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November 29, 2012


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Carol C

Thanks for the update on the poles. It does look like they couldn't land on these. So glad to see that.So sad to hear about the Decorah eagle. Love to watch Liberty & Justice work on the nest. Carol

Judith Hart

Thank you Mr. John for the information on the power lines and Liberty and Justice. The nest does appear to have higher sides this year.


6:26 PM EST

Mr. John, I know I sound kinda stupid about the power lines but I really had no idea how the electric company did that. Those pictures were a big help in my understanding. For some reason, I thought the danger was landing on the lines like the little birds do. I know...eagles weigh a lot more..but I didn't think about the pole connections being the biggest danger. Everything sort of makes sense now and I really appreciate the pictures. I can see now where landing on the poles would be their most likely landing places and present the most danger. THANK YOU!! Please let Mid-American Energy know that their work is so much appreciated!!


Oh..one more question, Mr. John. When we look at the nest, the diameter doesn't seem all that big BUT when we watched the babes spread their wings before branching, we realized the diameter was way more than it looked like. I'm guessing 10 ft or more. You've been up there. What do you think the diameter of the nest bowl is?

They really are building an impressive wall this year...and that makes me HAPPY!!

Judith Hart

You referenced the diameter of THE NEST BOWL, I think you meant the diameter of the nest, you know,where the sticks are around the entire nest. The bowl, is the dip in the middle, where the eggs are laid.



Judith...you are too fast for me!! What are you driving? Mr. John...Judith is right.


I am so glad to see that the poles around this site are avian safe. Thanks for the information. Now if we could only find a way to have all the poles across the country safe, there would be one less hazard for our precious avian friends.
I have a very short video of Justice from last night. He was not in the nest very long. Maybe I'll get more footage sometime today.



I dont know enough about the poles and how they work to make a comment, they still look scary to me, so will take everyones opinion that they are at least saferr.. losing D14 was absolutetly heartbreaking,, I can only hope he and all others before him served a higher purpose, there are so many people out there now watching these beautiful birds that with knowledge and just out vast numbers that this electrocution issue will be dealt with, seems so senseless to bring them back from the brink of extintion only to lose them to something so preventable. (am still a hippie chick, will always try and look on the bright side) So on a lighter note, I witnessed Harriet lay her 2nd egg yesterday, tears of sorrow quickly turned to tears of joy.. have pictures on FB pages. This nest hasnt successfully fledged 2 eaglets in four years so we'll see. The Ft Meyers nest really is fun, and the chat is great, those of you scared away by... uhmmm shall we say the intensity of the Decorah Chat, etc should give it a try. Ozzie and Harriet are great.. Haven't been able to catch L/J on the nest lately and this morning my screen is black.. oh well :) OT.. the winning AZ lottery ticket was sold in the town I live and work in, I must have received 20 calls and twice as many texts I WISH!! if I had won there wouldn't be an electrocution issue any more :) going back to my perch now (and the 5 other nests I'm watching) have a grate holiday season, stay warm if your somewhere cold.. Lovin life in AZ

Judith Hart

Liberty is sitting on the alcoa branch.
8:30 AM EST


7:25CST and somebody's on the branch! The sun's golden glow in the morning is as beautiful as the evening shots from earlier this year.

KC, hope you got to see this. Are your 5 nests all eagles? I love that Ft. Myers nest too! Love the area and the weather there. Wish I could be there.

Mr. John, I have to add my thanks for the pics of the power pole pictures you posted. I think it has eased everyone's minds a bit more about the safety of L&J and their offspring.

7:37 and the adult is now gone.


Judith, you must have gotten a better look at her head than I could get. I just couldn't see that identifying black mark!

Kathryn Mellecker

Thanks Mr John for the info and pictures of the protections on the power lines. I only wish other areas would take the same measures. Some are, I hope more do.

Some comments on the Florida nest. Until this year I watched the Norfolk nest, it was built in a loblolly pine, and the branches flexed even more than the cottonwood. Sometimes I got motion sickness (almost) from the nest going one way and the camera on a limb moving in a different direction. My point being, pines can be flexable, too.

Enjoyed the Eagle close-up this morning!

Judith Hart

Beamg, I was just going by the extended brow line and the darkness in the eye area.
My screen was pixelating so much I couldn't get a good look at the top of the head, or two heads.

Annette Kryske

Mr. John ...Thanks for taking the time out to explain what is being done to protect Liberty & Justice & all the feathered birds flying in your area. Wish they would do that all over . Yes, the nest looks pretty classy these days.
Love checking on the little ones.

Linda Jarek

Do you know if it was one of the babies or one of the parents?


Sorry, cant keep all the names straight but yes all 5 are eagle nests.. of course 1 is Decorah, so not much going on there :( and it was our beloved D14 (the baby who was electrocuted earlier this week) he took forever to fledge and was quite a character to watch, we created a new term (trunking) as he refused to branch, he also spent alot of time on top of the camera housing, he totally dismantled the infared camera... he was also the one they put the transmitter on which was how Bob found him. (dont get me started on the transmitter, had to leave the Decorah chat over that one!) back to my perch, took the day off of work but have tons of things to do today.. will try and catch up later.. but honestly I spend more time on FB and other eaglecam sites due to the ease of communicating/chatting

Dawn Turner

I am a Decorah nest watcher and when the first eagle, D12, was electrocuted we started a plan, working with Alliant Energy, Puget Sound Energy, Decorah High School, and Decorah Building Supply to have wooden perches built on to the tops of the power poles, for additional safety to give them a higher point to land on away from the wires. We'll be having 20 perches installed. In the process of all this, the second eagle from the same brood, D14, was electrocuted in the same manner but this time in Rockford, IA. Sadly, not all power poles are protected or can have perches (maybe someday) but it would be helpful to have avian protection and perches on the poles around nesting areas since juvenile eagles tend to be more at risk of electrocution. I would love to see something like this done around the Alcoa/Davenport nest. Initiating a plan like this could be simple to help protect Liberty and Justice and their future eaglets. If you would like information please let me know or you can read about our group's perch plan on Raptor Resource Project's Facebook page or read RRP's blog (includes a diagram of the perches) http://raptorresource.blogspot.com/2012/11/bird-safe-power-poles.html#!/2012/11/bird-safe-power-poles.html
Decorah and the Alcoa/Davenport nests are the only 2 I watch but I would love to see even these minor changes made to benefit not only these 2 ensts but all nesting areas and all eagles.

