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February 16, 2013


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Yeah!!Thank you Bruce.


Bruce...you are much appreciated! I was afraid I would have to watch the pretty colored columns ! Watching the nest is so much nicer. Thank you so much for coming out and fixind it for us!!

Kathryn Mellecker

Thanks for fixing the feed, just wish I could get to see the whole picture without the endless circle! Will keep trying.


Talk about dedication....THANKS BRUCE! You knew we all needed our nest fix today. Can you tame the wind too? Gosh, it makes me chilled to the bone. It seems to never stop here in Iowa!


Kathryn, so sorry you are still having problems. We'll all try to keep you informed but I know it's not the same as seeing.


I love you Bruce!!! lol Thank you!


A HUGE "THANK YOU" to Bruce...

Appreciate your help & work...


10:16 EST

Kathryn, I have not had a problem since day one with the feed BUT I AM HAVING A PROBLEM this morning. It is intermittent with both sound and picture and I keep getting the gray screen with the (((O))) with a cigarette looking think in the middle of the "O". So glad I have this instead of the colored columns though. I usually can view with quality set to medium but even on LOW this morning, I can't keep a steady stream. The weather may be playing a role in this. Just wanted you to know that you may not be the only one this morning with problems.


i was walking around the arsenal and saw an eagles nest and 2 branches away was the adult eagle guarding the nest. i did not get too close but i got a picture which i posted on my FB page. I love living here!


Thanks Bruce! I wouldn't have made it all weekend...lol


10:45AM ET...

Changing of the guard...off flew Justice & in flew Liberty...

Still only 2 eggs...am inclined to think that's it for this year...

Lucille Bingham

All of you at Alcoa who are responsible for this wonderful eagle adventure are so dedicated! We love you and thank you for all that you do for Our Eagles and us Eagleholics! A special thank you to you, Bruce, for taking time on your day off to get us a live video feed this morning! And always a thank you to you Mr. John for all that you do to try to keep us informed & happy! Alcoa has the best eagle site on the web!

Jo Ann

A big thank you to Bruce, John and to Alcoa for fixing the feed. You don't know how much we all missed our eagles. Then again, maybe you do know, because you work so hard at fixing any problems. You give us an opportunity to see this everyday and sometimes we take it for granted. Well, we don't take you for granted anymore. We all appreciate your hard work. Thanks again, and happy eagle watching ya'll.

Susan Mayer

Hi, I am a permanent-for the whole season-watcher now. Thank you for your site and its opportunity to winess this remarkable natural event. I love the eagles! Do you have a night-time vision enabled camera?
Thank You so much for your wonderful work, Susan Mayer

Mindy Gibson Frey

Oh Lordy... now my household will revolve around the nest! lol My daughter heard Liberty "talking" the other day while I was watching and called to me. "MOM! Do I hear what I think I hear?" I answered, what do you think you hear? She said "You're watching those eagles again arent you?" Ahh, she knows me well. I was looking back at last years egg laying schedule and there were 6 days between the 1st and 3rd egg. So if she is gonna lay a 3rd, she better get a move on! 2 will be fine, probably less stressful for Liberty and Justice but it would be great to see 3 again! I just fell in love with little Trey/PeeWee/Spirit! Here's to a new crop of fuzzy-wuzzy bobbleheads!!!

Kathryn Mellecker

Misery does too love company! lol Thanks

Annette Kryske

Now I know who fixed our problem!!!When I came on this AM. It was beautiful to see Justice in the nest,& I thanked all, not knowing that Dear Bruce, was the Engineer who came in to help all of us to view our wonderful Eagles. You are greatly appreciated by all us Eagleholics.
Mindy, I'M so glad your daughter is into our little family. I have passed the word onto so many young children, they too are watching. Wonderful for them to see. Thanks to Alcoa,John,& now Bruce. Bless you all!


Kathryn, since we (misery) are keeping company today...what you cooking for supper? I'll be hungry before long!



why would SUSAN think this was not live. i could not see an explanation.


Thank you Bruce. Have a good weekend.

Jo Ann

Gregory, in response to your question, I don't know. She sounded like she was sure it wasn't live. Now that I think about it, she might have clicked on another sight and thought it was Aloca. Who knows? Her whole statement didn't make sense.


Thank you Bruce. So nice to be able to watch the cam when it's snowing here and don't want to go out.

Kathryn Mellecker

Fpr supper tonight we are having meatloaf, Mavis. The wine is chilled, stop by!


Thanks so much Bruce. Just curious - still only two eggs in the nest??? Love to watch & have passed your website on to many of my friends across the U.S.



Hi Susan, I know the Ft. Myers camera has night time vision but I don't THINK ours does. I did notice, that for some reason, may be the area lighting or the moon, but the nest gets easier to see later in the night or early mornings. This also may be due to our eyes adjusting to the darkness.

I am so glad you are hook because you haven't seen anything yet! The real fun begins when the babies (eaglets) start hatching. From then on, every moment is a real adventure in the true nature of their lives. In my opion, Alcoa has the best site on the internet...and Mr. John and his staff are the best to give updates and keeping things running smooth for us. So glad you commented and hope you post often in the future! Welcome aboard for a fun ride!


Sounds great, Kathryn! Thank you for the invite.


1:30PM ET...

am pretty sure that's Justice on the nest now..

with all the helpful info/tips & the posted video from many of you I have to brag a little and say I'm getting pretty good at telling Mom from Dad..

somehow that makes it even MORE interesting & fun :)

Jeri Otte

Thanks Bruce! We in Pennsylvania/Lebanon, have enjoyed watching your beautiful eagles!
Thanks, again!

