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July 05, 2012


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I am pretty sure this is Pee Wee/Spirit still hanging out by the nest. He has a little notch in his tail feathers on his left side, like a little bite was taken out of the feathers. So great to see that all 3 eaglets are doing so well! Thank you, Alcoa, for the eagle cam and for keeping us posted during the camera downtime! :)


Thanks for sharing all of these photos. What beautiful and amazing birds.

Hope that you all figure out when you can get to the camera. But with there not being to much activity at the nest, I truly do appreciate your effort with keeping us all informed as to what is going on, and the actual photographs.


Mr. John... your actions sure speak volumes for YOU!! I knew you couldn't stay away too long from our beauties!! I absolutely treasure the pictures. Can't decide which one is my favorite because they are all great. It is like the school pictures they send home with several posses and sizes. The thought that they will destroy those pictures of your child is too much to bear..so..you do without groceries the next and buy them all! I feel that way with these..have to save them all to my album. I do like the comical one of, I think, Spirit, just above the post. Hard to tell Hope and Spirit apart without a certain frontal view.


Mindy Gibson Frey

Hey ya'll! I posted this on the previous thread, and thought I would post it on the new one as well. I found a darling song one of the MN Eagle site's viewers wrote and sang about Harmon (and Kirby). It will so make you reach for the tissues huh @Mavis? It's kinda long but so worth listening to. This guy did a bang up job!

Mindy Gibson Frey

Oh yea, thanks again Mr. John for the amazing pictures of "our" kids! It's so wonderful to see them flying around. That second picture to the right (top middle) actually looks like that crazy little bird is smiling! Quite pleased with him/herself it looks like! Almost like it has a secret it's just busting to tell everyone! Yes Faith, Hope and my sweet Spirit/Trey, I AM JEALOUS! If I could have any one super-power, it would be flight! How marvelous to soar high above everyone and everything else! So happy you stinkers have made it this far. I pray you all have long and productive eagle lives! Damn.... tissues again. God help me when my human children leave home....... have a great day everyone.

Lucille Bingham

Mindy, Thanks so much for sharing this site. The song is perfect! George tells the story so well and his melodic voice and background music capture the spirit & feeling of Harmon's story! It did bring tears to my eyes too!


Thanks so much for these great pictures! With the variety of birds, it's clear that the area provides wonderful habitat for wildlife. I guess it's a good sign that the young eagles aren't hanging around the nest so much - they aren't looking for a free meal from Mom and Dad so often. I'll miss them! I'm missing them already which is why I keep coming back to check. :) But there's always next year, right?
Thanks again!


Good morning everyone. I posted this on the previous thread but a new thread had alrady started so I'm trying to repost here. If it ends up with a double post, sorry about that. But I don't see where it showed up here yet - this is my second try and maybe I don't know what I'm doing but here goes:

Mindy, thanks so much for the link to the Harmon song! Brought tears to my eyes, especially the "Hey Buddy" and Harmon's chirps. What a talent to be able to write and perform such a touching tribute to Harmon and Kirby. Even in sadness there is happiness. I'll be passing it on to a lot of people. Thanks again for sharing.

Thank you Mr. John for the new pics! You have done an awesome job of keeping us informed and content even when we can't see what's going on! Anxiously waiting for an announcement about T-shirts! (hint hint hint:)

It's so darned hot again today! My watering is done and that's all that's getting done out there today. We have an excessive heat warning until Sat. AM and the Alcoa nest is in that warning area, as is so much of the country. Stay cool and safe everyone!

Going to a Casino and Golf resort later today. No golfing for me but it's my birthday tomorrow and this is the coolest way we could figure out to celebrate. I'll be using the pool and I get a free meal at one of their restaurants along with a small amount of "free" play money. At least it's a change from hanging out at home and being bored because it's too hot to go outside.

If you haven't checked on Phoebe's nest lately, here is the link:
Two babies and we're all hoping for better luck with these babies. Poor Phoebe has had 2 nests destroyed this year, one with babies and one with eggs. This is one determined hummingbird!

Time to get on with my day and get ready to win big! HA! Fat chance of that happening but gotta try. Take care all.


Lucille Bingham

Mr. John, I never tire of saying this --- You simply are the BEST! Your recent photos again are awesome! How do you manage to get such clear, sharp, and so very interesting shots? Was Mavis right when she said you must take many, many shots and carefully choose the ones you post for us! Your photos are so professional! The time & care you take to keep all of us Eagle Fans happy is beyond & above your responnsibilities, I am sure! We truly appreciate all that you do! You are one very special person! Thank you again & again!

Suzette Heeres

The size of these birds is so amazing. Here are some size comparisons. A female bald eagle's body length varies from 35 to 37 inches; with a wingspan of 79 to 90 inches. The smaller male bald eagle has a body length of 30 to 34 inches; with a wingspan ranging from 72 to 85 inches. An eagle's average weight is ten to fourteen pounds. Northern birds are significantly larger than their southern relatives. This is taller than most sofas and the wing span much wider than the longest sofa. Yikes!


Poster: Thank you for letting us know what is happening. Really appreciate your time and effort.

Sue from Indiana

Thanks for the continuing updates and it's nice to see all three still hanging together once in awhile! They are beautiful and you take some great pictures! So nice to see them thriving. Thanks again for this experience, Alcoa!

