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July 13, 2012


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A group of pelicans is known by many collective nouns: A brief, pod, pouch, scoop, and a squadron.

I love that you can find anything on the internet.

Thanks for the pictures!


Is the hawk an osprey? Or have I just been watching Alcoa's ospreys on the Yadkin site too much. :)

Thanks so much for the pictures of the other sights around the nest. I'll be checking in to see if anything is going on and when the T-shirts will be ready. I'm such a fan!

Thanks again so much. It's been great!


Oh, so exciting. T -shirts, camera!


You are an amazing photographer. Thank you for all you do to keep us updated.

Lucille Bingham

Mr. John, Again, Thank you so very much for the update! We really do appreciate all that you do and are so looking forward to the T-shirts and the return of the live video. We realize that we may not get to see "Our Juvies" in the nest, but we may be able to catch a glimpse of Liberty or Justice. Maybe we might even get lucky enough and one or all three of the Eaglets will return for a short visit to the nest.
Thanks for the great photos and especially the one of the turtle shell.
Mavis has been wanting someone to retrieve it for her. Now that it is on the ground maybe JC or Rodj will be able to get it for her. :)
If not, she will just have to settle for the great picture you took. I bet you took that picture just for her. I'm sure she will appreciate it!




Mr. John...you go retrieve that treasure as soon as you can and lock it up in a safe place!!

OK...WHO BIDS FIRST?! How high were we when the bidding stopped? Please don't make me go back and find the bids...they still stand!

sandy baker

I want to order t- shirts when you figure it all out. Thanks for up dating while we can see the nest.

John Kinsey

>>>>>>>>>>>> JUDITH UPDATE >>>>>>>>>>>

Judith's recovery from surgery is progressing slowly but she apparently is having a lot of pain and swelling. She has been up on her feet for a limited amount of time. She is hoping to be able to return home possibly on Sunday depending on her progress.

On a sad note which really upset Judith a great deal - her dog Mandy had to be put to sleep this morning. Mandy was unable to stand or walk and the vet said that nothing else could be done for her.Those of us who read Judith's posts know how much she loves all her dogs and I think Mandy had a special place in Judith's heart.
Understandably Judith was really upset that she couldn't be with Mandy right up to the end.

She sends her thanks to all for the concerns,well wishes and prayers which I relayed to her.Arrangements have been made for someone to stay with her for a while so she will not be alone.
I will let you know more when I get any additional info.

Carol C

Mr John thanks for the updates & photos. I saw u on the news last night. Wew do have a lot of pellicans here. I got some good photos of some by the lock 7 dam 15.

Lucille Bingham

John, Thank you so very much for keeping us updated on Judith. And a special thanks for letting her know that we all are thinking about her and wishing her well.
So very sorry to hear about Mandy. Please convey our condolences to her. We do know how much she meant to Judith. I would think not being there in the end makes it so much harder for Judith, but maybe it was a blessing in disguise. Seeing Mandy not able to stand or walk would have been so very difficult for her. Am I wrong thinking that Mandy was mobile before Judith went in for her surgery? We had talked about her meds and not eating very much, but I don't recall reading anything about her not being able to stand or walk.
At least there is good news about Judith possibly going home on Sunday. Hope Mandy's passing doesn't affect her recovery. Our emotional state affects our physical state more than we ever realize.


John,thanks so much for the update and the pictures. I really miss that camera, even if we only see the nest.

I wonder if it's symbolic, the turtle shell being on the ground. I'm halfway joking, but it just seems fit that that's the way our kids would say goodbye to us. Safe flying, Faith, Hope and Spirit. We'll never forget you.

JC, thank you for the update on Judith. I pray for continued healing for her so she's back with all of us soon. I feel so bad for her, having to let Mandy go when she wasn't there. I know how that feels. Judith, when you get back and are catching up just know Mandy is free from pain and she knew just how much you loved her.

There have been storms in our area today, but nothing for us. Maybe tomorrow. We really need it, all of IL is officially in drought or however you would say that.

Darlene Nichols

Those rascally turtles.....walking away and leaving their shells behind. Shame on them....

John Kinsey

Darlene - I guess that rascally turtle thought he would be less recognizable by the Eagles without his shell - kinda like camouflage in reverse ! (or maybe like bare all and show nothing).

Jill Anne Sparapany

John@Alcoa. Thank you so much for making the investment of a new outdoor webcam! What a generous gesture it is to continue to promote interest in our wildlife and environment.

