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July 01, 2012


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Thank you, Mr. John. The pictures are wonderful. I love the labels.

Jack Chao

Great Pics! Mr. John.

Suzette Heeres

WOW, beautiful pictures! Thank you for keeping us updated especially with the camera down. These really are wonderful photos!


LOVE all the pics...THX for sharing..

Flying Free in the wind...just as it should be..

Ming Byrne

I love it!!!! You made my day with the photo of all 3 eaglets flying around!!! Thank you!!!


Thank you so much! I LOVE the one with all three together flying. It's going to be my wallpaper right now. Thank you, John!

Judith Hart

Great shots Mr. John, Thank You!...Looks like one screaming eagle spotted you....Faith Hope and Spirit soaring together, what a great time they're having.

Take a look at those talons!! OUCH!!!



Judith Hart

Mr. John, after looking closer at the two lower pictures, it appears that you were on the same level as the eaglets. Do you have wings or were you sitting in the nest‽


Can we say "Thank You" enough? Having enough empty nesting stuff going on and you come though again!

You are the BEST!


One more enthusiastic THANK YOU! The photos are beautiful and well needed after the lack of the camera.

Oma Kyle

Thank you Mr. John....Alcoa has a wonderful PR man in you and I hope that you're appreciated by the company as much as we appreciate you!


Mr. John
What amazing photographs. Thank you so much for sharing them with us. Have you ever considered a second career as a wild life photographer? I would buy all your prints. That shot of the 3 of them together was a once in a lifetime photo.
I feel like it is the eaglets way of saying thank you for all you have done for them.

You are the best. Goddess bless you and Alcoa!!


Hi Everyone--------
Sorry I haven't been posting. I had some family issues that needed my attention. I have been reading all of them in the middle of the night and have been checking in on our eaglets a few times a day and have been lucky a few times to see them in the nest.

Sending lots of wonderful cool Oregon weather to everyone who needs it.It is beautiful here but our thoughts and prayers are for all who have not been as lucky.

We have a new border collie puppy. He is wonderful. We ended up taking 2. Just like I thought I would. It was a little female and she was the only one left so I couldn't leave her. We visited with a close friend an hour later and that puppy jumped up in his arms and that was it. So we only had her for an hour. So we ened up with only one and they get to see each other a few times a week and they are always happy and wrestling and chewing on each other when they do.It was funny when we were driving away from the ranchers with both dogs I said to my husband I know you might be upset cause we took 2 but I just feel we are getting her for someone else. I don't think she is our dog, I think we are just taking her to her real owner. Then we both laughed for a few minutes because we both thought it might just be me making excuses for a second pup.But something told me not to leave her there. I am lucky to have such a understanding husband.

Carol C

WOW JOHN!! Lucky u to see the mag. 3. Thank You so much!! The pictures r awsome!! So happy to see all 3 soaring together. I always seeem to miss them.

Cindy Munger

Both you and your husband are lucky to have border collies in your life. I have had at least one Border Collie in my life for twenty five years now and picture of those long gone are still around me. But manoman do you have your work cut out for you. (really laughing out loud)
Mr John,
My friends here are right about you. You have come to love these three like we do. You said "our" (birds) in you post along with the wonderful pictures which we truly appreciate. you see we know that you didn't HAVE TO take the pictures or post about the camera. Many of us were watching when it went down during the storm. You're top notch, I must say. Thank you.

There are no words better than those pictures !!!


Well today has been the day..first Sally and now IRIS!!! Goodness, I was beginning to wonder about both of you.

Glad to hear about the puppies. Real good story...right puppy with right owner. I love it!

I'm in the middle of so much right now but wanted to holler out a welcome home to both Sally and IRIS!!

Joan Reicharst Sequim WA

You take great pictures. I certainly have enjoyed seeing the chicks grow up and fledge. Hopefully, the parents will return to the nest next year to have their offspring once again. Thanks again for the reports, video and wonderful pictures.