Elizabeth Rieder

Hi Mindy girl, hope you had a great 4th.
Listened to the song about Harmon. It was great and told the story perfect.Thanks a heap.
I will never forget the view of after mom fed Harmon and he was so full, he could not fall down! Or the way she surrounded him and they kept touching beck. He was telling her how much he missed her. We don't get to see such happy endings to often these days. Tears? yes, tears clean the heart and soul. Mine got a good cleaning this morning.
And for someone going through severe depression these stories are just as good as a shrink. Lot less expensive too. LOL

Charles Kinsey

beamg - Do you really think we're going to fall for that "double posting" excuse?
We all know that you just wanted to rub it in twice that you're going to the casino to party while we're all staying at home trying to keep cool !

Hope you have a Wonderful Birthday anyway !


Lucille, I just meant that each of the pictures shown seem to have a story of their own. Mr. John chooses well in the photos he shares with us. I didn't mean to imply anything other than that. I really like the comical shot as much as the majestic picture of him soaring, with his wings in full spread. And you are so right...we are so fortunate to have Mr. John..and so is Alcoa.


beamg, what casino? I think we have hit almost everyone so am curious! Ron spent 2 days at one of the casinos in Biloxi before he ran the ice load. He kept calling me telling me how bad the crablegs were and how I would not like them!! He was trying to keep me from feeling bad. Casino food is some of the very best ever! I would give just about anything (except Macy) for The Chief's Saffron Chowder recipe from the Golden Moon in Pearl River.

JC..you are right..she is rubbing it IN!!

Charles Kinsey

Suzette and others - thanks for the info and links about the Eagles . We all appreciate everyone sharing. This has been a great learning experience for many of us.

Carol C

THANKS for all the up dates. This must be the one I saw yesterday flying around into a tree & I couldn't see it any more. The one on top of the light pole makes me think of D12. ;(. I hate those things now & worry about any bird sitting on them. It probably Spirit still hanging around, it seems to be the youngest that leaves last!!


4:12 EDT

Been watching Harmon for the past 5 mins. He hasn't moved from his perch. Just had to find an eagle fix somewhere!! Can't believe he has grown so much since I last saw the cutie. I bet he is glad to be back home for a visit. First time branching and he has been gone for 5 days! Glad to see him again. I just loved that song written and played about him and Kirby. Beautiful!

John Kinsey

Will the real MR. JOHN make an appearance please ?

One of our viewers - Cheryl _ did some detective work and came up with the following link. She and I thought it would be nice to put a face with a name so I am passing it on.It is great to be able to see the person who has done such an outstanding job in such a wonderful and caring way for the Alcoa Eagle Cam site.As has been expressed many times,we all owe him and Alcoa a huge debt of gratitude. Alcoa is fortunate and well represented by Mr. John whose official corporate title is "Alcoa Davenport Community Relations Manager".
I hope the link comes thru - if not go to YouTube and search "John Riches". The video is a local TV station interview made in December 2011.His interview begins at approximately the 13:36 time stamp if you want to fast forward.
Hope you don't mind the publicity Mr. John but you deserve to be recognized.

Here comes the link hopefully---------------


Charles Kinsey

Mr. John

If you feel my previous post with the TV interview link invades your privacy or may cause you any problems at all,please remove that post. I don't think we have the capability to remove posts.
After I posted,I was reminded by a viewer that you may not want the publicity even though you certainly deserve it.
Sorry if I caused any problems.

Carol C

Mindy thanks for telling us about Harmons song. They r playing it on the web site now. People r saying he fell to the ground. But I didn't get the whole story.

Rosie Shaw

yes Thank you for keepint us in touch with them
i think the t-shirts should have all three on them like the one picture you took put that on the back and then in the front put little pictures of the family i wish i could do all that i would have it done
but thanks again for all that you do
we Love you


I read an article on Yahoo that one of the young eagles has died due to an electrocution accident. How devastatingly sad ! ! So many of us have been watching them grow up, it's like losing one of our own. According to the article the power company has modified the top of the pole along with other poles in the area to avoid any further accidents to the other 2 young eagles or to any other birds. Our young friend will be sorely missed. Fly forever free.


Thank you for the pictures.

John Kinsey

Merlin - that electrocution accident occurred at the Decorah Eagle nest site in NE Iowa. So far the other two juvies seem to be doing well after fledging.
We hope our Alcoa juvies will also continue to fly free and safe.

Lucille Bingham

Mavis, I probably worded my post badly about Mr. John's photos. I didn't mean anything negative about what you said. Like you, I believe he carefully chooses just the right photos for us and yes, they do seem to tell a story on their own. He is an exceptional photographer, don't you think?
Hope I didn't offend you with my comment. I just wanted him to know that we realize how much time & effort he puts into keeping us well informed & happy!

Lucille Bingham

John, I just viewed the video and was impressed with what I saw & heard! As a retired teacher, I appreciate all the work Mr. John and his group are doing to keep kids in school. Everything he said made a lot of sense. I just wish all teenagers who think of dropping out of school would understand how badly that can affect their future. Hope the program he was talking about is a huge success! It sure does have a very good person as its chair. Mr. John seems to be the kind of person who genuinely cares about humanity & nature --- what a great combination! Alcoa is very fortunate to have him on staff and we are fortunate to have him as the person responsible for watching over Our Eagle Family and this wonderful site.
Speaking of being fortunate, we also are fortunate to have you as Our In-House Tech Expert. We Eagleholics thank you for establishing Nesters Nest & Other talk on FB!


So upsetting, just read on Yahoo that D-12 eaglet from Decorah was found dead, it had been electrocuted and was at the base of the electrical pole. It is like losing a member of your family.

