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December 06, 2012


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Chuck Howarth

A close up with respect to camera angle.
Yellow circle is the tree with nest and camera.
Pink arrow, camera angle.
Blue arrow, white line top left of nest.
Light green arrow, direction to river, may be seen with no leaves on trees, not in this shot.
Red arrow. north.


Judith Hart

Chuck, I can see that you are our new Navigation Officer.


THANK YOU Mr.John for providing the photo from above.This should help us understand the view from the camera - especially for those of us who are not so direction oriented.
I was a little confused at first when I compared your photo to the one from Mr. Chuck.Then I realized that the top of your photo is north and the top of his is pointed to the south and southwest.In order to compare,one must rotate either photo so as to have them oriented in the same direction.
Thank you again Mr. John and Alcoa for providing us with a look into the lives of the Alcoa Eagles - as I fondly call them.


oh boy--


BUT--- but even with this info-- the mississippi is still in the top left--RIGHT?


whoa-- the top is west --right?


something is wrong her.

the top left is indeed the river--NO DOUBT-- ive seen it from above


as far as a cat fight goes-- this is no longer anything other than a serious discussion.

fights are violent and without regard.--

this is a serious discussion as we all must understand the environment.

this is not a FIGHT!!!

it is a discussion in which evedidence is provided to secure the facts.


the evedince proves him wrong and not right


camera faces west-- river flows west to east--
google earth shoes this-- instead of arguing-- just take the facts. THAT IS THE RIVER-- and if you dont believe it --then explore the highest resolution you can find!!!!

if you know any lawyer or anyone in the serious bis ask to see it in its absolute clarity

Chuck Howarth

I don't see a wrong or right. My picture above orients the view from the camera (as if you were behind the camera taking the picture), past the nest to the ground and to the river, and what the white line is, (not a painted stripe on a parking lot, but the shinny ridge of the building roof). Which I stated in a previous post, as the gutter, but during further investigation, it is the ridge of the roof.


mississippi ---

top left every day!!


i got censored


love it


censored again


no more argueing.

mr john is censoring some rhetoric.

trace back and look at experience.

river @ top left

Mary Pat

Any chance of audio this year?

Elizabeth Rieder

I am sorry I started all this jazz. I included in my post the remark that I could see the river in the top left of my camera view on my monitor. There were little waves or white cap splashing the shore so I know it was water. Chuck decided to tell me that I was mistaken and it was not the river I saw. Well I don't feel up to splitting hairs over something and I was not giving any incorrect information that school children might see and heaven forbid I give them something that was wrong information. As if that remark was incorrect in the first place,which it was not. I hope we can move on to something more enlightening about the eagles and their unique environment. They are the reason we are here, and thanks to Mr John for maintaining the sanity of this place with the great pictures. We wait eagerly for the happy Alcoa eagle couple to lay their new eggs so we can do the count down and be the first to see that crack in the egg. Will it be two or three this time and how far apart are they? Now there is something to split hairs about. Think of all the young children who will be enjoying this too. Some of you all that have pictures of the nest from last year can start discussing how Liberty is doing this year in rebuilding the nest so the babes don't fall out. She has build that lower left side up some more as far as I can see. Remember how there was a collective holding of our breath when one of the eaglets would be hanging over that edge there. More excitement than a roller coaster.HAHA Peace.

Judith Hart

L or J has been in the nest eating a late lunch, flew off at 3:48PM EST

National weather service forecast for Davenport, IA...............

This Afternoon A 30 percent chance of rain. Cloudy, with a high near 51. Southwest wind 5 to 10 mph.
Tonight Rain likely. Cloudy, with a low around 37. Southwest wind around 5 mph becoming north after midnight. Chance of precipitation is 60%. New precipitation amounts of less than a tenth of an inch possible.
Friday Mostly cloudy, with a high near 46. Northeast wind 5 to 10 mph.
Friday Night Mostly cloudy, with a low around 32.


river at top left!

