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July 11, 2012


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Carol C

Thanks John Looking forward for the t-shirts. I got to see the 2 juvies I've been watching on Big Island yeaterday. The 2 were just soaring around. I just sat & watched. Awsome!! Carol

Pam Carmin

Thanks for the update Mr.John, looking forward to the t-shirts. Sure miss those kids.

K Brownlee

Do they go back to the nest at night or perch in the trees or ????

Shirley Borel

The tee-shirts sound like a good idea. Will you let us know what they look like and how we can get them? I appreciate all your efforts to give us the opportunity to observe this magnificent family. Thanks, Shirley Borel


11:24 PM EDT

Ok you guys...been there (the last thread) talking to myself!!! Carol usually lets us know! Anyway, I didn't have much to say..just GOOD NIGHT EVERYONE!


Thank you for the shirt update. The Breakfast on the Grounds picture was so reassuring that all three were well and still under the tutelage of Ma and Pa. I read that parenting skills are learned and grow with every clutch. Our Liberty and Justice must certainly be two of the best. I have learned so much and appreciate the opportunity you have given the world to learn about the eagle. I hope the eaglets grow to be as successful as their parents and that L and J remain safe and healthy and return to their Alcoa home for their next clutch.

Elizabeth Rieder

Thanks Mr John for the updates. These three eaglets are busy learning from the best. Liberty and Justice have given us a real look at how to raise a family of eaglets. I think they are a little proud of them selves too, having all three survive the nest. Nothing wrong in strutting your stuff when you do such a great job.

Lucille Bingham

Mr. John, Many thanks for keeping up with the photo posts. We love each & every one of them. You certainly know how to keep us happy during this difficult withdrawal period. And so glad to see that you really are working on T-shirts for us. I'm sure, no matter what the cost, we all will be purchasing one or probably more than that.

Good Morning Mavis and All You Fellow Eagle Fans!

John, Any more news about Judith? And have you heard whether the FBI has located the Eagle Watcher on their Most Wanted List?
Wondering if Mavis is still thinking about the reward! :) :) :)

Have a wonderful day everyone!

Lucille Bingham

Just finished checking on the posts from yesterday that I missed. Thank you for "un-confusing" me! I guess I must have missed the posting about Rodj feeding "Our Babies" or I just forgot about that one. Like you, I try to be innocent, but get caught up in the tangle! That's what makes this site so much more fun than all the others. I believe that all those still posting on this site NOW are genuinely interested in keeping it a fun & interesting site to visit!
I too take notes very often to try to keep up with what's happening to all of "Our Family" but sometimes I don't have the time to do it and those senior moments get in the way of what once was a great memory!

Have a great day and try to stay cool. Hope the AC continues to do its job and electricity stays on!


Thanks so much for this latest photo. I'm interested in the T-shirts, too. I have to say thanks again for having this opportunity to learn about eagles. When they had three in the nest, I was so doubtful that all three would survive, let alone fledge. So many dire predictions were posted. But there they are. In the field with Ma or Pa being taught survival skills. Thanks so much!


I would love a TSHIRT! Also, when is the camera going to be back on? Thanks!


yay! I'm sure they know you by now :) They probably come round when they spot ya! Thanks!


John, I just want to say thanks so much. I grew up in Keokuk Iowa, so I know about Eagles. Now that I live in Georgia, I never see the Bald Eagle. Thanks again, you have brought alot of pleasure with your Eagle cam to this old man.


Me again, Please let me know about the T-shirts. Thanks!

Darlene Nichols

I miss staring at an empty nest.......hoping for an up close and personal....the photos are good to see (thank you for them) and am anxiously waiting on the T-shirts.......

Gloria Ziegelman

This sight has been a very awesome treat for me. I loved to watch the eaglets grow and then take flight. I am so very happy and priviliged to have been a part of the growth. I want to thank everyone that made this site. I hope we can see more babies in the future. Thank-you all very much for this experience.
Gloria- Pacific, Wa.


Thanks for the pictures. It's so good to still be able to see them progress. It has been a wonderful experience.

John Kinsey

>>>>>>>>>>>>> Judith Update >>>>>>>>

Just received word that Judith is doing well and still recuperating in the hospital after her surgery. If she continues to progress,she may be able to return home in the next several days.
I sent her word that we are thinking about her and wish her a speedy recovery.


thank you JC!

Lucille Bingham

John, Thank you for the update on Judith. Glad to heart that she is coming along nicely and should be home soon. Any word about how her dogs are doing without her?

John Kinsey

Lucille - I haven't heard directly about Judith's dogs but from what I understand, she has an out of town relative helping to take care of them.

Mike Plemmons

Great job with the camera. Nice pictures.


YEA! Another picture! It's becoming clearer that we are going to have to let go of our precious Faith, Hope and Spirit and the pictures give just the right touch of reassurance that things are ok. I just know these 3 will do fine when they go to be on their own!

And how exciting that the t-shirts are being worked on by a local vendor. I'm betting the orders come flooding in when the shirts are ready to be ordered!

Charles, thanks for posting that Judith is doing well and that you sent our best wishes to her. Hoping her recovery goes well and soon she is back at home.

Maybe one of these times soon when we check in the camera will be up and running again. I do have to admit that I have gotten more stuff done in the last couple weeks than I would have if there was still that empty nest to stare at, hoping for one more glimpse.