Lucille Bingham

Merlin, I believe you are talking about one of the Decorah Eagles, not one of the Alcoa Eagles. Yes, it really is very sad. We Eagleholics hope that Our Magnificent Trio(Faith, Hope & Spirit) live long, safe, & healthy lives! And we can't forget about Liberty & Justice --- we hope to watch them rebuild their nest next year and begin another cycle of creating, parenting, teaching & letting go!


Lucille, you are so right about Mr. John's talents..he is an exceptional photographer. I didn't take it wrong, Lucille. I just wanted you to know that I really don't know anything..it was just my observation. I just saw JC's link for the TV interview..now why aren't we surprised?!! The interview just falls in line with our perspective of the person Mr. John is. TOP CLASS!!

I think you are Top Class, too, Lucille. You always find the good in something or someone and you point it out. You never try to find fault, and you never try to offend. That is just your nature and this world could use a lot more like you!!


Whoa, Mr. John...just when I get used to seeing you in my mind as a man in work clothes and hard hat..(like the photo of you in the bucket while installing the cam)...I now have to adjust to you in a suit!! Both visions are impressive..because you are impressive. You deserve the praise..sit back and enjoy it. It just speaks of the man you are and you should be proud of that.


Lucille, Mr. John is Mr. John...John is John Charles Kinsey,( AKA JC, Charles, John, John Charles). It gets confusing because some people call Mr. John..John. ANYWAY..John, JC, Charles, John Charles..HE is the one who set up Nesters Nest and OT FB pages...NOT MR. JOHN. We have been trying to get Mr. John to join us on Nesters Nest but he is probably more comfortable just staying right here.

I know it gets confusing when Carol and some others call Mr. John, "John". But John Kinsey gets the credit for FB. Would you like a glass of my punch?!

John Kinsey

Lucille - I understood what you said in your post and that you didn't get the two John's confused. I think Mavis has been in the punch tonight so don't let her confuse you - especially now that she's revealed all of my names and secret identities - she might as well have published my phone number. The FBI will find me for sure now - guess I'll have to go to Florida and let her confuse them also !


LUCILLE!! I swear..I haven't had any punch yet but JC is RIGHT!! You would think I had been! SHOOT ME NOW!! Dang it! I'm the one confused..NOT you! Geeze..well..at least I am consistent! Ya'll are always so used to my stupid mistakes that you overlook me most of the time!

EVERYBODY..LUCILLE IS NOT THE ONE CONFUSED!! I AM!! Lucille, I misread. I thought you were talking to MR. JOHN in your post! You were talking to John. OMG..send the CROW PIE..I am so red faced!! Going to bed and covering my head! I think this may be more serious than a 'senior moment'. So sorry, Lucille. I wondered how you got that mixed up. Now I know..YOU weren't the one mixed up!

JC..The FBI looking for you? Is there a reward? OH! You also go by JK! I don't think the FBI will take me seriously after that mistake with Lucille.


Judith...if you are up...don't you dare say one word to me about my confusion with Lucille's post. Let me enjoy my embarrassment in peace!!

Just checking up on you...want to know how you are doing.

Lisa C

Thanks for the posts while the camera is down.
Nice to see them flying about.

Judith Hart

Mavis, going to bed, that benadryl knocked me out.
Are you SURE you aren't the person asking over and over ( when do the eagles heads and tails turn white)....I think you are!


Judith, in your dreams I'm asking that question!!

GN, good friend

Elizabeth Rieder

Mavis, hun, I buy you shoes and send you to that school and you still ain't got any learnin. You almost make me unplug the computer,I was so confused with your post. And getting me confused is a easy thing to do.
Why are you getting crazy with Lucille?
What did she do to deserve that,Mavis?
A while back I started to address John Charles as JC and I ask his permission and he said yes. That is just to keep Mr. John R. as John from Alcoa and our blogger who was the sneaky "Charles"for a while then John and I saw a problem at once. I figured since he is from Ga. the name JC fits. They have a thing about using initials over there. I went to school with a boy named MT, no real name just initials. Guess his dad felt that was all he could handle.LOL
Cheer up sweet stuff,tomorrow is a brand new day and you can start over fresh as a daisy.
Now think I will have a small scoop of .... well you know what. Joyce don't say a word...........libby

Lucille Bingham

Mavis, Just read your post complimenting me with the words "Top Class." I thank you for the compliment, but I don't think of myself as Top Class just someone who does like to find the good in everything. There is so much negativity in the world today that I try very hard to look past it and see the positive. Negative thoughts & words just hurt us. I think I really began to see things this way while I was a very young teacher trying to reach some very difficult teenagers with serious behavior problems & bad/negative attitudes! I always tried to remember that there was good in each & everyone of them and it was my job to keep on looking until I found it and brought it to the surface! Have you ever seen the movie "Lean on Me" with the notoriuos principal Joe Clark (bat wielding & bull horn carrying principal who turned around an inner city high school in Paterson,NJ)? Well, that school is where I taught for 25 years before being asked to transfer to a smaller Arts High School to create a writing program. Teaching in both those schools taught me so much about human behavior and some of the reasons why we are the way we are. I tried not to make excuses for the kids, but I did try to use what I learned about their circumstances to help me help them! As the saying goes, "I tried to teach the whole child, not just the subject." And I believe that looking for the good inside of them helped me to help them succeed. Of course, I didn't reach all of them, but I did give it a good honest try!
Didn't mean to be so wordy, but you got me going on a subject that is near & dear to my heart! Okay, now on to catch up with tonight's posts before I turn in.

Lucille Bingham

Mavis, I don't think I'm confused about OUR JOHNS, but I know I'm usually technologically confused! As we all know!
I realize Mr. John is the special person from Alcoa who tends to the needs of "Our Eagle Family" & tries very hard to keep us happy! And John with all those aliases is the one responsible for our new website! As I said many times before, we are so very fortunate to have both of these fine gentleman in our lives! Maybe we should have a glass of punch to toast them both! What do you think about that?

