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July 09, 2012


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Lucille Bingham

What a wonderful surprise, Mr. John! If it's at all possible, these photos are even better than the last ones. No, I can't say that; they are all so absolutely magnificent! An adjective I often use to describe "Our Alcoa Eagles." You are simply the BEST!!! You surely know how to keep us from getting too depressed about not seeing F/H/S or Liberty & Justice these days. Thank you so very much for the update and awesome photos! We Eagleholics love you!


Mr. John, have you seen Liberty or Justice lately? I know the last time you were there you said you only saw one eaglet.

The pictures of S/H sitting on the limb are so clear. I can't get over the camera capturing such detail. You are good with the camera..that's for sure. I would love to see them one more time...but you seeing this one for us really helps!

Hope the heat is beginning to break there. Thank you for all you have done for us. You have gone WAY beyond our expectations to make us happy with your observations and photos. I know you think nothing of it because that is just who you are! You are a natural giver..you try to make people happy...and you are good at it too!!


Good morning everyone, and especially Mr. John! What an absolutely beautiful morning and then we get more pictures, too! Lucille, magnificent is the perfect adjective to use! The details of the markings are so beautiful and those end wing feathers.....it's all just perfect! Thanks again Mr. John and Alcoa! Once again I can't pick a favorite but I really do love the "cruizin" pic.

Off to do errands. Have a great day. Keep soaring F,H and Spirit! Oh, Happy Birthday Faith! Can you believe it? 16 weeks already and where did that time go?

Kat Janik

Thanks so much for the camera and the photos....my grandsons and I have really enjoyed watching those babies grow!

Carolyn Groves

Many, many thanks for such outstanding pics!!


Felt some of you would like to see this video. Heart breaking. http://www.b.weather.com/weather/videos/news-41/top-stories-169/baby-eagle-survives-raging-wildfire-29516

Carol C

Thank You so much John. I no the 4th of July I saw one fly into a tree with lots of leaves to stay cool. Boy can't blame them. At least it has cooled of some. I was so happy to see more pictures. Thanks sooo much!! Carol

Carol C

Dave this is an amazing story!!


Weather.com is a great, I first seen the Eagle Cam Video on there site, they have some video of great white nearly catching a swimmer


David, thanks for posting the video of the baby golden eagle. I saw the story the other day but it's so nice to see him eating! Looks like he has a healthy appetite and I wish the best for him. I hope there are updates as he progresses. Didn't they give him a great name? Phoenix is:
"a legendary Arabian bird said to periodically burn itself to death and emerge from the ashes as a new phoenix; according to most versions only one phoenix lived at a time and it renewed itself every 500 years" from http://www.audioenglish.net/dictionary/phoenix.htm.
Thanks again David. What a heart warming rescue story!


Glad it was enjoyed. When will Eagle Cam be back on? I as many others even miss catching a glimpse at the nest,even empty, hehe, "hooked" ...


Just want to add my thanks, Mr. John, for all your photos and updates. It's been a great experience being able to follow this eaglets from eggs to fledgings to adolescence. And the remarkable parents, too! These photos help to allow me to "let go" and begin to look forward to the next nesting season. Thanks so much!

Oma Kyle

Thanks Mr. John...
I believe that you may be a G-Pa as you understand how much photos of the 'kids' can mean to us. We DO appreciate your efforts!

Brenda Grahn

Simply wonderful of you to capture these sights for us all to see. Incredible images! Thanks so much for sharing.

Annette Kryske

11:40 AM PDT July 9 . I can't thank Alcoa & the person who has been keeping us posted with the pictures & what is going on. The past few months have been extra special to this 84 yr. old lady, who has enjoyed every minute of watching this family of Eagles ,right from the beginning. It has given me much pleasure.Thanks again. Can't wait until next year.,to start all over again
Annette Kryske


Hope Alcoa don't mind, Golden Eagle additional info.
The resilience of a burned baby golden eagle that survived a Utah wildfire is astounding wildlife rehabilitators nursing him back to health.
"The trauma and the injury and the situation he is in -- to come out of it is amazing," said wildlife specialist DaLyn Erickson.
All of the eaglet's feathers, even on his head, were charred. He also suffered burns to the feet and around his beak.
His improbable story began June 1, when a volunteer who documents eagles for the state placed a band on the bird.
The Dump Fire erupted three weeks later, burning more than 5,500 acres south of Salt Lake City. The volunteer returned to the nest, built on the edge of the cliff, thinking he would recover the band from a deceased animal, said Erickson.
The nest on Eagle Mountain was gone, the rocks behind it blackened by the blaze.
The volunteer then spotted legs and talons near a scorched juniper.
Amazingly, the baby eagle was alive. Near him were animal carcasses, evidence his parents had tried to feed him after disaster struck.
"He was standing. He was alert," said Erickson, executive director of the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Northern Utah in Ogden. "All things considered, he looked incredible." Fortunately, the bird's eyes were not injured.
The bird remained in the area while the volunteer sought permission from federal and state authorities to obtain care for him.
On Wednesday, the volunteer handed the bird over to Erickson and her team.
There was no food in the craw of the dehydrated eagle, which weighed just over 5 pounds.
"He was lethargic and just obviously hurting," Erickson told CNN on Saturday. "After we got him hydrated and medications, he perked up and that fire came back in him."
Erickson said Phoenix, about 70 days old, was a handful Saturday, lunging and using his talons as caregivers fed and provided antibiotics to the eaglet


The pictures are wonderful! If you could please "check in with us" and let us know when/if the parents are spotted and when/if one of the eaglets is spotted, it would be so very much appreciated. The first thing I want to do in the morning is check to see how the magnificent birds are doing. Thank you so much for including us in the lives of these creatures.

John Kinsey


Elizabeth Rieder

David, it is great that the Golden eaglet is doing well. The fact that he was getting roudy and fight for his food was a good sign.
Thanks for letting us know. I hope Phoenix does well and can return to the wild, but if he can't I know he will be well care for.
These wild fires natural or man made can cause so much damage to life and property.
I wonder about all the other wild life that is effected by this fire. Humans can rebuild but birds and young wild life don't have the skills to survive on scorched lands.

Darlene Nichols

For someone such as I who is a real novice when it comes to computers, could you explain what "a new thread" is? Is it something you access someway? Many thanks

Darlene Nichols

a P.S. to my previous comment...........Thank You for the wonderful pictues of the babies (not so much anymore, though....they have grown into such beautiful birds!)


Awesome pictures!!! We love this page! I grew up in the Quad Cities but now live down south and I miss it so much!

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