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July 16, 2012


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Ruth MacLeod

Glad you got to see one of the babies and thanks for the unique picture.

Cindy Munger

Mr. John, I too, am glad you saw one of the babies today. I was surprised to see the blimp picture. Again, you do very well with that camera. Thank you so much for keeping us informed. I know every one of us appreciate every bit of information you pass on. You rock sir !


With all the gloom and despair on TV and the trash on the internet, this site has been a piece of heaven for all of us that have been watching. Thank you for giving us the joy of watching these babies come into the world and grow into beautiful flying beings.


I just love having your eyes in the skies, John. Thank you for the update and for the camera info on a previous thread. I'm sure I will view it some as Liberty and Justice build onto their nest. That will so informative and educational for me. Their instincts on raising their offspring just bowl me over. One tiny example - when I first started watching, they kept the nest floor all soft and fluffy for the babies and then when the chicks reached a certain age and size, the floor looked hard as a rock - perhaps like a packed dirt floor in a settler's cabin.

Lucille Bingham

Mr. John, Happy to read that you got to see one of "Our Babies" if only for a minute. Thanks for the new photo. You do know how to keep us coming back for more even though the camera is down. We look forward to all of your reports and especially all of your photos! Are you sure you're not a professional photographer in disguise? We now are anxiously awaiting the T-shirts! Thanks again for all that you do! You are "THE BEST"!!!


Lucille, from the other thread, yes, it sure is lonely here now. Wonder where Mavis is......I remember just a month or so ago, it would take hours to go through the posts, and heaven forbid you miss a day or TWO! Morning all my eagle watching friends.


John we really appreciate the updates. Im excited about the Tshirts as well!

Lucille Bingham

Cherie, Just love your phrase about Mr. John, "eyes in the skies." So appropriate! And your keen observation of the nest changes and comparison to "a packed dirt floor in a settler's cabin" was spot on! As a former English teacher I can really appreciate your use of that simile! Isn't this site great --- we all have learned so much about Nature, Eagles, People and so many bits of very useful information! Have you joined us at Nesters Nest?

Lucille Bingham

Tammy, I am now getting concerned about Mavis? Hope she didn't fall into one of those sink holes she was looking down! :) All kidding aside, I wonder where she has been. This site just isn't the same without her and Elizabeth. I have seen Elizabeth's posts on Nesters Nest, but I think she has given up checking in here to see if the camera is working, as many have. I still check in here because Mr. John usually surprises us with his astounding photos and pretty regular updates. Have a pleasant day and good luck with your crops! Hope you get some good steady rain, not storms with downpours & posssible hail.

Lucille Bingham

Nancy, Just have to comment on your great phrase --- "a piece of heaven for all who have been watching." What a beautiful way to describe what we have seen thanks to Alcoa and especially to Mr. John, and of course, Mother Nature who has provided us with this wonderful experience! What a nice way to sum it up!

Lucille Bingham

Cindy, As I was checking back on the last thread of comments I saw that you have a Border Collie. They are great dogs, aren't they. I never had one, but when we go to dogs shows I always stop to see and admire them. Do you let yours run free?

Lucille Bingham

Wow, I am getting so careless with my typing lately. Too many errors in my posts recently! Can't blame it on senior moments. Better recheck everything I post. Should be a question mark after (aren't they?). And definitely no s on dog!
I apologize for this post, but felt it was needed.
Have a great day anyone who still checks in!


2:43 PM EDT Tuesday

Hello everyone!! It has been so crazy here. Internet on the blink for the past couple of days and have someone working in the house today. I have missed all the posts since Saturday but look forward to catching up this evening when I can sit down and enjoy them all without haste.

I am so happy Mr. John spotted one of our babies. I so hope to get to see them one more time before they leave us.

I hope when I read the updates, there will be some news about Judith. She was suppose to go home Sunday. If you are there, Judith..love you and hope you are okay.

Have missed all of you as you've become part of my days...a good part of my days that I would hate to do without.

Will check in later tonight. So glad to have the computer back online!!


Hi, Lucille,

Yes, I joined the facebook group. I lurk there most of the time as I have here. It is so nice to learn of other cam sights, cute youtube videos, pictures of our eagle family. I did try to start a thread in Other Talk Chat about our ages. I think it is a very private area and not viewable by anyone except NN approved members?

Lucille Bingham

Mavis: So glad you checked in! We all have been concerned about you and missed your posts. Happy to read that the only thing wrong was that the computer was down, not you! We actually wondered if you fell into one of the sinkholes you were looking down! However, that is one serious problem because the computer has become such a lifeline for us today. What would we all do without our main source of instant communication these days? Along with that question is the question: What did we do without computers before they existed? Sometimes I tend to think we might have been better off then; life was so much simpler! Enjoy the rest of the day and have fun catching up on the posts! Haven't heard yet if Judith went home on Sunday; however, John said that was a possibility if her recovery was progressing as expected!

A Facebook User

Thanks for the blimp picture, I love Snoopy.

Cindy Munger

Oh yes, I have been a Border Collie Mom since I fell in love with my first little red-headed girl named Ehu ( Pronounced Ay-hoo, and is Hawaiian for red-head) I loved that cow dog more than I ever thought possible. She has been gone less than a year, but had almost 17 good years. I have surrounded myself with pictures of her. I now have a juvenile delinquent black and white boy, named "It's a Cinch". I say that knowing that I am at fault and simply need to spend some additional time with him. But I love him just the same. I could call my girl off of a frisbee on a busy street and she lived for my praise. Cinch, on the other hand, is much more content chasing my neighbors chickens, than he is being a good boy for me.

Many people think that Border Collies are hyper, but I think that if you give them a job, they are content. They are intense, and look like there is a candle burning underneath them at times. I think Cinch would be good at flyball. He is extremely fast and is biddable although hard-headed. I have thought about taking him to a class just to force me to train him fully. If I registered him, I would have to take him ! The problem lies with me, not him. Both of them watch TV, and I often put the dog shows on when I'm not home. Ehu barked at the TV so much when horses, cows or dogs came on, I had to turn it off when I wasn't here. I'm sure the neighbors wondered what she was barking at.
As you can tell I am a big Border Collie fan !

Carol C

Soglad Mr. John saw one of our eagles. I was hoping to see some here today as we went very high to over look the city. Golden Gate Bridge. But only saw a crow! HA! Yea we get the blimp every year for the gold tourney. And it was great that Sat. a camera amn followed an eagle across the golf course. Pretty neat. Mavis glad u got internet back I no how it is not having it. Agrivating!!

Charles Kinsey

>>>>>>>>> Judith Update >>>>>>>>>>

Judith is at home now and still feeling the effects of her surgery.She was happy to see her puppies and they were especially happy to have her home.Our pet friends (meaning Family) seem to know when we need comforting and love and they are always there for us. Hopefully this will lift Judith's spirits and help her continue on the road to recovery.
Her sister-in-law (who is a nurse) is staying with her for a few days to provide her with any care she needs.
As to be expected after any surgery - some days are better than others but I'm sure we all wish Judith a speedy recovery. When able,she tries to read the posts on the Alcoa site to keep up with "our Babies" and everyone else.
Continue to feel better Judith and let us hear from you when you feel up to it.
Our thoughts and prayers are still with you.


Tammy, I hope your visit to the doctor was good. You did go yesterday, didn't you?

Lucille, I love how you keep the posts going. You are so good for this site. You include everyone and say the nicest things about all of us.

Cindy, I used to raise collies and once had a black boarder collie. Never had a dog that loved to play frisbee and ball like that dog did. The whole family simply loved that dog. She would keep the kids entertained for hours with her catching and retrieving skills. She was truly part of the family.

I hope Libby is ok...have not heard from her lately. I love her stories.

beamg, you are our first morning sunshine and it is a rainy day when you don't post.

Mr. John, I read where Davenport Alcoa has 2,200 employess. I bet you all work as one big family. I know it hit everyone hard over the accident you had there this week. I am so sorry for the loss you all must feel, and especially for the worker's family. My prayers are with you all.

Goodnight everyone..


Carol, how is San Francisco? I bet the Golden Gate Bridge is awesome to see! I've never been there except to change planes in the airport. Don't get to see much from there! Plus, it was night time so didn't even see anything coming in for a landing or on take off. How long will you be out there? Hope it's cooler than here! It is HOT HOT HOT! And it looks like this will last for 10 to 14 days! Heard on the news last night this is the driest Iowa has been since 1980 something.

Are there a lot of our usual posters on the NN FB page? Sure aren't many here! I don't do FB and I'm just not sure I want to get into that. I saw my friend last night who told me about the eagle fishing training he saw on the Mississippi. He hasn't been to his river place much this year - too many things going on for him. So, he didn't have any new eagle stories for me. He does try to tell me he sees pterodactyls there! HA! Funny guy!

