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June 13, 2012


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Valerie Raiche

Every time I check the nest, there are no eaglets anywhere to be seen. Are the parents still bringing food back to them, or do they quit feeding them so that they will leave the nest?

Thanks for sharing all of the awesome pictures that you post.


5:04 EDT

Mr. John...what a relief to get the pictures. It has been hard today to watch the nest with no one on it. They are so good at branch hopping now that we were wondering if they had really fledged.

You KNOW what these pictures mean to all of us so once again...THANK YOU!!


I think the picture of the eaglet on the branch with her back to us is Hope. Actually..that eaglet looks rough and not like our babies!! They all look hot. Sure good to see them.

Look how big they look sitting on the branches!! That one of the frontal view looks almost REGAL!!

Carol C

Thanks so much for the pictures. It won't be long now. I've been over behind Alcoa twice & seen 2 on a branch, couldn't find the other one. I found another nest on Big Island by Rock Island, Milan. I saw 2 in the nest there. They were not on branches yet!! Just love going to watch!!THANKS AGAIN!!


Thank you so much for all the updates and the photos! your time is much appreciated!!



Raptures are Awesome

John - thanks for the update and photos!

Justice is in the nest now with a fish. See he started eating it but his attention is being directed elsewhere.

Raptures are Awesome

Hi Valerie - We believe the parents cut down on the food to encourage them to leave the nest but - not to worry - the eagle parents will take good care of them for a while after they fledge by continuing to feed them while they teach them how to hunt for themselves.

Raptures are Awesome

Cherrycarol - Another nest is wonderful news. Hmmm, wonder if there are many more we don't know about or if not, many more to come in the future - wouldn't that be exciting! Thanks for sharing.

Lucille B

Mr. John, Thank you so much for today's commentary and wonderful photos! All of us are beginning to experience "The Empty Nest Syndrome" and it really helps to see the photos of "Our Majestic Eaglets!" This is such a bitter/sweet time! Happy to see that they all have survived and reached this point in their development, but so sad to see that they soon will be gone and off on their own journeys through life! At least we know or we expect to observe Liberty & Justice tending to the nest and beginning another cycle of life next spring. And hopefully, we all will be able to watch and be amazed again! Many, many thanks to you & Alcoa for this awesome experience.

Raptures are Awesome

Liberty just arrived and stole Justice's fish...

Raptures are Awesome

Oops got that backward. Mom stole Dad's fish. How's that. : )


This has been the most incredible thing to witness. Thank you soooo much for all your hard work and updates and photos. Truly a blessing!


5:20 cst
The eaglets look so fearsome sitting on their branches.


Raptures..I noticed that Justice was going to bury the fish (I think) and Liberty came over and beaked one of his toes! Did you see that? Liberty got the fish because Justice LET her..he is a gentleman..just his nature. He always feeds his family first and has been a good provider. Sure wish the babies would come home tonight.


I was so hoping that you might be able to post some pictures of the eaglets/fledglings in the tree. The nest is so empty without them. The parents seem to be enticing them to use their wings more by bringing fish to the nest. Or is that just the parent in me? :)

Thank you so much for all you do!

Cindy Munger

Look at the mess those youngsters have left. The nest is in shambles compared to when I first was it. Mom and Dad will have some cleaning and rebuilding to do after those three hellions. May they have long healthy lives and learn much from their parents !


THX for the updates & pictures..

I think checking in and seeing the "empty nest" more often than not is a sign of changes happening every day..

What an adventure it's been watching this Eagle Family thru the months..


Cindy M..AMEN! I hope they live long and good lives as well. They were given a good start by Liberty and Justice, that's for sure!

Gotta stop for the night. I'll check back on the nest before I go to bed.

Carol C

I know there r some nests by lock & dam 14 between Hampton & Port Byron. There is a reserve there right before I-80 on the right. But u can't get into it. Go up to the Il. welcome Center & u can see them flying around( if u r there at the right time. I put a picture on my fb page of the tree & nest. I think u live here? If u want to check it out let me no. Carol Cather Van Hulle

Raptures are Awesome

M - I thought I saw her beak one of his toes but then doubted what I saw second guessing maybe his foot moved because he was holding onto the fish. You saw it too - she went after his toe. She can be no nonsense at times and he is always good natured. They make a great pair.


Thanks for the pictures John. Good to see them doing well outside of the nest where we can't view them.

John Kinsey

=======ET======== One of our juvies just returned to the nest - came in from the left side and it must be Hope or Spirit cause I don't see any SPRINKLES.But then again Faith may have lost her sprinkles while out flying around.