Annette Kryske

July 1 6:10PM PDT. The storm damaged the camera, but your pictures of Faith,Hope & Spirit were beautiful. Thanks.We really appreciate all your comments also. Thank Alcoa.
Annette Kryske


9:15 p.m. EDT - You've done it again Mr. John. I would just about give anything to have a T shirt with a photo of our three babies flying.


Lost power for most of today. Just came back on. They had to cut us off to do some of the repair work for the thousands here in VA without any power. They are saying that some customers will not get their power restored until Saturday or Sunday. The heat is brutal and I really feel for those going through it without air. I would take loss of power compared to what they are going through in CO.

Regarding cataract surgery. I had mine done about 2 1/2 years ago. I got the new corrective lenses and I don't need glasses at all now. At the time I had my surgery, my insurance company would not pay for the corrective lenses, so I ponied up for them. Best money I ever spent. Also, it did not hurt at all.

I was watching last night when Harmon branched. Haven't had a chance yet to see what they are saying on their chat about today.


My favorite picture is all three soaring together. But the "Look Out Below" picture is hilarious!! I'm so proud of these little guys and truly appreciate the dedication John and Alcoa have shown by keeping all of us informed. Thanks for the great pictures!

Jill Anne Sparapany

How beautiful to see all three eagle-juvies flying together! Bet they were having fun! My fave!

Thanks for all the great photos of the family.


Thanks for yor dedication!!!Its great to see that they are all happy, healthy immature eagles!!!


6:43 EDT Monday, July 2nd

Ok..Is this Faith's Birthday? I think so..15 weeks old today?!

You did good yesterday, Mr. John!! You always do but that shot of the 3 of them soaring..well..you did real good!! I knew when the cam went down Friday evening, that you would check on them over the weekend. Somehow, through these pictures, we can actually 'feel' YOUR joy when you watch them. You love these birds, just like we do, and it resonates in all you do for them and us.

I'm not a designer...and have little fashion sense...but I think a picture of the 3 soaring with head shots of Liberty and Justice in the center of the circle..OR..the 3 as babies in the center, would make an awesome picture for coffee mugs or T-Shirts. Any picture would be well accepted and loved...but the three soaring..well, that's awesome. Whatever you come up with will be well received by me!! Hubby hopes you will offer 2X sizes so he can wear one, too.

This is the 4th of July week! Hope it is a good week for all!


I love the new pictures. The first one is my favorite, wonder what s/he is saying or should I say screaming? The talons on those feet are scary looking.

Morning all


Tammy, that first picture is so darn cute. I wonder what she is yelling about...it might be that stick behind her! It looks like she is looking at one of them as she yells. It looks playful!

High temps predicted for today and so many people without electricity. OMG! Just awful.


What beautiful pictures of the eagles, it's been a wonderful experience watching them hatch and grow into the magnificent birds they are today. Thank you for sharing your photos.

Helen J

Wow, thanks for the photos, it's just thrilling to see them soaring, landing etc. I wonder if the babes have had any fishing lessons yet! Such fabulous photography, even their huge talons are in perfect focus. Keep 'em coming & thanks again!!

Carol C

HAPPY BIRTHDAY FAITH & GOOD MORNING ALL Another very HOT day 95 & humid!! A t shirt with the 3 flying would be great to have. I,m going to check on my 2 on Big Island today. Before it gets too hot!! Have a good day. Carol


Great pics... thank you.


What fantastic pictures!!!! Thank you!!!!

Margaret M. Callahan

Thank you again SOOOOO much!! You are wonderful for providing us with these photos!!! Is there anyone we can write to commend you for all of this??? Have a great day!! Marge Callahan


Thanks for the awesome photos. It is nice to see the eagletts growing and loving life.
thanks for all you do with this website.