Mr. John, thanks for the blimp picture! How cool is it that the winner of the tourny in from Cedar Rapids, IA! I'm not a golf fan but did have to watch parts of the tournament. Carol, I missed the camera guy following the eagle!

I'm calling it a night. I plan to keep checking back here for the t-shirt announcement.......and hopefully a new camera soon. Nope...not impatient, just don't want to miss anything! Take care all and stay cool!

Mavis, stay away from those sinkholes!

Charles Kinsey

Come on Beamg and others who are reluctant to join Facebook. It's easy , doesn't cost anything,you don't have to reveal any personal identity and we need EVERYONE to keep in touch. I promise I will keep an eye on the Alcoa site to watch for the t-shirt announcement and all other pertinent info. So far there are 40 members in the group and Mavis does most of the entertaining when her internet is up or she's not out looking for rattlers and sinkholes !
We would like for anyone to join - just send a friend request to Nesters Nest and I will take care of the rest.If you don't already have a Facebook account, Mavis will be glad to help you set one up. Just Google or search Facebook - create account - create name (no other info mandatory) - provide accurate email address (kept private by Facebook)- and send a friend request to our site -Search for Nesters Nest in the Facebook search box. It's that easy. Once you're in the group, you can post or just read other posts and enjoy the humor/info while we're waiting for the next little baby eaglets - wonder what their names will be ?
Hope to see you there.


Well, I WAS going to call it a night but my post took so long to type that I saw there were more posts to catch up on.

John, thanks for the update on Judith.

Judith, praying you continue to heal and that your recovery goes well.

Mavis, I didn't know if anyone else knew about the accident at the Alcoa plant. I'm glad you brought it up. It's so sad. Prayers are going out for the family and I'm so glad there is grief counseling available. I'm also glad you have your internet back! There are days I would gladly throw my computer out the window but know I would also be lost without it.

Libby, if you're checking in, I really hope things are going ok with you. Someone did say they've seen your postings on NN FB.

Ok, now I'm calling it a night. Good night.


I didn't hear a thing about an accident at the Alcoa plant, what happened?

Mavis, I go to the Drs. again this Monday the 23rd.


I wonder what the eagles and other birds think when they see an unusual thing like a huge blimp flying by...LOL. Thanks for the update and picture.


Tammy, here's the link to the article about the Alcoa accident. They just aren't sure yet what happened. Just so sad when things like this happen.

Charles, you make it very tempting for me to "cave" and do the FB thing! I'll say one thing, I'm sure missing everyone who posted multiple times daily when all the excitement was going on at the nest! I'm also enjoying seeing new posters, or names I don't recognize, telling how they have so enjoyed this whole experience and can't wait until next year.

Mavis, you say the nicest things about people! Lots of times when you post about a particular person, I have to agree 100% with you. We have people who so are great with words and so good at relating eagle activity to human activity. It's such a rewarding experience here.

Claire, I wondered the same thing - especially about the blimp! Colleen was so good about imagining those cartoon balloons above the eaglets and saying what she thought they might be thinking! Several others were good at that, too. But with this, I can't even come up with a good one. Maybe something like "Holy fledge Batman....." but then I'm stuck. Mindy, are you there? You would know what those eagles think when they see a huge blimp in their area!

I have to tell you all about last evening. With the extreme heat and humidity, we have not seen kids outside playing much lately. We went outside about 9:30pm and heard kids like we haven't heard in days or even weeks! Families going by on bikes, parents giving kids rides in wagons, roller bladers and skateboarders - it was enough to make us chuckle 'cause you know it was bedtime but those kids NEEDED to get some energy out of their systems and I'm sure the parents needed that too! It had cooled off somewhat and the humidity was down to almost bearable. Today, we have a 30% chance of isolated t-storms and we are all hoping to be in the isolated area!

Nancy, you said it best when you talked about the gloom and despair on TV and trash on the internet. Alcoa sure did a good job of giving us an escape from at least some of that garbage! You know the Field of Dreams movie and that famous line, I'm sure: "Is this heaven? No, it's IOWA!"

Time for me to get on with my day. 89° and 55% humidity (down from 85% at 6AM) here right now. Take care and stay cool everyone!

Cindy Munger

I think about the people here even when I'm not here. I'm sure many of you do. I remember reading about the heat in other parts of the country over the past month or so and have to say...its not hot here! Last night after chatting for a while, I decided I had to make a trip to the corner store. When I got there, I couldnt find anything that appealed to me, so off I went again, the dog and I. To Safeway for the produce section....On the way, I realized it had gotten chilly and automatically flipped the heat on since I was in shorts...I looked at the temperature and it was a balmy 61 degrees here (Kelso, Washington). Again, you all came to mind. Here I am turning the heat on and you all seem to be sweating every day. I read about temperatures around 100 on a regular basis. I said a little prayer and asked for some relief for all of you from the heat, and invite you to the Seattle Portland area. Because it has NOT been hot for except for ONE DAY that I can remember so far this year.


12:13 EDT 18 July

This is Hope's Birthday and no one here to say Happy Birthday...not even sure if Hope is here anymore.

Beamg, I love this blog site. First time in my life I ever blogged about anything and WOW!! What an experience it has been. It is like watching a whole season of Dallas, HeartLand, or Revenge, and you can't wait until next season. Did anyone watch all 6 seasons of "Lost"? I keep waiting on the sequel...you just can't get it out of you head...there has to be more!!

The Nesters Nest site is good. A lot of our posters are there. Some posters have just faded away...but many are there. You will like that site, beamg. If you create a FB site..use a name..like the name of your first pet...make up a last name..or...use the name Nesters Hen or Chick!! ANYTHING will work. Don't enter an address..or make up an address. DOB..you have to be 18 so put in 1/1/71...or anything! That's it! Don't worry about privacy settings...you are just using the set up to access Nesters Nest..you won't be using the site. You WILL have to enter a valid email address, which will always be kept hidden, but a necessity to become a FB memeber. That's it! You might want to enter a profile picture of a flower or eagle or anything that you have in your picture albums. So easy to do. Hope to see you there. I think you and Judith are our only hold-outs.

Speaking of TV...I just watched the first four episodes of THE NEWSGROUP...a HBO series. Has anyone watched that? I was sucked right in..a good TV series IMO. There are so many reality shows that it is refreshing to watch drama again. DVR is a great innovation for putting off watching something until a rainy day..like when your internet goes down!!

It is hot here...don't know what the temp is..just know it is HOT!! The fear of Hell has properly been instilled in us because most of us HATE THE HEAT!! Please, God, don't let me spend eternity in HEAT!! I do try to be good.

Gotta run..be glad when we have our empty nest back to stare at!! No hurry, Mr. John...you have your hands full with more important things right now. Prayers going out to The Davenport Alcoa family..I sincerely mean that.


Cindy...rub it in...rub it in!! I'm just joking..but I have said that Oregon, Washington, and Maine seem to keep temps in the 60s during the summers. Even coastal Oregon and Washington in the winters keep decent temps. You did good in your move from MT to WA. I lived in MT for one year when I was 6. I remember the coldest I have ever been was a MT winter day...and I remember how hot it got in the summer. I think you hit it just right where you are now.

The mosquitoes here are so big, you would think they need pilots just to navigate. As I said on Nesters Nest last night...I have become a pro at slapping myself in the face..not tapping...down right slapping when going for the kill when one buzzes by my ear and lands on my face. It is amazing how brutal we can be to ourselves all in the name of killing a mosquito!! Those "buzz bys" drive me crazy. Heaven forbid if one gets in the house..if I knock a lamp or glass of tea over, it is justified if I get the mosquito!! This becomes
a no-holes barred war when they come around me!! When I get the fly flap, the babes get nervous, because they know if a mosquito lands on them..I go for the kill. I know they like to hide out on the walls and ceiling, and I'm like a ninja warrior with crazy eyes when I start looking for them. I bet you don't have them in WA!!


The ONLY nice thing about all this heat and no rain is we don't have as many mosquitos. Or at least I haven't seen as many.

Beamg, as Mavis and John said, do a FB account just for NN. You don't have to let anyone else even know you have it. If you need help to set it up, I'll be glad to help you. I'll even set it up for you and tell you how to change the password and it will be all yours. It would be great to have you and Judith when she's feeling better at NN.

Another day of 100+ degree days. My usual laptop is sick so I'm on my netbook and my usual combo to make the degree sign doesn't work on here.

I hope everyone is doing well.

Mr. John, Alcoa is in our thoughts and prayers.