Lucille Bingham

Hey there John, didn't realize you were still on this site at 10:00 tonight. I thought you might have been trying to get some much needed rest after volunteering your time to help with the camera & trying to retrieve the turtle shell for Mavis. :)
I don't think you have to worry about the FBI because we Empty Nesters will hide you if necessary! That's the least we can do for you! :)

Elizabeth Rieder

Lucille, you are what teaching should be about. That was the baptist of fire in teaching in that school. Remember I was living in Dover and Chester Township during the late 50's to the late 70's.
Strangely enough, my best remembered teacher was in my first grade,Mrs. Newberry. She guided me to place my paper facing top to the right so I could learn to write with my left hand and not hook my hand over the paper. I was the only lefty in class. She praised me for my art work and lettering and made me feel that I was not a freak of nature. Back in those days being left handed was really the kiss of death.I think she was ahead of her time in teaching and I often wished I could have told her so. But alas, 12 schools in 11 years sort of got in the way.

Lucille Bingham

Mavis, Hope you're not in bed yet. Just read your 10:19 posting and you had me laughing at this late hour or as I now see it's an early morning hour!
No need for me to send some CROW PIE! I really enjoy your posts whether they are serious or humorous. And this one is funny.
I don't agree that you make stupid mistakes, I guess it was easy to misread what I said because I never mentioned a last name. I do try to make the distinction by addressing John from Alcoa as Mr. John because so many of us do that.
I told John with all the aliases not to worry about the FBI because we would hide him if necessary!

Lucille Bingham

Elizabeth, Mavis gave me a good laugh tonight with her post about us being confused. And now as I read your post, you also are giving me a chuckle or two! Again, this is another reason why so many of us love this site. I believe that we really enjoy each other and we bring a little bit of sunshine into each other's lives, especially now when we all are suffering from Empty Nest Syndrome & No Live Video Distress!
Good night Dear Ladies & Gentleman!


Libby, you are precious!! LOL!!

Lucille did NOT deserve the confusion..but I THOUGHT she was confused. Didn't know I was the one confused. BAD SITUATION!! I was just trying to be her friend! Woe is me!! Maybe I can blame all this on John (AKA JC, JK, Charles, John Charles, John Kinsey, etc.)

Here it is 4:30 AM EDT..woke up at 3:30 and finally, I decide to get up, and the first thing I read, before coffee, is you wanting to know why I went crazy on Lucille!! Not to change the subject, but tomorrow is Spirit's birthday!


Lucille, you taught at Paterson Inner School that the movie was based on? WOW!! Lady..now that is impressive! I knew I had you pegged right and Top Class it is!! Lucille, you remind me of my mom and I really can't think of a bigger compliment and one I don't think I've ever offered before to ANYONE, (except maybe Iris)! My mom could only find the good in people. When she died, OMG! She was loved by so many people. It was almost a fault of hers. When someone upset me, and I would go to her..she always found the good in them and would make me mad because she couldn't see what I saw. She would pat my hand, tell me she loved me and would pray for the person who hurt or upset me. THEN.. she would tell me, "and I'm going to pray for you to look past this and forgive them". She could sure double me over with all that nonsense. It took a lot of years on my part to see her wisdom, and the pure kindness of her heart. It never took effort on her part to find the goodness..it was just who she was, plain and simple..a good person. Poor Momma, I think she prayed the hardest for me!!

Anyway, Lucille, my next post to you will confuse you. Sorry in advance! Wish there was a delete button because I got Libby in an uproar too. She is having to hit the Strawberry Pie ice cream again!!


Lucille, I wish I had read your post #42 BEFORE I went to bed!! I had your glass AND my glass of punch and I think I remembered to toast Mr. John. Like I said, I think most of this is JC's fault so I don't remember toasting him!


Oh, Mavis, you really stepped in it huh?
The story about your son was so sweet. He must be an amazing man, he had you for his mama. I am getting better, just takes time.

The Harmon song was so sweet! That baby sure has been through it. Hey, maybe Harmon and one of our little girls here will hit if off and get married in the future, wouldn't that be a pretty baby?

JC, I hope the FBI hasn't found you yet.

And finally Mr. John, just the man I pictured. You can tell in his mannerisms that he cares, about all things. Eagles, children finishing school and the crazy ones posting on here while looking at a black camera view wondering where our babies are. That is a fine man right thar!


Hey Tammy! Talking to myself gets me in trouble, too! Glad you are up and feeling better.

Yep, I'm probably going to get in trouble when Libby hits a sugar high with that Strawberry Pie ice cream. Maybe she just bought one tub of it!

I'm going to be like a politician here and blame the sugar high on JC too!

Looking at Harmon's empty nest. Gotta look at something! About 4 or 5 leaves are gently blowing in the wind and one little white bug is walking around on a stick. Going to be an exciting day for sure!!


I looked at Harmon's nest too, saw something in the lower part of the screen but couldn't tell if it was a limb or Harmon. At least we know he's branching now so he's probably checking out the new sights.

Carol C

GOOD MORNING ANOTHER HOT HOT DAY. BE GLAD WHEN IT'S GONE!! The song wrote for Harmon is being played on his site. He was in the nest quite a lot yesterday. He's 12 weeks old yesterday. So 2 weeks behind ours. So he'll be branching a lot now. Have a good day. Have 2 ladies to comb out. Carol

Carol C

LOL Mavis!!