Annette Kryske

Neither could I Gregory.!!! Just a misunderstanding I guess. I hope she gets the true message. Don't you? I just had one good game yesterday. 175 or was it 176?How is the weather in Georgia? I usually check the weather forecast, when I read my LA Times each morning. Have a nice weekend. Give the kitties a hug for me! Isn't the Cam & Sound going well today???



it is fairly cool right now and is expeted to get much much colder. it is hard to complain about the cold lately while watching those birds press on.


Sher, I knew it would get easier for you after a little time in identifying Liberty and Justice. Even when you get real comfortable with their "looks", you will still get them mixed up from time to time...but knowing their little markers sure help. Liberty has a little white outline of a circle on one of her black feathers that I also look for. You too, will begin to notice little things that only you will start to look for when you ID them.


Mavis..so true...each time I find myself looking for those "markers" but also notice their "size" and to me the white feathers on Justice are "smoother" and his beak is a bit more "darker yellow"...

Do you or anyone else here watch the Eagle Cam from the Minnesota DNR??

There are 3 eggs in that nest which were laid in January..

There is nowever NO audio at that nest..

And the MN Bound cam is still Offline..been taking them awhile to get things worked out this year..

Kathryn Mellecker

Still unable to get anything but glimpses thru the #@&! whirling circle. Mavis, the meat loaf is in the oven. If you are flying to Moline stop by the nest and let me know if there is a big ol' fish up there? My "glimpses" get me that much! Well, back to my frustration!

Annette Kryske

Kathryn, After you see the whirling circle,keep you hands off your mouse, the whirling cirle might disappear. That happened a few times with me. It even worked when the pause,full or shrink sign is up. Just keep you hands off the picture. Hope it works for you.


Let me check with the people on NN and see if any of them know about MN Bound, Sher. I think someone said the cam was up for a while yesterday but can't remember for sure. I'll get back with you.


Kathryn, I am getting a good feed this afternoon, Don't know what happened this morning but our wind was bad and wonder if the problem was on my end. I think you do not have a fast enough download speed to keep a live stream working smoothly. I really think that is the problem and I THINK that is what Chuck was saying. I sure hope your provider can fix that for you. If you don't have high speed internet...you will probably need it to flow through without problems.

Sure appreciate the invite, Kathryn, but decided I had better stay in tonight. It is suppose to get down to 23ยบ here and for a FL girl...that is FREEZING COLD!! THe azaleas are blooming, the dogwoods are budding and I am wrapping pipe so they won't freeze! Confusing times we live in...even for Mother Nature! Enjoy the wine!

Carol C

Thank You Bruce. What a DOLL!! cheri: Is the nest right on the Arsneal or can u see it from behind the Mark? I bet they have eggs too! I saw 4 eagles flying around the bridge the other day. U can friend request me if u want. I post a lot of pictures I take. I saw 12 a Sunset Marina & a nest on Big Island too. Carol Cather Van Hulle


Sher, one of the NN posters said he saw an eagle laying in the nest at the MN DNR site. That cam has no sound.

He said the MN Bound site is not up yet. He THINKS the problem is low solar batteries.

Thats all I know

Maike Kohlhoefer


I watch the eagles every day, it is wonderful.
Can you tell me, which eagle ist Liberty and which is Freedem? One has a black spot on the head. Thank you for this lovely website and don`t worry about my english, but I am german.
Best whishes from Neuss, Germany

Kathryn Mellecker

Maike, the female is the one with the little black spots. Her name is Liberty, the male is smaller and his name is Justice. Freedom was the fledgling from 2 years ago.

Judith Hart

The last I saw on MINNESOTA BOUND is that they were waiting for the weather to warm up a bit, to make final wiring connections on the ground.

Kathryn Mellecker

Annette, YES, I got the picture, Howard suggested the modem might be the problem, I re-set it a gazzillion times, and I didn't move the curser until the picture came up. All this while standing on one foot! LOL

Maike Kohlhoefer

thank you for the answer, Kathryn!

Kathryn Mellecker

You are very welcome Maike. I hope you enjoy watching the eagles as much as I do.


I think it's so neat how they tuck their head into their feathers while sleeping...

Everyone enjoy your Sat. nite...I'm a huge Nascar fan so I'm off to watch the first race of the Season..

Kathryn Mellecker

Oh RATS!!! The color bars and off-line, and I just got back. Win some, lose some!

Lucille Bingham

I'm back on line also! Only bright colored ribbons and no nest. Not as exciting as Our Eagles & Their Eggs!


Kathryn, one thing is for sure...I don't want to sit next to you in a casino!! Your luck has got to change, Girl!! I think your words (#&@*!) of frustration blew the whole system for everyone!! You said misery loves company...so...we are all coming to YOUR house for supper. Better put the soup on!



Kathryn...behave today...no hitting the computer! Nice words only!

Mr. John or BRUCE...THANK YOU!! We were just before exchanging favorite recipes and you know how that frustrates some of the posters!!

Judith Hart

------------NEW THREAD---------------

Pauline Mahan

Does she still have only 2 eggs or is there a 3rd??

Jo Ann

Thank you for the beautiful day in Davenport, thank you for all of our friends at Alcoa, thank you for letting us see the mighty Mississippi in the background,thank you for the joy of sound, thank you for all of my eagle friends and thank you Alcoa for allowing us to see these two beautiful eagles and their family.

Jo Ann

Cheri you are truly fortunate!

Annette Kryske

12;45 PM PST. That little whirling circle,isn't stopping this time! No sound either. I have used both the Explorer, & Google Chrome. Anyone else having my problems?? Boo hoo :(
:(* Just a shot of Liberty or Justice in the nest.!!!


Thanks Bruce!

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