Mr. John, I am so sorry for the loss of your employee. May God be with his family, coworkers, and you all at Alcoa.


There's our Mavis....had me in stitches with the mosquito story (see post 29 if you need a good laugh). Gosh how I love our friends here.

It's 96 here now. UGH, hate the heat and hate to take the dogs out or go to the mailbox.


oh, Kentucky has some pretty harsh winters and I don't like them either. Call me a Spring and fall kinda gal.


Tammy, we all long for what we don't have. I think I would like one good winter SOMEWHERE!! FL may have 2 or 3 straight days of weather below 32° but not very often. Since I love staying in, a cold spell with the fire going, a good hot cup of coffee, my dogs beside me, and a good movie sounds so good to me. I can make some mean soups which are some of my comfort foods. Don't know if I could take a whole winter of that...but a couple of weeks sure sound good.

Oh..another thing I hate: MAIL!! I hate to get mail!! So much junk mail. I did notice the pre-approved credit cards have gone down some. THANK GOODNESS FOR THAT!! That was not just throw away mail..that was mail that had to be shredded! I love Libby's way of things...paperless lifestyle! My son got a notice yesterday..he got excited..he thought he won $5,000/week for life from Publisher's Clearing House!! I hated to pop his bubble. I think PCH should be locked up for the false hope they give people.

OK..time for a nap. When I go off on these tangents, I need sleep! BBL


I greatly miss seeing our 3 young Eagles as well as their parents. However, since I spent 44 years employed by MetLife before retiring, I was greatly pleased to see our blimp posing as "filler" in the skies over the nest. Hopefully the new camera will be up and running before the 3 young ones take off on their own.

John Kinsey

Nette - Congratulations on your 44 years with MetLife.That's quite an accomplishment to remain in an organiztion that long. Hope you are able to enjoy your retirement.

The photo of the blimp is just one more coincidence that has caused the lives of so many people to cross here on the Alcoa site.

Thank you Alcoa and Mr.John for this experience.

Cindy Munger

Mavis, You bet we don't have what? Ninja warriors or mosquitoes? I haven't seen any yet!! We do however have that blasted humidity. It was in the 60's again today and as I was sweating, all I could think about was, "Cindy, do NOT complain.
Remember, it was 42 below zero last winter in Montana and its 90 now".
Less than 24 hours after I sang the praises of Border Collies, my little darling took off after a chicken again and I was dumb enough to hold onto the leash so tight, he pulled me right off the steps and broke my hand as it drug down the brick wall. He immediately realized that the noise he heard was "mom", and returned to try to lick my face better. The rest of the day he was on his best behavior needless to say. So its taking me a long time to get my fingers to say what I want them to tonight.

I went to the Decorah FB page today and there is some wonderful photography there. However, I was reading some of the posts and noticed the same "jabbing" of people over the placement of the transmitter on D14 (I think it was D14). I couldn't resist making a comment about the persons posting being much like the juvies, and their arguing. Good Lord ! The people making nasty remarks on there was CRAZY ! So, I thought just click the X, Cindy. And so I did. Thank you Lord, for the people on this site and their respect for one another. A person never knows what they have until they have it no more.

BTW, Mavis. Those tennis racquets that take batteries work wonders with both flies and mosquitoes. Just don't put it on your tongue. My father in law gave one to my stepson and the poor kid actually put it to his tongue just to see if it worked. Duh! I kept it around the house in Montana for years. It worked great on all kinds of critters.
Glad you are back from sink hole scanning. Reminds me of cow tipping.

Cindy Munger

Mavis, since you spent a year in Montana....Do you remember how the air sparkled as the humidity turned to ice crystals when it got maybe 25 below zero ? It was SO beautiful. And a great time for those comfort food dishes. Its the ONLY time I liked humidity at any temperature !


4:48 AM EDT Thurs Morning


First things first...You BROKE your hand?!! OMG! How painful. You did not mention going to the doctor. Did you leave that part out??? Surely you went. I bet your hand will hurt like heck today. It seems that the day after is a bad day for injuries to hurt their worst! I hope you are ok.

You tried, Sweetie..but you didn't make it! I believe I can sweat in 60°s better than I can in 90+°s!! No sympathy from me...but I love ya anyway!! All joking aside, the humidity can make a good thing feel not so good!

Jabbers at Decorah? Cindy, we have had our share of that here. You just missed the "fun". Some people are just that way. I do think the people here are really nice and genuine. We love clicking together. We really do come from all walks of life and backgrounds. We realize we all have our own set of problems and issues..but we come to Alcoa on level ground with respect for each other. Respect developed into true caring which is the richest gift you can give or receive. We where so happy when you joined us and we wish more would join in as well. RESPECT..that is the key ingredient the posters here have, and from which everything else grows.

Now..tell me more about the tennis racquets! I must get one! Your son put it on his tongue??!!
You gotta love those young inquisitive minds!


Cindy, I don't remember the humidity turning into ice crystals. I remember how cold I would get. How long (eternity it seemed), to put on my snow suit and boots just to go out for a few minutes. I remember the ice ponds and sledding down small banks and the fun that was. But I was too young to remember the finer things like air crystals from the humidity. I was 6 and lived in Great Falls. I remember how the white and bluish/ purple topped mountains were so gorgeous. I also remember snow angels, root cellars, and coal stoves. Good memories...all of them because I was enveloped in my parents love. I was a child and everything was wonderful! If it was bad, Mom and Dad made them better. Wish I could go back to those times.

Lucille Bingham

Good Morning Everyone: It has been a very busy couple of days for me so I haven't had the time to check on the posts. I'm about to do that now before I get started on another busy day. Hope everyone is safe and staying cool. I'll return to posting this evening, but until then enjoy the posts, even though there seems to be fewer and fewer each day.
Hope Judith has returned home and is enjoying her dogs.
Mavis, are you staying away from the sinkholes?
John, are you keeping Mavis out of trouble?
Elizabeth, hope you are doing well and keeping comfortable.
Tammy, How are you healing?


Lucille, good morning to you!! I usually read a delightful late night post from you but missed it last night. I even check NN site to see if you were there. Am glad to see you are ok.

The posts here are dwindling down to just a hand full. I'm not ready to give it up here, so I keep checking in. Besides, we won't have the 'gang' there until Judith, beamg, and Iris make the move. There may be others, as I haven't checked the 'friends' list yet. I see the membership on NN is now at 40+. GOOD site and many thanks to JC!!

I miss Libby's posts. Don't hear from her much on this site. Here's to you, Libby..hope you are doing well and staying cool. Also hope you get some rain.

I understand the corn is in trouble all over the place. Price will go to record highs this year. Don't know it that is true or not but if it is...look for EVERYTHING connected to cows, chickens, hogs, and other corn products to increase dramatically in price. As if things aren't bad enough now...and this is NOT a political statement..just a fact!! I hope I heard wrong. I don't think we can afford any more bad news. Iowa is in the corn belt..and I understand Iowa is suffering for rain. TX needs rain for their hay. Heck, ND and MT had to ship hay to TX last year to save the cattle.

Gosh, I am upsetting myself so better stop here.

Tammy, if there is a bright side...if the drought becomes severe enough, Nat'l Disaster may be declared and help may come available for the farmers. We can't afford to lose any more farmers as they are the ones who feed us.

Got to work today so will check back in tonight.


Hi Lucille, I am healing each and every day. It's been a little over 5 weeks and I can move the arm better now, still can't scratch my head though :)

it sure doesn't take long to sort through the posts anymore does it? I am really looking forward to our next batch of babies that L&J have but we all know that they are taking a breather and enjoying "couple" time for a few months :)

Cindy Munger

Oh Mavis,
You can see right into this room can't you? Let's see...The mosquito whacker was purchased at a drug store like Walgreen's or Rite-Aid and was found in the seasonal picnic stuff. I guess the marketing people thought it would be a nice Ninja accessory for the flies at picnics. It works on bees coming out of soda cans that some poor unsuspecting person left to finish on the picnic table too. Handy device.
Nurse Cindy made a professional assessment of the hand and came to the conclusion both yesterday and again this morning that a physician could do nothing more than immobilize the hand if it is broken, and since I am considered disabled BUT don't qualify for Medicare until I am disabled two full years, AND have no insurance, I will take my chances and baby it for a couple of days. The State of WA decided that I don't need the insurance that I had until/unless I acquire $5K worth of medical bills in 6 months, even if I pay for it. I am almost there with my Rx's. but when I found out they were going to do this, I stockpiled a little. Unfortunately, I couldn't stockpile the $450 a month one, so I am taking a drug holiday to see if I can do without. I can't help but chuckle because I went and put a Bachelor's in Healthcare Administration, although I worked as a nurse most of the time.
So there you have it!!! Makes no sense to me, but hey.. I won't push it for too long if I think my hand is going south. I learned my lesson the hard way doing that. But I'll keep that "Cindy story" for a cold day.
It says its going to get up to 80 here today. I think the relative humidity is around 100, because I am soaked just sitting here.
I look at every cottonwood tree and think about the babies. I just can't wait for those little bobbleheads with sound and a new working camera. Now that's real magic.