9:11 EDT

Tammy, I'm not seeing Harmon anywhere but he just called out and I know he is close by. I love the sound. I hope we are up and running before our 3 leave for good. Would like to see or hear them once more.


Good morning, Carol. You have more energy..makes me tired just knowing what you accomplish before I even get started. Hope you have a good day.

Carol C

Thanks Mavis waiting for my next one. At least it's cool in here.


More heat warnings for here, until tomorrow evening. At least it looks like by Monday we may be back to what are supposedly normal temps for this time of year. Personally I would like a good thunderstorm in the evening and the next day a sunny 65° with low humidity. Just one day...that might get us through the rest of the summer. lol Temps today around 103° with heat index of 115°.

I really hate not having video. Not having sound didn't bother me too much because I was always having to mute it because of the phone or my birds didn't like it and then I would forget about it. But the video, and the possibility of not seeing our 3 kids again before the camera is fixed. Hard to think about.

I had to pull up Harmon's site just to see a nest. He's not in it right now, but I hear him calling every once in awhile. I'm not a site hopper. I only watch these eagles, only had one owl site I watched and one wildlife cam in Australia. Now this camera is down, the man who owns the owl box took the cameras out because Molly(the female)hasn't been around for quite some time now and as it goes with owls, when they find a new mate the male is the one who finds the home. So we are choosing to believe that Molly has found a new mate and has gone to live in his house. Since the owl box was empty for this long, Carlos decided to remove the equipment. And the woman who does the wildlife cam(which is really just beautiful birds with an occasional kangaroo in the background) has some personal issues so she has shut the cam off for the time being. I've said all that I guess just to say I'm going through severe withdrawals here and Mr. John if you're reading this, even an empty nest would help immensely!! ((:



Thank you Mindy for the Harmon song. And yes, it brought a tear to the eye. Maybe the camera out helps us all get thru the empty nest. Thought about our "Peeps" on the Fourth and how beautiful our national eagles really are. God Bless America !
Joyce in California

Elizabeth Rieder

OT ---------
Well everyone in good form this AM.
Carol you are in a great place on this hot July day. I am sure you give those ladies special treatment. I think I remember you saying you had a lot of regulars. I guess I had such bad experience with beauticians the I sort of turned off from going. It is good to know you are that good, that you have your own following. I was told a long time ago that I had two of those places on the top of my head(can't remember what they are call)that cause my hair to go in different directions and I was a nightmare for most stylist.LOL so please excuse my fear of going to a beauty shop to get my hair cut and styled.
Mavis Good morning sunny shine,behave today now. We love you even if you are a little bit off. LOL FYI my blood sugar was 117 this morning and I still have half of the 1/2gal. left.
Hope those little flying blood suckers are not bothering you too much. After all the rain has left, there are too many places to breed. The only good thing about this real dry weather, no bugs!!

Lucille, it is like we now have a real VIP in our group. I salute any teacher, and most of all you. Since you have had that back ground and survived with your mind and body intact.You can still see the good in young people,that is something you can be proud off.

Guess we have the Johns separated now and everyone knows the difference. I don't like the sound of that, it borders on porn.LOL
Have a good day, ya hear.


3:45 EDT

Wow! 4 hours and no one posted!! Where is everyone?

Harmon is back on nest and eating a fish!! I should be more excited than I am, I love Harmon but it is not the same as one of OURS being back on the nest!

Harmon looks good...just so alone!


If the eaglets came back next year during the nesting season, and tried to nest near their nest, would mom and dad chase them out to protect their nesting area?

John Kinsey

John - I think that studies have shown that the eaglets won't start to build their own nests until they mature - maybe 4 or 5 years from now.
If they were to return to their original area,they parents would not allow them to remain in the immediate vicinity in order to protect their own territory.


John, I found the post I was talking about. It was from Catherine and is below:

Good morning Mavis - In response to your question, I found the following blog post by Scott Mehus at the MN bound site.

"Once the young have left the territory for good, they start life on their own. They often congregate with other immature birds and learn from each other, picking up new techniques for hunting. A big part of the mortality rate for these birds the first year of life is due to their inexperience. They don’t necessarily know what to do or where to find food that first winter. About 50% of the young hatched this year will not make it to next summer.
If these birds do make it to the next spring, they will not be welcomed back by the parents. Parents will actually run them right out of their territory, just as they would any other eagle. The parents are working hard to raise a new clutch, and want to limit the competition for food in the territory. Immature eagles are on their own, and until they are five or six years of age have no territory of their own. Once they get the complete white head and tail, they will be fully adult and ready to breed. Only then will they seek to carve out their own territory and defend it fiercely."

Based on Scott's post, it doesn't appear that they would normally help a juvie in trouble. Maybe Justice and Liberty will be different. Perhaps, ourjuvies will help each other.


6:23 EDT

JC..you've been lurking about while I sat here talking to myself? Thanks, good buddy!

Judith, are you ok? Haven't heard from you today. Want to be sure the Benadryl doesn't have you still sleeping.

Sally G, hope you are ok, too. I know you have cataract surgery scheduled but don't know when.

Colleen, are you still around. You usually post several times a day and I haven't heard from you in a while. Hope you are having fun wherever you are and I miss you!

Shoot..TODAY...looks like I miss almost everyone!!

John Kinsey

Mavis - I'm sure if they could,they would probably say the same about you - maybe.

Judith Hart

I'm here... I'm awake...running around all day.
My hummingbirds are very active tonight...zoom....zoom... back and forth, are anyone else's‽

Carol C

I just had my one humminbird come & eat. Had to fill up my feeders for them.