Cindy Munger

One of them just landed on the nest and then went off the left ( our left) side. Pretty sure it was Faith.

G Nash

7:58 Just witnessed on eaglet flying from the nest. thanks for the picture, Mr. John.

Cindy Munger

I'm glad that others saw it....I want an alarm that goes off when one appears LOL

John Kinsey


Nest empty again - Brief visitor took off to left side.

Greta in Kansas

I just checked in to the nest for the first time today, and so far, all I've seen is an empty nest! Wahhh! Guess we'll all have to get used to this view. :-(

Raptures & Cheryl -- that's really interesting about your parrots & conure (what's that?) preening. The only birds I know well are my 3 chickens, and I do sometimes see similarities between them and the eagles, too. The whole pinfeathers thing, for example, and tucking their hear behind their wing when they sleep.


I've been busy like a crazy woman today, packing for a 5-day trip to New York City, where my daughter who's getting married in October lives. I'm bringing her my wedding dress, which I'm going to shorten so she can wear it! Such fun!


I can't thank you enough for sharing these
eaglets with us. I'm watching from North Carolina and this is my first eagle-cam experience. I am fascinated every time I log on. Your hard work and dedication are much
appreciated. Many thanks......

Cindy Munger

adult on the nest

Cindy Munger

and gone again...

Judith Hart

I think Justice is in the nest hiding fish heads for his Daddy's Boy Spirit.

Cindy Munger

juvie on the nest

John Kinsey


Juvie on the nest.

John Kinsey


Cindy - all great eyes see alike.

John Kinsey


Someone is stretched out in nest resting after such a tiring day with all the flight training.

Cindy Munger

I think its Spirit and yes JK they do

Cindy Munger

He stayed quite a while looking for those fish heads I bet

John Kinsey


I missed the departure but now the nest is empty once again.

Greta in Kansas

That's it, Cindy! An alarm for when one of the eagles appears at the nest! LOL!

Hey Mr. John -- a motion-sensor for next year? Just kidding -- the pics are wonderful. Thank you so very much!


These birds are like crack to me. I am totally addicted.

John Kinsey


I thought these birds were CRACK (whatever that is). I'm more addicted !

Greta in Kansas


Thanks, Judith, for the corn lesson! And thanks, Oma, for the "hint" about why one would want to detassel corn. So you can then fertilize it with pollen from a different variety, right? I dutifully "took notes;" i.e., copied & pasted!

This city girl feels really dumb about corn now, though -- I always thought the tassel that sticks out of the end of the corn shucks were just the ends of the corn tassels. No, huh?!

Judith Hart

I think we should plant something in the nest!

Greta in Kansas

What should we plant, Judith? ;-)

John Kinsey


Seems like
"CORN" would be appropriate to plant.

John Kinsey



Thanks for the corn sex education class this morning.I never knew that and to think the corn does all that right out in public view ! I should have paid more attention.


There's that glow on the nest, empty nest! I've been hoping to catch that again on the eaglets.

Carol C



Mr. John, thanks so much for the pictures today! Just the sight we needed when we're all wondering just where those 3 have gottn to now. Thanks again.

Judith Hart

Corn? Why don't you ever see any vines or weeds growing out of the sides of the nest?
I can see there not being any on the top of the nest, they'd probably pull them out. Every nest I've seen pictures of, you never see any foliage.

Greta in Kansas

LOL, John Charles! And we can all be "as corny as Kansas in August!" ;-)

Greta in Kansas

... with flowers around the edges for Judith.

Oma Kyle

How to post photos to the Alcoa Eagle Watchers Album (Hope that this helps, Carol)

1. Click on the following link: http://alcoaeaglewatchers.shutterfly.com/33
2. Check to be sure that you're on the Alcoa Eagle Watchers Home tab.
3. Find the drop down arrow next to the blue AEW album title.
4. Select the Add pictures option.
5. Click on the Upload tab at the top of the screen.
6. Decisions, decisions...Do you want to create a new album or add your pictures to the album I created? It's your call; click in the circle by the option your choose.
7. Click on the Choose Files button.
8. Now you should be able to view the photos that you have downloaded to your computer.
9. Select the one(s) you want to load to Shutterfly.
10. Click on the Open button.
11. Select Upload pictures.
12. Wait while your photos load to the Shutterfly site.
13. When the download is complete, close that window by clicking on the red X in the top right corner.
14. Label your pictures and then hit the Save button.

Whew, hope that I didn't leave out a step in my notes... :D

Judith Hart

Greta, Thanks for the flowers, I love pinks, purple, blues and yellow.