Cheryl Bartlett

Thank you so much for continuing to keep us posted about "our" eagles. It was a memorable experience watching them from hatching to fledging.

I thank you so much for taking the time to photograph them since they have left the nest. I love all of the pictures, but especially the one of the young one sitting on the railing of the balcony.

I look forward to hearing more about the t-shirts and also if anymore was decided about the chat group getting together (I have been out of pocket since the beginning of June and have not had the opportunity to read through all of the posts so the get-together that had been talked about earlier may have been decided upon in an earlier posting. Can you post information about the get-together possibilities/discussion along with the t-shirt info when you put the t-shirt info on the Alcoa Cam page?

Again - THANKS EVER SO MUCH FOR A WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE! It has been one of the highlights in my life!

Elizabeth Rieder

Mavis , I am not feeling too hot,so forgive me for not saying hi.
Cindy you are worst than me, what is that old saying of "not being your own patient'
My favorite one is when you stomp your toe and it looks sort of funny. Everyone is telling you to get an xray. I ask what is a xray going to do? There is no blood and it does not have a bone sticking out so tape that sucker to the toe next to it and take something for pain and keep it cool and elevated. Works fine and saves a ton of money.Most people think a antibiotic or an Xray will cure everything.LOL
I really stepped in a pile last week, I was giving My primary at the VA a run down on how I was doing via e-mail on the VA site and I said that I was so tired of the insulin shots, and I was looking at that needle and wondering how much regular would put me out of my misery.I sort of forgot that since I was a bit depressed,she started the bells and gongs by senting me a consult to Mental Health AND a med that she knew I would never put in my system. And everyone was checking on me all of a sudden.
I sent a very deep apology to her and told her that no way in hell would I kill myself (against my faith) OR take that darn med. I think I will keep my big mouth shut. My primary is a CRN practice and she know I am a nurse so we talk at the same level. She also know my gripe about all the meds they have me on. In my mind, less is more.
Anyway I am still alive,not feeling too great a couple days,running a fever,but I will survive.

Elizabeth Rieder

by the way I think all the mosquitoes are toast around here. too dry and hot.I did see a big old roach walking from the front door, he is no more.I stomped him with my swifter mop. LOL works great. He never knew what hit him.

Cindy Munger


You are lucky that doctor didn't send the police for a welfare check !! I worked for 20 years in a locked, busy psychiatric unit. I also worked in the Montana State Prison System part-time for some extra income. THAT was enlightening. So I do have some GREAT stories. The ride to work was FULL of eagles! Fishing on the Missouri, hanging out along the road. Once, I counted over twenty eagles, mostly juvies, sitting on road signs along the way home from work. It was so much fun, I would have just taken the ride to count and watch them again. I think I have seen every animal that Montana has except umm that secretive Badger. Once I came around a sharp bend in the road and a huge owl was sitting in the middle of the road. It's wings were so close to the windshield as it was taking off, scared me that I was going to hit it. Those big birds are low and slow taking off when Cindy was driving in a state that had no speed limit for years.

You are only the second person (plus me) that has verbalized the insulin "thing". I once had a psychiatrist's wife do just that, so she spent the next two weeks looking at my smiling face, because she got scared and called for help. Thank goodness. But her blood sugar was 22 when the EMT's got to her. Since you know how, I would tell you that I do hope you know how to work yourself out of that dark place too, when you get there. I lost my husband, from suicide less than a year ago, so I know both sides of that coin. Yell if ya want to chat. I'll tell you some Cindy stories. You'll be crying but from laughter at some of my craziness. LOL Somehow it makes me feel less guilty when I refer to myself as "Cindy".
Take care of you. I'll take care of the hand. It's really nasty looking, but I believe the swelling is starting to lighten up.


ET.....I bet our eagle family is loving the little drop in temp we got overnight! Close your eyes and just imagine them soaring and catching the breeze under their wings! It's 77° right now at my house....just about perfect! (Ok, so it's night time and they are probably perched in a tree, starting to doze off.)

OT.......Good evening everyone. It was a much better day here today in Iowa. We got just a tad bit of rain last night, 1/10" only but it seems to have at least cooled things down and brought the humidity down for now. Yesterday was a killer day and all I could think was that the "weather outside is frightful.....Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!" My husband thoght I should get my head examined!

Cindy, good luck with that hand! Your health care situation sounds like a nightmare so I don't blame you for at least seeing what happens before rushing to see a Dr. Take care though. I'm thinking I need to visit WA one of these times. At one point my hubby talked about moving there but that's too far from family for me.

Mavis, I have not seen one mosquito this year! No standing water for them to breed in. What we have is japaneese bettles eating everything! Lots of wasps and bees, too! I got stung by the tiniest bee earlier this year and it caused the biggest reaction I've ever had. Not fun!

Tammy, I love those seasons you love! I don't like to melt OR freeze! The crops here are really in trouble, more so than I really knew about. We are in a drought as bad as '88. That year we got rain in Aug. that saved a lot of things but I'm not sure Aug rain will help this year with things so far ahead of most years. Our state is talking about help for the farmers and I think we are one state that isn't in huge financial trouble so that help just might be there for them. (At least THEY tell us we are ok financially...hmmmm.)

Libby, you sure got their attention at the VA! Hope you start feeling better real soon. I can just imagine you going after that nasty roach! You crack me up!

Nette, congrats on 44 years! I think everybody loves Snoopy! A co-worker and I used to joke about Snoopy pooping - dividend checks:)

Enough of a book for today. Good night all.


WHOA, LIBBY!! You have me in stitches!! So you stomped him with your swifter mop and Cindy uses a battery operated tennis racquet to slap the mosquitoes!! What a hoot!!!! I still use the old fashion fly flap. Oh..when I can't find my fly flap..I roll up a newspaper. You know, not everyone even knows what a fly flapper is! They are not that easy to find in the stores anymore, either. The battery operated thing must have taken their place!

Libby..take your own advice!! If you are running a fever, you need more than an email consult. Maybe you should schedule a visit to the VA. I'm sorry you don't feel well, Libby. You probably do need to be checked out...especially with the fever. I hope tomorrow is a better day for you.

Cindy B...we missed you. It has been a while since we heard from you. We have a chat page on FB now called Nesters Nest. Friend request and you will accepted in by JC (John Charles Kinsey). Good to have you back.

I am beat! I had to close pharmacy tonight and I am so ready to coma dive into the bed. Goodnight everyone!



I MEANT Cheryl B...not Cindy B. I told ya'll I'm tired. Sorry, Cheryl.


beamg, the thought of a bee stinging me gives me chills..they hurt so bad. The pain the next day is not good..fever, swelling, and people not understanding why you are being a baby about such a little thing..BECAUSE IT HURTS!!! That's why!!

The mosquitoes are so bad that you need a hand fan when you go out just to keep them off your face! The sound of one buzzing near your ear makes a person lose all reason. We still have a lot of water standing in the county soooo...we have a lot of mosquitoes AND little blackish looking frogs about the size of a quarter! I can hardly stand going down some of these roads as they are alive with 100s of 1,000s of these frogs and they make little popping sounds when you drive. My son was driving so I turned the radio on and closed my eyes. I just couldn't take it. I'm serious..I felt sick when we got home. Thank goodness they are not in my yard right now or I would never go out for fear of stepping on one.

Nette, anyone who works at one place for 44 years deserves the whole cake!!


Ok..thought I would be in bed an hour ago. I am heading there now. Just wanted to tell JC, if he is lurking around, good night.

ALSO...wonder if Jack is enjoying his summer. He was working this summer driving students to summer school. Want to give him a shout. AND Rodj...I miss him and his funny antics.

IRIS!! I keep looking for you. Hope you are ok.

NOW...good night everyone!


6:16 EDT Friday Morning

I woke up a little after 4 this morning and turned on the news thinking there would be an update about Syria. Never did I expect to wake up to a massacre in Aurora, CO. OMG! How can someone do this? Right now, 14 confirmed dead..mostly children. 50 or more injured..some critical. I feel so sad for everyone. Hard to accept that this world is evolving like it is.

No one in their right mind would ever want to humanize the eagles. They have their act together...WE DON'T!!

