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September 21, 2012


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Kyle Carr

They should sell copies of that book for a fund raiser.

Lucille Bingham

Great idea Kyle!

I'd love to purchase one along with the T-shirt we may get to buy when it is created.

Mr. John, Thanks for the update and for sharing this book cover with us. What a wonderful experience this site has offered to so many around the globe!

Alcoa & Mr. John you are the BEST!

Carol C

What a cute cover. It would be great to see the book!! How cool is that!! Can;t wait for the camera to come on. They should be starting to nesterize pretty soon. Carol


They should sell copies-I agree--Like to have their email address


That is so sweet and your right Kyle I sure would buy a copy or 2


Mr. John,
Thanks for all you have done!! This book is wonderful result of Alcoa's sharing their eagles with the world!! Our students enjoyed this awesome adventure, and already look forward to next year!

Mrs. Judy Gonzales

Awesome, So Proud of our Oilton Elementary Students and Staff and especially our school Nurse Margie Flores who made a big difference with the adventures of the monitoring of the Eagles Progress!!!!Way to Go OES!!!!!!!!!!!! Memories of a Life Time!!!


Oh that is so precious. I 'D BUY IT TOO. My sweet grandchildren tug at me every time I see them. "When? Where? Can we see the eagles. They are aware of the workers too.


Wow! What a thrill to see the nest again. It may be an empty nest but, oh, thank you for all your efforts! I can't thank you enough!!

jim Tebockhorst, Colorado

Looks like someone's been busy tidying up and rebuilding the nest! Great to have camera back!

Cindy Munger

They have done alot of work. Which also means the juvies aren't around the nest. The parents wouldn't let them mess up all that work.
Nice work. It looks great.

Mindy Gibson Frey

Well Hello nest!! It looks fantastic... Liberty and Justice have been hard at work. They hopefully are getting ready for another clutch of eggs in a few months! I have already started thinking about nicknames for the new fuzzballs! I wonder if we will be lucky enough to witness another 3 eaglets? I dont know if I can take it again when they pick on the last hatched... I about didnt make it last time. Thanks Mr. John for the new camera... this is going to be soooooooo great!!!

Lucille Bingham

How great it is to see the nest again, even if it is empty. It looks so clean & well put together. Gives us all something to look forward to with the hatching of new babies come springtime. Again & again, we thank you so very much, Alcoa & Mr. John. Now we are waiting for word on the T-shirts. We also would love a peek at the book the kindergarten class put together in honor of "Our Eagles." The cover is adorable! It would be great if it could be reproduced and sold as a fund raiser for Eagle Rescue & Rehabilitation! I think it was Kyle who first mentioned the idea. Great idea! I believe all of us who followed this adventure would be willing to purchase a copy as a keepsake.


I agree with Mindy -- about worrying over the pecking order. But Liberty and Justice turned out to be exemplary parents! I'm looking forward to the next nesting season, too!

Elizabeth Rieder

Wow what a difference! don't think the three amigos are around to tramp down this nest.Justice and Liberty are building up the walls and even adding a little hay to the center. The picture is crystal clear and pulled back a bit which is nice. I guess the eaglets are on their way, the mom and dad are thinking new babies. Hope they do the winter ok and can have a good start to the new family. Thanks Mr John for the sparkle new camera view and all the trouble you and Alcoa have gone to give us this view. We will all be right here to welcome the new babies and tell everyone about them. And so life goes on.It is a great thing.

Carol Issem

So glad I checked today - love seeing the nest live again. Looks like the parents have done a lot of work on it. What a great camera, the picture is so sharp and clear. Thanks to all involved in setting up the new camera and allowing us to visit this eagle family!!!


Today, 9/27 at 6:50 a.m. one of the parents arrive on nest. Moved sticks. :)


AND at 6:53 a.m. the second parent arrived. BOTH on nest now.


Flying off at 7:05 a.m. How nice to start my first look at the nest for the new season.
Thank you, Alcoa. Cam/pic is great this year.

