille B

Alcoa & Mr. John, Thank you so very much for the new pictures! They are so great and they help us to see where "Our Babies" go when they are off camera. All of us worry when we can't see all three and we do wonder if they are fledging or if something has happened to them. All of you at Alcoa involved in this Wonderful Site have been so kind and considerate of our concerns and have done whatever you could to make this such a rewarding experience. And most of all, you have been so attentive to "Our Magnificent Eagle Family." We and They are so very fortunate to have you looking out for us all! Many thanks again. YOURS IS THE BEST SITE! And the additional Osprey Site is fast becoming another favorite!


They arer getting brave aren't they??!!!!


Yes, the up-to-date photos are very much appreciated. Thank you! :-)


CT (Computer Talk)

I leave my pages all full size, but usually have anywhere from 4-8 open at one time. I just tab back and forth. As far as reading the comments, in the morning after I open the comments, I change the numbers in the highlighted bar to find where I left off the night before. Once I catch up I just leave the comment page, when I go back to read what's been posted since I was there I just refresh the page and then all the comments are ones I haven't read. I do this until I shut the pc off for the night, or I accidently close the page...grrr.

Mr. John, thanks so much for the pictures. I love being able to see where they hang out when not in our view. I was looking at them thinking you'd never think these were babies just a few weeks ago. They're beautiful.


@John K., lol


Mr. John - AWESOME PICTURE! Thanks so much. Way cool!

A bit ago I saw a close up of the egg - there is a pip!

Mavis and Greta, thanks for your help. I decided to play around with the screen shots. After all, how much damage could I do? I GOT IT! It works for me to just press PRTSC button and nothing else! YEA! I need more practice. Thanks again!

Jack Chao, shame on you getting out of the car to take a picture!!!! Were you in the brownies that day? Did you get the picture? We had a rental car with the bear incident. Bear Country USA said right away they would take care of all repair expenses since they knew 2 bears were causing trouble and had been unsuccessful in removing them. Now, the car rental company was not happy when we returned the car and threatened us with all kinds of actions. We just gave them all the info Bear Country gave us and we never heard another word about it.

 Beth in AZ

KUDOS, Mr. John.
Thank you, again. These new pics will put alot of minds at ease.

Carol C

Thank you for these pictures. I was at the river & with binoculars I still can't see them. Too many leaves. Great Pictures!!

Robin P

Alcoa has my vote for the best American Company to work for.

If you are as good to your employees as your webcam fans... You Rock!!!


Carol you were very determined, twice to the river today! Did you say "darned leaves?"


Thank you so much for the pictures of where all the eaglets are sitting when out of camera range. Looks like it won't be long before they are actually leaving the nest to other trees.


Thank you for the pictures John @ Alcoa!!! Awesome. @ beamg, we had ANOTHER bear siting again yesterday, don't know what's going on, and I'm supposed to go camping this weekend with friends.....yikes!!
At 4:36, only seeing one beautiful eagle face staring back....Any food drops today?

beamg: Here is the bear story:
There have been more sightings of a wandering bear. The Record-Courier reports a black bear spotted in Macedonia Wednesday night apparently made its way into Twinsburg and was seen north of Hudson yesterday. People in Summit and Portage Counties are cautioned by State wildlife officials to not leave trash with food scraps outside, and if you see a bear, stay indoors. Black bears wander more this time of year looking to claim new territory and search for mates. Anyone who sees a bear can contact the Ohio Division of Wildlife at 1-800-945-3543.

Greta in Kansas

(apologies for duplicate comment -- I didn't see we had a new thread.)

Carol -- I was able to view your photo with "The Tree" on FB, save it, and print it out so I can take it with me when I go to the QC in August! Thank you!

Oma -- If you'd like to share your photo of the tree, I could post it in my public FB eagle album if you wanted to email it to me. I'm at gretaperl at cox dot net.

Carol C

beamg Yes I was!! Have to wait til they start to fly. Didn't even see mom or dad either. But the guy at the Captains Table said one was sitting on top of the tree yesterday. Figures Just my luck!!