Maybe..just maybe..prayer should re-emerge as part of our lives again. Just maybe...


Cindy, what a shame on your medical care/benefits. Just amazes me how people and/or administrations can do that to people. You worked all your life and paid for benefits and insurance and now this. Makes me want to cuss, but I can't do that on this site. Hope it's just a sprain and nothing more but do keep a watchful eye on it.


Libby, girl, you have our prayers.


Cindy I'm sorry to hear about your husband. I cannot imagine being in your shoes during that time. If you can, put some of your stories (the funny ones that make you cry), we could use some good laughs. I think Mavis is due for another one, it's been a few days since we had the complete vision of the mosquito chase.


beamg, some of the farmers here are going ahead and cutting the corn for local dairy/cow farmers for silage. Our farmer isn't (for whatever reason). Last year we had the best crops in years, in part due to the flooding earlier in the year. Now keep in mind, alot of people lost their homes and I felt for them, trust me, but the crops were amazing. This year, just the opposite. So devistating. We are still over 14" under the rainfall for the year. all we can do is b--h and complain but we can't control Mother Nature. Yesterday, we watched the weather radar as some of the area was getting rain. The storm split into two sections and one went to our south, the other to our north. No rain for us.


Mavis, I heard/saw that on the news this morning. I hope there are no copycats out there. I am planning to take my son Jake to see that movie but now I am going to be thinking about that the entire time. They said that the shooting happened during a shooting scene during the movie...so very sad.


Tammy, you are up early..as you normally are. Hope your arm is getting stronger every day. I can only imagine the simple thing of brushing your hair with both hands will take on new meaning when that happens again! You have been through a lot an I have never heard you complain. You are always so upbeat. I hope something will work out for you with the crop situation. Guess it is too late for a pumpkin patch! I know a lot of money goes into growing a crop. Most people don't realize just how much money that is. When you lose a crop..it can be devastating. I hope something works out for you. We don't have as many farmers as we used to, and we need all of you to keep us fed. Many of our farmers, me included, turned their croplands into timber land because the cost, labor, and risk is just to high for the gamble. My hat's off to you, and your family.

Hope you enjoy a nice weekend.


Fortunately, my husband and I both work full time. the land is an extra income (once it's paid off). I inherited some of it but we purchased alot too.

This arm is getting better, and yeah, I have definately had to learn to use my left hand/arm for most everything. It's not been 6 weeks yet since the surgery but I think I'm doing quite well. Will see what the doctors say on monday.


11:36 EDT

Still listening to the news and it is so depressing and sad.

On a lighter note..I'm thinking..ok..I give up..Cindy bring it on! Ready for one of your funnier moments!

Lucille Bingham

Mavis, Yes, the news is sooooo depressing & sad. I just checked in on Nesters Nest and Other Talk and my regular emails. Much of what I read & saw was uplifting, but there also was some sadness there. Now I will try to catch up on some posts here. Yes, we do need some funny stories to cheer us up. Well, at least we can enjoy a vacation in California vicariously, thanks to Carol. She has posted some really great photos & reports. You have to check them out!
Have you visited anymore sinkholes? Hope you are well and enjoying the day. We are having some much needed rain right now and my Dobies want to go out, so I guess posts will have to wait!

Cindy Munger

You asked...
For about a year, I worked night shift, while I was finishing up some school. This was a long time ago, and I remember how "different" life was at night in a hospital. It does take a unique person to work and like the night shift. I went to work at 11PM and got off at 7:30 AM
As you know, nurses get a "report" when they come on shift, so that they know what is going on with the patients, critical issues, etc. I worked in a locked psychiatric unit. That night I received information about a man that had to be placed into a "safe room". It was reported to me that he was having auditory and visual hallucinations and his status was deemed "Close Observation-Seclusion".
At the time, these rooms had cameras, and speakers, and the staff communicated with the patient from a desk with a television.
Shift starts....I am perched at the TV and adjust the volume so that I can hear and document the patient conversations. I had been at school most of the day and thought, "Oh to be in my bed would be wonderful". The man in the room started talking, sitting on the side of the bed. He repeatedly said "Oh God, Oh God, I don't know what to do" I pushed the "talk" button on the speaker and asked if I could get him anything, if he was hungry, thirsty, etc. He said that he didn't and went back to "Oh God,Oh God".
For four hours, I heard, "Oh God, Oh God" and I thought, this poor guy is driving me crazy! I thought, I can't turn the speaker off, but i just can't listen to this for another four hours!
Another hour went by and I was starting to grit my teeth. I pushed the "talk" button and said" Mr. So and So, This is God. What do you want?" He shot straight up in the bed,and said," What do you want me to do?". I replied, "I want you to go to sleep" he said "OK" and he turned over and slept like a baby.

All I had to do, is tell him what to do.... I thought, Cindy you big dummy! I felt guilty for letting him think I was God, and stupid because I listened to him for hours, and just had to ask....lesson learned


WHOA CINDY!! I needed that! Now, if I could just make Rodj believe I was an angel..maybe we will have more fish delivered next year to the nest and a tent built to protect Liberty and the babies from the hail.

Rod!! Oh Rod!! There is an angel that wants your phone number!! She wants to relay a message to you!! Roooddd!!


Oh Cindy, bless you for making us laugh today. What a story! I still have tears from laughing so hard. So sorry to hear about your husband. I can't even imagine what it's like to deal with that. I'm thankful you still have a sense of humor. Laughter IS the best medicine!

Mavis: popping frogs? Yucky poo! My gosh I had no idea how many pesky things are being dealt with in FL! I DO know what a fly flapper is if it's the same as the fly swatter I use.

I too find myself wondering today what is happening in this world and especially our country. So many things today have me in tears: the horrendous shooting in CO, crops failing, flash mob at WalMart, 2 missing cousins in IA and on and on and on. The end of the world must be close with all this crap going on. I can't help but think of Mavis's words that the fear of hell has been instilled in us with the heat lately. The shooter must not have gotten hot enough!

On a lighter note, the weather here today is pretty awesome so far. It was 62° when I got up so I turned off the AC and opened the windows.

Cheryl B. so good to have you back! You missed so much but I'm glad the pics are allowing you to catch up on the goings on. Isn't Mr. John the best photographer? He filled gaps when we were all wondering just what was going on at the nest.

Tammy, my mom in MI says farmers there can't use their bad corn crops as feed for cattle because it's toxic to the cattle. She's not sure if it's because it's hybrid corn or what but she's going to try to find out for me. She still has 2 brothers on farms and there are several of my cousins who are trying to make a go of it, without too much success. It's so sad all over. I saw on the news last night a farmer who opened an ear of corn and it was all powder - no corn had even developed although it had tassled and the silk was dried brown.

Well, friends, lunch time for me. So glad the posts have picked up here even though we have no eagles to watch. What an awesome bunch of people! BBL


Ahh, beamg! You always write the nicest posts and include everyone. You seem to have the right words for everyone. I like that. I don't think you needed to go so far as BRAG about it being 62° this morning at your house!!

Cindy, when you told us about your husband, I didn't know what to say. Still don't. To lose a husband, and I have lost two...it is a very painful and personal mourning. It is hard to talk about grief because there are no words that can describe it..AND...unless you've been there..you wouldn't truly understand it, anyway. So why bother? Grief then becomes very private. That was how it was for me. When a person goes through what you did with the loss your husband, we can only imagine...and we,(or me), have a hard time finding the right words. All the other emotions that must have come into play for you must have crippled the true healing process of mourning. If just one more person told me that time would heal..I thought I would scream! But it does get us past the acute, breathtaking pain. We don't forget, but we learn we can breathe again. I am so glad you were able to move on and can see the good in things and make us laugh..and that, Cindy, you do truly well. You write about your love for your sons, dogs, nature, and life itself. You, girl, are an inspiration and a survivor. I'm glad I met you.

There are MANY people on this site that have learned to deal with what life has thrown at them. They don't grumble or give in to self pity..they make the best of it. I think that is one reason the people here just gel. We respect each other....and everyone has such a big heart.

OK...still looking for Rodj!

Cindy Munger

Oh believe me, I grumble, Mavis! Amazingly, it's how I have learned to push people away (with my grumbling), so that I can mourn in private. Selfish of me in a way, but it sure works. Within a month, I joined in a bereavement group, because I was so angry. I thought that if someone in that group had any good ideas, I was going to steal those ideas and claim them; mine! Unfortunately, they didn't, and I probably needed to learn that most of all. I believe the saying is: You get what you need. I cry alot here, but there is laughter and "good" tears. I have always believed that crying is like wringing our internal sponge. Sometimes you have to cry and wring out the sponge in order to make room for the next thing God has on our plate. For years (ten to be exact) I never shed a tear. I must have had an overloaded sponge! I was just afraid that if I started, I would never stop.