Elizabeth Rieder

7AM Early Morning visit with both in the nest ,leaving then returning a couple times.Looks like they are still doing some repairs to the nest.


7:20 a.m. nest time... again, both at nest for some time now.

Dee Kimmel 6

The cam looks great!! Are we going to have sound?


The camera is back on. Now all we need are the Eagles. Good days ahead.

Thanks a lot

Darlene Nichols

The new camera is oustanding ! Picture clarity is so sharp it's like being there and peeking down from a higher branch. Thank you John and all the folks at Alcoa who give us this wonderful gift. Being able to share in this wonderful yet everyday event in nature is humbling and so exciting................THANK YOU !


I can only echo everyone's comments! WOW! So exciting to have the camera back on. I missed seeing the parents but have a feeling now I'm going to have to stay tuned much more. Thanks Mr. John and Alcoa from all of us! Now for the sound and t-shirts. No pressure, just a comment and a wish.


Woot Woot!!! Great to see cam back on !!!! Looking forward to the next generation:) Thanks Alcoa!!!


OMG!! So good to see the nest. Boy has it been a long summer without our eagle family. It looks as though Lib and Jus did some nestorations while we were all waiting for the camera to come back online.

Annette Kryske

3:45 pm PDT. Each day I checked to see if all is going well & finally the camera honed in on the nest. How exciting that was!!!Now I read that Liberty & Justice have been getting the nest ready. Am so happy!!!You made this 84 year old mother & grandmother very happy. I will wait patiently until around April or May,& then hopefully action will start.Thanks you all at Alcoa& the camera crew.
Annette Kryske


Back on line ! Just for ducks I checked in before beddy bye and there it was, even though in darkness ,I was thrilled. Love to buy the kids book as a reminder of what children are learning in there wonderful school. Thank you everyone for coming back on line. Joyce in Pinecrest, Ca.


SOOO excited, saw both in the nest this morning :)


Thanks Alcoa for getting the camera back up. The picture is great and looks like the nest is ready. I have already seen Liberty and Justice in the nest.

Kathryn Mellecker

Thanks Alcoa for getting the camera back on line. I haven't personally seen the parents yet, but will be tuning in more frequently.


Thank you Alcoa, Yesterday was a great day for me when I found that not only was the camera was back on the air, Liberty & Justice were working in the nest! This is our window on the Eagle world and I love watching these two as they prepare for a new season and hopefully new little eaglets.
I have recorded some footage of yesterday's activity on the nest for all to enjoy as much as I enjoyed it. It is available at this link:
Use full screen for best viewing impact.
Again, I wish to thank Alcoa for the privilege of watching Liberty and Justice.


I'm so jealous of those of you who have seen one or both parents since the camera came back online! I know they are there, I just haven't seen them. I DO see some beautiful red leaves at the top left. Fall is so pretty!The nest sure looks different than it did when our famous 3 were branching, fledging and the nest was taking a beating.

Carol C

Thanks Carolyn for taping that. It is So great to see the nest again & See how clear the camera is. I can't believe how much they have worked on the nest!! WOW!! I've been over there & never see them darn! Another friend did see them a couple nights ago at 6 pm. That is probably a good time to go. THANK YOU ALCOA!!


8:15 PM EDT..Sept 28th

Ok, Mr. John...you officially ROCK!! You and Alcoa 'done er good'. Talk to us about the new camera. It looks much clearer and maybe slightly magnified but it could be just the angle that gives it the look of magnification. Does it pan or zoom in? I love it! I know we are eagle junkies and you are trying to EASE us back into the nest...but I can handle it...you can hit me with the sound any time now! Hey...I'm just thankful to see the nest again. Thank you and the whole Alcoa crew for all you do. I watched Liberty and Justice a few minutes ago fussing about the nest...what joy that was to see them again. They look terrific!


Carolyn, what an awesome video! Thanks for posting that for us all to enjoy - just the sight I needed since I seem to keep missing them when I check in. NOW I know how the leaves got in the nest - they're still attached to a branch. Don't Liberty and Justice look grand? Like they've had a good rest and all spruced up again!

