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January 11, 2013


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Annette Kryske

Jan. 10.8:35 AM PST. No eagles in the nest yet his morning, but I was very happy to see the man we have been thanking since finding this wonderful site. JOHN RICHES: I remember asking him about the comment feed last year. He was nice enough to send me a personal e mail.That did it!!!We have been thanking him since, for all he has done to keep our eagle cam running, and putting up with all our comments. THANK YOU
MR.JOHN.(loved your picture)Good Looking guy too.Also thanks to ALCOA.


3:42 EST

Justice in nest...


3:43 EST

Both L and J in nest. Miss the sound. Justice left and letting Liberty have at it!! The nest is shaping up nicely.

Annette Kryske

1:35 PST. Just turned on the computer after a good day of bowlin. Both Liberty & Justice are
in the nest. Oops, they left.Were working on the soft stuff. At least I got to get a peek of them today.



TA means something bad!

this reminds me of high school!!

a click!

WELL--have fun children!!!



You are apparrently the only kind soul here!

TA- TA actuaually means THANKS AGAIN!


GOOD NIGHT or nighty nite.

TA_ thanks again!


ALL other TA is simple SLANG!

sent by those who cannot express themselves any other way than to cuss or swear.

they are locked away in their rhetoric as one is in a prison.


Carol C

I can't wait til Sunday for Bald Eagle Days!! The nest is looking great. A lot of new stuffing & a bowl already!! Won't be long now!! Carol


yhe nest is so clear

obvious addtion o grass and other cushion of pine needles.

it is said that pine needdles refresh and deodorize the nest

OTHER test's say, it is an insect repelelent.

it has been observed that small sparrows may come thru or even reside inside the eagle nest in order to feed. they find the the parasites t be an extra source of nutrition!

Laurie Jensen

Eagles are really putting bedding stuff into nest. Its getting close to egg-laying time.Thank you for having the cameras up Weve gotten some awesome pictures.

Annette Kryske

GREGORY:I know I shouldn't be butting in,but that is my nature.I dislike hurting anyone's feelings, & I feel for the person who is picked on. Not knowing who & what & where, one Should ignore when people say things that upset us.Just be yourself. Try not to antagonize (not sure about the spelling)over strange words.They are just words.Have a nice evening.Your friend



thanks again.

it may BEHOOVE everyone to know-- TA means- THANKS AGAIN!!


Annette Kryske

3:00 PST. Our Liberty & Justice just flew in. They aren't wasting any time, working together, to get things ready for the big day. I do hope the weather stays ok. for them.Looks a bit windy.They are gone at 3:11 PST>

Judith Hart

Liberty and Justice both in the nest 6:08PM EST.....Justice moving sticks around on the nest wall....Liberty watching....Liberty took off, Justice followed.


First, I would just like to say, oh how I would really love to be in the Quad cities for Bald Eagle Days. how wonderful that Alcoa sponsors such a worthwhile event.
Second, I was able to capture a couple of short video clips of Justice on the nest in the first one, and both in the nest in the second one. Of course, Liberty was the one working!
Here are two links:

http://youtu.be/myy9WofL2XQ Justice

http://youtu.be/SLTDbcan6UU Liberty and


6:27 EST

Nest empty now but I did see L and J this afternoon. The picture is so clear now and will do Mr. John proud at Bald Eagle Days!

Carol, LaDean, beamg, and anyone else that may be going to Eagle Days in the Quad City..try to get some pictures to post on NN...one with Mr. John would be terrific and we might even auction it off!! For all those attending..have fun and I hope the weather holds good for the event!



When i first started to post- another woman with a great deal of experiece started to chat back with me!!!

MY STARS-- she helped me with almost everything for two weeks. i swear i could not do anything here without her help!!


I posted that she waa MATRIARCHE on the site!!

Although I had alwys understood a matriarch to be a female of infinite wisdom and experience--
I was cut to the bone and admonished! apparantly i had had called her old. the definition is NOT old.


THEN I GOOFD up AND SAID something about beieng
brouhgt into a FOLD!!


i didn't know anything!!

I sorta sit back now and take the mean stuff.