Anywayyyyy...when I was about 20, I moved to Ft Myers. My parents had retired there and I thought....sun and fun. Wrong again, but I remember they got this shield for their car to protect it from what they called "love bugs". The only thing I remembered was the gory mess those little black devils made when the "splattered" all over the car. Reminds me of your frogs.

Phoenix, the little golden eagle that was found just about burned to a crisp after the Dump fire in Utah, is doing well and I put a link on Nester's Nest so that people can see how the little guy is doing. He is eating a pound of food a day! He is lunging and not very welcoming to those trying to help him, which is a great sign! There are also 3 pictures of his feet, before treatment, during treatment, and most recently. He is making great progress, but has to make alot more before he can return to the wild. Here is the link to a blog that shows his feet and the feet of a golden eagle of similar age. He did the same things with photos of feathers. Makes me feel awful that this little guy had to go through this because of humans. He had to be hurting terribly. Worth a look....


I hope they keep this in the news. Just a photo of his burned and melted feathers, could make him the next "Smoky the bear".
By the way, I am glad to be here with this wonderful group of people.


Cindy, wonderful news about Phoenix. That poor baby needs to hook up with one of our little darling girls. I am certain that they would make beautiful babies.

Cindy Munger

If that happened, I would never get anything done. I would be dreaming up ways to get them cute things delivered to the nest. My feet hurt just looking at his feet. Those talons are so impressive. Shame he wont get air worthy feathers until next year though. In one of the articles, they talked about the reason they were reluctant to name a wild bird. There was a comment about how the caregivers get hurt if they put a name on a bird and the bird doesn't make it, etc. ...to protect the rehabilitation person. I disagree with that concept.

I once had an older nurse tell me that I shouldn't "feel" anything towards my patients or get involved too much, in case they die. That it was for my own good. My big mouth... I looked at her and said " The day I come into this hospital and am cold and unfeeling towards the patients that I take care of, I will quit. Oh she was mad at me. I think that is nonsense. Humans are meant to feel empathy and compassion for those we care about....even if they are animals. Is it any wonder, my mother used to say, Oh Cindy, you are always in trouble. LOL

Elizabeth Rieder

Cindy please don't blame that on all older nurses. I sat for my license at age 40, one of the first places I worked as a grad was a burn unit, then when I came home to Texas I worked at the 11th floor of MD Andersen Cancer center which is the floor of no return (this was before Hospice)where all patients died, so death was my companion and we tried to comfort the patients,cry with them hold them and watch as they took their last breath.There were tear, and we comforted each other afterward.I also open the wind like the patient ask so his spirit could leave.I also in the 80s worked on a cancer floor at Hermann which took HIV patients in the last stages of their lives. If you don't have a stiff constitution with lots of compassion that would just about destroy you. I drank a lot of scotch and water on my days off.Some wise guy thought he had the perfect pickup line and would ask me "So how was your day?" and I would look at him and say do you really want to know? he would say yes, and I would tell him.LOL Got a lot of free drinks that way.LOL Took a couple ASA and went back to work the next day.I was not a heavy drinker but a little "medicine" helped
numb the sound of Chain-stoking for a while.
No I never broke down in front of a patient and family but afterward there were tear and hugs. In those times,you had to appear a little harden because the families were freaking out and someone had to be in control. It was not a fun thing believe me. and I shed more tears over an aids patients mother who insisted he was not gay and refused to accept his nearing death. I sat with him while mom was away from the bed and he begged me to tell her and try to get her to stop raving so. Sad to say it never happened. She miss giving her son the last bit of comfort he would ever get. So in my years as a nurse I have seen a few hard nose nurses,but for the most part everyone I worked with were caring and compassionate people who ministered to the patient and the family too.
I know The VA was getting worried about me, because that is the protocol for anyone who talks about doing the dastardly deed. I am one of those people who looks at something like the insulin needle and wonder about those thing, then I remember the Dr's wife that went into a coma and lay in the hospital for a few years, He came in and finished her off with a little too much insulin. Dr Hill is running around Mexico reports said.I am not totally crazy yet LOL although some of our fellow bloggers might think different.


LIBBY!! You are one of the most sane people I know. You floor people because you don't mince words. That's why we love you so much. You see it..and you call it.

Goodnight to you, "Sugah"

Cindy Munger

Oh Libby, I can once again hear my mother saying, "Oh Cindy, You are always in so much trouble" AGAIN...I don't blame that on all older nurses....I honestly don't. I think that was just what we thought was the right way. Much like how we have evolved and wash our hands to prevent the spread of infection. I sure didn't hear about providing support to people way back then that need it way back then. And I also ran into a few hard-nosed nurse, but only a few. Because almost every nurse I ever worked with wore that same protective armor at some time. My own mother told me before I ever went in to nursing, "Cindy you're going to have a rough time if you get too involved with your patients" And, like the head-strong "baby" that I was, I didn't have the first clue what she was talking about. Working a TCU, that did a great deal of Hospice was my first job. I called it, "hips, knees, and IV's". In nursing school, during my OB rotation, I decided, Noooo working with babies for me. Things go too wrong, too fast from what I saw. Besides, there were plenty of nurses that wanted to deliver babies, and very few that found psychiatric nursing appealing. We didn't have a burn unit, or I would have wanted to try that because I could sit for hours, "picking". I had an instructor even suggest I try it. Of course I never took into consideration the high numbers of "failure" I would see in the psyche unit. Success ? No one wondered out loud or seemed to ask about that in the psychiatric unit. I found that I couldn't smile after working all day with 3 suicidal patients, (one actively), 2 ETOH patients detoxing, and a couple with depression. I didn't even know that I wasn't smiling. Just the attitude towards treatment has changed so much. I think it needed to. In that TCU I learned what dysfunction and family dynamics were. I was an over achiever in school. Did I miss that class? The little boy I proudly told you about a couple of weeks ago, that saw his mom (me) stop the car, run out in the road, pick the turtle up and made sure it got across the street...well his T cell count fell below 200 not too long ago and I am so grateful that I will not go thru what your patient and his mother did. He and I do great and I hope he can rescue many more turtles from getting run over. Not sure why its okay with me if they turn into eagle food.
I always thought "telling it like it is", was easier. Now, I'm not so sure.
I do hope that better explains what I meant. I'm sorry if it sounded, umm like I thought you were crazy, Sorry but ...NOT a chance, baby !


7:10 AM EDT Saturday..

Today is Spirits Birthday! Lost count actually. Hope he is doing just great in learning to live in his new world.

I saw on FB, pictures of Mindy at Panama City Beach. Looks like she is well baked and having a grand time with her family on the white sand and blue waters! You earned the break, but we miss you!

Carol has been posting pictures of her San Francisco vacation. She is taking it all in. Pictures of her tromping the streets in the shopping districts, outdoor dining in the vineyards, and loads of sight-seeing! Of course, she is constantly on the lookout for eagles! I am enjoying her fun and wish I had the energy she does.

beamg, in the late 60's or early 70's, I remember we had a toxin in the corn which made it unusable for cows, hogs, or humans. I THINK it was called alpha toxin..I can't remember...but it was a black fungus caused by drought and humidity. I think the toxin affected a lot of farms and it was hard to plant the following year too. Don't know if it was the short availability of seed or the toxin..but I remember there was a problem. Been a lot of years ago. I hope everyone has a bumper year next year! To cook a good meal at home for two is so expensive now. Sometimes it is just cheaper to eat out...it you go to the right restaurants. I like to cook the foods that last more than one meal for convenience and price. I like spaghetti, stews, soups, chili, etc. Even meatloaf makes more than one meal and great sandwiches! Anyway, all the farmers could use a big break.

Tammy, your farm sounds like a haven to many people. Your own backyard fish pond, crops, wildlife, privacy, and close to the hub of everything else. Sounds like you have to perfect place to recoup with your family surrounding you.

Cindy..tell it like it is. We all can appreciate that. The way I see something may not be the way someone else sees it...but all opinions are usually respected. If we all agree on everything..it would be BORING!! Got to spice it up to keep the old pumps pumping!

Judith, if you are up to it..please post something. We all love you, miss you, and want to hear from you. I even miss your "grumpy" posts!!

Good morning everyone.


Good morning everyone! Happy Birthday Spirit, our precious not tiny anymore baby! I'm still grateful we didn't have to endure any tragedies at "our" nest!