That nest is pure fish emulsion...high in nitrogen...perfect for corn.

victor of mobile



I wonder if anyone is going to spend the night in the nest tonight. I think I'll be sad if they don't, but they have to be big eagles and sleep perched. I get it.

Greta, it's wonderful your daughter is going to wear your wedding dress. I love the sentiment. If you look at my photos on FB you'll see my conure. She is a jenday conure, a sub species in the conure family which is a small/med parrot from South America. She's the colorful one. The green one is a quaker parrot.

I'll check in again later to see if anyone's there before I head to bed.


Someone just flew in and laid down.


never mind, just left again.

Elizabeth Rieder

As the twilight fades over the empty nest, there are thousands of eyes wandering over to the computer. Why? It is the hope that there will be an eaglet fly in and sit on the limb or snuggle down on the nest. Is this the night we go to bed and get up for something and just happen to pass the monitor and check once more? Nope still empty and you trundle off to bed with a heavy heart.
Ok folks go to bed, they have made their choice and they are leaving YOU behind,just get over it and get on with your life.
I know it is hard to do but you will survive and next spring we can do it all over again. We never learn.

Cindy Munger

and left (sigh) though we were gonna have someone in for the night

toy know, crack, cracked end result isnt much difference i think


Thanks for keeping us posted on what goes on outside the nest Alcoa!

Raptures are Awesome

Will do Carol - thanks; am on the Iowa side.

Checked in on the remaining eaglet at Delta 2 site. It seems to be doing very well and is getting big.


Empty nest tonight... Thanks for all the pictures.


Thanks for the new pics John! IMIO I think they have all fledged by now. There was a comfirmed fledge on the Decorah site today. And the Alcoa juvies were branching a week before Decorah.

John Kinsey


RodJ - I'm inclined to agree - they have Achieved flight out of the nest to higher limbs and I see no restriction that would keep them in nest tree.To me that is not just branching but actual flight (but then I'm prejudiced as a pilot and was anxious to see them go "solo").




Rodj...where have you been?? I keep thinking they will come back tonight but I'm giving it up.

Rod...you need to drop in more often...we learned about the female and male parts of corn last night! Fascinating.

Good night everyone....you too JC

Cherie Olivea

At 1240 EDT nobody home.

OT,,,,,,,,,,,,Thanks for all the tips on the corn. I appreciate it. When this city cousin visited the country cousins, I always enjoyed their colloquialisms. They refered to corn as roastin's ears. I don't know why.

John Kinsey


Cherie - everybody knows what roastin ears are ( except maybe you and me but I'm sure someone will educate us - Judith or Mavis)??

John Kinsey

================BED CHECK =============

Don't see any babies in nest and don't see any silhouettes around the nest.Would this be the first night that the nest remained empty? Guess they all are perched on branches tonight like the growed up eagles do.

Davn. temp. is 61 degrees - humidity @ 54% - winds ESE at 9 mph.Nest still - leaves not blowing - good night to be perched in a tree for all three - plus L & J.
No rain in Iowa.Should be a quiet night.

John Kinsey


Brief update on the after season talk.I've got a fb page/group talk and instant chat set up.This seems to be secure and easily accessible and not too complicated to use once you get used to it.It will require a FAcebook account to be set up if you don't already have one.It is easy to set up - you can use any name you like(Joe Jones - Sally May- William Williams,etc.)and the only factual information you have to provide is a current email address which fb uses to confirm your account but is not published publicly.I'm sure there are some of us that would walk you thru each step if you're interested.If you want to start a fb page,you can google/search Facebook.com and see what it takes to start.Just remember a lot of the questions are optional - you don't have to give your real name - address,hometown personal info is not required.Correct email address is necessary and you could even open an alternate email account with your email provider - but I don't feel that is really necessary.
I am doing some trial posts now and hope to have the kinks ironed out before much longer.
I looked into other options - blog sites - web page ,etc but the fb option seemed the most secure and does allow for instant chat in addition to posting on the group page.The "Group Chat" page can be restricted to invited personnel only and the posts would only be visible to those members and not the general public.
I'll keep you up to date as things progress.I may ask some of you who already have a fb page to help me test out the process if you don't mind and have the time.I will try and contact you thru your fb account or email if I have your address.If you want to contact me to volunteer during the trial run,my email addres is public on my fb page or I can code it to give on this site.

Jack Chao

Congrats! Greta.

John count me in for the FB group. Mavis should have my e-mail address.

Go figure, I have less time to check this site when it is summer break for me.


5:45 AM EDT

Woke up to one on the nest..still laying down and it looks like it may be Faith. I am surprised Spirit or Hope is not there too. Hope all are ok.

Good Morning everyone.

