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September 11, 2012


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Lucille Bingham

Mr. John, Thank you so much for keeping us informed, especially on this very sad & memorable day. We all certainly miss the camera, but understand we have to have patience. We have something hopeful to look forward to later on this month! Glad to see that Mom & Pop were nearby. Too bad you weren't able to get a glimpse of their young. I guess they might have left the area for good, but we all are still hoping to see them once again.

Jo Ann

I was visiting my sister in Bettendorf, and my brother- in -law drove to where he thought we might be able to see the eagles. I am from California and I followed the eagles from the beginning. This was during the week of Sept. 18. Out of the blue, we saw the 3 babies and the mom. I was so blessed. Thank you for all you do.


Thanks for the info John! I found out recently that we have 2 eagle nests nearby my home in PA! One in Greencastle PA and one in Chambersburg PA!

Lucille Bingham

Jo Ann: How lucky to have seen them. It is good to know that they are still hanging around close to the nest. Did you try to take a picture? Did you mean August 18th since Sept 18th hasn't arrived yet?


Jo Ann, I too, am from California. I'm so glad you got to see the family in person. Awesome!

Jo Ann

Oops. Yes, I meant August 18. I forgot my camera, but my husband had his cell phone camera, so we really can't see them very well. I was telling my brother-in-law I have never seen eagles in the wild, ever. So, he drove us over to try and see them on the 19th. We were there for just 5 minutes or so, looking around. And I saw a big, beautiful bird. I said what's that? My brother-in-law said "that's one of them" Then one more flew and another one. The mother or father was flying above them. My brother-in-law said they were trying to catch a wind draft. I think it was a miracle. I just couldn't believe it. It is a memory I will never forget. We went back a couple of more times, but we didn't see them anymore. I called my 84 year old mother-in-law in CA. and told her about it. She loves the eagles and got alot of enjoyment out of them. Thanks so much for everything. You don't know how many people have been blessed by these beautiful birds.

Cindy Munger

I didn't think they left the area yet. Usually, they hang around for quite a while. Although they don't frequent the nest very often. I do hope we get a peek soon, and I can't wait for the t-shirts. I ordered one from the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center and it came while I was on vacation. I wear the home of Phoenix proudly and will do the same for the Alcoa Eagle nest too when we get the details. I get excited every time someone asks me about it.

Lucille Bingham

Jo Ann, That must have been a magical moment! Too bad you weren't able to get a good picture, but at least you saw Our Juvies! Lucky you!


Thanks for the update on Liberty & Justice.
Has anyone seen Faith, Hope or Spirit? Can't wait for next Spring to see new ones.

Carol C

So happy u got to see them Jo Ann. Now I know I saw them about a month ago too. All 3 soaring over me. I tryed to take a picture but it was so sunny I couldn't see good enough & all I got was blue sky in my photos. Carol


thank you for the update. I really miss seeing the nest. I am enjoying the alcoa cam in North Carolina. they have turned the camera to the lake area. Glad to hear that you got to see the parents. Look forward to the return of the view from the tree.

Raptures are Awesome

So happy to hear Liberty and Justice news. Thanks!

Diana Neuner

My students are eagerly awaiting their daily "eagle" update.

Charles Kinsey

>>>>>9-21-2012 .......NEW THREAD>>>


The cover is great!

Suzette Heeres

Someone recently twitted that the cameral doesn't seem as nice as the old one. I have to admit that when I try to view FULL SCREEN as I usually do the picture does not seem like it is in focus. It's very fuzzy or pixelated. I hope something can be done to fix that before the Eaglets are born.

Evelyn Wangari

Thanks a lot for update us.

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