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August 03, 2012


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Ruth MacLeod

Just tried the Alcoa site and good to see a new message that the camera has been installed. Thanks for all Alcoa has done for the eagleholics. I even opened it up and saw the empty nest so it was working right then. Hope it wasn't too hot up there today.

Carolyn Groves

Hope there was at least a breeze up there!

Dalvin Stokes

We think it is so great you guys fixed this problem.. We so enjoyed viewing the babies this spring Hope to watch the new season.

Thank you so much
Dalvin & Geneva

Carol Issem

Yeah!!!!!!! Hope the eagle family is still hanging around, would love to see them all again!

Carol C

Thanks for all you do!! We all appreciate it A LOT!! Can't wait til it's up & running!!


WOW ... I can stop taking my Anxiety Medicine now, hehe, is the sound off, or is it just quiet in the neighborhood?

Judith Hart

JC, You wisenheimer, did you put a slingshot in the nest‽


So happy to see the camera fixed. Now if we could just see some of the eagles returning once in a while. : )

Lucille Bingham

Mr. John & Alcoa Staff: You are the Best! We Eagleholics really appreciate all that you have done & are doing to keep this project going. Even though we are looking at an empty nest, it still is wonderful to have the camera back.
Maybe we will get lucky and see one or more of "Our Precious Eagles/Eaglets" again! We surely have missed them! Hope restoring the camera wasn't too difficult a job, especially in this terrible heat. Thank you all so very much!!!

John Kinsey

JUDITH - SO GREAT TO HEAR FROM YOU !!! Hope you're feeling better now - you've been in our thoughts and prayers.

Don't know about that wisenham thing you called me but since it's you, I'll let it slide by this time. Besides, I had to leave something to replace that turtle shell. Took me forever to find it buried under all that accumulation of fragrant nesting material. Kept looking for the notochord and that white - changing to orange color - crescent shaped thingy but never could locate them. They'll probably turn up next year for our viewing pleasure .
We all wish you a speedy recovery - its good to hear from you again !

John Kinsey

Glad the camera is close to being back online. I think we are looking at a still shot right now - don't see any leaves moving but at least it's "our nest ".
Looks like they changed the camera angle or backed out a little and the Alcoa logo has been reduced in size for a better view of the nest. I'm sure they have more fine tuning to accomplish but looks like we'll have a great view .



8:42 PM EDT

Well, well..it took a new camera to get Judith to post again!!! Hi, Judy...we have sure missed you!! You can be as grumpy as you want to be and I won't complain one bit!!

Mr. John..this is such a clear view we are getting. I realize it is a still shot, but it sure is nice to see the nest again. You already know what this means to us..but I'm thanking you anyway.

Judith, I could be wrong but I think that is the slingshot that Rodj used to throw fish up there. Bet his fingerprints are all over it!

Good to see some of the posters back! Nothing like a new camera to get us going again!!

I like it, MR. John...I like it a lot. You did good!!


Thank you for the new camera Alcoa! I know Liberty and Justice are going to love it!



Cindy Munger

Dear Alcoa Family,
There is nothing that I can add that hasnt already been said. I am happy to look at an empty nest with the occassional drop-in from Liberty and Justice. Maybe we will get lucky and see a juvie before they get run off, as the parents get ready for a new clutch. I'm sure they won't let those juveniles make a mess out of the nest once they start nestorations. I am full of excitement with the thought of next years comings and goings already! Once again THANK YOU ! I wonder what those workmen will find up in that nest.

Lucille Bingham

Judith, Great to see that you are back on this site! We all missed you, as I'm sure JC & Mavis told you! Hope you are recovering nicely and enjoying your dogs again. Feel better & better each and every day. Our continuing thoughts & prayers are with you.


Hey everyone! Doesn't that nest look awesome? Thanks so much Alcoa, Mr. John and the brave men who got out in the heat just to please all the eagleholics!

A special "HI" to Judith! So glad to see a post from you. I'll continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers for a comlpete recovery. Welcome back! I hope one day soon you will post that link to the radar loop that shows RAIN.

Psssst...Mavis, I think maybe JC and Rodj shared some of your punch and that's when the sling shot ended up in the nest.