Darlene Nichols

Have followed Decorah last year and now Ft. Myers (of course our beloved eagles!) but often find the chatter impossible to translate...........all the shorthand they have devised...........I.ve been able to figure some of it out but mostly its a series of meaningless (to me) letters . One more reason why I love "our" site so much better! We mostly talk in real words and sentences............perhaps it's my "newness" to facebook and I simply don't know the language?



i wasn't scared away so much as, i realized that script was not able to show my actuall intent. i felt as if my comments were misconstrued.

i have enjoyed the fl eagles, but have kept a vigilant watch on alcoa and every post.

not everyone may understand that an elecrical line with current flowing thru is not dangerous to our eagles. it is only when the bird makes even the slightest ground by touching a tip of a feather that electricuty is conducted. so the birds may perch on powerful lines with electricity flowing thru as long as they touch nothing else connected to the earth. power lines have insulators to keep power flowing. the trick is to bridge the insulators from the actuall power and the earth. for example-- if you yer in a helicopter hovering the ground and were able to touch the the powerful powerline-- you would be completley unharmed. so it is important that these sensitive areas between pole and power are bridged. whenever the power company comes out to work --they temp these sensitive areas with large covers.


12:40 EST

Looks like a nice day weatherwise..highs in the 50s and low tonight around 36°. Looks like this weather will be trending up slightly for the weekend. NICE!

Chuck Howarth

I just noticed (12:57pm) You are starting to get a little "Tileing" in the online video (little erratic squares in the video). This means you are starting to get a bad connection in the video cable, some where from the camera to on line. Could be a connection that has gotten wet and is starting to go bad.
A fix would be to apply silicone grease in every connection, to keep out the moisture. (Last weeks fog could have caused a lot of moisture problems).


i think iam liking chuck and his advice


from working with cable and telephone lines-- i know this is very true! secure every minute connection!!!!


2:41 EST

Chuck...OT..I get the same problem sometimes with my satellite connection. After a rain, sometimes the wire just breaks off. I have to redo the connection. Will silicone grease work for me in this instance? If this is true..WHAT A GREAT PIECE OF ADVICE!! I love it when I learn something really helpful! Do I apply the grease on TOP of the metal connectors?

Carol C

Thanks for that info Dawn. I read RRP all the time.


3:16 EST

Both eagles on nest

Judith Hart

Is that a new stick in the nest? It's right behind the Alcoa branch.

Chuck Howarth

@Mavis: Open the connection and put the silicone grease all over the "inside" of the connection, will not interfere with the continuity of the wires, but will keep all moisture out of the connection.


THANK YOU CHUCK!! I will do that! THANK YOU!!


Judith, they brought that stick (log) in this afternoon. Liberty was trying to place it while Justice sat on the Alcoa limb. After a few minutes of trying to find just the right spot for it, I guess she just gave up and they both left. They have really been bringing some big sticks in..

I see what I am guessing is a small sparrow on the nest right now.

Chuck Howarth

A good site to go along with what is being presented here in these posts.

Carol C

Justice was yelling at Liberty 4:45 central time. Liberty flew in & boy she sure was mean to poor Justice pickpic picking on him a lot tonight. She doesn't want him to touch the sticks. lol Carol No sound yet :(


Chuck..that was an awesome video!! OMG!! I didn't know people did that! That was AMAZING! I didn't realize I was holding my breath until the video was over. Thank you!

Judith Hart

Thanks for the link to a most interesting video. Must be one heck of a helicopter pilot.


The birds in and around Decorah will soon be the recipients of safer electric poles. The Puget Sound Electric Co met with the electric co in Decorah and the Industrial arts (shop) class in an effort to make all of their poles safer. The lumber (at least half of it)is being donated, and all the kids taking the industrial arts class will be making the pieces needed to make all the poles safe. Puget Sound has over 1000 eagles in its area, so as you can imagine, they have been thru alot of this. They are donating the labor to install these pieces on all of the poles that need the upgrade.
The shop teachers, students, and people from both electric companies are showing how much we can get done with a little working together. I have photos and info (somewhere) if anyone is interested. Too bad that this wasn't done to save D14. It came out of the death of D12 and should be completed between now and the end of the year.

Judith Hart

-------NEW THREAD----------------


I wanted to inform everyone that unfortunately there was a bald eagle shot and killed in our area (near Fayetteville PA, Greene Township)on Thanksgiving day. Someone found the injured eagle and took it to a local veterinarian, they tried to save him, but it was too late. Apparently he was shot with a lead pellet and the lead poisoned him. It is very sad to see that someone this cruel could shoot one of the most beautiful birds in the world.

Nancy Robertshaw

Do you know what eagle was killed?


Good morning all, Hoping for a good day of watching at the nest. I'll be waiting for an appearance by Liberty & Justice this morning.
Meanwhile, here is a video I captured last night just before dark. They are such a great team. Happy watching to us all!


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