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October 17, 2012


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Kathryn Mellecker

Thank you for the update, and yes I agree the "visitor" in the nest was certainly more than 2 1/2 years old. One of the regulars, Carol has seen another eagle nest on an island in the Rock River, and that nest may have been there for a while. Eagles are making a spectacular comeback thanks to efforts of companies like Alcoa and now millions of people across America who have gotten to know these magnificent birds and love them.
And thanks for the update on the sound. We true eagleholics are perhaps a hard bunch to please, but all of us greatly appreciate the efforts of the people and staff at Alcoa.


Thank You ALCOA :) we are a winey bunch aren't we ?(no sound, refreshing every 15 minutes) Loved watching the juvenile this morning, thanks for clearing up that the juevie could not be offsring (from this nest anyway) really didnt think L/J would allow that and really dont want to see what happens if the find the juvie that ate and poo'd in their home.

Carol C

I got it to work. YEA!! Thanks for the update. Carolyn thanks for the video of the juvie. Last year there was one in the nest too. It didn't have any white yet. I wonder if it's the same one. We have other eagles here, especially across the river in Hampton by the lock & dam 14. It's pouring down rain now at 6:45 so maybe that's why nobody is home.


Mr. John, your update was full of good information. This is the first time I have read about the 15 minute timeout and smart on Aloca's part. Good to know. The first few times this happened to me at the start of last March, I thought it was my computer and kept restarting the computer. Then I thought it was my provider. Never really knew for sure but when I saw others had the problem...well, some of us thought maybe it was Mediacom. Thanks for clearing that up! I think we all appreciate the efficiencies of all our business leaders. I appreciate all Alcoa does to bring into my home the sharing of this remarkable eagle family that has given me so much joy. You have spoiled us, Mr. John...you have raised the bar high with the standards you have set for us. I believe the millions of people who view this site and got to know you, have to agree.

Thank you for the update!

Lucille Bingham

Mavis, Just read your post from 8:00pm Wed. and I have to echo your words. But I also must add my own thank you to Alcoa & Mr. John for all that you do to make this such a wonderful experience. This site has brought so much pleasure & joy to so many around the globe and has brought so many people together in such a great way. We all share a deep respect for Mother Nature and each other and we certainly appreciate all that you have done to enrich our lives through this awesome site! Thank you all again and again!!!!


Good morning all. So good to see the posts picking up and it's not even egg time yet!

Mr. John, thanks from me too for the updates and the work you do for us.

6:48 AM and both L & J have just arrived in the nest and are moving things around. Wonder if the juvie (Spunky?) will show up today? I like that name Spunky - seems to fit! Camera is still in night vision color. I'm in split screen mode and it brings back memories of all that I've learned about computers in addition to learning about eagles.

Have a great day everyone and happy viewing again.

Lucille Bingham

Good Morning Eagleholics; 8:20am est and Libery or Jutice is in the nest. Looks like she/he is standing guard looking for yesterday's intruder. Wonder if the juvie will return.
beamg, love the name, Spunky! Have a great day everyone!

Lucille Bingham

Oh no, too early for me to post. Too many typos. Please ignore them and enjoy the nest today!


Thanks so much for the update. So happy just to be be to watch again! You are doing a wonderful thing for people who couldn't get to see these magnificent birds other than like this. It has thrilled me to be able to do this. I also enjoy the N.C. osprey camera. You are appreciated!


You could output this to UStream and let them handle the load and expense. Of course I suggested that last year too. Decorah did that and went from 10 people be able to veiw to 270,000 watching at one time

John Riches

Thanks again for the thoguht about UStream. We looked at that and decided we did not want to have the commercials. We do not have any limits on the number of people connecting...we just limit the connection time so we know the people connected are actually watching.

Lucille Bingham

Mr. John, Hope you don't change this site. I know we can deal with the limited connection time. This is the best eagle site on the net!!! Most of us love it just the way it is and now with the new camera we have a most perfect picture of the nest and such a clear sharp picture of "Our Majestic Eagles." The only thing we are missing is the sound, but we realize that Alcoa is doing whatever is necessary to get it back! We must be patient. It's just so wonderful to be able to watch Liberty & Justice doing nestorations. We can't thank you & Alcoa for all that you are doing for us faithful viewers. Many thanks to all of you responsible for this awesome experience!