Have a good night all. BBT


beamg...you may be right about JC and Rodj!! I think Rod must still be on the run. We haven't heard from him in a long time..or Jack C either.

I need a Libby story. Haven't heard from her in a while. Hope you are doing good and staying cool, dear friend.

Good night all. Glad to see your posts again!! I miss the 'gang'.


There is a dark black empty nest this morning but at least we can see a nest. Good morning all. Glad to see some conversation going on here again.

Mr John and Alcoa, thank you so much for getting this back for us. We can't thank you enough.


10:43 AM EDT

Tammy!! Good morning! It is pretty sad when we get so excited over a still shot of an empty nest...yet...HERE I AM!! EXCITED!!

I saw the news this morning about the wildfire in Slaughterville, OK. I hope they can contain it fast. Already claimed too many homes.

This year, the weather has been wicked and crazy. So much of the country in drought with unusually high temps everywhere. NO..I do not believe it is global warming..that is like the Dems blamimg the Reps for everything and vice versa. It has just been a wicked year. I see where a hurricane may hit Libby's area next week. I know they need the rain...but not that horrible wind.

Good morning everyone!

Rhonda Landuit

looking at the nest brings back all the memories of when the eaglets were just like puff balls. Will be glad when camera is installed and working.


We just had a storm come through bringing some much needed rain. Got 1.4" along with lightening, thunder and wind. We lost power here in Durant for 1/2 hour or so - no AC, TV, internet or phone. Then the generator kicked in and power came back but we see black smoke billowing into the sky coming from our town's electric company. So thankful we weren't without power for days like some not so long ago!

Earlier I watched the report about Ernesto, Florence and a tropical wave. Libby, depending on where Ernesto tracks it could hit Texas and Mavis, the tropcial wave should bring rain to FL. What a year for the weather!

I sure hope there wasn't any damage to the new camera as it looked like the storm was going to hit the Alcoa area, too. I don't see any picture at all today on the nest cam. We'll all just have to be a little more patient.

Take care all. Be safe. Keeping crossed fingers for the cam to be on next week. :)

Elizabeth Rieder

Glad they are working on the camera and Thanks a million to Alcoa.
Judith really great to see you perking again,hope the recovery goes well.
Mavis please don't worry about the wind if the rain comes. We are at that point where ANY THING is good as long as it is wet and makes it up to West Texas. Wind we can live with, it is the flash flooding if the rain is fast and hard that is our worry. when the ground is so dry and hard, the water just washes off the top and does not have a chance to soak in. But we are not complaining for sure, we are happy to get any water right now. most of the crops are in the toilet,except for the ones who irrigate and the cattle are looking sort of hungry for some clover or something green to eat. This is West Texas and we have been down this road before,no need to complaint and blame someone else for our misfortune. We will survive. What's not to love? Thousand miles border to border and I love every grain of it.I have lived from Alaska to Boston and enjoyed the beautiful country we have but Can't quite get the sand out of my shoes.LOL I am sure most folks feel the same way about their state too. By the way I just found out that there are eagles nesting near a town here. I got to google it and find just where. Now I did not know that. They have places where you can stand and use your camera,so that you don't bother the nest area by getting too close.

Mindy Gibson Frey

Hey Everyone! I havent posted much since the babies flew the coop but I watch! I think some of you call it lurking, lol. I sure do miss our babies but super excited about the next bunch of fuzz balls to make their appearance. Just wonder if I will become as attached as I did to little Trey/Spirit. Sometimes I feel like how could we possible get as lucky with the next clutch/eaglets as we did with these. Our little guys defied the odds and it would break my heart to have any other outcome with the next babies. Oh, well, there is only one way to find out. I will have to tune in.... same bat time... same bat channel... or should I say same eaglet time, same eaglet channel! Oh and ya know what, I miss ya'll too! Mavis, Elizabeth, Lucille, Tammy, Colleen, Rob, JC, Jim, JillAnne, Carol,... ummm leaving so many out, sorry. Hope to see new babies and old friends in March! Thanks Alcoa for all you do. You are truly amazing!