LaDean Spring

Ah, the sadness begins as I tune in this morning and there is no one on the nest. Last time I checked yesterday it was the same. Even had a chance to watch Liberty yesterday hanging out with a fish and no one came to eat. Happens so fast, doesn't it?


7:00 Empty nest except for the thrush on the nest. I wonder if it is the same brave wee one that Judith spotted the other morning!

Faith was on the nest but left a while ago. Guess this will be more or less like it will be from now on...

Mindy Gibson Frey

Awww... wakie wakied to an empty nest...again! I never got to see any of the babies yesterday... only Mom on the nest for a while. Lets just pretend they have gone to eaglet camp for the summer.. what'cha think?
@John... I'm in for the FB deal. Sounds like a plan!
Ok, gotta go to work... ya'll keep me posted. Let me know if the kiddos cant handle camp, and want to come home!!

sandi moore

The folks better come home...there has been an intruder! Caught it red-winged (as in red-handed) just enjoying picking through the straw. Let me try to describe it...very short (perhaps 4 in at the most) about 14 oz, brow verigated feathers.) Oh Lordy, I believe it is that notorious sparrow known on both sides of river to break into nests and/or bird feeders and take all it can carry. Be on the look-out Just a heads up for you all this morning

Lucille B

Yes, LaDean, it is so sad not to see any of our majestic birds on or near the nest. Got so used to opening up the computer and seeing Faith(?) staring back at me through the camera lense. Hope they are all safe and enjoying their freedom and fledge experiences. Off to catch up on posts! Have a wonderful, blessed day, all of you Eagle Watchers!

Lucille B

Good morning Mavis, I've been so busy these past few days that I haven't had a whole lot of time to be on the computer. It is so sad that every chance I get I open the screen only to see an empty nest. However, I did see that cute little bird yesterday. I was wondering what species. I know it's not a sparow like some have said because it seems to have such a long beak and sparrows' beaks aren't pointed and long like that one was. You probably are right that it is a thrush. Wonder if it is the same one. Maybe it will keep us company while Our Juvies are out to play & fledge. This weaning away process for me is not so pleasant. I miss Our Juvies! Glad to see that John has begun the process for our future communication! I will be happy to join in, if I'm permittted to do so. I enjoy all of you so much. Well, back to the posts so I can learn more about corn & tassels!!! Have a great day!


Good Morning! **crickets** **crickets**, empty nest....very sad. But, we knew this day would come, well I had hoped it never would but I hope they grow to be strong eagles, they sure had a great start didn't they? @ John/Charles, Thank you for taking the time to get the FB site set up. I concur with you, FB is a very good way to go. You can make it very private. I have several pages myself, and belong to 2 others, no problems at all.Hope I get another glimpse of our family today...have a good day all!

Carol C

Good Morning eagle lovers. Hard to see an empty nest first thing. Guess I'll start going to the river more to see if I can see them flying, it should be soon!! Have a great Day off to work. Carol

Carol C

John K u can message me. I'm friends with u already. FB will be nice to use.Carol Cather


I just saw a large black bird lower down on one of the limbs off the east wall. I was hoping it was one of ours but it was too small. Probably a crow.

Ash..a couple of small birds on the nest now..brave little souls walking on hollow ground. One just took to the Alcoa limb and is now on the nest...Liberty will get them in a few minutes if they aren't careful. I'm surprised this does not entice one of our three eaglets back!!

Oma Kyle

No food in the nest as yet....I'd imagine that Liberty & Justice are exhausted from keeping track of their 'branching'(?) eaglets. Two parents with three kids....how do they manage to keep track of all three? LOL, I thought it was bad when I had that second baby...two kids with only two hands and then a friend had undiagnosed twins; three kids and only two arms. It's a wonder that she was ever able to leave the house!

Kathryn Mellecker

Just tuned it to the nest, empty except for the "Merry Maids" sparrow cleaning crew. Wonder if they do windows?

Oma Kyle

Carol, I left you instructions on how to post your pixs to Shutterfly last evening... #54. I was tired when I assembled that info and forgot to mention that I think that you must join Shutterfly first and create a password in order to add photos to a Share Site... John Charles, are you able confirm that?

Libby, I just loved the way you were able to express my feelings about the kids leaving home, both eaglets and the human ones. While humans don't get to start over with a new 'hatch', we get the pleasure of watching our kids raise their kids. Don't believe that L & J are able to do that....

Elizabeth Rieder

ET---OT sort of
Well it has happened,nobody slept in house today. This has become a stop over feeding station now. Sound familiar? Those that have college age kids,can relate, drop in when food money is low and laundry is too dirty to spray with air freshener.LOL I can remember my baby coming home with this very large gym bag(one you could put half the equipment in).
After I removed the laundry,I sprayed Lysol and put the bag in the hot sun.

