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September 04, 2012


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Mr. John, excited about the news!! I'm sure the internet will light up when the shirts are revealed. But I think the biggest light up will be to glimpse our nest once again. Gosh, I really miss the sounds the surround the nest! Seems silly when all one has to do is step outside and just listen...but it is never quite the same as the "home" sound of the nest. Who would have thought that that the one lone tree along the Mississippi would have such a powerful pull on so many people.

Well, I gotta say, I missed you. I Know that often there is very little to report,but it is nice to know that with the pace the world travels right now, you still take the time to drop by and say "hello"! It is exciting to see the number of people that respond from all over when you give an update!! Goes to show that this place is really special for so many!!


Still here! It'll be nice to see the nest again and I want to order t-shirts too!


thank you for the update. I was one of the lucky ones to see the camera working for a short time. the color was amazing, the nest looked so much better than the old camera. a much sharper picture. look forward to seeing it, the nest again.


Thanks for the update, I am looking forward to seeing the nest with the new camera and very excited about the Tshirts! Have a good day!


Enjoyed watching the eaglets grow up so much; I pray all three are doing well. Will be checking this site for the updates. Thanks Alcoa.

Lucille Bingham

Mr. John, Thank you so much for the update! We so look forward to your reports, even if there is little to report. This is great news now!!! Can't wait for the T-shirts to be available and of course, anxiously awaiting a peek at the nest! Maybe we will be lucky and get to see Liberty or Justice fixing it up. Maybe "Our Babies" will pay a visit to their home once again and we will be able to catch a glimpse of them once more! Wishful thinking, I know, but there is nothing wrong with that. Is there? Hope you & the Alcoa staff are surviving well through all of the bad weather conditions.
I also would like to echo Mavis' very appropriate words. As usual, she knows exactly what to say!

Sandra Shultz

Thank you ~miss your site~can hardly until you have it up and running again. A great way to start my day!

Pam Carmin

Mr.John it is great to hear from you once again. It will be great to see our nest and remember the good times we had watching. I am also glad to hear about the t-shirts , I can hardly wait. You have been just wonderful to all of us. Thank you


My grand kids stopped by for dinner and right away they wanted to see the eagles. They ask all the time. I will be so happy to share a glimpse of the nest with them!! It is a huge blessing to be able to have both..grand children AND the Alcoa eagles!


Thanks for another update and good luck with the fix, Mr. John! Another storm came through last night so I'm hoping that doesn't cause another setback. 1 and 1/2 inches of rain at my house with thunder, lightening and wind; limbs and leaves all over my yard. We welcome the rain, as late as it is for the season, but the wicked part could just stay away. Can't wait until we see what's offered in the way of t-shirts, etc!

Carol C

Thanks for the up date. I saw one sitting in the tree top Monday. Mom or Dad. Can't wait to see the t shirts.

Darlene Nichols

....am also looking forward to the camera being operational again. I had "teaser" glimpse from it when it was working, too, and can't wait to get back to staring at the empty nest (isn't that pitiful?). Also excited about the T-shirts........thanks for keeping us informed


Hello all: This has been a lesson in patience waiting to see our eagles again. One sure way to cure an addiction is take away the offending agent. In this case, the eagle cam! Man, am I ever ready, willing, and able to become addicted to EAGLES when that cam comes back online.

Peace, out


Chase Community Giving.


Has everyone voted for your favorite charity? I know some of you remember the little Golden eagle that managed to survive being burned very badly in a Utah fire. His name was/is Phoenix. He is at Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Northern Utah...Aka WRCNU. They are a great group of people DEDICATED to wildlife rehabilitation and educating the public on wildlife issues.
Please help them out by voting for them so that they can take care of all animals that have a chance at being returned to their natural habitat. Currently, they have many birds including raptors like Liberty and Justice, and Phoenix and Echo and....and... There are so many. They need your help. Voting only takes a few minutes and can be done at the link above or below. It costs you nothing but a few minutes of your time, and could make a world of difference for a raptor. The name is WRCNU...Put that in the search and follow the directions. Look for the green VOTE button. That's all there is to it. Phoenix and I thank you !!

Chase Community Giving



It only takes a few seconds to vote for this worthy cause.

Thanks Again !!! Cindy

Cindy Munger

For those of you that followed the Utah fire season, here is the link to the Golden eagle found badly burned and his progress...


Charles Kinsey

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