OMG!! Bring out the fireworks!! Heard from so many of you!! beamg, Tammy, Libby, Mindy, Lucille, and and there are MORE...Cindy, Judith, JC, Oma, Iris, Kathryn, Catherine, Bea, Rhonda, Sheri, AND THE LIST GOES ON!!!
Mr. John installed a new camera, Libby might get flooded, and beamg got rain!! YES VIRGINA, there is a Santa!!

beamg, so glad you got the rain FINALLY! Sorry about the electricity. You must have a neat generator that kicks in automatically when the power goes out. We used to say where we live, that if a bird pees on the line, we lose our power. It is a little better with the progress the years bring..but 5 minutes without power in this heat seems like ages!! Hope you get daily showers for awhile. PLEASE....keep us posted on the smoke you see, and news on Alcoa area if you hear anything. Glad you are okay. Hope Greta and Carol are okay, too.

Libby, Libby, Libby!! I hope Ernesto can serve you well with the rain. I know you can handle the wind. If you need me...I'm serious...I'll send hubby there with semi and van and evacuate you! I promise. I just hope you get some rain. When one part of the nation suffers, we all are affected in some way. The TX cattle had a hard time last winter...I hate the summer they are having now.

Tammy, I hope you get some rain. I know it is too late for the crops but rain can help with your water levels. A LOT of rain..the kind that soaks in like Libby said. Like I said earlier, this has to be one of the craziest years in regards to weather. Some areas last winter didn't get their usual amount of snow where others flooded due to the huge snow melts.

I wonder if Sally had her cataract surgery yet? I think she was scheduled last month. Hope you are okay, girl!

Sure glad to hear from so many of you! Miss you terribly. The Nesters Nest FB site is a blessing for us to stay in touch. So much credit and thanks go to JC (JK, Charles, John, and other aliases), for all the time and hard work he put in setting up that site just for us! Thanks, good Buddy!


Thanks to the Alcoa camera crew for working to replace the camera. Your diligence to make it possible to share in one of natures greatest events is outstanding. Again thanks to Alcoa.


I just saw that almost 2000 people are still without power in the Quad-Cities. That's down from about 4500 right after the storm. We are so lucky in Durant. That generator I mentioned is owned by our power plant and is located right across the alley from me. It took a while for it to come on and then a little longer for our power to come back. It was smoking too at first when it kicked in. We waited and watched and then figured it must be steam from the generator and rain combo. My husband had to ride his bike over to the power plant to see what was going on when we saw the smoke. He came back with a report that there were a lot of workers scrambling around and yelling instructions. He thinks that too was steam from rain getting in where it probably shouldn't. The firetrucks didn't go out so there wasn't a fire. Thank God for that! AND my ice cream didn't melt but I was ready to start chowing down and sharing with anyone who would eat it. See, we ARE lucky, so lucky! I don't know about out by Alcoa how things are. Guess I'm too far away.

It's so good to see so many people chatting again! Like Mindy said, lurkers, all of us. Just give us something exciting like a new camera and we can talk until the cows come home!

Tammy, I, too, hope you get rain. And Oma, northern IL, right? Who else? Ok, everyone. I don't think there is a spot in the country where rain isn't desperately needed. I keep thinking about Greta's first corn crop and she's traveling. Carol, so nice you could meet her and show her around our area.

Ok, I've gone on enough. Dinner time!


That was interesting about the generator. I'm glad you shared that. I didn't realize power companies had them in play like that. Not good being without power and the AC won't run.

The news had a map showing all the active fires around the country. It looked like the U.S. was on fire! Been watching the Olympics so the last news report I got was at 6PM and it was reported that the new OK fire had already taken out 125 homes. So sad. One family has 7 children, no ins and completely burned out. I'm beginning to think this whole country needs a lot of rain.

Michael Phelps just won his 18th gold with 22 total medals and he is only 27!! Unreal!

Goodnight everyone..

Kathryn Mellecker

Well,well....old home week, I guess. I've been to northern IA for a family reunion, and have another in southern IA next weekend. The rain was great! Where we were not bad wind just blessed rain. There was a message on our phone warning this county of storms Saturday, but no damage that I can see.

Several have mentioned the workers up fixing the camera Friday, and yes, I am sure it was hot....but OH WHAT A VIEW! I would go up there in a minute, just ask me! And the camera view from below really does show how large that nest really is. Impressive what 2 birds can do! Thanks Alcoa for making a "home" for all us poor lost eagleholics. We really appreciate it.

