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July 09, 2012


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G'day, what an awesome capture your security cam caught, do you be havin an idea when the Eagle Can be back online?

Elizabeth Rieder

Thanks for the Photo Mr John. That is great to know that Liberty and Justice are teaching them the fine art of hunting. I don't normally get all gushier over these eaglets, but they are a really special group. We have learned so much that we never thought about before.This pair of eagle are charmed, some how their skills at raising a family are so great. Hopefully the millions who have looked in will understand just how important they are to the environment. They only kill game and fish what they need and never waste anything,they live with the eco system with out disruption. I only hope the humans that watch will take the lesson to heart.


Oh, that is terrific! Getting to see the family together. Looks like Mom leading a lesson on how to get a meal other than fish. Thanks so much for the pictures!

John Kinsey

Thanks again MR. JOHN for the last security photo showing all three juvies and parent.
Once again you have provided us all with a sight we didn't expect to see again - all three babies together sharing "Eagle Life".Many times you have gone "above and beyond" to share with us.
I enlarged the photo and placed it on the Nesters Nest website for all to enjoy. I do this with a lot of your great shots- With credit to you and Alcoa. Someone must have really been paying attention to the security footage to pick this up and know how much it would mean to all of us. Thanks to you ,Alcoa and everyone else involved.


Libby, so well said. I think you describe our little family straight on!!

Mr. John, I can't think of any photo you could share with us right now that would be more appreciated than this one!! I was so worried that a couple of them had already left us. Thank you.

I love the fact that they still interact as a "family". Makes me feel real good.


Dear Alcoa folks, I know you've been on pins & needles leading up to the release of today's financials & response from the market. I won't even pretend to understand the news, but please know that I wish you all well & am rooting for Alcoa success! Thank you so much for your efforts toward protecting the Bald Eagles on your Davenport property, and for providing us a unique opportunity to watch & get to know these iconic birds. Looking forward to seeing & hearing the nest again - even if it's mostly empty lately! Hopefully it won't be long before we're watching another clutch of eggs to hatch & fledge. Thanks again & best to you all, Kathy in Birmingham aka Vroomgrrl


these little eagles have had the best parents.

Carol C

WOW!! What a great shot. Of all things a secuity camera. How lucky r we to see all 3 or 4 together!! Thanks for sharing!!

Raptures are Awesome

Mr John,

Missed commenting on your photos when you posted them - have been gone since the 30th - first day back. Didn't see any eagles in CA but did see a hummingbird about the size of a small sparrow. That's a bigggggg hummingbird.

Want you to know that I think your photos are really outstanding; just beautiful shots. Thank you for sharing them with us.

Also appreciate the updates, love knowing our eaglets are all still doing well and progressing to be self sufficient.



awesome! thanks!

Kathryn Mellecker

I too have been away and not able to follow the eagle news. Great to see the picture, even better that it was a security camera shot. Thanks to all the people at Alcoa who have helped foster this family of eagles and their extended people family! Seeing events as they happen, makes us all almost part of this eagle family and we are so proud of Alcoa for making it possible.

Lucille Bingham

What a great sight as I take a momemt to check in after a busy day! "Our Magnificent Trio" with Mom or Dad! Thank you, Mr.John, for posting this memorable sight for us! We all have been wanting to see all three together again before they take off in different directions of flight! Wouldn't it be nice if F/H/S would stay together as they explore their expanding world! But I realize that more than likely will not happen. The three of them really seemed to get along so well and seem to belong together as they continue along their journey through life! May they live a long, happy, and healthy life soaring high above us!


Godspeed to the magestic eagle family. Thanks to John for keeping us up to date with the pictures. I will always be thankful to Alcoa for sharing these moments with the world.You all always brighten the day when I can come home and check on the eagles and ospreys. Keep up the great work.