10:04 EDT

Just rode the motorcycle over to the next town for supper. Really warm out and it was a nice ride. I heard a real heat wave will be hitting the upper northern states tomorrow. Saw temps of 108 and 110 predicted. Iowa, Ohio, DC...hard to believe. The weather has really been unusual this year and extreme. Hope you all stay in and stay cool. I also hope there are no brown outs or black outs. I cannot imagine surviving that kind of head without air conditioning. Hope the babies survive ok..

No one to say good night to but I'm saying it anyway..good night ya'll

Cindy Munger

I have to tell you about Harmon (and the him falling to the ground-not) I knew Harmon was going to take that giant leap at any moment so I kept his "screen" up along with the chat screen from here starting a day before Harmon actually branched. This also explains why I love the Alcoa "group", and posted something about that the day Harmon branched.

Harmon was getting very hungry and Dad seemed to be teaching him a lesson the day he branched. I had a few minutes and actually sat down to watch Harmon. Sitting there with Facebook up,wondering why I watched these eagles so much, Harmon stepped over to the right side ( from my view) and then he backed up and TADAAA he branched. I waited for someone to say something from that group. They didn't right away. So I sat there thinking; They MISSED IT !! Finally someone posted. Where's Harmon. By this time I had posted that he had branched on Facebook and here. Then he came back onto the nest and someone was trying to get a consensus that Harmon really didn't branch, since he came right back onto the nest. I actually yelled at my computer, all the while thinking, Oh yes he did branch. No matter what everyone decides. Off of the nest is off of the nest.
So when he left the next time, it was for days. LOL Musta been hard for Harmon's parents to feed him on a branch. There was a report that someone went to the nest and saw him hop onto the ground but not that he fell. He just started exploring and couldn't figure out how to get back onto the nest. He could be heard calling, and Mom and Dad delivered food trying to entice him back to the nest. Then, he finally figured it out and made it back again. He is learning ALOT right now because he keeps making Dad mad so Dad keeps taking the fish and eating it himself. The people trying to say that Harmon didn't branch are just worried about losing their baby! But Harmon did not fall to the ground. For those trying to say he didn't branch, I thought, go check the tapes silly people. Harmon is great, but I'll take our three juvies any day.

And to who said its probably Spirit hanging around, I agree. I know that his older siblings tended to take care of him a bit, but he needed to get a tiny bit aggressive for survival. Our wonderful Faith isnt going to be there throwing him tidbits (Oh how I wish she was) Harmon has attacked Dad a couple of times over food. It surprised me but made total sense after I thought about it.
For those of you that knew all of this, I apologize. For my rambling, I apologize. So glad you are all here. "Y'all" make my day, every day. Thanks for letting me have an output for my chattering.
Oh thanks to who put up the hummingbird link. I have two tattoos of hummingbirds that I got for my fortieth birthday present to myself, and I'll have you know they do NOT yet look like big bird even after all these years. I had better go to bed.

Elizabeth Rieder

Hi Mavis, you sound lonely,kido. That sounds like a great supper night out in July. Wish I could ride one of those thing. The last time I rode one was when I was a teen and I rode with some GI that had a yellow Harley. Only problem it was on base and we could only go 15 miles/hr. LOL Oh well I did get to ride that once.
Been in bed most of day with problems,you know. I am also losing my helper,because she can't afford the gas to drive here. They are getting some one else ,I hope.
Cooled off here just a tad,but still hot. we hope for some rain in a day or so,I don't believe it until I see it.
I was looking at all the pictures we have now of the trio and I think I will make a photo album of them,I think I can get pictures printed at shutterfly or one of those online places. My daughter-in-law use to sent me pictures of the girls from one of those places. I have to clean my computer and I need to get the pictures off and my geno chart too. they take a lot of room.
I guess by now you are nite-nite so here I am talking to my self too.LOL Good night all. guess I will check my loto and go back to bed.

Cindy Munger

Well if after all I've read, I don't know the right John, I guess I'm in trouble.

You are such wonderful people!!

P.S. I spent my career as a psychiatric nurse. This conversation is priceless.

I did not say that I'm a psychotic nurse, although one more cup of coffee at this time of night ....oh never mind


6:21 AM EDT Saturday, July 7th

Cindy, I just read your post and loved it!!! I am so glad you told the story of Harmon branching.

I watched intensely for 3 days when Harmon was rescued. I watched when they took him, when they returned him, and when Mom flew to the upper left/center of the nest wall about 27 hours after his return. I cried when that happened. After he was fed so much he couldn't even do a decent face down coma dive!! Anyway, I knew I couldn't get THAT involved again. The moderator of that site was very BAD at giving timely updates. I was so used to being pampered by Mr. John. MN Bound FB page was full of everyone talking, and no one knowing anything. Frustrating to say the least! Was so glad to get back HOME, (Alcoa), when the drama was over with Harmon's rescue.

How nice one of our "own" observed Harmon's first branching and could report it. Your account of the others reactions on the MN site is the same as it has been every time I visited there as read the chats..or twitter. I didn't know when he disappeared for several days that it was his second branching! I took my clue from the chatter on that site. Thanks for your wonderful story. Harmon has had to survive a lot of hard knocks, so maybe he will have the survival skills he will need when he leaves for good.


Cindy, with reference to your post #72..I guess you think some of us need to be committed! I'm not going by myself!! As usual, this was all JC's fault!


6:45 AM EDT

Just tuned in to Harmon and he is sleeping on the nest. Great to see an eaglet glad to be home.