What a treat to tune in today and see the new pics! Just fantastic and I can't begin to pick a favorite. All 3 flying together is amazing but then the others pull at my heart strings, too. Also, love the GB Heron pic. Thanks Mr. John and Alcoa. You keep us informed with words and pics and that's exactly what we need when Mother Nature messes with the cam and sound. Thanks again!
Good Monday morning everyone!!!
Happy Birthday 15 week old Faith! Can't believe I've been glued to this site for so many months starting about the first of Feb.

Mavis, sounds like everyone is letting you know that cataract surgery is not a big deal. I have to add my mom's story. She had hers done about 20 years ago. She lives in Michigan and called me the day after to tell me she could see a broom standing in the corner of the garage across the street from her. Now, to some people that might not seem like a big deal but I swear she sounded like she could jump for joy but no jumping allowed right then. She was just amazed and it had to do with what she figured out she had been missing for so many years. She does still wear glasses but they are a very weak prescription and mostly for very fine print things. Go for it Mavis!

It's already 85° here with 61% humidity! We started out at 85% humidity so it's a little better but it sure makes it hard to breathe out there. I'm so grateful for our AC and that we have the power to run it. I can't imagine being without power right now. I would have to travel north or run that hose non-stop over my head. Let's hope the power is restored very soon and then that the wild fires are put out, too.

Guess I should get on with my day. Cam still down so I think there is a party going on and we're missing it! I can picture little party hats on the juvies but they don't need noise makers - they can just scream! bbl

L. Miller

Great moments of eaglets soaring and diving and loving their environment, so it seems. Fabulous pictures and to think that we can share this event with the world, I am grateful for your patience and great photography skills, even the security guard, Matt, for capturing the 'lounging' shot.
I am grateful.

Elizabeth Rieder

OT --
Iris that is so wonderful about the little female border collie. Sometimes we have that feeling that something is so right and we think that we are just being silly. It is like a inter-voice or God or what every your belief is and you should be quiet and listen. That pup was needed to be directed to someone who would fall in love for ever with her. You did good, lady, real good.
Now if you can figure out how to get some of that cool air down here to Texas or any part of the country for that matter,we would really be pleased. You could throw in a few rain shower just for effect too.LOL
Hope you are well.Peace--libby

Lucille Bingham

Mr. John, What wonderful photos of "Our Magnificent Trio! And the addition of the heron! You are simply the best. You certainly know how to make up for the loss of the video feed! It is so great to see "Our Juvies" in flight and together; that is the best sight! Wish they could always "ride the wind" as a trio. That would be so awesome! But I guess that is only wishful thinking on our part!

Lucille Bingham

In celebration of Independence Day I would like to share another Jacquie Lawson e-card with all fellow Eagle Watchers!
If you wish to view the card go to the following website:
Then click on the tab labeled pick up card and enter the following code:
Then you should be able to view the card.
Hope you enjoy it!

Lucille Bingham

Mavis, As I go back and read the posts I have missed again I am so impressed with your words. Your compliments to Mr. John were so true. I agree that he must love these birds as we do and he surely watches over them like a guardian! His photos really show this love! I couldn't have said it better. I also like your idea for the
T-shirts and possible coffee mugs!
Did I miss something about you going for cataract surgery. I thought it was another Eagle Fan. At the moment I can't remember who i thought it was. Am I having a senior moment? I have been habving a lot of them lately!


Libby - How appropriate for us eagle watchers to have a card that starts off with the loon and ends with the majestic eagle. Thanks so much for sharing - really enjoyed it.

Lucille Bingham

Iris, Welcome back to posting! We all missed you. Sorry to hear that you had some family issues, but so glad to hear the news about the Border Collies! Your heart gave you the right direction! Now both of the pups will be in good homes and they can see & play with each other on occasion! They both are lucky little ones!


I want to add my thanks to all the others for the wonderful new pictures. Getting them on a Sunday was going way beyond the call of duty. For me the pictures are far better than the cam which usually shows an empty nest. My picture on the cam is on buffering and reconnecting and pause more than it is showing what is going on.