Carol C

check out fb I put a picture of the tree on there for u guys I'm friends with. I tagged it.


Colleen, are you STILL going camping? YIKES is right!

I can't believe how big these 3 look in Mr. John's picture! Full size but not quite ready to go.

Carol C

Greta that will help a lot. your welcome

Greta in Kansas

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, Mr. John!! It's so exciting to see where they've been "disappearing" to! You and Alcoa are THE BEST!!


@beamg, I sure I still have the courage to go camping!! LOL. Wish we were going in a big camper...but no, my friends think the tent route will be fun...me, not so much now!!@ Carol, sorry you didn't get to see the eagles, hopefully you'll have another opportunity!

Lou G

You are doing a great job. I look forward to your daily write ups.
My wife and I are retired, consequently one of us view the eagles all day long and give the other updates

Sure enjoying the added (additional pictures)

Knowing that there is an expense to providing such a great opportunity and service for viewers like us, I salute ALCOA.

We are also enjoying the Ospreys site.

Thank you.


Thank you for posting these pictures. It is nice to see the tree that they are actually in from another view. I too have become attached to watching these eaglets and the parents. Great job!

R. Carpenter

Thank You for the pictures. It tells us just how far the eaglets are getting from the nest. Eagles are such an amazing bird. Thanks to Alcoa I've learned so much about the eagles and the eaglets.


Yes, thanks for posting the photos. They really tell a lot. I for one have also been watching everyday morning and evening and wondering if the eaglets are all okay when one is out of view. I get so excited by what they do, and can almost recognize who's who just by their personalities. I'm the big mouth on the Tweets! However, I know they are slowly inching themselves away from the nest. They actually look much bigger in these photos as opposed to the close up camera view. They will be truly missed by everyone when they learn to hunt on their own. I hope they live many long exciting, safe eagle years.

Jack Chao

I was still posting on the previous post.

Seems like the Osprey nest had lot more sticks and is not as smooth as the Eagle's nest.

Saw the baby loon climb on dad's back.

@Charles, you have me beat. I only 4 windows open. My district still won't buy me the 32 inch monitor, I have to settle with 15 inch laptop.

@Beamg, yes I got couple shots of the wolf. What was disappointing was when the wolf turn toward me, I thought I have snip a picture of it, but it didn't take. There several other cars on the road and everyone was in their cars, except me. I am sure, they were all thinking, "what a fool". No, I didn't have any brownies that day. LOL

Mark Walker

I had tomorrow for first to fledge. I am still holding out hope, but really don't care. This has been a wonderful experience, and I just want them all to be safe and sound.

Catherine Boyd

Thanks for the update I have been "worried". Nice to see they're safe.

Jack Chao

Yes, thank you! Mr. John. Looks, like the tweenlet that is on the outer branch is telling the other two, "look at me, I dare you two to come out here with me."

G Landman

We really appreciate all the photos. These birds are part of our life now. We visit as much as we can each day. Awsome. Thanks Gail


Jack..if you had taken your head out of the brownie mix..you would have known we were on a new thread...I'm just saying...

I bet when that wolf headed toward you..you didn't know you could run that fast!! Whoaaa..I needed that laugh! Thanks.

Jack Chao

OT (osprey talk) One the osprey parent has been very busy, 3 fish within five minutes, 2 of them came in the nest still alive.

rick wynkoop

Thanks for the pictures and insite.

Jack Chao

@Mavis, LOL I was too busy taking brownie orders and was busy looking for x-lax. Just have to make sure I keep us "regular" regular.


5:26 EDT


I just saw the baby inside trying to hatch out! They had a close up of the egg. I was so excited. It shouldn't be much longer. Mom just came back and sat on the egg.

BBL..need to give my babies some attention.


5:28 EDT

Can;t tell who or what but something big was brought in to eat. Looks like Justice and he is feeding himself..giving a few bites away. I think it is a big fish. Not sure.

Jack Chao

ET Food delivery

OT Feeding

LT Hatching process continues. No new loon yet.