Looking forward to the next eaglet family. Thank you for the wonderful experience we've all shared in watching this year's eaglets grow up under Liberty and Justice's excellent parenting skills.

My favorite 'out of the nest' photos are the one where all three are soaring together in the blue sky and the one of all three on the grass w/ parent learning how to hunt.
It seems it's time for the eaglet-juvies to begin life on their own. It was so nice to see all three have still been together right up until their own 'Independence Day'.


Mavis, if my memory is correct, the turtle shell was $50 but I can't remember who was high bidder?


6:26 AM EDT..Saturday...

Spirit's Birthday...What a treasure he is for all who watched him grow through the weeks. Happy Birthday, Spirit/Trey/Star/Little One/and whatever you are secretly named. Only love and best wishes travel with you. You have brought nothing but joy to so many people around the world..

Good Morning Everyone!!

To you, dear Judith..may the comfort of knowing you gave Mandy a life she would never have known had you not rescued her, ease a bit of the pain you feel for her loss. She was as devoted to you, as you were to her. What a tribute that is to both of you. We all would like to leave this world a better place when we go..and Judith..you ALREADY HAVE with your love and care of all the animals that you bring in under your protection. It really speaks to who you truly are. The reason your loss is so painful is because it defines the depth of your love.

We spoke for a long time on the phone yesterday and Judith, you didn't even realize it, but the first 25 minutes of our conversation was solely about Mandy and her sister. You have been in a fight for your life, a painful surgery, and all you could talk about was Mandy. You never put yourself first, and that is just the way you are. I think you are truly one of God's gifts for the animals that you tend to, and that makes you just wonderful in my book.

Mr. John, as for you..much of what I said to Judith applies to you as well. There is no job description for what you do naturally. It comes from within and we recognize that by the extra things you do. You may not see it, but we do. That is why we sing your praise so much. The picture of the turtle shell...more than a 1,000 words..and it came from the heart. We truly like you because you absolutely shine as a really GOOD person. You have made this site what it is..not just the camera...not just the sound...you are the magic ingredient. We have no camera..and no sound...and we are still here! I actually think most of your followers are in the same category..they are from all walks of life and they appreciate what the Judiths and the Mr. Johns are doing in this world, because they themselves are just as passionate about the world we live in. We all try, but we can recognize appreciate the ones that can do it a bit grander than we can.

Soooo Judith and Mr. John, I personally THANK YOU..you have certainly made MY LIFE better!!


Harmon topic--this is a tribute to Harmon that was posted on NN. I'm putting it here for those that don't have facebook or don't know what NN is. If the link here won't work for you just copy it into your browser. It's so sweet.



Mavis, I wish I had half the ability to speak like you do. We love you and you put into words what so many of us want to.....LOVE YOU!


Tammy, I think the main bidders were Judith, Jack, Rodj, and JC. I may be wrong..but I think JC and Rodj were the last to bid.

All proceeds go to the hidden fish fund! Will the bidders please step up to the plate!



I posted this on FB on NN. Here is is again for those that don't have Facebook.

OK, this is REALLY OT and for Judith. If anyone knows how to get this to her, please do. She's in our thoughts so much these days. I am an avid "rescuer" too. this will touch anyone who has a heart and soul and has loved an animal. Enjoy and get the tissues before beginning (a shirt sleeve works too).

"The Rainbow Bridge Poem"

Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge. When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable.

All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor. Those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by. The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind.

They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent. His eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster.

You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.

Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together....

Author unknown...


Tammy, you are so sweet. You KNOW I love you, too!

Did the little bit of rain you got the other day help? It was probably too little to late for your crops. I hate that.

Kevin (son), took me to a sinkhole we heard about yesterday. OMG! One of the biggest I have ever seen. It was in the middle of a dirt road. Huge oak tree..could see the top of it at the bottom of the hole. Water in the bottom of maybe a 100ft drop (or more), sounds of water rushing and saw water standing. The hole must have been 200 yds in diameter and it looked like more was fixing to cave in because of the cracks in the soil around the edges.

I plan to stay in and try to stay cool. Hope you enjoy your Sunday.


Tammy, I just love the poem. I actually believe that Heaven is not just for people. The animals seem to get it right more than many of us do.

I will copy and paste this to an email for Judith. I know she will cry..but it will be a GOOD cry. Thank you for sharing.