Lucille Bingham

Elizabeth, I, like you, hope that people will take to heart the lessons that "Our Eagle Family" has taught us! What a wonderful experience Alcoa has provided for us! And what wonderful people we have acquired as friends through this awesome adventure. Hope you had a pleasant day today. The humidity wasn't too bad by us, how was it by you?
Wonder how Judith is doing. Has anybody heard?
Is our friend, Mavis, behaving?
Have to check out the rest of the posts I missed and then onto Nesters Nest!

Tracy Vigus

This is seriously the most wonderful Eagle Family ever. Oh my goodness, they are the best. I will so miss them. Yes, we can learn soooooo much from them too. Wow... so blessed.

Carol Issem

that is the best picture yet!!! unbelievable the 3 of them and parent in the field all at the same time!


I do hope the... er... leftovers on the ground are from critters that the eaglets brought down. Looking at the stills of them flying, it's so hard to believe these are the little hatchlings who could barely scoot about the nest. Thank you for the photo!

Elizabeth Rieder

As we smile at a great picture of our favorite juvies and Mom or dad we have such a feeling of peace.Just when we think they have left us, we find out they have just been busy learning those thing that eagle need to know. They have been in school all along, and we are the lazy ones,sitting here looking at that darn computer. Do you think there is a message here, to get off our kisters and get to work?

John Kinsey

Regarding Judith >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I just got word from Judith's brother that her surgery has been completed after 8 hours. He is at the Baptist Hospital in Winston Salem,NC with her. She will probably remain in the hospital for a while during her initial recovery and recuperation.
I will post any updates I receive. I'm sure she will appreciate everyone's thoughts and prayers during this time.


JC, I posted on NN, but here is my commment on here, thank you for keeping us posted.


WOW! What an awesome picture! Mr. John, just when we think we have seen the last of this family and are feeling sad about it, you give us the gift of another picture. Thank you Mr. John, Matt, Alcoa and all who have worked to make this site possible for us to enjoy. It's such a joy to see all 3 juvies and a parent together! Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Mr. John; What a happy way to start my day . . . with such a memorable picture! If it were not for Alcoa and all of you who have taken the time and effort out of your daily lives, none of us would have witnessed the miracle of watching this family evolve. Thank you very, very much! I feel privleged to have seen this unfold.

B Thomas

What wonderful pictures! Very grateful that you take them so we can see how everyone is doing. We are in upstate NY, our office has been watching since the little ones were born and we'll be very sad to see them go off on their own!! Thank you for this wonderful website, it warms the heart to see these wonderful eagles flourish!! God bless!


9:28 EDT Tues Morning

Good Morning everyone.

I gotta tell ya...I miss Judith's postings so much. The mornings don't seem the same without her. Will be so glad when she can return to us.


Mr. John, I'm just curious. We've talked a lot about endangered and protective things. Do you have to have a special permit just to go up and reset the camera? I figure you do, but was just wondering.

Hard to believe the security camera took such a clear picture of the family. Wonder if it caught one of Rodj delivering fish??? Now THAT would be a picture I would be willing to bid on!


Thank you so much for keeping us up to date on the Eagle's. This has been so fun to watch.


Claire Johnson

Thank you so much for posting pictures of the eaglets, especially now that they have left the nest. I love your updates!! Following this eagle family has been one of the most rewarding experiences for me. I am taken with the essence of their lives and have learned so much. Your efforts are so appreciated.


what a great, great photo. A wonderful end to such a joyous couple of months watching these magnificent birds. thank you so much.


I miss watching them daily but am loving the updates. Thank you all so much!

John Kinsey

Just a reminder - We have set up a Facebook page for those of us who want to stay in touch while we're waiting for the next Eagle season to begin. We're not ready to let go of "our babies" yet this season. But as time goes forward,we will only be able to picture them in our hearts and minds.Not even Mr. John will be able to provide us photos of them for very much longer - although I'm sure he would like to.