BUT you are nice and so DIPLOMATIC!!

i am truing to learn from you.


truth is this--

TA-- is a real thing...

it means (THANKS AGAIN)
NASTY PEOPLE who revert to their childish days of hurting others and being plain ole nasty because of a selfish and narciscist ways .. may continue.




not you ANNETTE--








7:41 EST

Wow..the wind must be howling in the Quad City because the nest is rocking!! Bet all the sparrows are safely tucked inside their homes inside the nest! Hope so anyway






FOR YEARS we have birds!!
carolina wren --wood pecker red head!!

oh my stars!!

we are inundated with birds!!!

we get eveything here in ATLANTA gA


the humming birds will cloud us soon --many at first-and then just the regulars- fight-fight-fight!!

Annette Kryske

Carolyn, As always, I appreciate your sending us videos of Liberty & Justice. I also got a kick out of the baby Panda in China. Funny, there was a bowling video, which a watched last Sunday. The Pros are on each week for about 12 weeks. I am glued to the TV, watching these gals & guys , hoping I can learn from their techniques. Thanks again.


we have eight bird baths!

JUST a kind word---

if you really want lots of birds--then give lot's of water.

no bird cares to set their nest near the BUFFETT.

WE change our bird baths daily and have heating eleamants in 2 of them!

I would'nt do it myself--but MY PARTNER loves the hose!!



Liberty and Justice were in the nest early this morning! (7am) Picture quality was great, even with this wind, but there still seems to be an issue with the sound. What's the status on the audio? Is everything running as it should?


Congratulations on an honor well deserved. Looking forward to the coming year.


This is my 3rd year of watching these majestic birds on this site. It is truly sad to read all these comments and see where the people who claim the loudest to love and appreciate what Alcoa has done for them are the ones who act so childish and snide.

Go back and read the first season's comments. Grown-ups there, observing the wonder that Alcoa so graciously made available to them. Last year and now moving into this season has gotten out of hand and is ridiculous. This site is NOT about you, people. It's about Alcoa and the eagles.

You will do as you please and unless Alcoa steps in, you will continue but I truly hope Alcoa realizes that there are many of us out here who love this site, appreciate what they do and feel great sadness that a select few have taken over this part of the site and basically ruined it. There are wonderful, kind people who post here regularly, but it only takes a few to ruin it.

I'm not posting this to start a conversation. I'm giving Alcoa my opinion and perspective as a long time viewer and a lover of these birds.


When are they going to get audio? I've been watching the eagles at the nest, but no sound. The other eagle cam in Iowa uses UStream and theirs always works, also the camera can move and pan around. Maybe you should look into that

Ruth MacLeod

Liberty on nest when I came down to check e-mail at about 9:50 just looking around in a position where I could see the white spot on her head. No nestorations. Then up on the upper nest edge and still there at 10:20 CST when I have to leave.

Judith Hart

11:17 AM EST
Eagle in the nest, can't tell who, can only see lower half of back. Sitting on the branches front of nest.

Judith Hart

Liberty poking around and digging in the nest bowl, came up with a dirty beak.


Did "someone" forget to wipe their beak after breakfast this morning?

Kathryn Mellecker

Almost looked like she dug down and "pulled the plug" to drain some of the moisture, or at least to let the air and sun dry up the material. Hope they bring in more fresh hay and straw.

Judith Hart

11:51.....Take off


I missed it! (Liberty on the nest with the dirty beak). Maybe I'll get lucky and catch her later.

Hopefully they are giving everyone at Eagle Days a good fly-by show! I bet Justice and Liberty can put one on if they have a mind to! Wish I could be there to see it. Maybe Cherrycarol will post some pictures for us.

LaDean Spring

I am bummed to no end that I'm sitting here at home and not able to get over to the Expo and see the show and the Alcoa booth. Sorry Mavis. It's really making me sad today to not be there in person like I had planned. :-(

Judith Hart

Looks like temperatures falling and 2" of snow forecast for the nest area, starting around 6PM.

This Afternoon Cloudy, with a high near 38. West wind around 10 mph.

Tonight Snow. Low around 16. Northwest wind 5 to 10 mph. Chance of precipitation is 80%. New snow accumulation of around 2 inches.

Sunday Partly sunny, with a temperature falling to around 18 by 5pm. West wind 10 to 15 mph.

Sunday Night Mostly clear, with a low around 10

Judith Hart

Justice landed in the nest with a piece of dinner in his beak. It looked like someone was flying just above him, but was out of view of the camera.
Liberty just flew in and they're both working together digging in the nest bowl.Justice jumped to the Alcoa branch....Liberty in the nest with dirt still on her beak.

Judith Hart

4:25 Both took off


4:25 EST

Looks like I caught them in time this afternoon. You are right, Judith, that dirt is still clinging to Liberty's beak! Justice is really a beauty. You can tell the wind is pretty swift...Liberty just flew off (4:26)..Now goes Justice!!