Jackie S

Thank you ALCOA from Buffalo NY. We have a bald eagle named Liberty too. She is a injured non-releasable eagle at a nature preserve and sanctuary down in the southern tier (which is an hour drive from the city). Can't wait until nesting season :)


thank you so much for the update. alcoa has added so much joy to my life watching all the activity in the nest and the site in NC. there is nothing quite like watching mother nature at work. thank you for the info on the young eagle in the nest yesterday. so interesting watching all the activity in the nest in october, cannot wait to see what winter brings. thank you again Mr. John and alcoa.


i am a new watcher. the nest was so busy on wednesday. at one point around 10:30 the juvenile left tnen came back in only a few minutes with a big fish and gobbled it up. soooo interesting. i am delighted with this site and now have it on my big tv screen. i watch all i can. thanks alcoa. this is a good thing. cant wait for sound.


I truly love this website and all the other eagle watchers and the love they bring here. I have learned a great deal being able to watch the eagles every day, and my 4 yr old grandson hears me talk about it so much - he pretends his is an eagle soaring overhead watching its nest. This site is a place to come for education and GOOD stress-free news. John, thank you and Alcoa very much for the learning incentives you've given my grandson and for the happy you've put in my heart.


Will these eagles migrate to warmer climate when it gets really cold there?

Kathryn Mellecker

Judie, these 2 eagles, Liberty and Justice live here all year around. They will start laying eggs in the dead of winter. Eagles from further north do sometimes winter here, there will be a huge number of them on the Mississippi near the nest. But these 2 will defend their home from any intruders.

Jo Ann

I was talking to Annette (my mother-law) and she can't seem to log in to make a comment. Any suggestions? She can see the eagles on the U-stream, but, she can't type any comments. It won't go through. Annette is the wonderful lady who has been married for so many years, made friends with some of you on this comment line, but, now she can't leave her comments. Can anyone help with this? Thank you.


There are a lot of eagle sites out there but this is BY FAR THE BEST!! At least in my opinion! One of the neat things about this site are the updates and care we get from the Alcoa host, Mr. John. There are no commercials, and a great family of eager and devoted eaglewatchers post and support each other with great teaching and learning experiences. Just wait until the eggs start hatching and you will know what I mean!


Jo Ann, I think Elizabeth is having the same problem. I had trouble signing in with Type Pad and finally registered again with them in order to bypass the code, which can be frustrating. I also use Mozilla Firefox as my browser as Explorer sometimes has a mind of its own for me.

I suggest Annette restarts her computer just to clear out the cobwebs...and if she has another browser, to try it. Annette, (and you), post on Nesters Nest and I love y'alls posts. I hope she can get it to work for her....as well as Elizabeth. Maybe someone more computer savvy will help. Be sure and re-post the problem if she fails to get on board and someone will surly help.

You did mention U-stream which would be another site as this site uses Bitgravity and is uploaded through Mediacom. Make sure she is on the right site to comment. I know she is a regular poster here but just make sure she is on the Alcoa site.

Kathryn Mellecker

That happened to me last year, I don't know why I could not post comments, I could read them. Then, after about 2 months it let me back on. I don't know why it quit and have no idea of what made it work again! My computer knowledge is severely limited and I am happy that all works, now. I just haven't a clue as to why it quit or why it started again.

Elizabeth Rieder

Ok Mavis I understand about the code you are talking about. I don't have any hassle.It can be bad at times,but most of the time I get the code right and post. Maybe not as fast as other,but who cares? I am not going any where at the moment.LOL Nest empty at the moment,but looks like some one brought hay for the middle. I may be one of those odd ball people who like to look at the construction of the nest and marvel at the talent of Liberty and Justice in rebuilding that structure.If you don't under stand what I am interested in,look at the nest before Liberty and Justice started their work and look at it now. It is like a comfortable room with little touches that make it a home. Some how with all the moving sticks and logs around Liberty has in her mind an imprint of just the perfect place for her eggs.She has done this before and sure as the season and their good health, they will do it again. That Juvie in the nest? I think it was doing the get ready to mate routine and though he/she had stumbled onto a great nest to claim for mating and eat in.WRONG again.That may be if you did not have Liberty in your face. Who wants to gamble on that fact? I would think not. lol

Don Carmona

I don't know at what age the Eaglets head turns all white but I did see a young Eagle in the nest the other day with a salt and pepper head. I just assumed it was PeeWee or one of the three from this years eaglet group but maybe it was from a previous group if they don't turn white until older. Does anyone know at what age the head turns white?