Our Facebook page allows us to share stories,pictures and reminisce about this year as well as any other topics we might wish to discuss.
The family friendly site is open to everyone who wishes to participate ( and there is no admission charge !). We now have 35 members - some just "perch" and observe while others provide us all humor,entertainment and stories of life and Nature which brought us together.We do have a brief set of guidelines posted in order to make the site enjoyable for all.
If anyone is interested in participating, just send a "Friend Request" to "Nesters Nest" on Facebook and I will confirm.Then I will send you an invite to join the "OTHER TALK" Group which is private and only available by invitation.You must also accept (confirm) this invite before you have access to the private group. This is for everyone's privacy and security.If you want to participate and do not have a Facebook account - just send email to the following address and someone will be happy to help you set one up : libjusand3atgmaildotcom (make the two appropriate adjustments to conform to standard email addresses).
Looking forward to hearing from you.


OT.....CA Bear
Jack Chao, I hope this is not close to you but, if it is, please don't go running after this bear to get his picture!


We've talked about bears on here before so I just had to post this link! If anyone talks to Jack, tell him to be careful!

Annette Kryske

11;30 AM PDT July10. I copied the latest picture of the three little ones & Liberty/Justice? on to my Face Book. Many nice compliments on the photograph. They are thriving!!!!so happy. Thanks again for all the pics & your comments. and of course to Alcoa.
Annette Kryske


Any word yet on the t-shirts ?

John Kinsey

R and Others - as far as I know we haven't had any word regarding the t-shirts yet.

John Kinsey

Numerous people have asked for a contact address for Alcoa.
If you would like to thank Mr.John Riches via Alcoa for his dedication and commitment and commend Alcoa for their environmental stewardship: Go to Alcoa.com - above the banner at top right of that page select "contact us" tab-scroll down page and on left side is selection "Media Relations" - select that,fill in the blanks and post message to send.There is also a corporate mailing address in Pittsburgh on the right side of page.I couldn't find any other addresses which seemed appropriate to express our appreciation.If anyone has any other suggestions,please post.I know there are many of us whose lives have been enriched by the Alcoa Eagle Cam.


Three things:

1. Thanks, John (and Alcoa) for providing these amazing & appreciated updates.

2. That's a crazy good security camera!!!

3. It seems like just yesterday that they were just little tennis balls....

Looking forward to next year,
Sally in Colorado

John Kinsey

>>>>>>>>>>>> Judith Update >>>>>>>>

Judith was taken to her own room a little earlier this afternoon and is experiencing the usual post surgery reactions - but otherwise seems to be doing as expected.According to her doctors,the surgery went very well and she should be able to recuperate over time.She will remain in the hospital for several days until she has recovered enough to safely return home to her puppies.Maybe that will give her a little incentive to help with the recovery. Thanks to all for your concern and support - I will pass it on to Judith and keep you informed as I hear more.

Janet - Myrtle Beach, SC

What kind of a camera and lense do you use to get those great still pictures?

Lucille Bingham

John, Thank you for the reports on Judith. Please let her know that my good thoughts & prayers are with her during this time. I'm sure all of "Our Eagle Watcher Family" send their best wishes as well. With all of our moral support and her desire to be with her family(human & canine)she should recover rather quickly!

Pam Carmin

Thanks for the pictures Mr. John, this has really meant alot to me. I am very tearful right now knowing our babies will be leaving. I have learned so much and yes, I am excited to see more babies but, will never forget our little ones. You have been jsut great letting us know how they are, and the camera. You have gone out of your way for allof us. Thank you so much. Will be looking for more info for t-shirts. Thanks again.

 Beth in AZ

how cool is that, a family reunion. Thanks, Mr. John.


Judith is such a delight to know and her animals adore her. Many of her dogs are rescued dogs and she devotes so much of herself to their care. I sure miss her posts and she has only been gone for 2 days!

I have met some of the most remarkable and nicest people on this site. We have a helicopter pilot, Veterans, nurses, teachers, office managers, homemakers, naturalists, pilots, counselors, engineers, writers, speakers,...people from all walks of life meeting on common ground and just the best ever!! My hat's off to each of you..and I really mean that. Oh! We even have one wanted by the FBI for feeding the eagles!!

