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August 26, 2012


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Lucille Bingham

Mr. John, Thank you so much for the update. We all were wondering what was happening with the camera. We surely miss seeing "Our Babies" but realize we may never see them again. Even though so many of us are still communicating on our facebook pages, we still are anxiously awaiting the live video, even if it means just looking at "The Empty Nest." We also are hoping to catch a glimpse of Liberty or Justice. That would help ease our Empty Nest Sydrome. Hope you are doing well and have survived okay through all of the past inclement weather. Any word on the possibilty of T-shirts soon?

Sue Pagels

It certainly was a wonderful experience and so happy all three survived and did well and moved out on their own. Thanks Alcoa!


Thank you for the update, Mr. John. As Lucille said, even if there's nothing to see, we want to be able to see it. LOL Do you see the eaglets around at all?

Carol C

That is great Mr. John. I hope everything goes good for you. It has to be stressful at times. Thanks for the update.

Donna Lambert

I am thankful just to be able to see Liberty and Justice's children be fore they left the nest. Hopefully we will be able to see more of them. You guys are great.


Oh, it would be so wonderful to see that nest again! Hope it all goes well, Mr. John. We're ALL rooting for you.

Judith, so good to see a post from you! Hope you are improving daily. Also good to see a few posts here where it's been pretty quiet.

Evelyn Dorothy

We were on the river a week ago and saw at one time 4 eagles flying. They weren't close enough to see if it was Libery and/or Justice. So good to see them flying in the Alcoa area.

B Thomas

Can you see the 'babies'?
Just wondering how the offspring are doing if they are around or have totally left the area?
I do miss seeing them. Have a great day and thank you for this opportunity to watch these wonderful eagles.

D Miller

Any news on teeshirts

Raptures are Awesome

Thanks for the update Mr. John!

Annette Kryske

My son & daughter inlaw,were
visiting last week in Iowa, & stopped in Davenport, & lo & behold there flying about 1 mile from Alcoa were Liberty,Faith,Hope & Spirit flying over head!!.My son tried to take a pic,& called me immediately all excited.Now that is news!!!!!
Annette Kryske

Lucille Bingham

Annette, If indeed it was Our Eagle Family, that sure is great news!!! That means all three babies are staying together yet. That is awesome!!! You said your son tried to take a pic, was he at all successful?
Thanks for sharing this news with us! Did you post it on Nesters Nest yet?


Thanks Mr. John for the update! Im excited for the Tshirts when you get the chance!

Lucille Bingham

Judith, I see you posted on the last thread. Hope you are steadily improving every day. I think about you, and of course, your canine family often. My continued prayers go out to you all.
Have you given more thought to joining us on Nesters Nest. I'm sure everyone will be so glad to read your posts and find out how you all are doing. Keep in touch with us.


thanks for the update!

Carol C

I drove over to Alcoa & I think I saw the 3 juvies soaring over Alcoa & then over me. I tryed to take a photo but it was too sunny & I couldn't see good enough. Carol

Lucille Bingham

Carol, As I looked at the photo of the Alcoa Eagle Tree you posted, I saw three dark spots that I thought might be "Our Babies." Probably just wishful thinking, but maybe not!


Carol, so glad you checked and then reported here. I really hope it was our 3 you saw! That's more action than we've seen or heard of in a while.

Judith Hart

With winter well on it's way, maybe we should switch over to overcoats instead of t-shirts, might also consider some large mugs for hot chocolate, cider, or my favorite hot toddy.

Hi everyone....just thought I'd try to stir up a little conversation....(or trouble)...
....Anyone see Clint Eastwood the other night?....Now that was hilarious!


Hi Judy!! I always love your posts! I really like the mug idea. I thought about having a few mugs made using some screen shots I saved. I especially like good, heavy, mugs for that winter time hot brew.

Clint Eastwood!! HE was terrific IMO. He is such an iconic figure and has always kept pretty much a low profile. I figure for him to come out and make a statement...it was worth listening to. I thought he did a wonderful job and it was SOOOO good to just see him again. He is older now and even a bit frail...but I think he earned more respect than what he got from some of the cable channels. He faltered a bit but that did not bother me one iota. I falter, too, at times and Eastwood is a lot older than me. We will all get there one day if we haven't yet...and if we live long enough. That doesn't mean we should be ignored as irrelevant and made fun of. Eastwood is a bigger man in my book because of his gutsy appearance. He just "made my day"!

A couple of posters report possible sightings of our babes. Maybe...just maybe we will get a glimpse of them one more time if the camera ever comes back up.


Happy Labor Day Mr. John!! AND...the same
to all of Alcoa and friends of this site!

Kathryn Mellecker

It is indeed Labor Day, a day set aside to honor all the workers of the nation. American workers are the worlds best, they prove that together we can do anything. I say enough of the "yours" and "mine" let's concentrate on "ours" starting with a great idea called America. WE have to stay together to keep America strong!

Lucille Bingham

Love your thoughts, Kathryn!
Let's give thanks for the dedicated American Workers who are not afraid to give more than 100% of themselves to their jobs and are very proud of what they do!
We should show them our support by purchasing their products whenever we can!


Just checking to see.........nope, not yet. No news about t-shirts either. Someday soon let's hope.

Ruth MacLeod

------------new thread--------------------

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