Mavis, good to see you posting. People have been wondering about you, you know.

We have a fun filled winter ahead of us now that we know we have a great camera. It's going to be here before we now it. I figure the new eggs should be here starting in Feb. 2013. THANKS A MILLION ALCOA!


it's back on! yayyyyyyyyyyyyy ;D
thank youu!

Elizabeth Rieder

Sept 28,10:40pm CST Thanks so much Carolyn for that video,hope the school children get to watch how eagle co-op on repairs to the nest. A big Thanks to Alcoa for another year and the new camera.IT does not take much to please and excite us, just to watch Liberty trying to decide where to place a stick in the nest is entertaining. She is so funny,picking up a stick,placing it and standing there with her head cock looking a t that stick like it is a picture on the wall.They have woven the sticks together in a wall that look great and hopefully will hold the kids until they are ready to leave.

Elizabeth Rieder

Annette go to post 33 and click on the link that Carolyn has to see Liberty and Justice working on the nest. It is so cute how Liberty places the stick and studies them and then places them again some where else. They are bringing lots of sticks to the nest and it look strong.


oh my, forgot how much I missed seeing the nest.


was good to see the Eagles the other day :)


Hmmm it looks like maybe the camera is back up? Or is that a still shot? I will have to stare at it awhile I guess :) I've missed the Eaglecam! Liberty & Justice must be shoring the nest back up for another busy year, we shall see. Eagleholics, I'm sure yall are still out there! x0x0x


One of the parents is on the nest and has been for some time. Lovely view for a Sunday Morning. 7:36 nest time.

Kathryn Mellecker

I will guess it is Justice on the nest this morning.


Saw both eagles this AM,, Looked black and white so it was early


It's so good to see the nest again, and it looks so clear and sharp. Thank you Alcoa and all who worked on the cam, etc. I've seen both parents on the nest already. So exciting to see them again! Will there be sound on the camera this year?


That Liberty is a most beautiful Bald Eagle! She is fixing things up and looks so lovely.


6:39 am CDT and I have the split screens up, hoping to see Liberty and/or Justice this morning. Not even light yet and here I am. Anyone else out there tuned in? I only see shades of gray right now.


WOOOO HOOOO! PARENT ON NEST 6:48AM CDT! What a beautiful sight! I honestly can't tell which one it is. Oh, the camera just changed to color. Wow oh wow!


6:52am CDT now both are there! And one jumps up to The Limb - just beautiful! This has made my day.

Oma Kyle

Carolyn, thank you so much for taking the time to record and post the footage of Liberty and Justice on the nest! I enjoyed watching it this morning and would have missed it without your efforts....


Wow the color and sharpness of the new camera is awesome! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!


One of the parents working on the nest at 4:45 PM PST


Both parents on nest at 6:50 nest time this morning. :-)


Lib and Justice really have the nest looking nice. Thanks to the person who posted the video on YouTube of Lib and Jus fixin' up the nest.

I love you Alcoa!!!!!


woo hoo...the camera is back :)will check early in the morning to see if I can spot L/J... Thank you Alcoa the camera looks great !!

Kathryn Mellecker

Today is the first time I have seen the new night vision. Very sharp picture, thanks Alcoa.

Sally Glowicki

I have not been getting sound. Do we have sound yet? This will be the first order of the day for me now...to checkout L & J. Won't it be great if all goes as well as last year's family? Thanks Alcoa!


GOOD MORNING Eagle family! hope everyone had a great summer. Mine was very busy. We are at peak leaf color now here in Ohio. The weather is teasing us with mid 70's, but, Fall temps. are right around the corner. I hope this finds you all well. Thank you Mr. John, and Alcoa for the beautiful camera. It is so nice during those cold dark winter days to have the anticipation of new life on the nest! It's exciting to hear that some of you have seen Liberty and Justice. Great to see familiar friends still here as well. As Mindy said, another nerve wracking year ahead with those little fuzzies! We will all be collectively holding our breaths again!