Lucille Bingham

Mavis, I hear that person has been placed on the FBI most wanted list! I know we Eagleholics will protect him/her from capture because he/she has been so good to us and the eagle family! By the way has he/she been able to retrieve the turtle shell for you? I'll even offer him/her a place to hide! :)

I miss Judith's posts as well. I have been wondering how her recovery is coming along and how her doggies are doing without her. I'm sure they must miss her terribly because she is so devoted to their care & well-being!

How have you been doing in this hot & humid weather? Any more motorcycle rides?


Lucille, so you are willing to hide Rodj? Even after he refused to put a tent up over the babies during the last hail storm?!! I would hide him too...for a while anyway. The reward should go up before long!! You gotta figure every angle in this economy. Of course, we can't forget that he lost a finger while feeding them.

Too hot for the motorcycle! You would think riding in the wind would be cool but it's not. Hot is hot...even hot wind! We do enjoy night rides when we can.

Hope everyone is staying cool. Today is Hope's birthday!!

Scheryl Grant

Great Photo! glad they are all doing fine!

Marilyn Burns

Thank you for all the updates and pictures. This has been a very exciting experience from day one and seeing one of gods creations grow and strive!!!! Thank You Alcoa
MB in IL

Lucille Bingham

Mavis, Now I'm really confused. Did I miss something? I wasn't aware the FBI was after Rodj too. I thought the person on the Most Wanted List was another one of our favorites, but I am willing to hide Rodj too,especially after losing a finger feeding "Our Babies."
I guess my senior moments are coming on more often these days because in addition to being confused, I did forget that today is Hope's birthday. Happy Birthday, You Magnificent Eagle!
When you mentioned going for a motorcycle ride into town for dinner I did think that riding at night might offer some relief from the heat, but during the day would be terribly hot with the sun & humidity.
Have a great day and stay cool.


Thank you so much Mr. John and Alcoa for all the pictures and information. I have so enjoyed watching these magnificant birds grow up. I was so thrilled when I thought I might have seen one over Elmor Ave last week...If it wasn't one of them, it was another Eaglet. I keep looking above my house for them too...I don't live very far away. They are off to such a great start..I think they will fair well.

Charles Kinsey

Lucille - Mavis is just trying to confuse you again - don't fall for it. I knew who you were talking about when you mentioned that other person (gender unknown) being on the FBI's list.And now she's got Rodj on the list too. I'm sure whoever that other person is,he/she appreciates the offer of a hideout and it may come to that just so Mavis can't collect the reward money.She could probably earn more by catching RATTLESNAKES !


Lucille, I am sure I do a lot to cause the confusion. The going joke is that the FBI is looking for Rod for feeding the eagles..this happened way back when we found out that being protected means we cannot interfere in any way..even feeding. I think JC is on the run, too because of all his aliases! Pretty diverse group we have here! Jack is laying low also..interstate commerce and the brownies thing. I've just been an innocent bystander taking it all in and keeping notes.

We were riding the motorcycle until about a week ago. The heat is torture while on the cycle now. Just walking outside is sheer nonsense as far as I am concerned. It is so hot. Even the dogs run out just long enough to do their thing then run back in. Guess most everyone is having it hot too. No complaints from me as long as the AC works.


11:20 EDT

Gee..8 hours since the last post! Wow..no eagles, no nest, no sound, no chat..

Good night everyone!

Liz Barrett

Your pictures are so beautiful .....thank you so much for taking the time to go down and visit our 'kids'. I have found dozens of eagle feathers on our beach....do teenagers molt their feathers before the adult ones come in?

Sue from Indiana

That is such a great picture! Glad they are all doing well and thriving so far. It's been a wonderful experience watching them hatch, seeing them teetering on the edge of the nest, and now this. Thanks, Alcoa!

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