We have been getting little bits of rain here and there, the corn is a loss but the beans may make something.....today is Saturday, do you not want me to enjoy today? :) kidding!

That sinkhole sounds scary, I would be terrified to be close enough to look into it.


I am also interested in a t shirt. Didn't know where to write so decided to comment here. I'm sure you have a design in mind but I thought a picture of the babies when they were little in the nest with mom and dad (babies all fuzzy) on the bottom of the shirt and then above that a picture of them flying above the nest after they fledged would be a good design. Just a thought.
I have enjoyed the pictures and watching the eaglets grow. Thanks.



It IS MORNING!!! Not me if I don't mess up in the mornings! Don't know why I keep thinking today is Sunday. I got it right on my first post with this being Spirit's birthday.

Senior moment? I can really screw of my mornings!
Now I can 'relive' Saturday all over again now that you found it for me!

Rosie Shaw

Thank you so much for the updates and the pictures
we are looking forward to the t-shirts
your friends in California

The Bus Drivers of Fountain Valley


Like Kathy 's shirt design thoughts. And Tammy, thanks for the Harmon tribute link...Would someone do similar with our Alcoa gang?

Cindy Munger

I have read what each of you have posted each night, as I had company and felt rushed all week.
I would very much like to bid on that turtle shell. What a treasure !! And , Oh the memories. Can you imagine what it feels like to hold that shell, knowing that our babies were "there" ? Magic !
The bittersweet seems very bitter this morning. I feel like I have had a great loss and yet I know it is no different than last week? Argh ! Age I guess.


Have been so grateful for the additional & continuing photos that someone there shoots of the eaglets. Do you know at about what age they begin to get their white head-feathers & tailfeathers?? Would love to see that! In any event, really DO appreciate the continuing effort on your part to keep those of us who are interested, up-to-date as far as possible on the "Saga of the Bald Eagles",'tho the camera has had it's problems. Look forward to a fix or whatever you all can do in that regard. This effort that you all at Alcoa have made is sooo appreciated... just a beautiful & amazing "piece of nature" to witness. Thanks again.
Classy Momma


Good morning everyone and Happy Birthday to Spirit!

Tammy, thanks so much for the link to the Harmon tribute! Gosh, had to get the tissues again and then I read the Bridge poem and it's a good thing the tissues were still right here! Did you say you got some rain? I know, not enough and too late for some things. We got 1.1" total yesterday and I swear we could see the grass turn green again. Not sure if it's in time to help the crops here. Some corn fields look awesome but have heard others are burned. Soy beans are spotty. Again, so glad I'm not a farmer, although I'm from a big farming family and sure do realize the hardships farmers go through. How is your healing process going after your surgery? Hope you are doing well and right on schedule with the healing. Stay cool!

Classymomma, eagles get their white head and tail feathers at maturity, 4 to 5 years of age.

Mavis, you are one brave woman to go looking into a sink hole to see the bottom! You have that curiosity bug in you, I think. Do I have to remind you what they say about curiosity? When you talk to Judith again, let her know I'm thinking of her and am so sorry for her loss of Mandy. Thanks for that. We don't have pets in our house but have had cats over the years. They were pretty special to us so I do understand how it hurts to lose a pet who is part of the family.

Thanks, again, Mr. John for the photos. Sorry you didn't see any of our family but I'm pretty sure they are all doing just fine. I just have to say again THANKS ALCOA for an awesome year at the nest! So looking forward to doing it all over again next year!



Cindy, isn't that turtle shell something? You said "magic" and you're right. Makes me wonder just how many of those are laying around there. They sure had plenty of them in the nest! I also understand what you mean by "great loss" as we go through the days not seeing our sweet family of eagles. Try to concentrate on the fact that there will be another family, God willing, next year and we'll do it all over again. Each day I try to picture F,H and S flying high and then swooping down to catch a fish in the Mississippi and what an awesome picture THAT makes! Take care girl.


Carol C

It would be nice if someone could do a tribute to our eagles. I know Mavis & others have a lot of pictures. I don't have a clue how do it, but I.m sure someone on here does. Taht would be Awsome!! I sure do miis our gang too. White Rock & Harmon r fledging now too. :(

Darlene Nichols

Well John, I probably should have posted this silliness on the OT but you have to give that turtle credit for originality. The mental image of a turtle without a shell is not a pretty one however (I,ve been getting weepy reading these posts and hope this one provides a change...........I just lost one of my cats recently and these have been close to home)

Diane Siemer

thank you for the eagle family updates and pictures. It has been such a joy to follow them from eggs to independence! Looking forward to the T-shirts.