Mavis, I didn't think I was bragging about the temp yesterday but maybe I was. LOL:) I think I was more in shock that it was such a gorgeous morning after a streak of energy zapping heat and humidity. It's beautiful again this morning but the forecast is threatening to melt us again. I've been out with my coffee already watching and listening to the birds. I really do love them all....oops, not all since the blue jays are so nasty!

This link is for EVERYONE stuck in the heat lately. I just know I'll miss someone so I won't name names, but please enjoy this video:

Cindy, thanks for the Phoenix update. Isn't it amazing he's doing pretty good so far? It's stories like this that make us realize there are people out there with a heart just when we think the whole world is going nuts!

To all the nurses, past, present and future: some of the most compassionate medical people I've run into just in getting medical care for my kids as they were growing up were the nurses! Only one bad one comes to mind and she yelled at me at 2 AM when we had to bring our 1 year old son to the ER because he was having a seizure. He had been running a fever for a day which I could not get under control. He spit out the liquid tylenol and the cool baths were not working. She told me in no uncertain terms that I needed to get that temp down even though I told her what all I had done. Soooo, I told HER in no uncertain terms that the reason I was there was because I needed help, not because I was stupid! She proceeded to give him a suppository to work on the temp and I told her that I could have done that too if I had them available! When our pediatrician got there I told her what happened and she had a talk with that nurse. So I just want to say thank you to all the nurses who do their jobs so well without making people feel dumb and are at the same time strong enough to handle overwhelming situations! THANK YOU!



beamg, I was joking with you and envious of your 60° temps yesterday. I could live with that temp year round!! I really don't have it so bad here as I stay inside with my AC! Gotta watch your youtube link now...thanks


ohoooooooo...THAT WAS SO COOL!! Thanks, beamg. Needed that. Think I'll make a pot of chick/veg/noodle soup and turn the air down!! I'll pretend it is cold outside!

Cindy Munger

Off to find out what an "Eagle Festival" entails.

Carol C

Good Morning from San Francisco- My last day here :( 57 degrees now & 74 & sunny for the high. Not looking forward to the HOT back home!! The video of the eagles & cats was something. Wow who thought an eagle would let a cat & human get so close. Off too China Garden & seal rocks today. Have a good day everyone.

Elizabeth Rieder

Watched that video about the ice and snow and was able to laugh even though I have been there,done that quite a few times.LOL
I really enjoyed the reporter standing in the snow and the snowplow plowing her under. That is one of my questions about reporting weather news. Why stand out there and almost get killed? Same goes for the ones that stand out in darn hurricane winds just for effects. crazy!!!
It is such a norm here with the heat that we don't even talk about it anymore.LOL
Did have a bit of excitement last night about 2:30am,lights went out. I mean ALL lights were out,just like being in the desert black night,all I could see out the window were stars.Why did it wake me up? because I am on a CAPA and added O2 and both machine stopped working. I have those little O2 tanks as back up so I had to play blind and move along the walls to my front room where I knew I had some Soy candles in fruit jars and a striker.Got some light then pick up a spare tank and back to bed.I used my walker tray to move the candles and tanks back to my bed then settled down for the rest of night. My helper called me this morning and told me that a water treatment plant went the fritz and some main transformer or something knocked out the whole west side of the city lights. Now we have to boil our water for a while,Oh joy what fun,living in a water restrict area. It sure is dark without those street and business lights. I almost forgot what the night sky looks like. I can imagine what those homesteader saw at night after the fire burned down and candles were snuffed. It must have been a feeling of smallness in the grand design. We somehow forget with all our light sources just how big the sky is,pretty too.


beamg that video was such a refreshing site. Only thing is, i have been in most of those scenario's. Just think, in a few months, some of us will be looking at that. Fortunately, we didn't have a severe winter last year, thus all the bugs this year.


Mavis, Libby and Tammy, I've come close to being in situations like in the video. What a helpless feeling sliding on ice in a vehicle! But, I got a laugh out of it, it sort of made me feel cooler but really made me happy it isn't winter! A few years ago it took me 3 hours to drive 17 miles home from work. The roads were a glare of ice and I was a nervous wreck by the time I turned into my alley which would take me to my drive and the garage. I started to turn into my drive, slid backwards and ended up in the parking lot behind my house with my car not going anywhere. The owner of the business came out to help so it all ended well but I sat there trying to decide if I should crawl to the house or the bar at the corner of the block! I'm pretty sure I will never forget that drive home.

Mavis, I know what you mean about cooking for 2. We have a grocery store about a block from us that runs lunch time specials for $2.99 including the entree plus 2 sides. They give so much food the two of us can share that and be full. Or if we buy 2 lunches we can each get 2 meals out of it! Sure can't cook for that! You might also be on the right track why the corn would be toxic.

Tammy, good luck at the Dr. on Monday.

Libby, you described so well the night sky without light polution. we forget just how many stars are up there.

It's been overcast all day here and not a drop of rain. We're thinking of doing a rain dance here.

Cindy Munger

I needed that video !

Came home and thought, let me water the tomato plants. I water them every day (the upside down kind) and when I took my water out to water them, I thought,"OMG they died" We haven't had any rain except for a few sprinkles one day since the fourth of July. It was only 62 a couple of days ago. I actuaally had the propane compaany come set me up so I will have heat!!

Here it is, almost the end of July and these poor tomatoes can barely make it overnight. Its so humid I could not have gotten any wetter than if I was standing in a shower. My turn to complain about the weather. It took about ten minutes and the plants looked "good as new". I will check them twice a day just in case. I love going out and picking tomatoes for dinner and my grandson likes it too.

The Eagle Festival was what I expected. Many vendors, a few exhibits, lots of food vendors, and lots of people that adore eagles. I was so excited, I wanted to stand on my soapbox and tell everyone about Faith, Hope and Spirit! So, I am glad I went, and it was in this darling small town on the water called Cathlamet. Ferry connection to the Oregon side of the water, great antiques, small museum....right up my alley.
(big sigh) and then I came home to my tomatoes. I think I am going to go find a place that has soup and a salad. I'm not much of a cook on a good day, and it is much to hot for any cooking. I can, but I don't cook much. It's too hard for one person. I hope everyone is doing something that brings some happiness today.


Cindy..how can your tomatoes be so dry when you were so wet? I know you don't sweat at 62°!!

Went to town and got all my groceries needed for my soup. I can live on good soup.

beamg, I can't get over $2.99 lunches. We all may be moving there if the groceries get much higher. I can handle someone else doing the cooking and cleaning up for $2.99 per meal!! Sounds like a social security dream place!!

Going to turn in early. Just wanted to say goodnight to everyone.


6:57 AM EDT Sunday...


Cindy..you didn't say it was 62° when you watered the tomatoes. You said it HAD BEEN 62° a few days AGO! Big difference and it is what happens when I read fast..SORRY!! The U.S. drought picture is so bad that it is featured on the weather reports right now and I can't believe the number of states that are now in the drought state. This is NOT good! The heat makes it worse as it continues to suck what moisture we have right out of the earth.

My son wanted a few of those upside down tomatoes but settled for the in the ground kind. Just curious...how do the upside down ones produce? I don't trust TV ads. You will be my real live testimony!

An Eagle Festival sounds like fun..and I love the craft tents.

HELP!! Our 5 month old lab is digging up our foundation! He digs under the house, and everywhere else! Baadd dog! Any ideas on how to stop this?

Good Morning everyone!

Cindy Munger

I lost my post !! Darn lack of feeling in my fingers got me again.
First, the tomatoes do fine. This is the second year for the upside down ones. Last year, my problem was a little boy named Brody. He loves tomatoes, so I'm not sure how much of a part he paid in the yield or LACK of tomatoes. This year they are FULL of tomatoes. I had to raise one of them yesterday because when you plant them upside down, the plants still want to grow towards the sun. They got so heavy that the weight made the main branch twist around toward the ground. But it didnt break. I will take a picture later and put it on FB's Other Talk page so you can see.
Possible solution to your digger dog. Get a big container of cayenne from those places that have bulk spices. Hit the hole(s) with it and see if will deter the digging. You have to repeat application after a rain, I found. My dog was so frustrated, and it was a hoot watching her sneeze over and over when she tried to dig. I now, Bad Cindy! TTYL

Lucille Bingham

Before checking in on the posts I've missed, I'd like to send this special message to


Hope you are feeling better and are able to view our posts. I am including a special ecard for you in this post. In order to see it, please go to the following website
(www.jacquielawson.com) and click on the tab that says (Pick Up Card. Then type in this code(3574299983706. Hope the card will bring some comfort to you at this difficult time!

Cindy Munger

Mavis, I want to know the answer to that too. And yep this old gal can sweat in almost any temperature. I do want to know how my tomatoes get so dry in this humidity. Has to be the heat. Cold mornings and hot afternoons here. Just had the propane tank filled in case it gets too cold. Crazy I know!