At 4:11 pm, AZ time we have a parent on the nest :)

Ruth MacLeod

Good to see the nest from Barcelona, Spain. Enjoyed Carolyn's video from a few days ago as well.Ru


I see the nest! How exciting!


Well I am blessed, 4:34 pm AZ time L/J on the nest, must have missed a branch drop by the other as now l/j has spent the last couple of minutes arranging the leafy branch it just so :)


OH MY 4:52pm AZ time, both Liberty and Justice on the nest.. STICK FIGHT too funny


well, its 5pm AZ time, both still in the nest and are still moving things around, kind of hard to tell who's in charge here... the one trying to peck the other in no doubt Liberty but they really look like the same size this year (camera angle?) well I must go, hope someone else got to see them with the sticks


8pm both eagles in nest. :)


What a great day at our favorite nest! Liberty and Justice provided us some evening entertainment. A perfect way to close out the day. I do hope we will have sound this season. There's nothing that can compare to the beautiful music of our eagles communicating with each other. I have uploaded two videos of the evening activities at the nest. Hope you enjoy them.
The 1st is called "Billing and Cooing".


The 2nd is Work, Work, Work.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r3-eR1Sv6e4&feature=plcp .
Can't wait until tomorrow! Thanks Alcoa!


6:40 a.m./nest time Both parents on the nest.


Carolyn, thank you for the vids.


It's 8:25 a.m, what a beautiful way to start the day....I see one of our Eagles on the nest!

Lucille Bingham

Mr. John, We all appreciate the new camera very much, but we miss your special update reports! Been wondering where & how you are. Are you okay? Maybe you are on a much needed vacation. Hope so! All of us are really enjoying the view from the camera. Every now & then we get to see Liberty and/or Justice fussing with the nest. They certainly are doing a fine job getting it ready for their new family. We all can't wait to begin the vigil of waiting for the hatchings! Looking forward to the new season. Any word on the T-shirts and the possibility of purchasing a copy of the book the elementary school children put together in honor of Our Family of Alcoa Eagles? Wouldn't that be a great fundraiser for Eagle Rescue & Rehabilitation?

Lucille Bingham

Carolyn, thank you for the great videos. It is so nice that some of Our Family is able to capture these wonderful moments and share them with all of us! Thank you again!

Kathryn Mellecker

Thank you Carolyn for the videos and thanks again and always for the new camera, Alcoa. Sadly, I researched the Norfolk Gardens eagle site, and the nest is gone. The site gives the reason of too much interaction between Eagles and Airplanes. But taking down the garden old and new nests is NOT going to change where the eagles fish, and I think that is where they have been interacting with the planes. Alcoa, thanks for protecting this pair, and please keep up the good work. We who spend way too much time "in" the eagle nest, really do appreciate what you do.

Elizabeth Rieder

Kathryn that is almost laughable that Norfork figured that about the eagles. Other questions comes to mind.Remembering how Liberty and Justice brought water fowl to the nest for the babies? Those eagles were in danger of connecting with a plane because they were no doubt hunting for water fowl and found themselves in the path of a plane. So what does the airport do? Build retention ponds(water&
native grasses) at the end of the runway,quack quack,all over the place. The eagles will still follow those water fowl, no matter where they have a nest.You have that right and the people of Norfolk will lose this battle.

Kathryn Mellecker

Yes, I agree, the city did not use good judgement, but they were under pressure from the FAA and other agencies to stop the plane/eagle interactions before a plane was brought down. There is water all over the place in and around Norfolk, VA and that is why the eagles are there in the first place. The city did what they could to stop the problem, unfortunately it may not be the right thing for either the eagles or the airport.

Lucille Bingham

Kathryn, I'd like to echo your words!
I now am worried about what those eagles will do without their already established nests. Hope they don't get too frustrated about what has taken place in the name of saving them and the airport from a disastrous situation.


Eagles on the nest at 4:46 pm CDT. Resting after a long day of fishing maybe. The nesting instinct seems to be getting stronger for Liberty & Justice. I 'm loving every moment!

Charles Kinsey

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What eagle is in the nest this morning at 9:50 eastern time. the head and tail are partially black???

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