The little bird that is happy to do the clean up of bugs and other thing is mother natures way of taking care of the trash.
He might become a snack,but now is enjoying a bounty of yummy little bird foods.
Those big old messy eaglets have moved on and now the nest floor is all mine(as he pecks away) Talk about living on the edge,that little bird is doing it.LOL

***J C you have been a busy little beaver.

Esther King

I have been so impressed with Alcoa involving so many of us in the magic of new life and of keeping us as near as we can be to the wonder of nature. This is an amazing opportunity to be able to follow so closely the "wonder of it all" Fly little ones, fly!


Lucille...John told me he intends to have the group page OPEN TO EVERYONE..but closed to outside lurkers. In other words..everyone who friend requests his group page will be accepted. Outside people..won't be able to view the page unless they request membership. That is the way I THINK JOHN said he is planning the group page.

Been watching the bold little intruders as well! Got to run..busy morning. Take care.


Magnificent birds. How lucky we are to have observed this family of eagles. Appreciate Alcoa for being dedicated to bringing us this view of Mother Nature in action.

Elizabeth Rieder


JUNE 14, FLAG DAY People who have a flag,hope you remember to put it out.
My dad passed away on this day in 1989 at the VA Hospital. Strange that this was one of his favorite day,nothing pleased him more than to see a 100 American Flags flying. Lest we forget what that flag stands for.


Libby...you beat me to it...Yes!! TODAY IS FLAG DAY!!!

Quiz: What is the 50th state added to the union?

What year was that state added?

I can see google being used now!!

Lucille B

OT: but Flag Day Appropriate!
Elizabeth, This day was one of my Dad's favorites as well. Don't know whether you read my post about my Dad. He was in the Army Airforce during WWII and his plane was shot down over Germany. He & the crew that survived were immediately taken as prisoners of war & and placed in German Prisoner of War Camps. He & some of the crew actually survived the Daeth March across Germany and were held prisoners for 16 months until they were liberated at the end of the war. Irony of the whole ordeal was that my Dad's parents were both born in Germany and came to America for all the freedoms Our Great Country offered! It must have been so awful for my Dad to see the terrible atrocities "his people" committed and then to be held as a prisoner & he himself suffered in the country of his parents! He did tell us some stories about what he saw and endured, but I am sure he kept the worst of them to himself! This day certainly has deep meaning for me as well. I always think about the sacrifices our men & women in all branches of the Armed Forces have made so we can have our Freedoms! Hope all of our Eagle Fans got to view the link that Mavis so graciously posted that will lead you to the Flag Day e-card I sent!

Kathryn Mellecker

Earlier on this thread there was a comment/question about why nothing green is growing in the nest when no eagle is there. When the parents were "fluffing" the nesting material, I am guessing this retarted any growth. Someone pointed out that the nest material is full of fertilizer, it is, but you can have too much of a good thing. Most gardeners know too much fertilizer will "Burn" a crop. Today I saw the little birds swarming the nest, they are looking for seeds and insects. And adding even more very rich bird fertilizer. In my opinion there is just too much to allow very much growth.


I was just checking in on the nest and there were no eagles to speak of, but I noticed that there are other small birds stopping in.

Kathryn Mellecker

There are a bunch of sparrows and other birds that make nests in the lower "stories" of the Decorah nest. I've wondered why the other birds don't do that here. Perhaps the nest isn't "big" enough yet. In the eagle nest in Norfork Botannical Gardens, there is even a squirrell nest in the side below the top of the eagle nest. We all know from seeing it eagles do eat squirrells. So those are either very dumb or very quick squirrels that live in that nest. Maybe the eagles leave them there so as to have a handy lunch if nothing else is caught.


Kathryn, the owl box I watch is in a private yard. There's a couple of rabbits that live in that yard and play around the pole of the owl box during the day(owls are nocturnal). Rabbits are a favorite of owls, but they never bother those rabbits. Maybe it's an understanding of some sort. Not sure but the owls don't seem to bother what lives in the yard, they go outside that area to hunt.


What happened to all turtle shells, duck bills, fish bones...etc? Were they tossed overboard or did they become part of the nest? Just curious.

Oma Kyle

Beamg...If memory serves me correctly, I believe that you chose Flag day as your fledge date.... You may have a winner there, girlfriend!

Mavis...Hawaii in 1959?

Jack Chao, I've been searching for the information I posted about growing sweet corn for you shortly after the Memorial Day weekend when you were too busy with end of the year duties to read or post on this site. If I do discover it, I'll repost

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