Judith Hart

Good Morning all,
Here's the weather for Davenport..........
TODAY.. A 20 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms after 1pm. Mostly sunny and hot, with a high near 99. Heat index values as high as 110. Calm wind becoming northwest around 5 mph in the morning.

TONIGHT... A 30 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms. Mostly cloudy, with a low around 68. Northeast wind around 10 mph.

SUNDAY... A 20 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms before 1pm. Mostly sunny, with a high near 85. Northeast wind around 10 mph.


6:50 EDT..

I DID IT AGAIN!! My report of Harmon on the nest was of a RECORDED LIVE stream shot. If I don't start of my mornings correcting myself..it's not me posting!! Ok..Harmon WAS laying on the nest at 4:26 PM YESTERDAY!!

Good Morning everyone.

Happy Birthday, Spirit!!


Judith...that is a hot report. If everyone can make it thru that heat index today, maybe tomorrow will be slightly better. I hope so. It is miserable out there already.

How are you? sent you an email. Stay cool if you can.


We are expecting 40% chance of rain Sunday and 50% chance on Monday. We are all doing our rain dances around here, as silly as it looks. We are almost 15" under for rain fall for the year. That' really bad. lots of farmers have given up on the crops in the field, including the man that farms our ground. Not sure yet how that works but that land payment still rolls around in October that we have to pay, it's a yearly payment for it's in the thousands of dollars. We usually rely on the sale of the crops to make it, guess I'll get another job.....JC, any opening on the NN site?


Tammy, I hate to hear about the crops failing. We ALL pay when they fail. This is not a good year with the extreme weather pattern we all seem to be having. A bad crop year can set a farmer back for a lot of years. Some can't survive a crop failure as everyone seems to be walking a fine line now.

Harmon IS on the nest. I just watched him do some air hops and he is now trying to find scraps of food. He is so cute and his chest pattern is much like Spirit's. Sure nice to see him on the nest.

Lucille Bingham

Good Morning Eagle Fans: Just catching up on yesterday's posts. Had a very busy day & night so I wasn't able to get to the posts until now! This might be lengthy, but I feel the need to make all my comments now because the rest of today will be just as busy. Really do miss seeing the live video even if we get to see "Our Juvies" on occasional visits. I guess I'm just going to have to check in on Harmon more often to get my Juvie Fix!
Okay, now to my greetings & responses to your posts:
Mavis: Believe it or not, your posts don't confuse me; they always entertain/inform/or inspire me! Your latest about your motorcycle ride into town almost made me jealous. I have only been on a motor cycle once in my life and it scared the....out of me. However, I really loved riding my horses. I always felt safer on their backs than on a motorcycle, even though I realize I probably had less control there. Nowadays I even am afraid of riding. Don't want to break any bones at this age. A few years back I broke my collar bone, but not from horseback riding. One of my Dobies surprised me with a leap down the deck steps chasing after a squirrel and I was holding onto his leash. Needless to say, his strength and being taken by surprise caused me to wind up at the bottom of the steps with excruciating pain shooting down from my shoulder to my fingertips. Don't want to go through that again. Took too long to heal and it was so difficult to do my daily chores while recovering from the ordeal.
Tammy: so sorry to hear about the crops failing. This season has been so terribly hard on the farmers. We have a very close friend who has a farm in Vineland and he is also having a difficult time, even though he does irrigate his fields. He doesn't rely on rainfall. Just not a great season for Our Precious Farmers! Where would we all be without them & their genuine dedication to the land they love!
Think I better move onto a new post. This is getting too lengthy!

Judith Hart

I had Harmon's site on while I was in the other room.....heard that squeaky toy sound...thought is was my dogs....it was Harmon with his baby voice.

Lucille Bingham

Sally G: Just read that you are soon going to have your cataract surgery. Wish you well! I have heard nothing but great success stories about that kind of surgery. Good luck and remember to follow all of the doctor's instructions so you don't jeopardize your complete successful recovery!

Cindy: I just have to comment again about "Harmon's Song." It was so touching and so perfectly sung! Thank you again for sharing it with us. It has made me want to keep on viewing Harmon's nest and hoping to catch glimpses of him again. I actually had stopped looking in on him because I really didn't enjoy that site as much as both of Alcoa's both sites.

Cherrycarol & Judith: Love reading that you both have hummingbirds. A few years back I had some visit my place and I set out some special hummingbird feeders, but they didn't continue to visit. I always wondered why because I do have many other wild bird varieties that visit my many feeders all the time.

Elizabeth: You and Mavis are much too complimentary to me. VIP and Top Class, I think not! I was just trying to do my best in the profession I loved for so many years. To be very honest, after 37+ years I finally got very tired of struggling against all the odds trying to reach all the students I possibly could. It was draining me and taking away from my life with a very patient husband who put up with my long hours & weekends of grading papers & preparing lessons. And of course, coming home very frustrated so very often. I do miss the kids, but I do not miss the bad decisions and unsuccessful programs that our superintendents, their assistants and individual school administrators put upon us dedicated teachers. I finally felt I had to give up and while I was healthy enough spend more time with my family & all the animals I cherish.
Yes, I did survive with mind & body in tact, but I'm not sure how much longer they both will be sound! Mind & body are breaking down, but thankfully, I'm still able to function. Well, at least the body is, but sometimes I wonder about the mind. Maybe I'm more confused than I think!

Before I return to my chores I have to ask Judith how her Mandy is doing. I think about her often. Hope she is holding her own and eating so she can keep up her strength. Judith, let us know.

Judith Hart

I think Harmon is trying to tear the camera apart.