John riches

Gregory, I have not censored anyone today and I have only done that a few times in the past based on offensive language. I was merely trying to be helpful to folks and let them know where the river is in relation to the nest. The river is south of the nest and actually runs from east to west here in the Quad Cities.

John riches

Mary Pat, We will have audio again at some point. It is working, we just can't get it on the feed out right now.


if you dont believe that the top left is water.

go and find a commercial or a major buisniss that sports the highest resolution and see it on a big screen!

you will not be able to discount moving water!!


@ Elizabeth R --- I agree with you that we can move on and talk some more about the eagles and their nest.As we do,I need to make a correction to one of my own observations and an apology to Chuck. After comparing the latest photos,I agree that the white line we see in the top left is on the roof of a building or structure--possibly the ridge or ridge vent.When it rains,we see water on it running off the roof. Above that white line in the very top left corner is a small section of the river and river bank, as I think some of us have agreed.
A weather related question for those of you who live in that area - when do you usually see the first snow of the year so we can anticipate seeing snow on the nest ? I remember some photos last year I think showing one of the Eagles sitting in the nest full of snow and it really looked cold.

Chuck Howarth

Bookmark this link...For the weather at Davenport, home of the Alcoa Eagles...


Annette Kryske

Judith.....Thanks for changing the subject!!I always like to know what the weather forecast is in Davenport.Are you from that neck of the woods????It is amazing how spread out all off us Eagleholics are.....JoAnn & I are both from Cal.Though originally JoAnn is from Iowa. I am from New York, but consider myself as a native Cal.,as we've lived here since 1950. Last summer was the first time I watched our Liberty & Justice. Luv the whole family.

Judith Hart

Annette, While we're waiting for our friends to arrive in the nest.....Born New York...Raised Miami....Now NC

Tnak You for keeping us all informed.

Judith Hart


Jo Ann

Thank you for the picture of the river in relationship to where the nest is. I'm going to study it a little more. Yes, I am from Iowa originally,however, my sister still lives in Bettendorf. She and her husband told me about it last year. Annette and I have been hooked ever since. Can't wait for the first snowfall, as I wasn't watching it at this time last year. I am eagerly awaiting my order from Alcoa Eagle cam. Happy eagle watching, everyone.


5:29 EST

I've been out most of the day and looked through the posts for reference to sightings of L and J. Did not see one. Annette, I hope you bring us luck for a sighting this evening.

AJ, I am glad Mr. John posted a great picture of the nest area. It gives us all the info we need to vision the area with L and J in mind. They have the river just yards away and they have what looks to be several area of woods. Based on what they bring to the nest..the woods must be well stocked with wildlife. Last year we saw mink, black squirrel, a mouse or two, goslings, duck, and more. Some of the others will have to help me out with their menu. Fish is of course, their favorite. The weather sports the whole spectrum with winds up to 70 mph and rain, hail, snow, sleet, you name it. These wonderful eagles endured it all and safely raised their 3 eaglets to fledging last spring/summer. Stick around and enjoy the ride..you will love it!

ANNETTE: Eagle on nest at 5:39...hope you are watching.

Carol C

Joe we might get some snow Saturday night or Sunday. I live here in the QC> Thanks John for the photo. Chuck too.

Carol C

4:45 pm Both in the nest. Justice flew off & Liberty is moving sticks. Carol

Annette Kryske

2:45 PM PST> Justice is here now.He is checking things out. After about 5 minutes, Liberty flew in, She stayed close to him for a few minutes,& Justice departed. She is checking the crib,& waiting a bit, & flew away. A short visit. Am happy they come to visit each day at this time.Can't wait until the "egg laying starts. Nitey Nite, Little ones......3:02 PM PST



AJ...I FORGOT THE TURTLES!! The eagles enjoy turtles and for a while, we thought they were collecting the shells!!