It was a hot one today but nothing like last week's unrelenting heat. Mavis, good to hear you don't go out if you don't have to. I have a cousin who lives in FL and she leaves for summer because she can't handle the heat down there.

Stay cool everyone!

Bonnie Ricica

Thank you so much in keeping pictures posted on our Eaglettes & Parents! Funny how you get so attached while watching them grow up! Thank you again!! :-)


11:57 PM EDT

Was going to do a last bed check but there is no nest to check!!

Good night everyone!


6:51 EDT Friday Morning..

Good morning everyone. I would like to do like beamg does many mornings...sit outside with cup of coffee and watch the birds in tune with nature. Right now it is sprinkling out..but maybe later.

Hope everyone enjoys a happy and safe weekend.


why is there no video? I have had a black screen the entire week

Lucille Bingham

Charlie, The last terrible storm knocked out the camera & sound! Mr. John said they would try to get it fixed as soon as possible. We just have to be patient! Alcoa's staff and especially Mr. John, have been so good about fixing the camera as soon as possible each time there was a problem with it. And Mr. John has been so great about keeping us updated with regular reports and awesome photos! We should be very grateful for being able to experience this wonderful adventure that Alcoa has provided for us!


Mavis, come on up to Iowa and we can sit outside together with our coffee! We have 71° this morning with 86% humidity. We got rain sometime during the night but there is hardly a drop in the rain guage. 50% chance of isolated t-storms today so we're of course hoping for more rain. You have gotten so used to that last bed check at night that I'm sure it's throwing you off a bit to not have the nest to check on! Are you still getting rain? So much of the country needs it! Much of eastern Iowa is now offically in a drought situation with fire bans and voluntary cut backs on water usage. From what I heard on the news last night it sounds like it's going to get worse before it gets better. I've heard of farmers in places plowing their corn under because it's just too far gone for any hope. How sad. All that work and nothing to show for it.

I guess I should get busy. Mr. John, please make sure it's safe before you or anyone else climbs up to work on the camera! As much as we miss the camera, we sure don't want any injuries to anyone trying to make us eaglhoilics happy! Your pics do a fine job of that!

Take care all! Have a safe a happy weekend!

Elizabeth Rieder

Good morning Beamg, Mavis and everyone else that checks in on the blog now since there is not cam to check.
beamg--if you check back on the 2011 archives there is a picture of how they get up there to do camera work. The tech are in a bucket or platform and that sucker goes way up there. It is sort of like the guy doing pole work on the electrical wires. I don't think that is in Mr.Johns job description.LOL Maybe directing the eagles L/J to stay out of their house till the work is done. He might do ground duty, pick up the pieces if they get butter fingered,bet they all have hard hats on too. I would not want that job up there and I am not afraid of heights.
Mavis where is your ump? you are sort of low key these days. snap out of it gal, you will get old and dizzy like me if you don't keep going. Your Texas mama loves you too.
Rain......just a few dots to get Joyce going too.
Iowa if you are in drought now, well welcome to the club. NOT, I don't wish this on anyone. looking at little lakes drying up, cattle running to a dry water trough,dust whirls blowing across a field that use to be head high in corn or soy.Farmers with tears in their eyes,not sure what to do next.The water rations, no car washing in driveways, lawn watering only certain days and that after 7pm and before 9am. checking for leaks,quick showers,no running water full force when you are washing dishes,checking the toilet thing I talked about before,teaching kids not to play in the running water, turn your water off when you have your toothbrush wet and paste on it,put a glass of water there to rinse,use a Brita filter system in the frig so you do not run a gallon of water to get an 8oz cold glass,if you already have a filter system on your ice and water dispenser,you are lucky. All these thing are cautions for city water and those who have wells, remember those can go dry too,water tables drop. It seem nature is playing hard ball and we are use to soft ball. We have lived with this so long now that it is habit for us. I know everyone says that is how it is in Texas,but with the very slow changing weather patterns, I am afraid a lot of the country is going to have to learn to live with the potable water shortages. I hope I am wrong,but if not please pay attention to the water cautions. Would not want anyone to turn on the water and get mud or nothing.
We are getting rain,but it is so dry that 20 minutes after a downpour, it is dry as a bone out there.
One of the interesting side effects of this drought is since we get so little rain here in West Texas and have a clay/sand soil They found that those cotton and corn fields are great for growing Grapes. They like dry,clay soil and lots of sunshine. if nothing else we can start drinking the vino in stead of water. Party time.LOL


TOTALLY EnJoying your picture updates! Thank YOU!


Hi Libby! Good to see you're posting today. I sure miss all the old regulars who don't have as much to say these days without a nest to look at! My safety concern is that the eagles might see the repair team messing around too close to the nest and decide they don't like it and then try to prevent any repair by attacking what they percieve to be an intruder, even if they are in a "bucket". Vino instead of water sounds good to me! People in your state have figured out an alternative form of farming - awesome adapting if you ask me!

Boy oh boy, are we getting rain now! I was caught out in my garage with the rain pouring, lightening flashing and thunder booming! I didn't even care that I was stuck. Just stood there with a big grin on my face! Then there was a slight let up when I could get back in the house. Got a quick look at the rain guage to see 8/10" so far. BBL


it sure doesn't take long to catch up on posts anymore does it. Sad.......we need more babies

Lucille Bingham

Tammy, So true and yes, so sad!

John Kinsey

>..NEW THREAD - in case anyone missed it like I did - >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

linda card

just popped in to check on T-shirts

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