Lucille Bingham

Judith, Just checked out the site for Harmon. Didn't know what to exepect when I saw you thought he was trying to tear the camera apart, but he now seems like he is just resting. Maybe he tired himself out.
I asked about mandy in my last post. How is she doing? And how are you & the rest of your doggis surviving in this awful heat?

Lucille Bingham

Judith, Just went back to the link and checked in on the Loon Cam. I'm confused because I thought it is live, but the video stream seems to be an older one because the baby doesn;'t see too much bigger than the last time I checked out the site which was quite a while ago. Mom/Dad seems to be very hot and is trying to protect the baby by offering a wing for shelter from the sun & heat. Whichever parent is there he/she sure is beautiful. Do you think it's a live or older video feed? I really can't tell.

Judith Hart

Harmon is back on the branch, trying to tear the camera apart again. This is comical!!!!

Judith Hart

Lucille, I think that's an older video feed. They had a bad storm a while ago and it knocked everything out.... I think....

Mandy is about the same, lost quite a bit of weight yet she still has the energy to run outside with the others. If I go out on the deck, all the dogs come out (not for long) they start picking up their feet, I don't think they've ever felt a hot deck before. Right now everyone is sound asleep in the cool house.

Cindy Munger

Mavis: Not at all do I think you should be committed. But I have always said that I will give them a RUN for the money if they ever commit me. We used to sit and think of things (not nice either) that we would do to the nurses if we were committed. Oh . They know NOT what they ask for. I, too have watched Harmon on & off and occasionally the Decorah group, but consider the Alcoa group, HOME. I don't like some of the things I have heard on the other sites. So, I will stay where I am most comfortable. I dont post anywherre but here. Harmon's learning curve is growing exponentially right now, and I love watching him learn. He sure has had a rough time of it, and yesss I loved seeing him and Mom after the fall.
Lucille... When someone tried to get everyone to say that Harmon had not branched ( because she missed it) I thought to myself, yep, this is why I love the Alcoa group. I cannot see anyone of this group trying to do this. Its not the people I have come to know over the past few months. Yay! I'm glad too.

Elizabeth Rieder

Mavis, remember what I said the southern definition of saying "You are precious" LOL well then you are full of it too.LOL
It seem every one is too hot to even use the computer. I sure feel for all those up north in those tall building with no A/C. Not a good thing. I am so thankful my A/C is working. I almost have a stroke paying my electric bill, but hey as least I have air running and enough to meet the bill this time,not too sure about next month if this happens again.Take care you and every one,just stay safe, everyone keep hydrated!!

Oma Kyle

A cool front f-i-n-a-l-l-y arrived in NE IL late this afternoon after a record high again yesterday of 103º F. Temperatures are in the lower 70"s and I'm actually a bit chilled as I compose this post out on our deck. No rain, however, and we've only had about 1/2 inch in the last 6 weeks. Fortunately our town has yet to restrict watering, so we're running the soaker hoses under our newer landscaping. It's really fun to watch the birds when my husband goes out to move the hoses and then turn on the water as they know that relief is on the way and start chirping.... Later on they'll 'hunt' for bugs and worms in the damp soil and we've inherited a number of birds from the surrounding area as the word goes out... "Water at Opa's & Oma's house!"

Charles Kinsey

Oma - You don't have any Eagles migrating that way do you ?!


Libby, did you doubt for one minute that I did NOT know what "You are precious" means? But I said it in good humor...not so sure about you!! However, you are probably right! (you make me laugh)!

You stay cool, Libby. With respiratory problems, you need to stay in and stay cool..you will breathe better.


10:09 PM EDT

Time to call it a night. A special good night to our dear friend, Judith, who goes into the hospital tomorrow. God be with you, Judith. I will sorely miss your posts and will be so excited when you return to us. I hope you sleep in peace tonight.

Good night, everyone

John Kinsey

Nite Mavis - Mr. John is watching (see NN /OT post if you haven't already).

Judith - Hope you have a restful night. Our thoughts and prayers will be with you tomorrow and when you have the surgery Monday. We'll try to keep Mavis under control until you get back with us !



Good morning everyone. And what a great morning it is! That cool front cooled us off, too!

Oma, were you shocked that you had a chill last evening when posting? Our temp yesterday went from 98 to 80 in about 5 minutes and it felt so awesome. We did get just a couple minutes of rain but only measured at a trace in our rain guage. Right now we have 74°! THANK YOU DEAR LORD! Here's hoping our juvies and parents are also enjoying the cool down and soaring higher and higher.

I read this article this morning about a baby golden eagle that survived the wild fire in Utah. Poor thing! Sounds like he does have a chance but only time will tell.

I'm going back outside to enjoy this wonderful gift of cooler weather. Sure hope this cool down reaches everyone who has been sweltering for the past week. Enjoy the day everyone!

Carol C

GFOOD MORNING I agree with beamg we cooled off too!! AWW!! Check out the story on the Gplden Eagle I just read it & what an awsome story!! Have a good day!! Carol

Carol C

Good Morning I dont no how I got food up there. lol Must be hungry!!


Morning everyone, hope our trio are enjoying the cooler weather this morning. Our high yesterday was 103° but fell into the low 80's by bedtime. We had a very small, short thunderstorm early this morning that has made it muggy. But only in the mid 70's right now.

Judith, I hope your surgery goes well and that you heal fast. Will be thinking about you.

Lucille Bingham

Judith, Wishing all goes well with your surgery and recovery! Is someone going to help you with your dogs? Hope they are doing okay, especially Mandy! May God watch over you during this time and of course, always! And may the Eagle Spirits speed along your recovery! You know that you have many well wishes from all of the Alcoa Eagle Fans as well!

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