Don, Eagles mature gradually, it takes almost 5 years before head and tail are completely white. As John pointed out, the oldest eaglets from this nest are/is only 2 1/2...


i need the email adress for alcoa eagles to send y sister


MAVIS- thank you for your note. i am trying to follow the comments. the problem is that i must go thru all the comments i have already seen, one at a time, to catch up. is there a way to zip thru the ones i am already familiar with?

Steve Gabbert

The one thing this site needs is for someone to post how to use the comments section, TypePad and what it's used for, how to get to the last comment posted, how or where to post pictures, etc. I don't mean replying to his comment as a solution, because it would get lost, but add it to 'Recent Posts' on the right so we can all easily find it. I believe a lot of us are just stumbling around until we find what we're looking for, I know I am. Thanks.


Steve and Gregory...last year you would have been standing in line behind me! I wanted to post and didn't know what to do. This is ONE way to fast forward to the more recent posts:

1. Look at the url heading at the top of this page..it should look like this: http://alcoa.typepad.com/davenport_eagle_nest/2012/10/a-couple-of-things/comments/page/28/#comments

It says page/28/ that means this is the 28th comment

2. You can double click the URL AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE, and it will first highlight then go back to the original color. Put your cursor on the number and back it out...then replace with the comment # you want to go to.

Lets start at the beginning...you are on the Alcoa site and just below Mr. Johns update you will see : Posted at 6:15:11 PM | Permalink | Comments(21) | Trackback...see the 21? That tells you how many comments have been posted.

Now..click comments and it will take you to the first comment made after Mr. John's update. Now...hit next. NOW you will see a page number at the top of the page in the URL bar...double click the URL and back out the page number and put the new page number you want to go to. If you make a note of the last post # that you read last...it is easy to go straight to where you left off.

We have some good instructions on how to split your computer screen so you can watch the nest on one screen and post on the other. How to capture a screen shot to save for an album you may want to save. And some other neat tricks. Just ask and there is always someone who can help.

Type pad...I have never used it except for this site. If you register with Type Pad...you do not have to put in the security code in order to post. You can also sign in to Type Pad using your twitter, Google, Yahoo, or several other accounts. Just click on type pad and click on the drop down arrow if you want to sign in using another account...or click register or sign in with Type Pad if you do not want to use an existing account. It works as a way to bypass the security code. I don't know what else Type Pad does...I'm not very computer smart.

G. Stone

4:00 pm Friday there is an eagle on the nest now. It is beautiful! Looks like an adult because the head and tail feathers are white.


MAVIS-- WOW-thank you so much. i was by no means complaining. i am tickled to death with everything, but your answer was so thorough and will make this much easier. i hope the rest of your day goes well. i didnt see any activity today but i still get a kick seeing the nest rearranged and i know there was life there. bye bye.


6:35 EDT Friday...

Is anyone having trouble watching the nest? I can't seem to connect. Just wondering if it is just me.

Gregory, you are welcome. Never thought you were complaining and we ALL have had to work our way through to find the short cuts. If you are excited now...I can't wait to hear from you when the eggs start hatching around March! And it gets even BETTER every day after that! So hold on, you are in for one heck of a joy ride!!

Carol C

Mavis I can't get it either.


Thanks Cherrycarol, I restarted thinking it was my browser. Maybe Mr. John is working with it. Hope you have a nice weekend.


No Camera! Hope it comes back soon, It has been an exciting week though. Liberty and Justice coming by everyday, then an unexpected visitor. The season is looking great!


Anyone else having problems accessing the eagle cam ?