Good morning all. Hope everyone is having a great Sunday.

Cindy, so sorry about the weather getting so hot and humid for you! Yikes, it sounds as bad as it here in Iowa. I know exactly how it feels so I really do feel for you. How is that hand coming along? I'm interested in how your tomato plants do also. A friend here tried one of those last year but it was so windy that they didn't do well at all. I didn't even plant tomatoes this year - bad me! We love BLTs and will just have to buy the tomatoes or wait until everybody has so many they look for people to give them to.

Good idea on the cayenne pepper. I've put that in my potted plants to keep the squirrels from pulling them out and throwing them on the ground! Darned squirrels! I've also read to use regular black pepper at the boundaries of your property to keep dogs from entering your yard. We don't have a dog but sometimes other dogs get loose and then they do their business where ever they please. Haven't tried that 'cause it would cost a fortune just to do it once and it too has to be redone after a rain. Of course the rain isn't an issue THIS year! Good luck Mavis with that lab puppy! We know you love him!

Darn it, no lunch special at the store today! I just might have to cook.

Elizabeth Rieder

Mavis how is your soup? That sounds good to me.
Has the ground decided to stabilize and no more sink holds? I have never seen one until after it has happened,but it was over mines in Taylor,PA that were dug too deep. Folks went to church and came home to their house sitting in a big hole. Those folks build their houses so close,it is a wonder that only one sunk.
That sweet little lab,I bet you have been giving him bad vibes and he is acting out. Cindy got any thing to add to this beside pepper spray? That does works most of the time.LOL You could direct his energy toward another place, like a section that you want to plant something. That way you can say "good dog" and mean it with out choking on your words.LOL We know you love that little bundle of energy. My Daughter-in-law just shipped off poor "Buttercup" because she is just not an animal in the house person. She is a very compulsive cleaner type and dog do not fit that type house. Don't know what Buttercup did,but when I was keeping her here in the spring she was a great dog and only spilled her water once while she was drinking.I wish I could have been able to take her.I wanted to tell her that she should watch "Marley" and feel blessed. That was one crazy dog,funny , but crazy.

Cindy I wondered about those tomatoes too. I have not had any plants for a while,just can't have a spot to hang them.
That Eagle Festival sounds like fun. I know that when I took my trip to Vancouver Island I was talking to a young man up in Port Hardy about the fact that I had not seen any eagles. He looked at me like I was crazy and pointed out a gang of very loud juvies in the fir trees across from where we were standing.He said there were hundreds around in the fall(this was Oct)I though they were large crows.LOL Talk about dumb.!!!
That was when I found out that they don't have that white head and feather from the nest time. There is so much for them to learn and skills to polish,that I guess the good Lord gives them that great white head and tail feather as a badge of honor that they have arrived so to speak.
When you see a full grown eagle flying or sitting on a limb,it is the proudest looking bird in the sky. Now we understand why.
I am sort of tired,got to lay down for a while. talk later this evening. Hope everyone has a good Sunday,just saw AZ is getting a "Haboob" hope it does not try to come over the mountains. I don't like eating dirt and sand for days.We are still boiling our water for drink and food. No good,that is for sure.


Hey everyone, here is the link to a letter to the editor of the Quad City Times about the Alcoa EagleCam and the people who have become addicted to the site and made friends there. Brings tears to the eyes!

Gotta say it again: THANKS ALCOA!

Also, I took the plunge and now I'm on FB. I found NN but need help on just what to do to see and take part in OT (other talk). HELP PLEASE.


beamg, thank you for the link to Diane Darby's article on the Alcoa Eagles. I think she did a great job with her write-up. It is hard to find the right words to describe what Mr. Johns means to us...and how his fingerprint is all over the Alcoa eagle project. I think she did good!

If you are lurking, Diane..THANK YOU!

beamg, if you are on your homepage, look on the left hand side for a white dove icon. Click on that and it will take you straight to OT. Once you are there..you can read and comment on what others are talking about...AND..you can start your on topic by just saying HELLO. At the top of OT you will see "write something"...that is where you start something new or just say hello. When you get thru..just click "post" at the lower right of what you just wrote.

Cindy just posted a picture of her hanging tomato plant. I'm impressed!

Libby..I think you could grow these! I love the cherry tomatoes for salads and these would work good for that too!

John Kinsey

HI Beamg - thanks for the link and a special thanks to Diane !

I just came on and saw and acknowledged your NN friend request and sent you another invite to join the Other Talk Group. Just confirm that invite and the Other Talk Group option shoud appear on the left side - (You may have to refresh the page). Click on that and we'll go from there.


Yippee! beamg on NN and facebook, you go girl!!!!

Oma Kyle

Great article, Diane Darby! I took the liberty of posting it to Facebook on the Other Talk Group site whose membership is made up of individuals who became 'friends' thru our contacts on this Alcoa Comments website. John Kinsey set up the site for us and our membership is now approaching 50. Hope to keep the friendships fresh while we wait for a new clutch of eaglets next February...


Diane Darby, I do hope you are still checking in on this site. I don't remember seeing your name here but then my memory sometimes deserts me. I just had to post the link to your letter and share it with the friends I've made here. Thank you for writing such a great letter and mentioning what this nest has done especially for alzheimers patients. So many times the internet gets a bad rap and there is a lot of just plain crap out there but this site in particular has been truly a rewarding experience for millions around the world just like you said. GREAT JOB DIANE DARBY!

Cindy Munger

Let's see if I can remember all this in one post... Mavis, Glad you did see the tomato plant pictures...I was out at 6 this morning checking on them. There are about 30 tomatoes (very small to a few medium) on one of the plants, and they are just starting on the other plant. One is Early girl and the other is LOL some kinda boy??? Big Boy maybe. I didn't want to do cherry tomatoes since most of the family doesn't like them as much and sometimes I will can a few jars in the afternoon if the family is gone. Without making it a major production, I might add. (Eight kids make EVERYHING a production)

My hand....I promised my daughter that if it didn't improve in 3 to 4 more days, I would go get it looked at. The dogs try to lick it when I walk by, to make it better, I guess. Sends me through the roof because it is so sensitive.

In Montana, there were hundreds of eagles starting maybe the first week in November, lasting about six weeks. Feeding/fishing on the Missouri. I would sit in the car, and eat my lunch watching them. There were juvies and adults in the trees all along the river. Sometimes I could see six in one tree and thirty without glasses in trees along the banks...Only one or two would snag a fish at a time. The others would watch the attempt VERY closely, and they were a noisy bunch of birds. It was a great way to kill some time or spend a Saturday, before heading to town to shop. Grocery store was about 30 miles away. Man I miss that.

The last thing is Harmon items. Has anyone seen the large amount of Harmon "things" that are being marketed? I say this because there are mugs, tshirts, magnets....You name it. Even a trailer hitch cover. All with the same picture/drawing of Harmon. The web sight is


I don't care for ANY of the stuff. For lack of a better word, it looks cheap or cheesy to me. There are also photos for sale of the Decorah birds on Facebook Decorah page. Now these are beautiful, and very professional. I guess the reason I dont care for the Harmon products is that they are a very primitive drawing of Harmon at the age he fell. Feathers are two tone with yellow feet, beak etc. I an no artist, can barely draw a star, and I could draw these. You can judge for yourself and that's why I put the link on here. With John looking into T-shirts, I am hoping it is a image that all of us would be proud of. Because I am proud that "MY" babies are the Alcoa babies. I don't know if that makes sense, but I think it will to most of us. I mean, why else would we be happy to look at an empty nest???
There was a bird making all kinds of racket in one of our big cedar trees as I was coming in to post this tonight. I looked up and said" shush, you just arent as impressive as...." I shook my head, This is an illness isnt it? LOL I don't care, I like it.


Morning all! Making a trip back to St. Louis for check ups today. tomorrow will be 6 weeks since the surgery. My first appt is 2:45 and the second at 3:15, sure do hope they are on schedule. that being said, it's about 2 hours 45 minutes each way. Going to be a long day....BTW--the heat wave is back, all this week, temps at or over 100 degrees, index around 105. The 3 month outlook is grim, no rain until fall and above average temps.

Carol C

Good Morning Tammy hope all goes well with your Dr. visits. I'm back home & it's going to be hard to get used this heat after coll San Francisco!! Have a ton od things to do today( I hate the day after getting home). Lunch with some friends> I can take my puter & show them my pictures. I just put them into theis one & I only took 188. LOL Have a good day. Carol

Oma Kyle

Sending you a virtual hug across the miles today, Tammy...

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