Hi Carol, I think you said the other day you saw the 2 on Big Island flying. Is that right? How cool is that anyway? You're right that it would be nice if someone would do a tribute to the Alcoa eaglets but I don't know how to do that either. SOMEONE must know how. Did you get rain yesterday?


Carol C

beamg YesI did see 2 juvies there & the adults sometimes. A friend said she saw 2 at Sunset Marina, which is just over the Rock River. That would be the place to go & see some. Alcoa ones will be hard to find. Let me no when u r coming I could meet u to show u. All we got Sat. were sprinkles. :( Not good.


@beamg, our farmer is going to replant a large majority of the beans, the corn is going to have to be combined for insurance purposes, fortunately we only had 50 acres of corn this year. We have the beans this year as our main crop (you know they rotate all that stuff). We got some spotty rain, here and there, but we will take what we can get.

Healing is progressing as well as expected I assume, go back to St. Louis next Monday for another check up. thank you for asking!

Lucille Bingham

Tammy, Sorry to hear about the crops. I feel so badly for the farmers who are going through another bad season. All of you are the backbone of our country and our government should help out with some financial aid during these terrible times. Hope you will be able to salvage as much as you can from this season's crops.
Glad to see that your healing is progressing as well as expected. Hope your recovery will be complete very soon.
Have as good a day as you can!
Isn't it lonely on this site now? No nest, no sound, no eagles/eaglets and very few eagleholics posting these days!

Lucille Bingham

Cherrycarol, I wish I knew how to post photos and other things on this site and Nesters Nest. I would love to create a tribute to our eagles. If I can get my creative brain working again I will try to compose something appropriate. I just mentioned in my post to Tammy that it sure is lonely on this site.
I do enjoy all of your postings on Nesters Nest & Other Talk. They automatically appear on my facebook page also and I love them.

Lucille Bingham

Cindy, I think everyone of us who have followed F/H/S from egg to soaring above feel exactly as you do. I don't believe age has anything to do with it. We all have invested so much time & emotion into "Our Eaglets" that we all are experiencing empty nest syndrome and seeing them go off on their own is truly bittersweet!
Thankfully we have Mr. John trying to keep us as informed about "Our Babies" as often as possible with his updates & wonderful photos. Too bad he can't follow them on their journey across our country.
Have a wonderful day and try to think about them enjoying the freedom they have earned!


Hey Alcoa: I totally understand about the camera and the lightning storm. I was at the Grand Canyon once during a downpour and lightning. The lightning fried the electronics in my RV TV. Probably did the same to the Alcoa camera. Will you be installing a camera that pans and/or can handle more frames per second? Thanks for all you do to keep us updated.

Carol C

Lucille I can help u put pictures on Nesters Nest, it's easy. If u get everything together let me know & I can walk u thru it. I'm in San Francisco now,so when I get home I'll help u. This is getting lonly here but that is why we created Nesters Nest & other talk. Maybe there will be a new camera soon, that will help a lot. Thanks to Alcoa

Ruth MacLeod

------------new thread----------------

Cindy Munger


God willing I will see another family of eagles too. I go to my first eagle festival this weekend. Not sure what it will be like, but I'm going.
Today, I guess I was missing the juvies and was watching Harmon, and youtube "Decorah" clips. Those eagles were wild, and I started laughing so hard, I had tears running down my face, and my silly Border Collie must have been worried. He climbed up on me and started licking my face (tears). Yes Magic is right, and I would love to find one of those turtle shells, since I think this one is spoken for. But I am willing to bid on it any time !

Cindy Munger

Lucille, I am so anxious to hear about the t shirts too. I know I am not alone with these feelings. Empty nests everywhere! A couple of posts ago, the word, "sprinkles" jumped off of the page at me. It was referring to rain, and I thought immediately of Faith. And if its an illness, I'll gladly take it !


If you fix the cam, why not put both up? 2 views is better than 1, right?


That's an amazing photo of the hawk. Great catch!

Marlene Plemmons

My classroom loved your website! What kind of camera do you personally use. It is awesome.


Can hardly wait for the camera, have enjoyed all the pictures and the updates. And waiting for the t-shirts. Thanks John for everything


This was a great photo of the eagle



I love the eagle cam it is so exciting

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