Libby, if it was not for you posting that you saw the river in the upper left corner, I would have never started looking for it. When I did find it...I just smiled! You were so right and you made me happy! Why are you apologizing? I bet you had a lot of people looking and finding the thumb nail size view and laughing when they found it!! Don't be upset, I suspect we have a troll or two on board and we cannot be responsible for their actions...only for our own.

joefromnc...I've been looking every day to see the snow too. Living in the south, the only snow I see is on TV or internet. It makes me cold to watch and I feel for the eagles, but I remember that they nest in Canada and other areas that may be even colder and seem to do fine. I do know that they seem to not like the heat as much as they like the cold. Judith has been kind to us by providing daily weather forecasts which we enjoy without having to leave the site to look it up for ourselves. Judith is a regular poster, also from NC, and has provided us with a lot of info in the past.

Mr. John, thank you for your help. And it is very helpful be able to visualize what L and J see when they soar around and hunt for food. It makes our picture of the nest more complete.

I have ONE question that I want ONLY MR. JOHN to answer: Looking at the nest, the Alcoa branch is 6 o'clock. What is 6 o'clock and what is 12 o'clock. We use the "clock" and N,E,S,W as references when we post sometimes. We (I) may have been wrong when we (I) say 12 o'clock is South. At some point when "things" cool down, will you tell me?


I was typing like mad about TURTLES LOL


Cindy! You are too funny! How could we forget the turtles!!

Carol...thanks for the info for possible snow this weekend. I did not see your post until after I posted. I hope you had a good outing the other day when you left to "find eagles"! I guess I will bring out the soup pot in anticipation of watching snow this weekend!!

Judith Hart

Mavis, Did you READ what Mr. John posted under view from above.


Judith...I did but I was getting confused. He said the camera was facing West..Southwest. So..does that make 12 o'clock West Southwest? We were judging East to be the left side of the nest because of shadows from the morning sun. Now I really feel stupid to have asked..I guess he did spell it out for us. Sorry, Mr. John!! Please DO NOT answer...we don't need any more of this "jazz" as Libby calls it!


7:46..EST Dec 7th

Both L and J on nest

Good morning everyone!...oophs...one just flew off!


7:50 EST

Justice is back and Liberty is fiddling around. Liberty is on the Alcoa limb now while Justice works on replacing a small stick. They make a nice couple


8:13 EST

Liberty just flew off the Alcoa limb where she sat for about 20 minutes. The nest is looking less cluttered now with fewer unplaced sticks in the nest bowl. Shaping up nicely I would say!

Carol C

Good Morning. I got here too late to see L&J> :( Had a customer then. Thanks for the weather Chuck looks like the bad stuff is south of us. Happy Friday to everyone!! Carol

Carol C

I can't wait til we get sound again. It is soo much better. I got to hear the ones at Sunset Sunday. Such a good feeling!!

Kathryn Mellecker

Since the newest camera has been installed, there is a slight shift of its position. The Alcoa limb, the upright part was almost centered in the bottom of the picture, now that limb is ever so slightly to the left of center. So our view has shifted just a bit. What we see, be it SSW or S at the 12 o'clock position matters not a bit. It's the Eagles we are eager to see, and rejoice in seeing them. Thanks Alcoa!

Judith Hart

Last Winter, Spring, we were discussing how Liberty and Justice protected their young.

We talked about the direction of approaching storms, and how Mom and Dad positioned themselves in the nest to protect their young. Did they face the oncoming winds head on, or their backs to the winds?

I remember Liberty being blown completely off the nest during a fierce storm while she was trying to protect her young.

So, to get to the point,to know the direction the nest faces, we can tell how the direction of the approaching storms impacts the nest.

Kathryn Mellecker

Yes, I remember Judith, but our good old Iowa storms gust and swirl around, I think they tried to face into the wind, mostly, but the wind is so changable! Also, when they face away from the wind it makes their feathers stand up, and lets the wind in. I live about 40 miles from the nest, as the eagle flies, and the wind here is usually the same direction as at the nest. As we get storms, I will post wind directions here. Remind me if I forget.


Mr. John from Alcoa took some photos and posted a .......NEW THREAD.....

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