Lucille Bingham

Catherine, I'm the ecard poster. I just love Jacquie Lawson"s cards, especially the ones that show off Mother nature. Were you able to open upmthe scrap book photos of our states' birds? Lucille B

Avis Hearon

Those pics are absolutely awesome. What kind of camera do you use?

Lucille Bingham

Catherine, Just noticed I made some serious errors in my previous post. Lawson"s should be Lawson's and no m between up & scrapbook. Glad to see that you enjoyed it. Hope all of "Our Family" can get to see the card.
I seem to be having more senior moments
these days. Can I blame them & my errors on the heat?
Have a great day!

Judith Hart

Avis Hearon....John Riches uses a Nikon D-80 digital SLR for taking the pictures...


Lucille - It looks like I also just had a senior moment. Thank you so much for the card. I will go back and look at the scrapbook.


Thank you so much for the pictures! I will look at eagles the same way again after watching this eagle family. How beautiful the siblings are soaring together after the storm of a few days ago. Thank you for letting us know that all is well with "our eagles". :)


Oops - I meant I will NEVER look at eagles the same way again. :)


Lenux has branched and is not on the nest at this time. No one has seen Harmon since Saturday evening.


Linux, not Lenux. Too many senior moments today.


Lucille, thank you but it is an observation that we all have come to realize. For a man to go back to his workplace where he works five days a week to take pictures of birds flying around, ON HIS DAY OFF, does in itself speaks volumes about the character of the man. AND..he doesn't just snap a few pictures and post them. I bet he shoots a LOT and studies each one before he shares the ones he has chosen for us. Did you notice how EACH picture tells its own story and held significance for each of us? It's because it held significance for him too! His feelings simply resonate through his work...and both soar as high as the eagles we all love.

Nope..not me getting cataract surgery...I'm the fraidy cat!! I think it is Sally G. You are fine, Lucille, I'm the one with all the senior moments that ya'll have to keep straight!!

Just let the pups out...the heat and the humidity took my breath away. I don't leave them out long and they each come in hassling. I feel so bad for the people without power.

I see the video screen has been black for hours so I'm sure Mr. John is working on getting it back so we can settle down to watching the empty nest again. GOSH. IT'S HARD TO FIND A LIFE AFTER THIS!! I liked this one so much!


Lucille, the card was awesome. I eveb liked the cover when it was loading. Thank you!


Judith...I wanted to answer that!! I knew the answer!! Avis, Mr. John uses the Nikon D80 SLR (digital). Don't pay attention to Judith. She is just showing off.

Judith Hart

Mavis, I thought you were asleep!!


I was asleep. You woke me up! I hope you are staying in today. Even up there near the Blue Ridge, it is hot!! Remember the orange-cicle and lime cicle bars we just to buy. They were the best! Popcicles were good..but not like the orange and lime cicles. I can't find the original ones anymore..or I don't know which one IS the original that we used to buy. It had ONE stick and was one fat bar..so good. I could eat two or three right now. Too hot for ice cream. The Blue Belle Homemade Vanilla ice cream with A&W Root Beer makes a good float..but nothing beats the orange-cicle on a hot day like today.

Judith Hart

The creamsicle is the one I remember from the good humor truck.

Want a laugh, look at this...poor dog humiliated..


Does anyone know about Harmon? I read where he hasn't been seen since Saturday. That would NEVER happen on this site. Mr. John would be all over it..looking until he found one of ours if it went missing. He would keep us posted too! Heck, ours have fledged and flying good and he still gets out to check on them if the cam and sound goes out. He doesn't care if it is the weekend or not! THAT'S WHY THIS IS THE BEST SITE E-V-E-R!!! Some sites have better cameras, or more than one camera...but NONE of them have MR. JOHN!!! I think the Alcoa osprey site is good too...that must say something about ALCOA! Yep..One of America's FINEST!!


Only you, Judith would come up with an old favorite, the Dreamcicle...and the poopcicle at the same time!!