Lucille Bingham

Mindy, so nice to read a post from you! We all missed you! Hope you are well and that the weather has been kind to you. So many have suffered so much from all this extraordinary weather! Stay in touch with us eagleholics on Nesters Nest!

Lucille Bingham

Mavis, nice to see a post from you again. I must agree with you about JC. He has done and continues to do a great job for us with Nesters Nest! How great it is that we can still keep in touch throughout the winter until Liberty & Justice begin the restoration of the nest in preparation for the new eaglets!
Looking forward to the live video feed this week! Maybe we will catch a glimpse of L/J/F/H or S! Sure hope so!

Lucille Bingham

Elizabeth, Just read that you lived in Alaska! Where in that state did you live and for how long? That must have been quite an experience. Was it as beautiful and interesting as they say?
Did you get any rain today(Sunday)?
We just had another thunderstorm with some downpours. It seems like it's downpours or no rain at all, no matter where you go. No one seems to be getting the kind of rain that we all need ---- nice steady even rainfall!


Morning all!

The camera isn't coming up for me this morning, just I will have to miss the view of the empty nest. we had a 60% chance of rain yesterday, didn't get a drop.


Happy Monday everyone! Keeping my fingers crossed that the camera comes alive today! One thing I'm sure of is that our eagles are enjoying the cooler weather. Since we're all hoping for one more look at our eagle family, just maybe we will see one of them trying to figure out what to do with that slingshot!


Oh Tammy, I'm so sorry you didn't get rain. I was so hoping you would. Can you believe how close it can get but it's always "right over there?" Praying you will get a steady, all night rain real soon!


Kathryn, two reunions in one month! I love the "catch-ups" with relatives and the good food that always play a major part of reunions. Good to have you back.

Lucille, you are always so upbeat. I like the NN site, too. However, I still check in here as it is 'home'. Much to the dismay of some..I still like to chat here too, as not everyone is on the NN site.

Tammy, I was sure you got some rain yesterday! I was looking at the national radar and thought you were getting wet! Like Libby and Lucille mentioned..you need the slow, soaking in, rain that would last for several days or even weeks. Everything is so dry in your area, and Libby's. It is disappointing to come so close to rain that you can smell it and not get a drop. How are you coming along with your PT?

I've been texting Judith...she is doing fine. Just no taste for food yet and weak. Judith is NOT a weak person, so she is not happy with that part of her recovery! Her animals are so much a part of her and are good therapy...that and being back in her own home!

Can't wait to see the empty nest in live time and to hear the sounds that became music to our ears.

Good morning everyone!


beamg, I'm glad it is getting cooler SOMEWHERE!! I wonder when Mr. John last saw Liberty or Justice. I think he said once that he thought the babes have left. Maybe he is wrong and we will see them once more. That would be so nice.

My son brought me a small bucket of hot peppers that he wants me to put up for him (vinegar/pepper sauce). Whoopee!! It is easy to do so it won't take long.


we were doing our rain dance, to no avail Mavis. Golly it's so sad but the temps (after tomorrow) are going to be low 90s and mid-upper 80s for the rest of this week. What a relief that will be.


I feel for you, Tammy, I really do. I let the pups out this morning and the steam hit me in the face. The air was heavy to breath. I love the winters...I can add clothing. In the summer...you can take it all off (which I don't), and still be burning up!!

A Facebook User

Thank you! Too high off the ground for me...