LaDean, I told a few posters that you had to stay in that you have had a terrible time shaking the sore throat. I can tell you are out in the weather a LOT by the pictures you post...but they are awesome and worth it! You are right to stay in and take care of yourself as this looks to be a nasty weekend.

Liberty just flew back in with another stick for the wall. I noticed at night that the wall is tight as very little light shines through. She is good with the nest building.


Judith, I just read the weather report...10° tonight with possible 2 inches of snow! Sounds like the soup pots are coming out! Watching Liberty on the nest, you would think it is nice out as it doesn't seem to bother her at all. Should be in the teens now with wind 10-15 mph...that is freezing cold!

Kathryn Mellecker

There are big fluffy snow flakes coming down here, 50 miles east of the nest. It just started a few minutes ago.

Judith Hart

From the radar loop, it looks like the Quad Cities are in the middle of a donut hole, with snow all around you.
But don't worry, it looks like it's closing in and you'll be getting it in about an hour.

Here's the radar loop



Kathryn, I don't see anything hitting the nest yet but I think I'll put on the coffee pot and watch for a bit. When you live in the South, it is always a treat to see snow. I bet it is not for you..but it's like grandchildren..we get to enjoy the "fun" part then send them home to the parents for all the "other" stuff!

I saw Mr. John's picture on twitter at the Alcoa booth at Eagle Days. I hope they enjoyed a good turnout and a good time.

Thanks for the heads up on the snow!


Judy, I didn't see your post until after I posted. I looked at your radar link and you are right...it does look like a donut hole or the eye of the storm!! I don't see how they can escape it..it is coming their way! Thanks for the link.

How about YOU? You live in the mountains of NC..are you getting any tonight? Stay warm!

Jo Ann

Has it been snowing in Davenport, yet? Thanks for the weather info.

Chuck Howarth

My view of the Davenport weather, 1-12-13 9:20pm CST. Blue is snow..


Chuck Howarth

Snow in the nest.....


11:40 EST

Yep..confirmed that, Chuck! SNOW IN THE NEST!! Almost gives me a chill just to see it.

Judith Hart

Are those white feathers in the nest or am I seeing things?
I think I see a dark one on the left side also. Did anyone see anything? Also see some blood.

Judith Hart

Those are big feathers , I can see the quills,
anyone see a fight?


9:23 EST

Judith, I looked at the nest a couple of times this morning but did not notice anything. I do see the blood spot and the black thing standing up next to a stick at 9 o'clock. It could be a black feather and does look like one. Not sure what happened. I guess everyone missed it as no one posted. You have a good eye!!


It is hard to make out in the snow but those might be white feathers in the bowl of the nest...hard to tell but clearer at full screen. Looks like blood in two part of the nest..center left and center.

Judith Hart

I've never seen large white feathers like that in the nest before, I'm worried! Go to wide screen and look near the Alcoa branch.


Judith, I see what you are talking about..the snow makes it difficult to make anything out for sure..but...when the wind blows, what I see blowing is not snowflakes. I just haven't seen any white birds in the nest before. That black feather..if it is a feather...would have to be from a large bird judging by the size of it. I just don't know..


I think the blood spots came from the feather quills, not an injury. It really looks like there could have been a tussle in the nest, but the white feathers makes it seem like mostly tail feathers. Other than that one dark feather I don't see any smaller dark feathers.

Judith Hart

Mr. John
It looks like something happened in the nest..Is there anyone working out there today that could check below the nest?

Chuck Howarth

I don't really want to "assume" anything, but it looks to me as the left overs of an early morning breakfast of like a "seagull", eagles do eat other birds and not only fish.

Judith Hart

I guess the eagles could lift part of a canada goose up to the nest. Cherrycarol said they were all over the place. I think they have white under their dark tail feathers. I hope that's what it is.

Judith Hart

Thanks Chuck, I didn't think about the seagulls. They're white with dark wing tips.


I thought about seagulls, but they don't seem like seagull feathers to me.


and if were a kill for breakfast, would'nt there be a little more blood? i think whoever said the blood is from the quill is right about rhat.

does'nt look like eagle feathers much either.

i hope mister john can scroll back and find the event. most camera systems have that feature.




when i view this from the big tv screen, it does look a lot like seagull feathers. white fading to grey. but there are also feathers that are pure white, just as white as the snow.

no matter what, it is a mess.