Greta in Kansas

Yes, food delivery -- I can't tell what it is, either, but I don't see feathers or fur. There was an ewwww moment when Dad pulled a long stringy piece out (Spaghetti, I'm sure, beamg!).

Sunny & very little breeze.


5:31 EDT

Faith just took the food from Justice. Of course, Justice did not fight about it. I think he was waiting for one to claim it. All 3 eaglets are on the nest now.


Fantastic!!! Thanks Alcoa.


Greta, I'm thinking I won't be having spaghetti any time soon. It's more of a winter meal for us anyway so by then I might forget the ewwwww factor.

Nice to Justice in the nest. It was Justice, wasn't it? I sure can't see what was brought in!

Greta in Kansas


Beamg -- Oh, dear, didn't want to spoil spaghetti for you! My hubby's Italian and makes a MEAN spaghetti & homemade meatballs & sauce! Keep thinking of Lady & the Tramp, instead! ;-)


Oops, meant to say "nice to see Justice"

Elizabeth Rieder

Ok Liberty is on the limb,polishing her beak,three eaglets that I can see are busy with something in the nest. Food? can't see what it is. She looks at the camera with a look that says "you see what I have to deal with all day and you wonder why I find a a perch well away from here" Those eaglets are gaining on her with size. LOL
Thanks John for the pictures. those guy are big bruiser now.

OT__ Our weather just announced Golf ball hail in a town north of here called Hale Center. Get it, Hail in Hale Center. Hope it stays north of here.

John Kinsey


HOPE I THINK just took food away from Faith I think - does look like fish - I saw a forked tail. Meanwhile Spirit I think is over at his favorite spot at 8 oclock position.


Ok, Greta, Lady and the Tramp should work.


Thanks John Kinsey! Your guess was the same as mine!

John Kinsey


Hope hopped out of nest and Spirit went over to see if any leftovers - Faith on Alcoa branch IMHO.


Thanks so much for posting the pictures. Keeps our minds at ease :-).

Elizabeth Rieder

ColleenM hope you have a safe camping trip. The one rule that stuck with me what the fact that you leave NOTHING, and I mean Nothing of food source loose,in your tent,food container or car. At Yellowstone they have these big iron lockers that they tell you to put food,even candy in,labeled so you can pick it up on the way out. Nothing allowed except water on short hikes or well sealed snacks.
All the camping I did was safe from bears,except once at a KOA a mama bear wander in to the place and they got it out without problems. Lot of bears start coming to campers and picnicker, because they get use to humans leaving trash on the ground or try to feed them. Every time I camped up there we received detail papers on danger and safety rules. Some folks don't think that applies to them. Like someone named J-a-c-k that we all know and love,LOL. Same with the moose and buffalo,some yahoo always think they can get a good picture. I had rather have my body and car in good condition to go camping again sometime. I made 6 camping trips up there.
My favorite trip was "Going to the Sun" road in Glacier National Park.


Thanks for the tips Elizabeth, I may be calling my car "home" for the weekend..;)there's electricity @ our site, great for all the "camping" amenities I need...LOL

G Nash

My thanks, Mr. John, for an excellent shot - a lucky shot, for as often as they move about. Q: I know having people go out to that site would disrupt the eagles somewhat but is it also dangerous for people to be near 5 eagles (or even 1)? I'm glad to have this education - I've studied birds in many ways, but of course, never had the opportunity to get close-up to the nesting of eagles.

Carol C

ABC news is having a story about an eagle that was saved from an accident. The news is on now.

Elizabeth Rieder

Loon talk----
The hole is getting bigger in the egg,I think he will break out before tonight.

Jack Chao

Like I have said, I am glad that I could provide the best medicine to some of you free of charge. One of my friend told me, you don't have to outrun a bear, you just have to outrun your friend.

John Kinsey


Anyone else catch themselves twisting their head side to side as Faith does when he/she looks into camera?


Thank you so much for this eaglecam. I have learned so much about this magnificent bird. Thanks especially for the snapshots taken to give us shots that we can't see.
You guys are great!