Elizabeth Rieder

Lucille I did live there 13 months when I was 12yrs old. My dad(who was Reg Army)was stationed there. It was an exciting experience,1947-48. We were on an Island in the Aleutians Chains almost to the International Date Line( You know where the date changes on the Pacific)The Island is called Adak and is a volcanic island with an inactive one on our island and a live one out in the Bering Sea about 20miles from the mouth of our bay.There were no tree,but thick tundra with a great number of flowers, bald eagles and fox and beside the wind, that was just about the inhabitants of the place.We were among the first families to sail up there and our three teachers hired by the Military sailed with us on the ship.The trip took over 6 days of rough sea and a lot of puke,I kid you not. We saw volcanic action billowing in the air, pods of whales riding the waves right beside the ship and to add to the fun if you went out on deck,you had to be tied to the ship by the window. That was because if you fell over board,they would never be able to find you in that 40-50 foot rough sea.There were about 25-30 school age kids in the first group.My teacher had the six,seven and eighth grade kids in one room(total about 17kids).and we sat together and learned a lot. One of the good things about that kind of situp, you had time to do your homework while teacher was working with the other grades. So when school was out, you were free as a bird!
This was just before the Korean war and we had Russian sub coming into our bay so Mother had to have our travel papers and a packed suitcase for each of us ready24/7 and my dad was armed to the teeth with a full round of amo belt and rife,also a handgun all the time. We had orders to evacuate by plane from the small airstrip on the bay side of the mountain if they attacked the island.
I never got to the mainland, Mother had to go by plane to the Army hospital on Anchorage for gall bladder surgery at Christmas. Wish I could have see more of the mainland. All I remember was the mountains that were so high and dropped into the bay at Stewart. That was where they loaded a few of the people off that were stationed there. So yes and no I live in Alaska, but not the mainland.

Elizabeth Rieder

Forgot one thing, Rain??? what is that.LOL


Your still photos are so clear - what type of camera do you use?


Libby, I read your story of Alaska. You sure had a life!! These are stories most all of us only read about. You are good at telling the stories, too! Thanks for that.


Just checking one more time today to see if the camera is live yet. Oh well, maybe tomorrow.

Libby, you should get rain just for being able to tell a good story! Love reading about your life as a Military brat. LOL! Seriously, I hope you get rain soon. Texas must be the driest state right now.

Kathryn I meant to say earlier I was happy to hear you also got rain and no damage. I'm getting ready for a family reunion, too. In Michigan. We're going a different way this time - through WI to visit our son who can't go and then taking the Badger (ferry) across Lake Michigan.

Mavis, I can hear you are jealous of our cooler weather but seriously, handling hot peppers in this heat? Did you get them all done? Just so you know, I'm jealous of YOU in the winter! Seems my feet get cold about Nov and thaw out in April!


Annette Kryske

Aug 6, 6:10 PM. Thank you Alcoa for getting the cameras ready for the next episode of the Davenport Eagles. We all appreciate your help.
We certainly appreciate all you have done so far, as to informing us on what is happening.

Annette Kryske


9:19 AM EDT 8/7

Ok everyone...I am betting that today is the day!!

I am hoping today is the day we get to see the nest again.

Libby, I saw where TX had some really rough storms yesterday near Krum, TX. I know that was about 300 miles east of you but wondered if you got some rain, too. I hope so.

Beamg, you are right about cold feet. If my feet are cold when I go to bed..there is NO sleep. I don't know why that is but it is true for me. Socks come on in the winter time as I like to keep the room cold at night. However, it doesn't happen that often in FL.


Got a question for those from Iowa. As I was driving home from work, I saw a sign advertising the Iowa picnic (110th Annual picnic) here in Long Beach, CA. I was reminded that in Long Beach's history, many folks from Iowa settled in Long Beach and called it Iowa by the Sea. Do any of you have a connection to Long Beach? http://historylosangeles.blogspot.com/2010/08/iowa-picnics-long-beach-and-elsewhere.html


7:51 PM EDT 8/6

I think it is safe to assume that I lost that bet!! I just had a feeling that it would be today that we would see the nest again. Mr. John...honest...I am in NO HURRY. Not at all. I just had that feeling is all.

Hope some of you got some of that much needed rain today. Fall/Winter can't come fast enough for me.

Nesters Nest now has over 50 members. JC has done a terrific job keeping our group together. Even Judith told me today that when she feels better, she is going to take the plunge and join FB so she can keep up with the gang. If any of you want to join in....just send a "friend request" to FB's Nesters Nest!

Goodnight everyone!


yay! nice shot of the nest too. thanks for the update :)

Mary Pat

Thanks for all involved in getting the new camera installed. And a special thanks to everyone involved in the eagle project. Can not wait til the camera is up even though it will be empty.
Mary Pat - Adamstown, MD

Charles Kinsey

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