11:25 PM EDT

jj, the cam is down. Sorry, don't know more than that. Just wanted you to know so you won't think the problem is at your end.

Steve Gabbert

Thanks Mavis, now have someone post it, and the other instructions, on the right hand side so it will always be there. No sense in continually repeating this stuff.


Steve!! Good idea but don't know how to do that. I will tell you that we sometimes reference useful hints that we log in a little notebook by the computer so we can refer people to the instructions.

Example: If you want to learn how to split screen, instructions are on Post # 47 under the Update: NO AUDIO in the Archives of April 2012. This is so neat if you have never used the split screen (which I had not until the Eagle experience), and makes posting while watching the cam possible. You can also find maybe a little more detailed instructions for this in May 2012 archives Post #144 under the update: HOT HOLIDAY WEEKEND.

How to capture a screen shot to save to your pictures is Post # 64 under the update AND THE WINNER IS, in the archives of April 2012. Since I learned how to do this, I find it so nice for a lot of my computer activities.

Another tip: If you hoover your cursor over the "previous" or "next" at the bottom of a comment and notice at the bottom left of your page, an information bar will "pop" up and give you the previous or next page (post) number.

Everything I am passing on to you, I have learned from someone else on this site. We all help each other when we discover different ways to navigate on here...and helpful computer tips! So if you find new tips for us...we are always so excited to learn new things.


MAVIS-- on wednesday, as you know, there was a lot of activity at the nest. that night, things were calm. the weather turned bad thurs eve. the nest rocked very hard back and forth. fri morning, i was convinced the nest was cocked to the left, but as the day went on, i convinced myself that it was my imagination. i lost the feed shortly before my post thanking you for the info you had posted.

alcoa was unaware and i am told they are going to relay this info to the ones assigned on this project. if you learn anything, please post.


one more thing. i forgot this is sat. we may have to wait till mon. for anyone to take a good look at this


I will Gregory but I assure you, I won't know a thing before you do as I am just a poster like you. That is really interesting. I wasn't watching at the time the feed went down. It could be that the camera was tilted by the wind..sure wish I knew. I will tell you this, that nest has been through some terrific wind, hail, and rain storms. That nest would rock so hard that you would think it would blow slap away but it held fast. The nest is really heavy..I would guess hundreds of pounds. It is much larger than it looks. Last year, when an eaglet, named Harmon, had to be rescued from its nest at the Decorah nest in MN, the man who rescued Harmon for medical treatment climbed into the nest and sat down. The nest never gave a bit and sitting there, he did not even take up 1/2 the nest. It was unbelievable. That is not to say that the nest won't give way, or a supporting limb won't break. If "our" nest had fallen,or tilted, Mr. John would have told us right away. You will learn fast how devoted Mr. John is to the Alcoa eagles and the maintenance of the website. He keeps us well informed. For that reason, I feel he would have told us if there was a problem with the nest. He is truly the main ingredient in making this site as loved and respected that it is. Anyway, hopefully, if there is a problem, it is with the newly installed camera. If anything tilted, I hope it is the camera. I'll ask around on Nesters Nest and see if anyone knows anything. Nesters Nest is a FB page set up so we posters can gather and share pictures and talk about anything. We have over 50 members there and they all are Alcoa eagle watchers. Come join us if you will...just friend request and you will be welcomed by all.

Thanks for the info. I'm going to pass it on!! Will let you know if I hear anything.


Gregory, as per your post #41...even tho it is Sat...if there is a problem with the nest, Mr. John will be all over it. Also, he reads most of the posts, even on weekends, and I feel sure he is, or soon will be, aware of your observations and/or concern. If it is a camera problem, it will probably be Monday before it will be addressed. If it is a nest problem, he is already all over it!


>>>>>>>>>>>>>NEW THREAD>>>>>>>>>>


Oct. 21 4 :25 PDT is the 4th time I have
tried to send a comment about L/J. Who is doing stick work in thhe nest. Please tell me why I can get my comments in to you. Mr. John.I love viewing & even the wheezing sound, which I know is temporary. I appreciate Alcoa, but I feel frustrated when I can /not get my messages out. I thought I have been patient. I will keep trying.
Annette Kryske

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