Gail Staples

These new photos provide a perspective that we have not had before. It is nice to be able to see where the eaglets are branching when they are not in the nest. Thank you for this additional information.

Raptures are Awesome

Mr John - Love, love, love the photos! It's true - one picture is worth a thousand words. Thanks so much!


I think the loon egg may be hatching right now - go full screen and look on top right side.


Sorry - false alarm re: loon hatching. Just wishful viewing.

Lucille B

Hey Eagleholics, You have to check out the Loon site. There is a slight hole in the egg that is still in the nest. It looks like the little loon's beak is working its way through. Momma must be off with the other one looking for food or just having a swim! Every now and then the camera on that site zooms in and out so you can get a good close-up look at the egg. Well, now it's back to Our Eagles to see what they are up to!

Mary Darlene Horner

Lovely, lovely lovely~~ Our Eagles~~~~
Thank you so much~

John Kinsey


Faith and Spirit are getting their usual afternoon wingercizing in by challenging each other to jump across the nest.

Carol C


John Kinsey


parent just arrived with fresh fish - Spirit claimed it since he didn'g get much for last meal.

Raptures are Awesome

Spirit's doing a great job on that fish!


I am so proud of these birds! What a great experience Alcoa has given all of us! Grow and go---Faith, Hope and Spirit!


Guess that is Hope eating; Spirit tried to get a bite but no luck; feel for her. Maybe Hope will leave s few bites. Faith must be out on the branch.


I missed the fish delivery and it doesn't look like there is much left. Oh, now I see it better and there is actually quite a bit of it left. Have they ever really fought over the food? Don't think I've seen that. Hope must still be out on the limb.

There are some moving shadows on the loon egg but I really do think there is a pip. Seems to be taking almost as long to hatch as our "little" Spirit did! My sister says "what a pretty place to have a baby!"

John Kinsey


Spirit just finished that whole fish off by himself and had the tail section for dessert. Faith didn't seem interested in eating and Hope stayed out on branch - IMIO


Mr. John: Gracias from Tejas!! Great shots, again.

John Kinsey


"Sprinkles" is back up on Alcoa branch enjoying the view.


THANK YOU for the snap-shots
that show how far they can be and yet close to the nest
Watching regularly from Ypsilanti, MI


@8:28, looks like "whoever" is snoozing on the branch!! Hope it doesn't tip over. Every now and than, you'll see it startle, and it's eyes will open wide...sweet to see.


Nothing like a food drop to wakie wakie!! M/D just brought something, couldn't see what it is.


Food delivery - Looks like Faith claimed it. Can't tell if it's L/J.

Sally of Michigan

Yeah Michigan! I'm watching from Bay City. I spend as much time as possible on here...don't want to miss the fledging. Sure appreciate all Alcoa has done to make this site possible.

John Kinsey


Delivery looks like fish or part of one and Faith is not offering to share right now.


Colleen, Catherine, can you tell what that is? I can't figure it out. Is he trying to make sure it's dead? Kinda funny.


Charles, you have sharper eyes than I do. I couldn't tell.


I think her right talon is stuck to the fish. She doesn't seem to be able to get it off. Guess she's trying to eat it off.

John Kinsey


I saw big eye before Faith turned it over and it looked like fish head and part body - must have been wet cause nest material stuck to it. Maybe it was a floater - nothing like dead,rotted bloated fish for a good eagle dinner! Makes my mouth water>>

John Kinsey


Spirit started getting closer to the fish and Faith grabbed it and pulled it back.


I can't figure out if eaglet has something stuck to his/her foot, or if he/she is practicing flapping while holding something.


From right talon to left talon. I guess it wasn't stuck and she was doing that on purpose to keep it. She did a couple of bites to Spirit though.

John Kinsey

I thought she was just showing off to sibling that she could hold fish in talon and hop/fly around.


Oh, the nest material stuck to the fish - no wonder I couldn't fgure out that mess. Faith is being very possessive and taking it along where ever she/he goes.


It looked like it was stuck to me too Anita. When she was doing that weird dance, it was attached to her right talon. I'm glad you saw it too.

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