Chuck Howarth

Any way!
I don't think there has been any harm to our friends.......


there are enough feathers here to stuff a pillow. makes me think a seagull might not be right. could an eagle lift a small goose or maybe a duck?

Judith Hart

I wish I could remember what time I turned my computer on this morning. Had to be after 7:00 AM, and the nest was smooth with freshly fallen snow. Then around 9:15 I spotted all the feathers.
Where's the rewind button?

Chuck Howarth

Last year they had small water foul that had turquoise colored feet, they were like small ducks, and yes they could lift a bird as large as a goose with no problem (could be a snow goose) they are all white... Will really just have to wait.

Chuck Howarth

Check this out.....





Judith Hart

Okay, I may have spotted something. Now I don't know if it was there before or not.

Enlarge the cam, you may have to keep changing the view, I like wide angle. Look below the nest around 3:00, about where the security light shows up. Am I seeing a dark large bird in the tree or something else?


i wonder if the camera were to be raised, could we get our wider angle back and still have the clarity we have recently been enjoying.


how does one enlarge the view and such?

i did'nt know we could do that from our pc

Jo Ann

I see a smaller bird at 5:00 opening and closing it's eyes. I've been looking at it. It has to be something alive.


Judith, I'm sure I've seen that before. Thought it could be mistletoe or another nest...that was when the camera was zoomed out more. I think L or J should bring in more straw to save the feathers from blowing away. They will make good insulation and padding for the nest bowl. Of course, eagles have been making their nests since the beginning of time so I guess they don't need me to tell them! Maybe cherrycarol will!! Good idea..now if I just had her number...

Actually, I've been watching and L or J should visit the nest before too long...


ON the big screen tv, i see what looks like the head of a flat billed bird. inside bowl 9 oclock or 10

i cant see the little bird at five oclock. is it still there?


Wow, feather lined nest, scratch one sea gull. Guess the fishing is not too good when they start grabbing birds and critters on the ground. That is why these eagles are the top of the food chain in birds and smalls.My dog use to hate seagulls, they steal dog food and anything they can,She would bark and growl when they flew around and then gobble up all her food,even the little left overs tidbits so the gulls can't get it.


thats too funny



we used to time out at 15 minutes. are we timing out faster now?


i strongly believe the head of the prey is still there from viewing on the large screen at 10 oclock inside bowl.

since the feathers have still not blown away and it has been some time, i wonder if this could have been something very very early and was then covered by snow and not noticed till later which could suggest that the feathers are still locked in cold snow.-- i have seen a few blow away here and there.


TIMED OUT AT 13 minutes


Gregory, I looked at the nest late last night and it was just snow covered. Judith said the same when she looked at around 7:00am. The feathers occurred somewhere between 7ish and 10ish ET.



i cant pull away- ive so much to do. no chores are done and the house is disarray. instead of lunch i did one of those quick noodle things with the boiling water!

this is turning into some sort of addiction or obsession!

TIMING OUT--must be my computers. i time out much faster on the tv screens than i do my pc.
maybe not. i havent ckd the pc yet. let me do that


thanks EO


i earlier asked about raising the cam an would it help.

someone here has experienc with this and i cant remember who. it is either joe or chuck.


he used to work for the telephone companies



Annette Kryske

Thank you Chuck for sending this very informative video. It was fascinating to get such a good close up of the Golden Eagle, and how he catches his prey. (I am glad he wasn't after me,actually I don't have much meat on my body,& wouldn't taste as good as a deer or rabbit). I enjoy reading your posts also. Keep up the good work.


I have gone thru post archives again and found my first post

ALTHUOGH i am very sensitive, I am resolviving now. not to respond to negative post aimed at me, or others for that matter. negative posts are to be ignored

I see that a lot of children may not understand the complexity of these post. many have grandchildren and children exposed.

let's all be very sweet!









is this perhaps some sort o quirky nature?

maybe the bird was itentionally plucked to provide some insulation?

MAVIS suggested something similiar.

this is still very interesting and no chores have been done here!

Judith Hart

Well, we know what happened in the nest, it was observed and documented.
I'm sure the observer will post the answer to the mystery.



wonderful- how do you know? you have source?



eagle in nest

Judith Hart

OH YUM, I think I saw a foot go down the hatch!


i saw bird feet gobbled up but now it looks like a fish is in the nest


Not sure what kind of bird it was but I was watching when(I believe it was Liberty)was ripping the feathers off this morning and than eating.

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