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August 09, 2012


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Raptures are Awesome

It's a great time to put the new camera in and get the bugs worked out.

Our Cooper's Hawks juveniles successfully fledged shortly after our eaglets did and have been up to all sorts of antics in the neighorhood - perching on porches and hand railings, squatting on sidewalks under lawn sprinklers and laying in birdbaths. Am sure our Alcoa eaglets are up to their own antics in hunting, flying and perfecting the skills necessary to be self sufficient.

Am really looking forward to the fall season with Justice and Liberty and the new camera.

Thanks so much for the updates and photos.

Charles Kinsey

Thanks for the update Mr. John. We all know about Murphy's Law and understand.
This is just a minor inconvenience for us but I'm sure a major one for you and Alcoa.

We realize there is a lot of expense and utilization of manpower to maintain this project and we're all grateful to Alcoa, you and everyone involved .

The numerous Alcoa EagleCam fans will be here for however long it takes. We won't start getting too impatient til we know there are some new Eagle eggs in the nest !

Carol C

Thanks for the update. Can't wait til it gets up & running.


We aren't going anywhere, Mr. John. Take your time and get er done right. Thanks for the update as I probably would have had that "feeling" again tomorrow!!


We'll be patient. The update is much appreciated. I miss the whole experience.

Mary Darlene Horner

Thanks for the update~
Loved watching the little ones. Hope next year the same from ya alls~~

Carolyn Groves

Thanks so much for the updates! Maybe you can pass on a word to Yadkin about updates? It would be greatly appreciated if we knew that the ospreycam would be up and running again. Thanks again for all your efforts!

Beth in AZ

Can't wait till next spring when we can watch Liberty and Justice on the new camera.


I'm glad the cam gave out when it did. When all the kids were pretty much gone and the nest was pretty empty.


Hello. Gosh I miss watching the eaglets. Any information on the T-shirts? Thanks for all your hard work and dedication.


thanks for the update!

Darlene Nichols

Judith...........someone suggested that the best way to reach you is through this site............I haven't commented much over the months but I've follwed the eaglets and everone's posts and know you had some serious health issues. I hope all the medical procedures you've experienced in the past weeks put you on the road to a renewed vigor and restore your quality of life and good feelings. Being surrounded by all the love from your dogs and the good wishes being sent to you from your "eagle" friends will hopefully fill the air with good vibes.


Mr. John!!! You gotta see this! I mean...you gotta see this!!

Mindy made a slide show of our babies! It is awesome and you've got to see it.

I hope this works:


If it doesn't...go to Nesters Nest on FB and it will work there. It is on Mindy's page too.

She, (and the rest of us) would love pictures of Liberty during the storm. Can you post some for us? Please?!

Go see Mindy's slide show...EVERYBODY...go see Mindy's slide show...it will warm your heart, make you smile, make you cry, and make you want them back!! Really good!

THANK YOU MINDY!! You really got er done with this one!

Lucille Bingham

Mavis, I just have to echo your words ----
the slide show "will warm your heart, make you smile, make you cry, and make you want them back!" You are sooooo right because it surely did all those things to me!!!!
All Eagleholics: You have to watch it!


Mavis, thanks so much for posting the link to Mindy's slide show!

Mindy, the slide show is awesome! Made me smile, shed a tear or two and want those precious little eaglets back - good memories. Sure am glad we got to see all 3 reach the point of being able to survive on their own or we would still be on pins and needles about them.

I've been on vacation to a family reunion for a week and now have lots to catch up on both here and on NN AND around the house. While I was hoping the cam would be operational once again, I would just be here watching an empty nest getting nothing accomplished so it's all good.

Mindy Gibson Frey

Did ya'll get a close look at frame #5? Look closely.... head down, butt up... I caught it right before Trey/Spirit did the deed! :)


Mindy...you always captured the PS when you could!!


Well, it is Friday, Aug 17th and I was kinda looking for an update. Guess there is not much to report.

I did see Obama was speaking in Davenport this week. I hope Liberty and Justice did a fly by and he got to see our Alcoa parents.

Hope everyone enjoys a nice weekend. For our school children, it is the last weekend before school starts. Stay safe everyone.

K Humber

I was wondering what the status is on the T shirts?

DJ Lambert

Still waiting.... :(

Lucille Bingham

Missing the empty nest and like all Alcoa Eagle Fans I am anxiously awaiting any news of "Our Birds" and possible T-shirts!


10:30 am Just checking once again. Keep wishing for news on the T-shirts, too. And that the cam will be showing that empty nest. Wonder if that slingshot is still there?


I hope all our eagles flew over Obama and let out a nice large eagle poop.

Bobby Logan

C'mon, guys... it's been a very long time ! Let's get this camera working!


Ref: post #23

Whoa!! JC...the "other you" is coming out!! OMG!!

Mr. John, JC is going through major withdrawal...you've got to get that nest back up before he loses it entirely!!

On second thought...is this our JC...or Jack C...or someone NEW?!! Will the real JC stand up?!!


How unkind post no. 23. You shamed this site by dumping your own poop on everyone here. That is not what this site is about. It truely lacks dignity for the people of Alcoa for you to use their site to do that. How unkind.That is a wonderful thank you whoever you are to do that to Alcoa. Shame on you.


Very well said Iris! Regardless of our political views, this is not the place to express those views.

Judith Hart

Calm down everyone....what we all need is a working camera!
Honestly, post 23 gave me a chuckle.
We still have "Freedom of Speech"....I think?

Oma Kyle

I agree about the working camera, Judith. However, I do not believe that it is appropriate to make derogatory comments about our president on this site. Yes, we do have 'freedom of speech' in this country, but we should be selective on where we choose to use it and this Alcoa forum is not the place, IMO. Don't get me wrong, as many members of the Nester's Nest Site already know...the 'man' will not be getting my vote in November!

Judith Hart

Oma, It may have been written by a kid thinking they were being funny, and it was funny. I have to admit I thought the same thing but wouldn't have written it here.

I am not a believer of "Political Correctness"....and found the following quote.

Political Correctness doesn't change us, it shuts us up.


ON ANOTHER NOTE: I heard the Mississppi River is at an all time low and that makes for great fishing!! 100 lb catfish have been caught out of that river recently! I hope our babes are getting a lot of fishing experience and eating well.

Another note: We have had more posts this morning than we have had in a week!! We definitely need our nest back!!

Judith, so glad you are posting again...it has been a long time. I missed you on here. Iris..I always love and respect what you post. Oma, glad to see you and beamg back too! Now just where has that Rodj been? Jack...we need BROWNIES...get that pony express going a little faster!


Judith Hart


Oma Kyle

Judith, while i believe that we can both agree that Political Correctness or PC has gone a bit overboard since coming into fashion in the early 90's, I don't think that this is the case here. My feeling is that it's more an issue of demonstrating good manners towards Alcoa, who is our host on this website. I was taught that a good guest should never intentionally cause controversy or seek to embarrass one's host as this poster has done. ' JC' is not a child, but rather a very sophisticated adult who has intentionally taken that 'handle' in order to try to pass him or her self off as Charles Kinsley. In order to do this, that person has to have been following these threads on the Alcoa site for some time. I look for other copycat 'handles for other members of our little group to follow....


Great to see the eagles again in their nest. Both there this morning.

Since installing the new camera, the picture gets blurry when enlarging it.
Hoping this is temporary.

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