That is funny! The woman couldn't turn her head and walk away from that one, could she?

Carol C

Mavis I agree. As far as Harmon he was branching yesterday. So I think that's why u can't see him. I checked on the one on Big Island this morning & only seen one, the other is branching some where now too! HOT HOT HOT OUT 105 WITH THEH HEAT INDEX!!


Mavis - One of the chatters on the MN site drove by the nest about an hour ago and reported that he saw Harmon on a branch about 10 or 15 feet above the nest. Have to agree with you about this being such a great site as Mr. John never left us wondering about what was going on.


Carol..I know Harmon is branching..but NO ONE has seen him back at the nest since Saturday..and I think Saturday was the first day he branched! We see all 3 of ours back at the nest at least several times a day. That's why I'm concerned about Harmon. I'm sure he is ok..but when I last looked..the guy who does the blog has not uttered a word about him. Just wondered if I am looking in the right place for answers. I signed in but can't find the "blog"...just the fast moving tweets.

Carol C

Mavis I don't know where the blog is either. Hope he's ok. Like the ones I checked on today only 1 in the nest & didn't see the other one but there r a ton of trees there.


Catherine...feel so much better by your report. I hope Harmon is not afraid to come down off the branch and is being fed. But that is my nature..to worry and to worry others. I am so glad to hear he is ok. Like you said..too bad we had to find out from a chatter who had to drive out there to find something out.

THANKS, Catherine!!


Those are so really fine shots....thanks!
Hope everyone eaglets and all have a great 4th.

Carol C

I'm glad to hear he's ok too. Just sittin on a branch!! lol


Mavis and Carol - The MN blog is at the top of the web page under eagle cam. However, it is not like here. There hasn't been a post since June 29. Everyone seems to communicate via the chat room. Only problem with that, I haven't figured out how to go back further then what they show so something posted an hour ago is already gone. One of the moderators just reported that they just went by the nest but didn't see Harmon or parents, but also stated that is was hard to see with all the leaves. From what I can tell, the nest is on private property, so they might have access issues with the owners. On the chat, someone reported that the Richmond nest which is also on private property had some trespassers trying to find the eagles and the owners now say that they will not allow any cameras next year. So very glad that our eagle family has a secure location so we don't have to worry about trespassers ruining it for everyone.

Carol Issem

thanks for all the pictures - they were outstanding!!!


Thanks for the info, Catherine.


------------NEW THREAD-----------

Lucille Bingham

Mavis, I must agree whole heartedly about Mr. John & this site! It truly is
Although I must say I enjoy the Osprey site as well. It is such a good site too, but I don't post there at all. Alcoa has done such a fantastic job with both sites! That really says something about Alcoa & its staff! I haven't even checked in on the other sites lately, but I feel the need to do it to check on Harmon. Sure hope he is doing as well as Our Babies/Juvies!

Oma Kyle

Popcicles, Cream cicles, orange & lime cicles....I'm contemplating making a Slush Cicle! What do you think, Judith...could we market that?

Sally Glowicki

When I put ear drops in my Buddy's ears this afternoon, I thought of one of our posters. My memory isn't the only thing going bad on this old body! I think it happened to Kathryn??? Anyway, I thought of the story about her hubby putting her dog's ear drops in her eyes when he mistakenly grabbed the bottle thinking it was her eye drops. I am so glad she only suffered some stinging pain and not injury to her eye. Maybe that's why it's so hard to get my Buddy to let us put his drops in his ears! Does it sting him, too? I love telling this story. I laughed so much when I read it....but I would not want it to happen to me. I must go back now and read the most recent posts.


love these pics sooooo much, especially the ones of all three flying! it's amazing to see them together like that, thanks for posting! love the other pics too, taking off, their fierce looks, it's inspiring. thanks!

ps3 jailbreak 4.46

Saved as a favorite, I love your site!

wilmington nc

This really answered my problem, thanks!

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